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Faye & Dean Leung founders opens TD-Canada Trust the 1st of any trusts
branches in Canada in Faye & Dean Leung's Pender Realty & Insurance Agency
in the heart of Chinatown, at 156 East Pender Street, Vancouver, B.C.
Reception at Chungking Chinese Restaurant 178 East Pender St, almost nextdoor; Receiving line:
Faye & Dean Leung, Chairman Gordon & Mrs. Farrell, GM Jack Wilson, welcome
Prominent Chinatown guests: Quan Gow Joe Quan ex-Custom Photos' father ,
Bank of Nova Scotia at Hastings & Columbia, Chinese Representative George D.
Wong-very successful bank as mostly Chinese customers George Wong
developed.. Because he is Chinese Canadian was restricted to become Branch
Manager, as then Multi-National Corporations and Bank "No Chinese and East
Indians" employment Chinatown Bank of Montreal also Harry Cumyow
excellent wonderful community prominent respected banker was denied and
restricted as Bank Manager, title as Chinese Representative only, same as
with Tommy Mah later years at Bank of Montreal Chinatown Branch at 138 East
Pender Street.  Where Dean & Faye Leung's TD-Canada Trust operate in their
Chinese 8 feet X 120 feet style office without a safe, night deposit the
huge amount of deposits to next few doors Bank of Montreal to be picked up
next morning delivered by taxi to Canada Trust Head Office at Howe Street
deposited.  (see TD-Canada Trust Tab: and Faye Leung upcoming stories telling book/video


Canada 1st Branch Office outside of Head Office: Founder Faye & Dean Leung Canada Trust Branch office opens September 22nd 1962 in Faye & Dean Leung’s Pender Realty & Insurance Agency office at 156 East Pender Street, Vancouver, B.C. Canada in heart of Chinatown:….
Faye and Dean Leung were Founders: Opened the 1st in Canada of any trust companies’ branches, the 1st branch office of TD/Canada Trust in Faye & Dean Leung’s office opened on September 22, 1962  at 156 East Pender Street in the ‘heart of Vancouver Chinatown’ had rocked the financial establishments and took Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada & Hong Kong as a whole by a huge strong storm.. astounded Faye & Dean Leung founders, developed huge financial accounts, educated the public by Dean’s master Chinese calligraphy in bilingual languages (Chinese & English) of earning Canada Trust banking calculated daily interests instead of banks’ quarterly interest., And Chinese gifts as round bamboo plastic coated chairs, Metallic Chinese Tea Cushions amongst others for each opened accounts, the 1st ever as Dean & Faye as extraordinary with personality plus respectfully admired and appreciated by the public from all lower mainland rushed & lined-up opened new accounts with Dean & Faye’s Canada Trust as trusted Faye & Dean, managers operated Canada Trust Chinatown Agency…
Then Canada Trust Head Office in London, Ontario, President Allen Taylor & Board of Directors (“ the East is East the West is West the Twain never meets”…..Mark Twain…) were not on board of aforesaid that Dean & Faye Leung overcome & resolved all obstacles with then Western Regional Assistance General Manager Jack D. Wilson opened Canada Trust Branch the 1st outside of the financial district of any trust company in Dean & Faye Leung’s Pender Realty & Insurance Agency office, without head office of aforesaid and SUCCEEDED WON OVER ALL ACROSS CANADA opened & founders the Canada 1st ever branch offices of any Trust Companies on September 22, 1962 in Vancouver Chinatown!
Faye & Dean Leung’s then office was typical oriental style ’10’ front X 120’ long, narrow wooden office building on the ground floor of the Chinese Sui Yuen Tong Association upstairs, operate as Pender Realty & Insurance Agency established 1955 the “MA & PA” BUSINESS: in real estates, insurance of all kind, property management, finance & mortgages, financial planner, accounting, documents translations & interpretations amongst others with salesperson staff.
And Dean & Faye provided throughout the decades all kind of  SERVICES includes translations, interpretations, etc  for  free..
An office without safe/vault not a bank or trust company set-ups…Yet Dean & Faye Leung with brother Wally Sing Leong built counters and facilities added Canada Trust Bank into their middle section office as Canada Trust Bank. And then popular famous plastic signs were in Chinese & English huge plastic sign in front of the building with Pender Realty & Insurance Agency sign, window sign, interior banking counter sign…very unique, and special lime green & white triple folds leaflets in Chinese & English all the aforementioned was handwritten by Dean’s master’s classical Chinese calligraphy…never seen & never done before was created by Dean’s genius intelligence noble business and artistic visions all were such a ‘hit’ the public admired and loved us respectfully!!     
As our office had no vault just a new ‘fire-proof’ safe and generously all expenses and costs were paid by Dean & Faye patriotically to enhance Chinatown and enriched economically for Chinatown and City of Vancouver by developed new businesses and new environments and opportunities for the public to have extra interests for their monies deposited as good business in Dean & Faye business senses/acumen …Our daily accounts deposits cash & cheques were deposited nightly at the ‘Bank of Montreal night deposit’ at 138 East Pender few doors to the west of Faye & Dean’s Pender Realty & Insurance Agency office.  The next morning by taxi this deposits were delivered to one & only Canada Trust in Vancouver at 575 Howe Street Vancouver Downtown financial district, where Charlie O’Hara was the bank manager, put through this deposits from Faye & Dean’s Chinatown Agency Canada Trust Bank to this deposits vault. 
Very unique, its unbelievable Dean & Faye accomplished and overcome the difficulties and problems moved mountains of obstacles as can do was and still are the only way in the world ever has done as so successfully done by Faye & Dean Leung with Asst. GM Jack Wilson’s instructions and directions to manager Charlie O’Hara co-operation with Faye & Dean operation  Canada Trust Chinatown Agency, without Canada Trust Head Office President Allen Taylor & Board of Directors approval…done through Canada Trust in Vancouver financial district,
Faye & Dean so successfully done to such huge success that Canada Trust Mr. Chairman Gordon Farrell (son of then B.C. Telephone, now Telus founder and the Telus building at Robson & Seymour has the cement wall plague commemorated aforesaid) and Mrs. Farrell officiated opening ceremony with Dean & Faye Leung, J. D. Wilson, & prominent Chinatown George D. Wong, & Quan Gow, (see photos)  The firecrackers roars of good cheers and held a huge cocktail buffet reception few doors to the east to Steve Louie, son of Louie Gunn’s Chungking Restaurant with multi-cultural guests from all over lower mainland out of town guests.  Thousands of baby orchids were flown in from Hawaii for each guests especially celebrate this historic event and honored Faye & Dean Leung from Uncle Frank & Aunt Vi Nipp & Seth Lau…Such memorable event that never seen nor heard of before as without prior notices and without ever anyone dare nor wildest dreams to enable this can happened as has happened by personally Dean & Faye Leung incredibly wisdom MADE A DIFFERENCE IN CANADA, for BRITISH COLUMBIA, AND CHINATOWN, PROUDLY FOR THE CHINESE as ARE DONE BY CANADIAN CHINESE COUPLE OPENS a BANK the 1ST TRUST COMPANY BANK, in their office under them, can do!! AMAZING!
Big media’s coverage of this surprise business opening never prior of any advertisements nor announcements of this happening, nor posted as ‘coming soon’ as usual in all business. Instead JUST HAPPENED by FAYE & DEAN LEUNG ANNOUNCED AT OPENS CANADA TRUST BANK IN THEIR OFFICE WITH ASST GM JACK WILSON on September 22, 1962! The Greater Vancouver citizens, Chinatown, the Chinese, the public and media were completely astounded Dean & Faye Leung done it…Were NOT by the big establishments, not by big financial circle, not by the big banks and not big trust companies, not by big multi-National corporations, ARE DONE BY a ‘husband & wife/ma & pa’ business acumen OPENED 1st Trust Company Bank Branch in Canada by opened Canada Trust Bank in of all places in Faye & Dean’s narrow wooden building oriental style tiny office without vault and in Chinatown instead in other districts of the City!!
Jack Nicolson, former Lt. Gov. of British Columbia and Canada Liberal Government Member of Parliament (MP) Hon. Minister of Immigration, by invitation of Asst GM Jack Wilson, Jack Nicolson came to Dean & Faye Leung’s Opening Canada Trust Cocktail Buffet Reception, he      announced publicly of his candidacy in Vancouver Centre contingency to run in the next election as an MP…our Canada Trust Chinatown Agency opening was the 1st time Jack Nicolson became public from his lawyer position to be in the government of aforesaid, as he did succeeded.   
During Canada Trust Bank operation in Faye & Dean’s office great success the public were drawn by the prominent leaderships and decades prominent positions of Dean & Faye Leung well known worldwide.   It gave confident to the public to bank with Dean & Faye’s Canada Trust Bank…the public came from lower mainland cities to Chinatown to bank with Faye & Dean was amazingly wonderful supports to travel from afar to deal with Faye & Dean for Canada Trust.
Other Trust Companies as now aware Faye & Dean Leung opened Canada 1st branch office of trust company successfully: Yorkshire Trust, Commonwealth Trust, Montreal Trust, Royal Trust, Guaranteed Trust & others came to Faye & Dean Leung learnt & researched copied (not equaled were defunct) opened their branches of offices throughout Vancouver extended throughout Canada. As thereafter Canada Trust also extended branch offices throughout Canada after the success with Faye & Dean Leung founder & opened the 1st branch office in Canada.
Dean’s noble vision advised Canada Trust President Allen Taylor and Asst GM Jack Wilson in 1963 that Canada Trust should extend their opening hours to enrich Canada Trust business. Dean recommended be opened longer hours than then most banks closed at 3:00 P.M. Monday to Fridays.  Closed weekend…Canada Trust in our office opened to 5:00 P.M. that Dean suggested should opened to early evening and on Saturdays is good business…That were in 1962-1963 was impossible thinking and did not heed to Dean’s foresights good business vision!! Now 2013 Canada Trust opens 7 days a week…from 8 to 8 few years ago as Dean recommended in 1963 and again thereafter are now reality…Then now Canada Trust extended opening Saturdays and Sundays – 7 days a week, exactly as Dean told the President and J.D. Wilson! Bless Dean’s greatness and intelligence academia!!

Faye & Dean Leung’s Canada Trust Chinatown Agency so successfully Mr. President Allen Taylor personally came from London Ontario Canada Head Office congratulated and honored Faye & Dean Leung with Gordon Farrell, Chairman, and J.D. Wilson with a extraordinary banquet at W.K. Gardens Restaurant with full bar by Mah… Then J.D. Wilson and Allen Taylor were not ‘hip’ very if any knowledge nor concerns of the Orient, as Japan and Hong Kong…Thereafter Faye & Dean Leung successfully brought Canada Trust Banking to the public so greatly that they founding members of the Pacific Asia Council that became throughout the decades an important functions between all the countries. 
That cultivated the happy relationships throughout the prominent bankers, businessmen, and trust companies later became managers of the Chinese and Oriental cultures and its business cultures & others; includes at many cocktails at the Wilsons’ home and functions throughout the years.  
That J. D. Wilson was to make a speech in the meeting of the aforementioned Council in Japan…Quote & unquote J.D. Wilson hilariously to Faye & Dean: “I sat on one of the twin bed in Japan Hotel room spread out the papers and chopstick on the other bed and stared at all without knowledge of Japan and what’s about, and I don’t know how to use chopstick…how in the world I got here and what am I going to do wondering and most concerns with feelings as lost there”… J. D. Wilson…in Tokyo Japan….

As prior Jack D. Wilson & Phyllis Wilson and President Allen Taylor were of no knowledge of the different cultures in era 1962 that Faye & Dean brought to them new dimensions of life and businesses as continued ‘get together’ includes Dean & Faye continued assisted initiated with Canada Trust Regional Asst. General Manager Jack D. Wilson, Charlie O’Hara, & Gerry Bradley developed & opened other branches of Canada Trust throughout the City as Oakridge Branch etc spin-offs from Dean & Faye Leung instrumental huge deposits in our original Chinatown Agency at our office at 156 East Pender Street. 
That Canada Trust Oakridge branch at Cambie & 41ST Ave. opened on October 1962 Gerry Bradley was manager for decades.  And Canada Trust New Westminster Branch with Moore as manager…East Hastings Branch manager Harrison by Nanaimo Street etc continued…Thereafter they through Dean & Faye connections Allen Taylor sent his daughter a nurse in Japan and flourished with Asia Pacific Basin Council etc…
Canada Trust Chairman Gordon Farrell & Mrs. Farrell  were so appreciative of Faye & Dean invited to their southwest Marine Drive mansion for special dinner and shown of their extensive travels ‘slides show’ …And brought a beautiful lavender blown glass bowl to Faye & Dean’s home visit and greets “Faye & Dean addition to the family a new born son in 1970” Happy times with Chairman Gordon & Mrs. Farrell and many photos together for keepsake.
Good heart Dean & Faye without greed were not really paid by Canada Trust at all…Canada Trust paid $400.00 month as rent of their uses of our office for Canada Trust…Naïve and too generous did not asked for remuneration from Canada Trust to Faye & Dean as took advantage Faye & Dean’s generosity, kindness and goodwill!!
 And Faye & Dean Leung to Hong Kong introduced Canada Trust to Hong Kong Banks in April 1964, was the 1st time ever a Canada Trust Company, Canada Trust are brought to introduced to Hang Sang Bank and Wing Lung Bank to be correspondence banking.  Because Faye & Dean business knowledge has done much banking for the pioneers Chinese funds to Hong Kong for China…Then China was Communists Regime was not possible do any business then with the general Chinese public…  to be continued….and to be edited
Deposits were so huge that then in the near future a full large Chinatown Branch must be moved from Faye & Dean’s Canada Trust Chinatown Agency office.  Which Faye & Dean does not run a full branch nor wishes to be manager of…
(see chapters & Photos in Faye Leung Hat Lady Sings: Forthcoming 3 Storybook)  


“LEUNG” handwritten by Dean Chun Kwong Leung”

God Bless Healthy Richly Success
With Good Fortune
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