War Vets (1)

Chinese Veterans
Pacific Unit 280,                                                             September 2, 2012
Vancouver, B.C.
Dear Mr. President and all Chinese Gallantry Veterans,
                 Stories of the Chinese Boys to Second World War.. Honor: The All Chinese Veterans
                                             And: In Memoriam Dearly Departed Vets…
The Veterans fought for Canada Freedom!
Dean & Faye Leung fought for Chinese & Canada enrich & enhance economic developments.And contributions to Multi-Culturalism and Goodwills to All …Also opened doors made possible & bridged Western & Chinese Society the best of east & west communities worlds!
As I Faye Leung supported the Chinese Veterans throughout the many decades from my parents’ time when the Chinese Veterans were “Chinese Boys” were called to war as follows:  
From the date announced by Canada Government during World War ll of the Canadian Caucasians in Canada that were qualified has gone off to war ..were short supply of the Caucasians men… that Canada Government opened: “to draft and to allow Chinese Boys enlist” to fight in the war…Even though the Chinese boys all born and raised in Canada are registered in their Canada birth certificates as “Chinese Nationals Only”..not as Canadians… We Chinese in Canada even born and raised here were not recognized  as Canadian Chinese.  Although we Chinese Canadians were very patriotic with integrity always done our best, worked hard, served and done as proves we’re honorable respectable citizens of Canada too.    
I vividly distinctly remember in my photography memory then a young girl when the “Chinese boys were drafted” their parents emotionally distraught cried to my prominent academic parents were Community leaders and teachers, Leong Chap Kwong and Kate Nipp Leong were their confidantes, of their sons and daughters drafted off to fight in the war in risks their lives. And some of the Chinese young boys felt compelled to fight for Canada’s freedom enlisted volunteered patriotically.  Frank and Bing Wong’s mother Mrs. Wong Chew Pang with her daughter Francis Wong Lim/Mrs. Alfie Lim in tow, sat in our kitchen, where we lived behind Kwong Gee Chinese Public School our parents Founders and Teacher, in agony of her sons to war needed my mother supports. 
My mother & father has supported the Chinese Veterans’ parents and with the Chinese Community strongly OPPOSED discriminated the Chinese Canadians as only Chinese Nationals were not recognized as Canadians yet wants the Chinese boys to go fight in the war as Canadians soldiers…The Chinese Community rallied opposed Canada Government drafted our “CHINESE BOYS” to war,.. supported our Chinese boys…’bloods, sweats, tears’ fought for Canada’s freedom not as a Canadians but as Chinese Nationals, without the privileges of chosen professions as were not allowed for the Chinese, discriminated, restricted with taboos not allowed to various areas, no rights to vote, no status at all !
After the World War ll won the Chinese Vets came home ..The Chinese Veterans Pacific Unit 280 Association formed in the premises upstairs in the 2/floor-112 East Pender Street, Vancouver, B.C. was the location the Vets held  their regular meetings and functions served tea & sandwiches by the Chinese Vets Women’s Auxiliary faithfully loyally hosted and made all the sandwiches and goodies they freezes for each occasions (some frozen 2 years scared the devil out of me).  Dorothy Leung, wife of Veteran Captain Dr. Won Leung was the Leader of the Ladies Auxiliary for years…she led the Vets’ wives as Mrs. John Ko Bong homemade her famous Australia angel cake was always “feature” at the tea parties Dean & I’ve attended
Dean & my strong supports of the Vets as most as our friends of 3 generations in my family, we’re involved with the Vets:  (see Faye Leung’s exclusive stories of the wonderful Vets: Andrew & John Ko Bong, Gim Wong, Herbie Lim, Richard Mar, Roy Mah, Chong Joe, Frank & Bing Wong, Dr. Won Leung, On Lim, Clarence Jang, Charlie Lee, Henry Lew, Henry Fung, Willie Chong, Quan Louie, Art & Douglas Jung, Bob Kent, Neil Chan, Mah, Roger Cheng, Dan Lee, Charlie Chung, Alex & Victor Louie, Howard Chan & many others)     
My beloved dear husband Dean Chun Kwong Leung and I was invited by Vets: Richard Mar, Roy Mah, Dr. Won Leung, Douglas Jung, John Ko Bong et al to be one of the associate original charter members with the Vets Pacific Unit 280 Association in its formative beginning… I valued I still have “our blue wallet size membership card with the Vets emblem at the corner signed by then secretary of the Pacific Unit 280 Margaret Gee, one of the three..Douglas Jung and Andrew Joe the 1st Chinese lawyers 1954 admitted to the Canadian Bar Association allowed to practice law. Margaret Gee also was the 1st Chinese women lawyer.
(see attachment“ Vancouver Sun News May 7th 1997 by Faye Leung: “Chinese vets earned the right to vote”…In Honor 50th Anniversary of Enfranchisement…Let us remember and celebrate this wonderful freedom…May all Asians join in be grateful to the pioneers & veterans. This legacy of enfranchisement lives on forever because of them!”)Quote:Vet John Ko Bong: Faye Leung have said all we wants to say in her article thank you...unquote..John Ko Bong
One of the Chinese Community most important social annual event of the years was the Chinese Veterans Chinese Christmas Formal Ball held on Christmas Day then at PNE Happyland huge Ballroom until this ballroom was torn down to build the Empire Stadium as the home of the Lions Football Games…Then Chinese Veterans Chinese Christmas Dances changed to Hotel Georgia, Hotel Vancouver ballrooms ….Later years when the Vets married has families the Christmas Dances changed to December 26th on Boxing Day.  Boxing Day was solemnly honored as Christmas Festival visiting friends homes on Boxing Day drinks and snacks.
I treasure cherish dearly the memories of the 1950 Christmas Chinese Veterans’ Ball with my extra-special beau Dean Chun Kwong Leung in his black tux, me in my sky-blue lace mandarin collar peplum bodice layers blue & pink nets ball gown swirled & twirled quick waltzed around the ballroom to the Blue Danube, we danced into more than 43 years together lovingly respectfully admired as prominently couple cheek-to-cheek “romantically perfecto” danced Tangos, Rumbas, Sambas, Cha Cha, Flamingo, Bosa Nova, twists rocks, fox trots, show waltz to the lyrics “Always” “I Love You Truly” to the admirations of the dancers often copied never equaled Dean’s exclusively created own fancy dance steps…I’m blessed joyfully danced.     
Regretted Pacific Unit 280 Association did not apply for the Government grants Veterans Legions Buildings that dear husband Dean Chun Kwong Leung encouraged the Chinese Vets for a Chinese Veterans Legion to own a building as the home and premises for its activities…sadly a great loss of opportunity for a ‘would-be asset’.
Herein attachment August 28, 2007 circulated article: “Faye Leung Salute Wesley Lowe & Douglas Jung Honor All Chinese in Canada; By Government of Canada renamed 401 Burrard Street Vancouver, B.C. THE DOUGLAS JUNG BUILDING TOWER.
And: herein attachment January 22, 2002, Faye Leung Short Stories: DEDICATED IN MEMORIAM AND TRIBUTE HONOR DOUGLAS JUNG- the 1ST Chinese Canadian MP, War Hero, and 1st of the 3 Chinese Lawyers admitted to B. C. Bar in 1954.
I’m 3rd generations born in Victoria raised in Vancouver, a Canadian Chinese deeply involved in Society with knowledge of the Vets, Canada, Provinces, Cities, Communities, & Far East as a whole!  Dean & I have bridged & made possible in the Western &  Chinese Society the best of both worlds…I fought in another way in Canadathe Vets fought for Canada!
Since as a teenager the Chinese Community bestowed me as ‘Ambassador-at-large’ fought for the Chinese equalities in all the areas, as restricted, taboos, discriminated, as aforesaid and in employments, leases, rentals, housings etc and fought to removed the restricted residential & commercial properties registered on Land Titles “NO CHINESE/ORIENTALS, EAST INDIANS & JEWS” were NOT allow to purchase the properties, included the Chinese Cultural Centre land.  And I have fought throughout the decades for the Chinese in many civic bylaws and Provincial and Canada Government’s laws restricted the Chinese and East Indians, among others, as women’s equalities, I was first with 4 women invited joined Board of Trade with Grace McCarthy, Grace McInnis, Wendy Macdonald, Teresa Galloway. All as done are betterment life for all in Canada!
Dean & I also greatly contributed culturally besides we redeveloped & expanded Chinatown and enhanced Chinese Community unique colorful characters & tourisms and economic developments etc enriched & benefit Canada.  I originally decades ago has blended Multi-Culturalism & formed 1st Chinese ladies and men Mei Wun Choristers participated in the original Folks Festivals &  multi-ethnics communities into various activities.. First in 1949-1950s blended the Russians, Ukraine, Italians, Germany, East Indians, Asians et al, thereafter into mixed functions & events introduced in the Cities, Provinces, Canada and further with/of East Asia & Southeast Asia and the Far East as a whole!  (see documentations and photos). Dean & Faye Leung fought for Chinese & Canada enrichments and enhance economy developments, contribute to Multi-Culturalism and Goodwills to All.. Also opened doors made possible & bridged Western & Chinese Society best of both Communities!
 The Vets fought for Canada Freedom!
The former Premier Dave Barrett few years ago at my good friend former House Speaker and MLA of 29 years Hon. Gordon Dowding’s wake asked me Quote: ‘do I know who made possible the Chinese Cultural Centre?”… unquote: ex-Premier Barrett..
I replied; ‘my husband Dean Leung named Chinese Cultural Centre and Dean was chairman as the leader he had led all the Chinese Associations & Organizations approved built the Chinese Cultural Centre after you/Premier Dave Barrett instructed Hon. Alex MacDonald then attorney general removed the registered Land Titles restrictions of “No Oriental, East Indians & Jews” that were not allow to purchase and own the lands/properties…
Former Premier Barrett told me then to tell Jenny Kwan, MLA be on a soap box to loudly announced that was only within 2 weeks he in government in 1972, he instructed “as he pointed at Alex Macdonald” who sat next to him, removed the restrictions, then for a dollar, given the land to build the Chinese Cultural Centre!!  On April 14, 2012 at former Councillor Jim Green’s memorial at the Orpheum Theatre I told Jenny Kwan of Ex-Premier Barrett as he instructed as aforesaid, Jenny Kwan said she did not know of at all!!  Thus CCC built has facilities for the Chinese Military Museum and In Honor the Chinese veterans a black quartz wall engraved all the Chinese veterans names listed in appreciation.  
I have initiated & instrumentals many various immigration programs benefitted the influx masses immigrants to Canada reaped the benefits we Chinese, the vets, and the pioneers have sacrificed and toiled in developed the beneficial programs… And I have brought in billions of billion dollars to Canada (include recently in March 2012 US$10B) economic developments, among other benefits were beneficial to all Canadians…All of are recorded and documented of Dean & I have done as our contributions to Society and Canada, and with my parents, mother’s sisters & brothers..Uncle Bill Nipp had flat feet was a very fat boy and Uncle Philip Nipp was a baker needed in the homefront helped feed the wartime public were disqualified to go to Pacific Theatre war.
(See Dean & Faye’s photos records letters documents)  we have contributed generously to all the Chinese pioneers & families, and to the Chinese Community, Society, Veterans & to all the Chinese Folks’ needs, includes Dean and I’ve personally guarantee and financed and helped many became multi-millionaires as Veteran Willie Chong & brothers, Sing Fung, Wong Kung Wai, Lee Family & others…that finances and credits then for the Chinese as also to women were extremely difficult as denied.
2012 Canada Day July 1st Celebrations hosted by Canada Government was one for the Chinese Community at Chinese Cultural Centre… I was invited to participate as they ‘honor me’ by many photographed me with many individuals at Canada Day celebration….One of the many photographers photographed me with different parties in each photos was Jane Feng. Then they seated me with few of the Chinese vets was the 1st photo by Jane Feng & several other photographers alongside her at the same time took photos of me.  
Other vets shown up added chairs to be in the photo, there were at least 6-7 photographers photographed me…This photo was to represent the Chinese Canadians celebrate together on Canada Day…was not a photo of the vets alone, but of all, as its one of the many photographers took photos of us!…Also as known, I’m one of the original charter associate member of Chinese Pacific Unit 280 supported the Chinese Vets since World War ll… That I represented my 5 generations in each of our family all are born and raised Canadian Chinese proudly celebrate Canada Day with all happily.
To my surprise Jane Feng, photographer, exhibit her photos included Canada Day aforesaid photo of me with the vets, and by other’s “In Commemorate Canada Day & Queen Elizabeth ll Diamond Jubilee” Photos Exhibit by Canada Cultural Heritage Ministry, Hon. Minister James Moore of Canadian Chinese Community activities photos at Chinese Military Museum at Columbia & Pender St…   
This Canada Day Jane Feng also was after my stories of her store Jane’s Teas Shop at 41 East Pender Street, originally was, (as discriminated against the Chinese,) not allowed to be Pharmacists, caused my father Leong Chap Kwong with Dr. Philip Chu financed Chinese Pharmacist Yat Yee Samuel Lim opened & lived at the back, included a couple of social only mah jong tables, (for the Chef Yee Ka Jone of the famed industrialist Mr. Macmillan of Macmillan & Boedell Forestry lived at Anges Dr at Granville, and for other Chefs as Peter Bentleys’ etc enjoyment) operated the 1st Chinese Drug Store and school supplies at Jane Feng’s Tea Shop location …in Chinatown at 41 East Pender Street.. known as “Lucky Star Drug Store/”Fook Sing Yut Fong”.  Where she as aforesaid photographer also Exhibit her photos of the Chinese in business on her Pender Street block.
Lest we forget: The Chinese Boys/vets has suffered great hardships and denied of their work interests and education as we all has had suffered and endured tough times as the pioneers also as our parents gone through hard times…World War ll to some of the Chinese boys to be in the Army or Air Force was an opportunity to serve Canada and to have military experiences too.. Although risks life and death it was be in the Pacific Theatre…
The biggest concerns then, should the Second World War in the Orient did not ended as did, many of our Chinese boys would not returns as lack of time in training was rushed to the Pacific Theatre as needed, their oriental looks covered-up against the Japanese enemies.  My dear friend Veteran Rudy Carlson was in the Air Force with Quan Louie, brother of Tong, Tim, John, Willis, Ken Louie flew his plane into the horizon was lost in action a week before the war ended..Now Canada Government honor him named a “Quan Louie Mountain” in B.C. interior north.  Rudy Carlson has donated his Air Force framed photograph with Quan Louie, their airplane, and squadron together to the Louie’s family in-turned to the Military Museum..
After the war enfranchisement many veterans were able entered universities for their chosen professions became lawyers, pharmacists, accountants, into businesses &  various professions previous denied. The wives & children able to Canada join their Chinese pioneers after they’ve nationalized as Canadians…WW2 changed lives in Canada!  
Herein is part of my story; my parents, my dear husband Dean Chun Kwong Leung and I were involved, participated and as witnessed, are as I also know of and has shared happily with many of our dear vets friends & families in the various activities I dearly valued forever remember, love and appreciate our long friendship happiness!
God Bless You All  with Warmest Best Wishes!!  
God Bless Healthy Richly Success
With Good Fortune
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