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copyright 1986

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Faye Leung speaking in Richmond in February 2016
Topics include:

Real estate in BC, Canada , interest rates, sister graduated in pharmacology, Woodward Department Store hiring practises, changes in hiring policy over the years, past racial discrimination, real estate ownership in British Properties and Shaunghnessy residential neighbourhood, Chinese Cultural Centre lands,  Union Laundry, Strathcona ethnic neighbhood expropriation, Georgia Viaduct / Dunsmuir viaduct construction, George Gee, no Chinese in public schools,  Bob Rennie the  "Condo King", Canada Trust, CIBC, Former Premier  Bill Vanderzalm and Fantasy Gardens, Hong Kong millionaires and billionaires.

Part 2- (After Intermission) Topics:
Canadian Immigration policy, 1997 Hong Kong / China Takeover and immigration, business dealing in China, corruption in China, skilled immigrants, nanny programs

Carnegie Television - 20 minutes
Interviewed by journalist John Twigg of Shaw TV North Island- Campbell River
Happy Chinese New Year - Year of the Monkey- 21 minutes

ACCESS TV - 6 minutes

Celebration of Life - Lieutenant Colonel Herbert Lim
Speech by Faye Leung - July 12 , 2015

Faye Leung - Vancouver's legendary hat lady recollects about old time Chinatown Vancouver. Topics include her parents who played a prominent role in the development of Chinatown Vancouver, the stopping of the freeways which was to cut through Chinatown which would have decimated the community, the development of her multi-commercial Mandarin Centre, the Chinese Cultural Centre and other developments. Other recollections also include the entering Carnegie Library as a child. She also mentions several Downtown Eastside hotels and the owners.

Faye Leung weaving stories at Saltwater City Stories - Heart Of The City Festival - Nov. 6, 2014

Faye Leung speaking at the BC Government's Consultation for Historical Wrongs held at the Chinese Cultural Centre - Sunday January 12, 2014 Vancouver, Canada

Guest interviewer Sid Tan chats with Faye Leung, business woman and community trailblazer, about Chinese New Year traditions and celebrations. The ageless & timeless Faye Leung is best known as Vancouver and Chinatown's extraordinary hat lady.  
Happy Chinese Year of the Snake February 10, 2013

     Faye Leung speaking at Vancouver City Hall Thursday February 21, 2013 Rezoning application of 611 Main Street from HA-1A Historic Area to CD-1 Comprehensive Development Vancouver, B.C. Chinatown, Faye & Dean Leung 1968 developed & expanded Chinatown 600 block Main Street now rezone for 17 story tower of mixed use.

Faye Leung speaking at Vancouver City Hall Wednesday February 27, 2013 Rezoning application of 633 Main Street from HA-1A Historic Area to CD-1 Comprehensive Development Vancouver, B.C. Chinatown, Faye & Dean Leung 1968 developed & expanded Chinatown 600 block Main Street now rezone for 16 story tower of mixed use. 

Faye Leung speaking at Wayson Choy Tribute - Project Bookmark

Excerpt from Douglas Jung:"I Am The Canadian Delegate" by Wesley Lowe Productions Douglas Jung, Chinese Veteran, Lawyer, Chinese 1st Canada Government Member of Parliament

Faye Leung stories of the earlier days of Chinatown and Downtown Eastside 100 Block East Hastings Street of its glory & vibrant social & businesses activities, and have had lived & attended Strathcona School in Chinatown days, and of Faye’s parents Kate & Leong Chap Kwong & husband Dean Leung prominent leaders & Classical Chinese Scholars academics. And the stories prelude Faye Leung 3 Storybooks: Interviewed & videotaped by Adam Beal and Theo/Teddy Kim on March 23, 2012 for Marc Williams..

Faye Leung speaking with Wayson Choy after Laurier Lecture - Chan Centre, University of British Columbia.

(see RACING VIDEO: END OF THE RACE shows the families & friends to Winner’s Circle for photo:- the young man Shane Leong age 48, in his suit walk from the right holding his little boy Kaden Leong age 6’s hand, to the left front kneel to position for the group photo with the Winner Strait of Dover & Jockey Justin Stein (Shane’s left hand hit the ground & point to his son to face the camera, (Shane the 3rd from the left in his suit and his son by him smiling happily enjoyed father Wally Sing Leong Won Queen’s Plate) Sadly Shane, professional plumbing systems, fisherman, son & father, suddenly went to Heaven December 12, 2012..Forever Remembered Forever Loved)

Interview with Terry and Wally Leong on Canyon Farms after their horse "Straight Of Dover" winning the Queen's Plate in Toronto.
Reporting by Kelly Hayes of Castanet Media, Kelowna, BC

An African Grey parrot wishing grandma a Happy Chinese New Year.

copyright 1986
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