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copyright 1986


Photo Faye Leung Alaska Cruise Van Sun 100 Strong 9, 12, 2012 CCE00000
ONE & ALL the HONOURABLE JOYOUS VOYAGE SMOOTH SAILING KINDNESS & THOUGHTFULNESS to me is GRATEFULLY APPRECIATE your memorable hospitality forever valued treasure and cherish… & the happiness gloriously enjoyed with YOU ALL on the Happy Vancouver Sun 100 Anniversary Celebration Alaska Cruise September 12-19, 2012!!   Especially WARD PERRIN’S greatness photos daily in the Vancouver Sun and in the daily New Wave of the cruise moments added folksy flavors in celebration meaningfully happy sail!!

I and the 599 faithful loyal readers HONOURING The Vancouver Sun Newspaper . Publisher & President & Mrs. Kevin Bent,  Editor-in-Chief & Mrs. Harold Munro, Managing Editor Valerie Casselton & Mr. William Cosman, Shelley Fralic & mother, Ward Perrin, Vaughn Palmer, Mr. & Mrs. Pete McMartin, Mr. & Mrs. Steve Whysall, Karen Barnaby, Scott Brown, Katherine Monk, Anthony Gismondi, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Batchelor et al…& the hard work of Cheri Caleb, Jason Ludwig, Tracy Nisbet, Jenafor Shaffer, & others, & Cruise Connection-Sanjay, Michael, Richard, Zata, Andria, Paul, Charlotte.   

Photo Faye Leung, Kathrine Monk, Stephie Sinns 9, 12, 2012 Vancouver Sun 100 Strong Alaska Cruise 019
Faye Leung, Kathrine Monk, Vancouver Sun film writer, Stephie Sinns 9, 12, 2012
Sailing under Lions Gate Bridge Vancouver Sun 100 Strong Alaska Cruise

I’m astounded the maximum as aforesaid readers overwhelmed me as my Fans read of me for years in the Vancouver Sun and miss reads of me with their kind compliments and daily lined-up photos with me…My deepest heartfelt appreciation all their kind expressions of love and respects, includes from the folks from U.K. Holland, Australia, New Zealand, USA etc. These photos are dearly keepsake forever remembered of the good time in celebrate Vancouver Sun 100, continued enjoys daily reads our Vancouver Sun newspapers is part of our family must be home with us each days, weeks, months, & years!!  Warmest Best Wishes with All the Best!!

PHOTOS: Happy Snaps from Vancouver Sun Award-winning photographer Ward Perrin with Karen Barnaby (below) Vancouver Sun Food Creator & Writer & Executive Chef at Fish House, presented “Alaska Hat with signatories autographed to Faye Leung surprisingly astonish overwhelmed emotionally speechless with greatest deepest heartfelt appreciation”

Photos from Ward Perrin, Vancouver Sun Sr. Photographer: Nancy Carson in deep laugh of Faye great surprise

Vancouver Sun Columnists & friends presented me Alaska Extra-Special Hat…with their autographs as follows:
  greatly appreciate each wonderful folks states:

1.   May the Hat Lady Sings..Ward Perrin,”           Vancouver Sun: Senior Photographer
2.     Keep Going Faye…Anthony Gismondi ..          On Wine Columnist
3.    Hats Off to You!  Scott Brown..                         Sports Editor
4.   To A True Vancouver Original..Shelly Fralic   Sun Columnist and Author: “Making Headlines 100 Years of Vancouver Sun
5.   Faye, you’re the best!...Karen Barnaby           Food Creator & Food Writer
6. 1000 & 1000 years… Nancy Carson                 Educator Academic
7.   Your Laughter is Infectious!!...Barbara Gields Vancouver Sun guest
8.  Love You! Steve Whysall                                      Garden Columnist
9.   Love you Baby…Pete & Sue,                               Pete McMartin Sun Columnist
10. Faye, You are unforgettable!...Harold & Susanne Harold Munro Editor-in-chief
11.  Stay Dry! XOXO…Katherine Monk        Movie Writer
12.   Lisa Welliz                                                      Vancouver Sun Guest
13.   You’re My Twin!...Susie Armishaw….   Vancouver Sun Guest
14.   You are a beautiful inspiration!... Kate  Vancouver Sun Guest
15.    Faye, Dance like on one is watching...Kas Kazke  Vancouver Sun Guest
16.     “Heart” We Love you, Faye…. Nila Gopaul Photos creator with Vancouver Sun Capilano College
17.    For you’re lovely person!...Peter & Roak!..Faye Leung Faithful Fans Peter Hopkins and Roak Citroen
18.    Faye. Anything I can do, you just let me know! Thanks!...Valerie Casselton Managing Editor
19.    Faye, you’re inspiring! …Rdegen McLee          Vancouver Sun Guest
20.    Thanks for bringing so much vibrant colour to the cruise!!!. ‘Happy Face”…Stephanie Inns Vancouver Sun Guest
21.    Rocking the hats Faye!.XO…Anna Lose            Vancouver Sun Guest
22.     Andria Martinello..Customer Care Specialist Cruise partnership with Vancouver Sun Alaska Cruise
23.      Paul Johnson..sales Manager Cruise Connections                “          “          “          “                 “      “            “           
24.       Zara “Heart”…Customer Care Specialist Cruise Connections  “    “         “          “                 “      “             “
25.     We like the cut of your jib “happy face” …Bev  Vancouver Sun Guest
26.    Amazing trip..Gary Mitchell, Tossia Mitchell…     Purdy’s Chocolatier   
27.   Thanks for coming us, Faye,…Rich S. Richard McCoy Cruise Specialist… Cruise Connections
28.   Faye, I’m so glad you joined us….Cheri Caleb     Vancouver Sun Promotions Coordinator
29.    Cindy…XOXO…                                                            Vancouver Sun Guest 
30.    Sanjay Goel, MBA..President Cruise Connections Canada                                                                                       
31.    Tall …Michael “Happy Face”…Michael Brandon..Cruise Specialist..Cruise Connections
32.     Love you Faye!...Pete from the Arts Club… AMF…Pete Arthewhite@artclubs.
33.      Faye you rock!...Ken Craig ….Vancouver Sun Guest


Photo Snap : Faye Leung, Vancouver Sun Food Writer Karen Barnaby, Ward Perrin Vancouver Sun Sr. Photographer, At dinner, they surprised and presented to Faye with the above Alaska Hat they bought in Juneau, Alaska especially for Faye Leung Hat Lady!!

Karen Barnaby and Ward Perrin hilariously happy with the whole table to surprise Faye …Bless them All
Karen Barnaby, Faye Leung, Ward Perrin really terrific whole table laughs roars as Faye roar deeply
Van Sun Cruise
Nancy Carson, Ward Perrin, Faye Leung enjoys dinner with table of ten happily laughters fun!!
Karen Barnaby, Ward Perrin bubbling with joyful laughter their surprisingly shocked Faye
with Alaska Hat before presentation Faye Leung own hat, then added this glamorous ‘extra-special’ one of kind in the world exclusive Hat!
Here we are at dinner of 10 reserved early international day table for their planned surprise to Faye Leung naïve happily enjoyed the greatness of all dinner guests in greatest joyful laughters, Photos by Nila Gopaul while her mother on my right just laugh and laugh as Karen at another table rushed over with Ward Perrin in deep conversation and laughters to my astonishment without knowing it was their readily present me their original created specialty Alaska Hat!! Be great in Vancouver ‘liquid sunshine’/rainy weather as Alaska rained 90% of the time they told us!! God Bless All!!  

Photo Faye Leung Salmon BBQ 9, 13, 2012 Juneau Alaska 087
Special Photo by Vancouver Sun Ward Perrin:
Honour Faye Leung as BBQ Chef with Chef Sonny Galletes Salmon Bake
Most delicious yummy Alaska salmon, SOOOO GOOD!
 September, 13, 2012 in Juneau, Alaska

Vancouver Sun Newspapers featured this Faye Leung & Chef Sonny Galletes
photo on September 14, 2012 in the internet of the Vancouver 100 Anniversary
Alaska Cruise: "as a special honorable photo of Faye Leung's outfit deserves
a unique photo baking the Alaska salmons at Juneau Alaska BBQ  was the
highlight of the Celebration Cruise for the Vancouver Sun's 600 guests at
the BBQ Salmon bake in the pouring rain in Juneau Alaska on September 13, 2012

copyright 1986


“LEUNG” handwritten by Dean Chun Kwong Leung”

God Bless Healthy Richly Success
With Good Fortune
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