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Faye Leung - FUNDRAISING: Asking for your gracious “donations any amount, or in-kind, sponsors chapter(s)” as: you “Gives back & contribute to Society” The very important “Faye Leung 3 Storytelling Books”: Salute, Honor, Tribute: the “Chinese and Caucasians Grassroots Contributions Made Canada To-day’s Prosper Status Generations Enjoys Forever” is part & parcel of Canada, British Columbia Historical Cultural Heritage perpetually preserves for posterity.. And for as public demands & for the influx immigrants’ knowledge, education, & aspirations to the youths: of the Life & Times, Hearts & Souls woven the gold inlaid black thread fabric of society of as its had happened!”

ExpoAsian Banquet on June 1st 2014 Dr Jan Wall and Faye Leung of
Faye Leung 3 Stories Books series: “Dr. Jan Wall, Simon Fraser University Dean
Lynn Copeland of SFU Library Systems, & University of B.C. History Dept Dr. Henry
Yue together Implemented & digit Faye & Dean Leung’s all documents, photos,
letters, records of 133 years preserved perpetually for posterity as part & parcel
Canada Historical Cultural Heritage..And for the public & the masses influx of
immigrants knowledge, aspirations to the youths, &Vancouver Museum catalogue. 
The stories “As Had Happened: The Hearts & Souls and the Life & Times”
   #1 of 3 Faye Leung Storytelling Books Entitled:
·        “HISTORY ALIVE”-1881-2014: = 133 Years
“Chinese People Power Endured Hardships, Sacrifices, Sadness Won Freedom Privileges, Prestige Forever”
Salute, Tribute, Honor: Chinese & Caucasians Grassroots Contributions Made To-day’s Canada Prosper Status
Generations Enjoys Always!!         
     #2 of 3 books Entitled:
·        Faye Leung Hat Lady Sings:
Ex-B.C. Premier Vander Zalm, Billionaire Tan Yu - Fantasy Gardens
            ~~~Truth must be told~~~
     #3 of 3 Books: Coffee Table Pictures/Photos Storytelling Book:
·        Faye & Dean Leung Legendary Legacy: “One & Only Couple in Millions Years”
             Entitled: Did Made a Difference People Enjoyed:- Contributions-
People-Politics-Businesses-Economic Developments-Bridged East West Best of Both Worlds
“a picture/photograph speaks a million words”….USA President Clinton…..

Hi Faye,
Here is one of the pictures the photographer took with you and Mayor Robertson.
Photo below of Mayor Gregory Robertson & Faye Leung October 22, 2014:
Vancouver City Mayor Gregor Robertson listen further to sponsor the City of Vancouver City Hall’s chapter circa: 1936-2014 in Faye Leung Stories Books. Includes as shown in this below photo in Faye’s hand are proofs of 1959-1960-1961-1962-1963’s English & Chinese newspapers clippings, documents and photos of Faye & Dean then are originally done by Faye & husband Dean Chun Kwong Leung, then-chairman, Faye then-Director Chinese National Benevolent Assn of Canada, together the legendary prominent couple community Leaders legacy:- one is Dean & Faye Leung led Chinatown fought and won “STOP EXPROPRIATE/SAVE” the Chinatown Housings and “STOP THE FREEWAY” cut through Chinatown and Downtown Vancouver’s heart Granville & Georgia Streets Block 61 to connect to Georgia Viaduct to the Upper Level Highway in the north shore..Faye & Dean spoke to then Mayor Bill Rathie & Council Meeting in the City Hall Chamber rescinded their vote: Won: “SAVED CHINATOWN & SAVED VANCOUVER’S HEART”
Faye’s prominent academics parents Chap Kwong & Kate Leong, founders and teachers of the Kwong Gee Chinese Public School and the Yen Ping/Enping Assn of Canada at 320 E. Pender Street at Gore Ave with 2nd floor pioneers men’s residents and commercial building were expropriated for the freeway and to build social housings (now McLean Social Housings on this site) for the expropriated Chinatown housings/residents owners whose don’t want to lives in social housings…Faye Leung was bestowed by then Mayor Rathie & Councillors/Aldermen/Council as “the leader” of the new Mayor’s Redevelopment Consultative Committee”~~~Faye appointed Hon. Angelo Branco, Harry Duker, George D. Wong, Emily Sawchuk, Harry Con to her committee.  Faye & committee implemented the McLean, Raymuir & Skeena Social Housings and thereafter B.C. Housings etc... (see stories chapters & www.fayeleung.com)  
The photo of Mayor Robertson and Faye below are talks of Faye & Dean Leung years of long hours daily of hard work contributed all “for freeone of as:
“STOP THE FREEWAY AND EXPROPRIATION /SAVE Chinatown Houses and Vancouver’s Heart”…
The former Mayor/Premier Mike Harcourt came after Dean & Faye had succeeded renege the City Council’s vote of aforementioned in 1963..Harcourt then was a lawyer@207 W. Hastings Street, Dominion Building was HIRED & Paid by the Chinatown Housings Properties Owners, later named Strathcona Properties Owners , to assist them to apply for the “Homeowners’ Federal Grants’ to renovate their homes… AFTER Dean & Faye led SAVED as aforesaid and succeeded won for the “1st time to the Chinese” the Federal Government agreed “to gives Grants” to the homeowners to updated their houses to stayed in their home freely without the worries of being expropriated…Also they’re able to lives in Chinatown where their activities are for a good life…
Harcourt and Shirley Chan’s (then a child) mother Mrs. Walter Chan Wah Gore/Chan Lee Soon, a homeowner both has throughout the decades ‘CLAIMED THEY STOPPED THE AFORESAID’!!  Loudly Harcourt & Chan throughout the decades releases stories of they stopped the freeway & Chinatown Housings as aforementioned, took all the honours, credits, perks and governments grants & fees etc for their self-benefits and self-interests. Ironically Faye as Director of Sales, worked for years with Shirley Chan’s father Walter Chan Wah Gore as a colleague at Kuo Seun Trans National Emporium at 89 E. Pender at  Columbia St. corner, now the Peking/Beijing Herbs Shop…(another story chapter another time)…
   Also shown below Mayor Robertson photo with Faye in her hand is the bag of some of all the proofs of  Dean & Faye had STOPPED The Freeway & Expropriation in 1959-1963.. the proofs from the public, English & Chinese newspapers articles with photos of Dean & Faye & documents etc as told to Mayor Robertson in below photo that Councilor Raymond Louie wanted to take with him, (too precious items to be taken away, may be lost, especially at the huge banquet October 22, 2014)…

Below Brilliantly captured ‘Photo of the moment’ By Andrei J at Italian Centre:
Happy Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson & Faye Leung  
 ‘Joyously Big Laughs’ of sponsor City Hall chapter in “Faye Leung Stories Books”
at “Italian Canadian Man of  Year Jim Crescenzo 2014” Gala 10/4/14

Cackling laughter
Mayor Gregor Robertson & Faye Leung at - CONFRATELLANZA
ITALO-CANADESE - Italian Cultural Centre October 4, 2014 -
His Worship Vancouver Mayor Greg Robertson asks: (Q. & A.)
The Mayor on March 9, 2014 on International Women’s Day
told Faye to contact Mr. Mobb he says to sponsor City Hall’s chapter
in Faye Leung Stories Book..
Faye told Mayor in photo above: “You told me to contact Mr. Mobbs
But he’s no longer works at City Hall”…
Mayor asked Faye:
“who in City Hall do to sponsor City Hall’s chapter in “Faye Leung Stories Book?”
Faye Leung answer: “You’re the Mayor, you leads the City, you ask me??” Big laughs!!


Thanks zillions
God Bless Healthy Richly Success
With Good Fortune
Faye Leung 梁慧超敬上
Prelude Faye Leung 3 documented storytelling books/videos<

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Faye Leung Investment, Consulting & Marketing Group
And: Dean & Faye Leung Health & Education Foundation…est.: 1988 non profit

Tel: 604-266-1945 Fax: 604-266-3902 Email; fayeleung@telus.net; P.O. Box 4815 Vancouver, B.C. V6B 4A4


clear consult 100 faye
Faye Leung speaking at BC Government 's Apology for Historical Wrongs Consultation Forum
January 20, 2014
Click on above underlined 3 minute audio clip

My 3 upcoming books

VIDEOS; herein below video of Faye Leung 2nd speech 1, 20, 14 at B. C. Gov't Apology Historical Wrongs to B.C. Chinese at Metro Hilton Hotel
..and Faye was on CBC TV 1, 20, 14 immediately after the event shown CBC interview Faye Leung in the CBC late evening news 1/20/14 and 1/21/14 evening news.
Faye Leung 1st speech 1, 12, 14 was on BC GLOBAL TV 1, 13, 14 evening news and Fairchild Chinese TV News 1, 13, 14, and all news media radio broadcasts, Chinese newspapers raved Faye Leung’s speech are the most excellent meaningful informative is the best speaker of all the 70s speakers to over 500 audiences at the Great Vancouver Chinese Culture Centre….That the M.C. stated Faye’s brilliant speech brought his wife and audience to tears!
Also Video of Faye’s January 12, 2014 speech taped and feature in B.C. Government’s “Website/EmbaceBC…or
International Trade/Multiculturalism” video of Faye is “ front & centre” on the face of the video that feature Faye & others in the 4 minutes video spoke at 1/12/14 B.C. Government Apology Historical Wrongs to the Chinese British Columbians Consultation Forums at the Vancouver Culture Centre on January 12, 2014 


This updated below email is FYI and requests for your contribution (to give back to society) with your donation, or sponsor a chapter(s), partial, wholly, sponsor-in-kind, supplies, equipments, or whatever small or large is welcome appreciated be published by 2014…
Hon. Teresa Wat,
Minister of International Trade
And: Multiculturalism,
And: Apology for Historical Wrongs Consultation Forum,
Dear Hon. Teresa Wat,
On Sunday 1/12/14 at your B.C. Government Apology for Historical Wrongs Against the Chinese British Columbians Consultation Forum…I’m happy everybody includes the media circulated widely raved of my informative & enjoyed and liked my speech at your Forum.
The subjects of my speeches varies in each of the B.C. Government Consultation Forums to know of the different HISTORICAL WRONGS AGAINST THE CHINESE BRITISH COLUMBIANS: should time permits I’m able to speak in Chinese too (I speak several Chinese dialects and I read & write traditional or simplified Chinese). The over 500 audiences and 70s speakers and all the Chinese Associations loudly and clearly voiced at the 1/12/14 Forum & in the Medias for an apology be everlasting as in books into the educational systems/schools as a legacy for all the generations-to-come to understand & a monument…
I, “Faye Leung Speaks for the Pioneers Chinese & Families” as I were bestowed by the Chinese decades ago at my very young age as “Ambassador for the Chinese at-large” fought  for the Chinese “Human” Rights and Living Rights in B.C.   All of us Chinese have had suffered immensely from the B. C., City, and Federal Governments wrongfully restricted, discriminated, taboos and bullied us Chinese especially in B.C since throughout the Head Tax era to recent decades
As a “TRUE Meaningful Apology and Thank you to the Chinese British Columbians” and also enhance Multiculturalism in B.C., I hereby request B.C. Government sponsor or assist me publish my exclusive incredible unique 3 upcoming Faye Leung Storytelling Books & Videos of the “Stories of the Chinese/Asians & Caucasians Grassroots Contributed Made British Columbia and Canada to-day’s Prosper Status”.. as be circulated worldwide and into the education/schools systems: as aspirations to the youth and knowledge for the influx of immigrants.  That China Government interests of us as “Overseas Chinese Contributions” and for the stories books into China education/schools and for its 1.3 billion population knowledge too…Thus my 3 upcoming stories books as an “everlasting Historical Wrongs Apology with Thank you” preserved perpetually for posterity as part of British Columbia, Cities, & Canada Cultural Heritage!! Details as follows:  
My family 3 generations of us Chinese, as I am the 3rd and my mother the 2nd generation (Mother never set foot outside of Canada) born and raised in Victoria and I bred in Vancouver, B.C. (we’re raised by the whole Chinese Community respectfully to our Chinese traditional customs, elders & officials!)..We 3 generations done for free patriotically served our Chinese & Canadian Community- We grew up, lived, work & in businesses lifetime in Victoria & Vancouver Chinatown…(still in business in Chinatown)
I personally have (and still continually) assisted greatly in the social, welfare, medical, education, all of the Chinese Pioneers, New Immigrants from 1948s to date & their Families’ necessities needs, translated, financial planning and investments, & developed Canadian Corporations businesses to Chinatown, and I have made many Chinese millionaires/billionaires, interpreted not only for the Chinese also for free for all the 3 levels of Government officials’ needs with the Chinese.    I’ve bridged the 1st politicians to Chinatown and to the Chinese Functions since 1949s – bridged the best of Western and Eastern 2 worlds and bridged and opened the doors to the Canadian Society accepted the Chinese Society etc  …And I’ve spoken up & have done all for free all of the above and includes for several older and younger than my generations’ young and old in employments, housings, equalities, economic developments, women’s needs, betterment, expanded & redeveloped Chinatown, instrumental initiated from 1960 many of the present Immigration programs benefited and enable the influx of the masses of Asians & Chinese immigrants and billions and billions of dollars into B.C. and Canada as a whole!
My caring trusting heart & soul patriotically pioneer in strengthen and promoted B.C. and Canada in/to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hawaii, throughout USA and Canada in trade, tourism, economic developments, investors investments, “2-ways Trade Missions (I pioneered 1st & many Trade Missions from aforementioned to B.C. & as hostess with the mostess (I’m called)”  I was the 1st Canada businesswomen October 1st 1980 invited by China Government then President Deng opened “4-Modernization Programs” to foreigners..I’ve co-ordinate & liaison “2-ways businesses” between Canada and China includes from UK, Italy, Switzerland to China, among many others & Artists and Arts etc (all are recorded)..since I’m still daily deeply involved.
That: China Government “In recognition Faye Leung contributions in Canada & China Economic Developments, Political, Cultural, & other achievements, leadership, outstanding contributions to Society, influence strength, legendary made a difference: In Honor Faye Leung as an “Outstanding Chinese Entrepreneur Award” and “Outstanding Chinese Enterprise” and “1 of 100 Global Excellent Chinese Entrepreneur” Honors Awards…among many other awards and recognitions…includes B.C. Government Award: In Recognition Promote Tourism Aboard Award…
Government Historical Wrongs against the Chinese, that the Chinese were denied and restricted to many places as were not allowed to swim in Crystal Swimming Pool etc, theatres, commercial activities, commence/as businesses, among others as no “Human Rights to the Chinese”.  That I’ve fundraised, events planner, pageants, fashion Shows & 1st men & ladies mixed fashion shows & choir, created own Chinese socials & functions etc for the Chinese here..That the Governments Historical Wrongs legally lawfully restricted & against the Chinese of all as aforementioned & Canadians and Chinese mixed-activities were not allowed, caused intensely harmed the Chinese population with deep hardships and poverty….We never have breakfasts before attend Strathcona School in Chinatown, as now Schools promote breakfasts programs!  The Governments’ restrictions created us Chinese in poverty struggled life!!  Even in death the Chinese were restricted to chosen burial sites, only a small Willow Section at Oceanview Cemetery were designated allowed for the Chinese and the Blacks only...
For your info: By the public demands of me for my exclusive incredible unique 3 Storytelling Books – also wanted me do a film and videos of my stories-:
As:  I, “Faye Leung IN TRIBUTE, SALUTE, HONOR:” THE CHINESE & CAUASIANS GRASSROOTS CONTRIBUTIONS MADE CANADA & BRITISH COLUMBIA TO-DAY’S PROSPER STATUS”  that I’ve written drafts (in needs of edit, sponsors, publisher/publish) my “3 upcoming Faye Leung Storytelling Books & Videos be produced” its Canadiana & of B.C !    
(see prelude & little insights: www.fayeleung.comJ ) one of the storytelling book-Entitled:
        “HISTORY ALIVE” – 1881-2013 –
“PEOPLE POWER ENDURED HARDSHIPS, SACRIFICES, SADNESS WON FREEDOM, PRESTIGE, PREVILEGES FOREVER” generations enjoys: its backed-up with photos, letters, documents, records “TRUE STORIES OF THE LIFE & TIMES, THE HEARTS & SOULS” real folks woven the gold inlaid black threads fabric of Society/Community…life as it had happened…as aspirations to the youth and knowledge for the influx of immigrants…as part of British Columbia, Cities & Canada Cultural Heritage preserved perpetually for posterity!!!
The late Don Lee former School Board Trustee, he was one of my Chinese Associations colleague, started with me for my upcoming storytelling books into the Education System here, and the Government of China wanted for China Education System and for the billion of Chinese knowledge of  our “Chinese Overseas Contributions in Canada and Provinces”  Which our items aforementioned as proof of as aforesaid..Upon published Faye Leung Storytelling Books our collections will be donated to the Universities, Archive, Museum, Libraries, photos includes over 70 years my beloved husband Dean Chun Kwong Leung’s photo-journals he personally photographed  – “T0 BE A COFFEE TABLE PICTURES/PHOTOS of 100 years STORYTELLING BOOK & VIDEOS” …..I’m dubbed as “Walking Encyclopedia” and dubbed “Dean & I  (former) Mayors of Chinatown” Dean & Faye Leung legendary as recorded! We did made a difference…All in a family of our 5 generations of my side and my beloved husband Dean’s side British Columbians has contributed to Society…..
Quote & unquote former UBC President Martha Piper and Dr. David Strangway:…“Faye, its nice to have donations of bricks & mortars… your papers & items are priceless precious irreplaceable, do not let out of your hand!”….lawyers and doctors also said same…QUOTE: “Faye you owe to the public, history, B.C. & Canada your stories, you must completed your books”….unquote Dr. Lapawsky, Dr. Robinow, Dr. Sunshine….Old Adage: “Too many libraries are burnt gone with people to Heaven”
Thus, my aforesaid Storytelling Books and its contexts are exactly (& MORE) of to-day’s B.C. Government Apology for Historical Wrongs against the Chinese British Columbians Consultation Forum’s audiences cries for the Government to published books as part of the B.C. Government Apology!!  That should the government publish/sponsor my Storytelling Books into circulations worldwide as: “Are really a TRUE meaningful apology and thank-you to the Chinese British Columbians”…and multiculturalism gains too!  Also particularly will enhance, enriched International Trade and Education bonanza with China and Asia as “2-ways”  trade be beneficial to all the people of British Columbia and Canada too (includes to China of its 1.3 billion population knowledge too of B. C. Government and Canada through & by my storytelling books as excellent public relations and diplomat relations & promo of B.C. & Canada)…Patriotically I’m still deeply involved in & are developing more international trades ongoing,  and our family’s 4th and 5th generation too opened additional B.C. industries and resources shipped/trade to Japan and China. As the role models of our family’s 1st and 2nd and 3rd generations’ contributions as made (another story another time)….
Looking forward to see you all again on January 20 Burnaby & 27 Richmond 2014 Forums…Your comments, guidance, advises, recommendations, sponsor in part, or chapter(s), or wholly, or sponsor-in-kind, or publish or whatever to have my upcoming 3 Stories Books published & Videos produced are most welcome & appreciated, as needed, are by public demands in British Columbia, Canada and China.  If not done, historical stories includes B.C. Government Apology for Historical Wrongs of the Chinese British Columbians all gone forever as rarely anyone can tell of all as unknown of all!
Blessings New Year 2014 Golden Horse Gallops-in Happy Healthy Happiness Prosperity Success Lucky Good Luck Forever!!

God Bless Healthy Richly Success
With Good Fortune

Faye Leung梁慧超敬上

Prelude Faye Leung 3 documented upcoming storytelling books/videos:www.fayeleung.com  
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                                 Faye Leung Photo By Artist Sheila Chao June 2013

Fundraising: for sponsor(s) - supports- in kind sponsors – small or large donations, &/or sponsor a CHAPTER(s) of the stories, to-be edited & publication, &/or order prepaid by a small donation for a forthcoming autographed Book,– credits & acknowledgements, - tax receipt pending. Appreciate & thanks

Rich Canadian Historical Cultural Heritage & to the present Stories = Canada Contexts never before told be preserved perpetuity for posterity “In Humanity Education Endowment” inspirational to the youths & immigrants – Your Contributions ‘gives-back’ Blessings You Good Life Good Fortune Always!!

Please see Prelude Faye Leung 3 Documented Upcoming Storytelling Books & Videos/Film insights in WEBSITE Tabs: www.fayeleung.com


 Faye Leung Bridged Canada, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and 1st bridged the Chinese & Western Society “the Best of Both Worlds.” And fought free services for free for Chinese & Canada enriched & enhanced economy developments, contributions MultiCulturalism & Goodwills to ALL…
Documented 3 Storybooks & Videos Film: by public demand: Entitled:

            Faye Leung Hat Lady Sings: “History Alive”-1881-2013:
Chinese People Endured Sacrifices, Hardships, Sadness, Won Freedom, Privilege, Prestige Forever Generations Enjoys..
                 World War ll Chinese Veterans fought for Canada Freedom,
Faye & Dean Leung DECADES in ½ CENTURY COMMUNITY & SOCIETY FREE SERVICES fought for equality, enriched  & enhanced economics developments - bridged the Chinese & Western Society –“the Bests of Both Worlds”– And 1959-1988 initiated instrumental legislated with then Hon. Immigration Ministers the immigration categories programs, enable masses Asians immigrants to Canada – And brought in billions dollars to Canada benefited economy..CHINATOWN, MY ORIGINAL CHINATOWN, & VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, & CANADA as WHOLE!...Caucasians & Chinese/Asians grassroots made Canada to-day’s prosper status. Real FOLKS’ ‘LIFE & TIME, the HEARTS & SOULS’ WOVEN the FABRIC OF SOCIETY..TRUE CANADIANA CONTENTS: & PHOTOS, LETTERS, DOCUMENTS, RECORDS GENIUNE UNIQUE INCREDIBLE life!!

   And:   Following forthcoming 2 documented storytelling books & Videos/Films :
Faye & Dean Chun Kwong Leung: One in a Million YEARS Couple…
                          “Legendary Legacy Made a Difference”
                 …Photographs/Pictures Coffee Table Documented Stories Book…..
Faye Leung Hat Lady Sings: Ex Premier Vander Zalm, Billionaire Tan Yu
     – Fantasy Gardens - “Adage: It ain’t over till the Fat Lady Sings”
           Exclusive Photos, letters, documents, the real truth as it has had happened -
 Your help is extremely appreciated…
Thanks zillions  
God Bless Healthy Richly Success
With Good Fortune
Faye Leung   梁慧超敬上 
Prelude Faye Leung 3 document Storybooks & Videos info: WEBSITE: www.fayeleung
Faye Leung Investment, Consulting & Marketing Group 梁慧超顾问投资销售集团公司
And: Dean & Faye Leung Health & Education Foundation…est.: 1988 non profit
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Gordon Campell
Former British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell told Faye Leung he will send his ‘Forward Letter’ for Faye Leung's 3 upcoming storybooks..Faye thanked Premier Campbell & reminisced: I first met him January 25, 1974 in then Vancouver Mayor Art Phillip's office when he was an assistant to the Mayor. Faye chaired the “Mandarin Ball” and “Kick-off To Save the Orpheum Theatre” with fundraising led by Mayor Art Phillips as Honourary Chairman on February 7, 1974. When asked about it, former Premier Campbell replied “I sure do remember! "

Richmond Museum Faye Leung Guest Speaker May 13, 2001
The flamboyant Faye Leung shares her life stories from her own experiences growing
up as a third generation member of one of Canada's early Asian pioneer families. 
Mrs. Leung is currently compiling a book of stories from her family's five generations
history in Canada complete with photographs, taken by her husband, Dean Chun Kwong Leung,
spans over ninety years of Canadian history.  Leung's stories salutes the heritage
of Asian Canadian pioneers in Canada and the contributions they have made to the multi-cultural Canadian environment so evident to-day.
copyright 1986


“LEUNG” handwritten by Dean Chun Kwong Leung”

God Bless Healthy Richly Success
With Good Fortune
Faye Leung梁慧超敬上
Faye Leung Investment, Consulting & Marketing Group
And: Dean & Faye Leung Health & Education Foundation…est: 1988 non profit
Tel: 604-266-1945 Fax: 604-266-3902 Email; fayeleung@telus.net;
P.O. Box 4815 Vancouver, B.C. V6B 4A4

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