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Faye Leung speaking at Wayson Choy Tribute - Project Bookmark

Faye Leung speaking with Wayson Choy after Laurier Lecture - Chan Centre, University of British Columbia.

IMG_6704 copy.jpg
WAYSON CHOY & FAYE LEUNG happily & proudly pay tribute to each other!

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Wayson Choy & Faye Leung “yeah, we’re from Chinatown & Canada” famously achieved with joy.

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Wayson “Sonny” Choy blesses Faye twice & thanks Faye’s for her speech which brought "a lively spirit" tribute.

IMG_6637 copy.jpg
Wayson Choy thanks all the guests.

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 Faye honors Wayson “Sonny” Choy… “All the Chinese pioneers, Canadians & Canada are proud of you!  
                                         “Year 2012 Gold Water Dragon” Shines on us all!

Photos by Frank Barazzuol: “TRIBUTE TO AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR WAYSON CHOY” the Jade Peony, Chinese banquet on October 14, 2012, Faye Leung was one of the speakers. And October 15, 2012 Project Bookmark Canada installed 2 ceramic plaques, a passage in both English & in Chinese at SE corner of Pender East & Gore Ave, Vancouver Chinatown Where Wayson Choy’sThe Jade Peony’s had its start.
Faye Leung and Wayson “Sonny” Choy’s childhood neighbor grew up in Chinatown where Wayson are known only as “Sonny Choy.”  Both attended Strathcona School, Wah Kiu and Kwong Gee Chinese Public School was 25 feet from the aforesaid 2 plagues installed…at was Chuck Lew’s Paramount Gas Station also was our ‘kids’ playground during Chinese School’s recesses.  Wayson “Sonny” told me when we met up again at his UBC lecture April 11, 2010 he attended “Kuo Min Tang” Chinese Public School, he was going to burn down.  Its really “Wah Kiu Chinese Public School” at the 3rd floor of the Kuo Min Tang Building 529 Gore Ave, aforesaid Pender Street corner.  We kids then bought for one cents 4 pieces candies, and 5 cents ice cream cones at Jong Wah corner store in the building.
When the Jade Peony launched as: “Wayson Choy of Toronto” was of no concern to us: as “The East is the East, The West is the West, the Twain never meets”…..mark twain….!!    Wayson Choy’s name then did not ring the bell as in Vancouver he’s Chinese known only as “Sonny Choy” … Now we know Wayson is the same Sonny Choy…we’re truly proud of his accomplishments joy achieved.  Its not only an honour for him but an honor to all the Chinese pioneers & Chinese Canadians, all Canadians and one of Canada's best renowned novelist!!
    Thanks zillions Frank Barazzuol for your surprise photographs as follows:


Faye received enormous guests’ compliments of an excellent speech with spirits. Wayson Choy
compliment Faye with thanks brought the ‘spirit’ to the function…Bless Faye, Bless Faye…



Faye Leung Speaker “Salute Respectfully Wayson Sonny Choy” famed author is an honor to the Chinese pioneers endured sacrifices, hardships, sadness toiled throughout life for us & World War ll  Chinese Veterans through “blood, sweats, tears” May 7,1947 Enfranchisement recognized as Canadian Chinese enable us chosen professions to-day we have Wayson Choy, Judge Randall ‘Bud’ Wong & other professions and even have me Faye Leung…the whole Chinese proud pride and joy and Canada!! 
  Faye Leung, Vivian Jung/Veteran Art Jung’s wife, Joyce Chen pianist

Faye Leung, Vivian Jung, Charlie Smith Editor The Straight Newspapers (left back), Joyce Chen, and majority guests & others admired Faye Leung’s famous Hats wants photos with Faye amazingly happily! Joyce Chen enjoys reminisce Joyce was the pianist in “Faye & Dean Leung created founder 1951 - 1st mixed Chinese Ladies & Men’s Choir “Mei Wun Chorister” The ladies in Chinese cheongsam, men’s in Mandarin Jacket performed many performances enhance multiculturalism.  Vernon B.C. Chinese Freemason Assn Wong Kuo Choy invited Faye present performance at Vernon City 1952 Diamond Jubilee.
Faye Leung written, produced & directed the ‘one and only’ ‘ever presented’ The original Chinese Traditional Custom & Protocol Wedding Pageant with elaborate traditional resplendent customs costumes, full trimmings splendorous equipments, include whole BBQ pig, Chinese wedding altar, among many others, was never seen before in Canada/worldwide!!  “The famous Victoria Cross “SMOKEY” Smith V.C., City Mayor, Councilors, officials, the Chinese Association & Community Walter Joe & others entertained us as VIPs as the City lauded us of great choir and the traditional Chinese Pageant performances.


Faye Leung greets friends especially old Chinatown friends long time haven’t met. 
                                             Frank Barazzuol surprise candid photos of Faye & Faye’s hat at different angle as admired respectfully


UBC History Professor Dr. Henry Yu, Vincent Yu photo Faye Leung & Charlie Smith, Editor Georgia Newspapers

Photo by Georgia Straight editor and writer Charlie Smith. He said " I have long admired businesswoman Faye Leung's tireless devotion for Vancouver's Chinese Pioneers- as well as her unparalleled collection of hats
Vancouver Courier Newspapers social page Fred Lee looks on, Joyce Chen amused.


Architect and Graphic novelist David Wong embraces Faye Leung - He announced to Faye of his graphic novel of the history of the Chinese
in North America Book “ESCAPE to GOLD MOUNTAIN” Faye is in his book as “Aunty Yee Yee” page 203-204.


Faye Leung greeted by Charlie Smith, David Wong grabbed Faye Leung, Professor Dr. Henry Yu happily smiles, Joyce Chen


David Wong shows Faye Leung his graphic novel “Escape to Gold Mountain” which includes writer Jim Wong-Chu, Todd Wong of Toddish McWong fame.


 2 generations cousins: Faye Leung and Bev Eng Wong/Mrs.Randall Bud Wong


  “Tai So"/May Eng’s father-in-law was Faye’s grandmother’s cousin, Bev/ Honourable Judge Randall/Bud Wong’s wife


Supreme Court of B.C. Mr. Justice Hon. Randall Wong/Bud & wife Bev.  He’s son of Vancouver oldest Ovaltine Café with same famous neon sign at 200 Blk East Hastings, Faye’s mother cousin Nipp Kwong toiled decades 24/7 long hours the Chef at Ovaltine Café till he gone to Heaven, always proud of his work had contributed to enable Randall/Bud educated at UBC as was his accomplishment. Those days were difficult for the Chinese enable to university, was a privilege enable graduated entered to chosen professions that was denied and restricted the Chinese..

Wayson Choy’s Tribute Banquet hosted by Todd Wong, Miranda Hill, Director Project Bookmark Canada, Sheryl MacKay


Charlie Smith, Editor Georgia Straight Newspapers - to home we go Faye Leung, Marlene Enns, Beverly Nann

Laughing April 11, 2010
Wayson Choy smiling Faye Leung of childhood days
April 11, 2010 at UBC photo by Don Montgomery

Reflecting on childhood days growing up in Chinatown.

VMT BookmarkCommunity
Approximately 70 people were in attendance at the unveiling, including Vancouver Moving Theatre Executive Producer Terry Hunter, Annie Young, Rosanne Gervaise, Elwin Xie, Sid Chow TAn, and the always resplendent Faye Leung.
Photo by Liisa Hannus

Miranda Hill Project Bookmark
Project Bookmark- Miranda Hill - Oct. 15, 2012 at East Pender Street at Gore Avenue Vancouver, BC

Faye at Project Bookmark  PENDER
Project Bookmark - Wayson Choy plaque unveiling.
S.E. corner of Gore Ave. & E. Pender Street. Vancouver,BC Oct. 15, 2012



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