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copyright 1986


Dear Edwin,
CONGRATULATION WITH WARMEST BEST WISHES. The excellent stories from your book “SUM YUNG GUYS” warms my heart glowing with the lovely memories of your parents, siblings, and generations of your relatives therein your chapters… as I’ve known them (mostly all) throughout the decades since my childhood days.  I have good memories of your of  grandfather & his wives and children & families throughout the decades since your grandfather was a friend & colleagues of my parents who were also prominent community leaders and Chinese School Teachers. They’ve raised funds together and participated in so many events and functions that I also was there with my parents ….I can still hear your grandfather & his 2 wives & your parents greets me and my beloved dear husband Dean.
I have vivid photographic memories of most of whom you’ve wrote about in your excellent book that the ‘flashed back/I’ve reflected’ of the folks in your book!! …Your buddies & their families/relatives, and of your relatives’ lives and life stories just ‘flows out of my heart’ as I flipped through your book~~~Your siblings and their activities in their life and of your relatives who also were pals of my uncles and good friendships and business connections with my dear husband Dean & I throughout the decades…Your Uncle John, Emma and Jeffrey, my brother, your buddy Ken Leong designed and we built their new home on Fremlin Street a block from me/neighbor…And of course Heatley Trading company, the horse stable I owned next to John Lim’s wholesales tobacco building.  Dean & I were your Uncle Bill of TPY Travels’ best customers throughout the years of our travel etc. Bob Chang/Bill’s brother-in-law done Bill’s work and our itinerary in our travels while Bill was at the Golf Course as he claimed, quote & unquote: “generate business by playing golf!”
The Gim Lee Yuen company & its wonderful “Lo Wah Kiu” staffs as you’ve shown in your book are great folks we fondly remember as we enjoyed their camaraderie as with Dean’s Chinese Teachers Colleague Lim Gim Yip, teacher, they later continued with Gim Lee Yuen Ltd. ~~ that these stories are beautiful as I picture vividly still fondly remembering those happy times, and how they “greeted me” in my Chinese name or as Mrs. Chun Kwong Leung/Dean’s Chinese name with their compliments and heartfelt sincere respectfully of Dean & I throughout the years when we were in and out of Gim Lee Yuen or in the Community.  I can still envision  how Gim Lee Yuen was that large Chinese department of herbs and merchandises but are now gone forever!!   I miss dearly those wonderful great Chinese elders, pioneers and the “Lo Wah Ku” as also of your family’s generations of relatives…I can still remember seeing your mother going up the stairs at Gim Lee Yuen where you all have had lived and sees here in Chinatown often and to our office Pender Realty & Insurance at 156 E. Pender in the heart of Chinatown…Your father at WK Gardens how many hundreds of times Dean & I have had happy conversations with him at WK Gardens when we attended the homogeneous/thousands of banquets, dine & dance suppers, “shew ya”/midnight suppers!!! 
I remember your sister Evelyn well, as she was one of the older girls supervise us younger grades students at Strathcona Elementary School …I vividly remembers how the Chinese Community were proud the Chinese ladies as your sister Evelyn and Anita Wong together were hired by Canadian Pacific Airlines (CPA) as flights stewardess for the newly Vancouver to Hong Kong and Japan refuel in Alaska…Jobs then for the Chinese were few as discriminated the Chinese men and ladies as the lawful discriminations, restrictions, taboos against the Chinese that the multi-national corporations’ constitution: “Hire NO CHINESE/ORIENTALS, EAST INDIANS”….Evelyn worked briefly at Hudson’s Bay Dept Store as one of 1st Chinese, as when I graduated in accountant with present Alberta’s First Lady Mary Lee/Mrs. Normie Kwong, as declared no jobs for us Chinese even I’m 3rd generation born and raised here…That I went to the General Manager Ernie Brown at the Hudson’s Bay Dept Store, that they will not hire me because I’m Chinese Canadians…Mr. GM called in the personnel manager confirmed ‘hire no Orientals/Chinese or East Indians’ policy…I’ve convinced Mr. GM Ernie Brown broke the policy hiring me on 2 weeks trial on the comptometer to the bookkeeping machine because as I declared I do 3 jobs for the wages of one job @$100.00 a month that includes translations & interpreter as I’m able read and write Chinese and speaks several dialects, and read all the cash registers before the Bay’s opens at 7 A.M. and helps in Bay Day’s sales guests relationships….Thus I and Evelyn were the 1st Chinese who worked at HBC when I broken the barrier against Chinese employees..We all were saddened to hear about C.P. Air’s flight crashed as Evelyn & Anita Wong, who also was a good friend as also her sisters were close friends of my uncle and I….  GOD BLESS ALL THE DEPARTED SOULS..GOD BLESS ALL!!
Thousands stories of the people in your book…Dickie Jung I haven’t seen for ages, the brother of Kay and Betty, students of my mother in her & father’s Kwong Gee Chinese Public School at 320 E. Pender Street…I remember Dickie good looking little kid and his mother was a warmly lovely lady came to my mother as her confidante often.  I still often fondly thought of them when I buy only the “Kam Lung Jan” Chinese sausages where Dickie’s mother was expertise manufactured and they lived above the plant on Keefer Street lane corner off Main Street…Dickie’s sister Kay was my co-fundraiser of Kwong Gee Chinese School, during ‘tag days’ when all the Chinese Schools’ students on Sundays were dispensed with boxes of tags (as Remembrance Poppies) – tagged the Chinese in the Community raised funds for the Red Cross, Remembrance Day, amongst others…Kay and I always were the ‘winner’ top fundraiser beaten out the other Chinese School as Wah Kiu, Mun Keong, Yee Kung Chinese Schools.  Ray Chow has many photos of us of as aforesaid and others of our Chinese Schools etc in the Chinese Community…that I’m incorporate into a chapter in my upcoming 3 volume storytelling books~~ “ My Tribute, Respect, Salute: In Honor the grassroots of the Chinese/Asians & Caucasians contributions made Canada to-day’s prosper status!!”
Entitled: “HISTORY ALIVE” 1881-May 15, 2014 ~~~People Power Endured Hardships, Sacrifices, Sadness Won Freedom, Privileges, Prestige Generations Enjoys Forever: Your published advisory and guidance are welcome and appreciated…as I’m struggling for sponsor(s) a chapter(s) or whole to be edited and published ASAP are backed-up with photos that over 65 years of the photos dear Dean personally photographed chronicled in his photos journals, documents, letters, important materials etc…are precious and never being seen, nor known, nor told as we were directly involved “real life true folks stories” are ‘no hearsay’ as now we’re 5 generations of our family born & bred here did and still ‘MADE A DIFFERENCE’
Your other buddies as  Harold Lee, Stan Yip, Johnny Jimmy Yee, on and on, each and everyone of the memories of their life then Dean and I have shared the good times fondly with them all respectfully with great happiness in so many life’s activities is another story another time!!!
Your classmate, my brother Kengie/Ken (those went to school or grew up with Kengie call him Kengie, in business career he’s Ken Leong.   When Ken returned after King Ed graduation to Prince George to our Uncle Philip & Bill Nipp’s newly Embassy Café then Prince George was a new town…Ken worked with our uncles in Ken’s greatness helped his contributions to our family’s livelihood after the sudden death of our mother at age 48.   Dean & I established Ken & Wilfred & Bernie in our Pender Realty & Insurance Agency in real estate, insurance, property management, financial consultant, development and constructions, where Ken was an expert in architectural designs he designed the homes we built 90% of the subdivision in Oakridge CP Railways’ raw land…And 14 acres Simon Fraser Gardens subdivision we built on Government & Piper in Burnaby, where then my brother Sing/Wally Leong engineer works he installed all the underground sewer’s pipes, Hydro & B.C. Tel’s wirings and other installations enable we built the home Ken’s designed on this subdivision….(Another story another time)…Ken’s yearly Christmas decorations on his whole house on Francis Rd in Richmond are beyond words of expressions how gorgeously elaborately artistically he designed and he & son Ricki produced installed all the Christmas lights of Ken’s designed the reality of its beauty of Christmas theme each years in huge lights featured Santa Claus, Angels, & other Christmas characters, Snoopy mailbox, etc. etc. etc, Ken’s Christmas tree inside his Christmas home and interior of his home besides as aforesaid of the exterior of his WHOLE house, roof, garden, trees, driveways etc highlighted Ken’s artistically custom designed of terrific work of art with love!!!

May 2014

To: WHITE SPOT Ron Toigo, Warren, Frank Mandarino, Harley Bennett, Raymond Deo et al;
June 16, 2013
I’ve spoken years ago with you et al, and at “Toigo Man of the Year” HonoUred at the Italian Cultural Centre, of my upcoming 3 documented storytelling books/videos: “In Humanity Education Endowment” Stories preserved perpetuity for posterity of Vancouver, British Columbia & Provinces, Hong Kong/Far East and Canada as a whole are part & parcel of Canada Cultural Heritage, of a special chapter of White Spot’s stories is part of our families 4 generations’ life, and beyond, and with White Spot’s Founder Mr. Nat Bailey himself, and his elegant mansion on the southeast corner of Cambie entrance to Queen Elizabeth Park, and with him and General Foods.
Your kind sponsor White Spot chapter, &/or sponsor-in-kind, or donation for publications is appreciated,….. as its important White Spot historical stories of People, & of White Spot begins in British Columbia, expanded by the loyalty of us/grassroots Chinese/Asians and Caucasians have had contributed to
to-day’s prosper status. Lest we forget stories of the past is of to-day for to-morrows…
Updated; I’ve spoken again with “Great wonderful General Manager Frank Mandarino, and Kitchen Master Chef Raymond Deo on April 18, 2013, he to updated Warren and Mr. Toigo at their meeting on April 30, 2013.. The great efficient hard working Harley Bennett, just marvelous throughout the restaurants’ functions knew of as aforesaid. Please sponsor &/or donate to fruition...Credits and acknowledgements will enhances your promos, its great publicity and good advertisements of White Spots…  I appreciate for your sponsor White Spot chapter…some insights as follows:  
Dear Mr. Toigo, Warren and Gentlemen,
Happy White Spot 85th Birthday June 16, 2013, CONGRATULATIONS & WARMEST BEST WISHES CONTINUED TO 1000 YEARS OLD!!!
A Chapter: Dedicated to White Spot Restaurants: White Spot’s stories unknown of we’re 4 generations loyal and faithful honestly regular customers with passion dined at Nat Bailey’s White Spot since 1940s, continued to General Foods to Ron Toigo Investments to this date June 16, 2013 Happy 85th White Spot Birthday, and continuity forever…The domestic and the National folks and tourists must as we insisted, and we have brought to White Spot enjoying White Spot’s original and present new menus by Master Chefs!
Firstly, White Spot original was at South Granville at 67th Ave homestead in a rambling log-designed ranch style white color distinguish elegant restaurant with stylish roofs and windows and the “Famous White Spot Chicken neon sign: At the sight of White Spot Chicken Sign, people/we flock to “White Spot for its original real specialties of its delicious “Chicken-in-the-Straws”– added smaller portion as “Chicken Pickin” its own farm fresh chickens & French fries/chips, of course the hamburgers, milk shakes and other drinks”!
Granville at 67th Ave White Spot’s Dining Room was distinctly spacious joyful cozy for fine dining. ‘Especially excellent for the special occasions and  celebrations”…Outside in the large parking was the unique “Drive-In Dining in the automobiles” served by White Spot’s Car Hops dressed smartly in white uniforms, brown stylish caps and pants, “swung long trays hung onto the car’s front and/or back seats ‘window to window’ the delicious famous White Spot “Specialties” and “Milk Shakes &/or other drinks, was a simple but good menu”!!  Later years were remodeled… elegancy remains, without the nostalgic aromas! 
NOW, when we pass this location we reminisces fondly of the original White Spot landmark ‘gone with the wind’!  Its modern White Spot expanded branches throughout with a new front entrance sign…as a chain with franchises…We faithfully then and now dined at each White Spots throughout the decades that White Spot’s long dedicated staffs were well known to us, at Cambie & King Edward, 12th & Cambie, Oakridge, Seymour & Georgia, Kingsways, West Vancouver, Burnaby, from the time of its openings to the present, and at other different White Spots, includes in other cities ,etc. etc.
We 3 generations kids grew up on White Spot’s Chicken-in-straws in its basket filled with the yummy moist juicy pieces of chickens and French fries, chicken pickin’, original hamburgers, mushroom burgers, (then without platters), club house sandwiches, with warmest fond memories of the old, to the new menus…Your ladies and men staffs at the 3 of the Cambie’s White Spots have witnessed ours, my siblings and friend’s children grown from toddlers to adults dined at White Spot…
White Spot added “Private Ships” was great for the ‘pickee’ childs!  Whenever after they’re grown were away, immediately upon returns rushed with others to White Spot!!  I’ve spoke going (insisted we go) to White Spot in the Chinese Community and with the Chinese-at-large, they finally agrees that I’m right “when see the “Famous Chicken Sign” at White Spot front entrance… they remembers I educated them ‘flock to White Spot’ chickens and hamburgers!!!  Hmmm, Hmmm, smacking lickin’ good!  Shanghai returned in 1949 Albert Kwan & family often throughout the decades repeated me; upon ‘see chicken sign’ are aromas of good food its White Spot success all of his and others flocked to eat there!!
My eldest son enjoyed throughout his young age your hamburgers extra special thickness with its juicy favors and sauces, that during my pregnancy after 15 years of my 1st son by my doctor’s order of less activities, “your staff said to our son that he had no choice” continued with my dear beloved husband Dean and I dined at White Spot convenient I no cook for him!…Thereafter, of course, our addition to our whole family continuity regulars faithfully as aforesaid to this day…as White Spot was our kitchen…our menu of goodness and wholesome food!!
When my dear husband Dean Chun Kwong Leung and I expanded and redeveloped Vancouver Chinatown, in 1968 we consolidated and rid of the old 2nd hand junk stores on Main Street and built then the largest 6th floor commercial complex with amenities as 1st elevators and underground parking in Chinatown, the Replica of the Imperial Palace, at northwest corner of Main & Keefer Streets, the Mandarin Trade Centre opened May 24, 1972 with invited 2,400 guests, the City closed 2 streets for the occasion, (Presently its rezoned on February 21 and 27, 2013 for a 16th floors and 17th floors 2 residential office commercial towers)
Mr. Nat Bailey came to me, we discussed then a Chinatown White Spot on the main floor of our above Mandarin Centre (top floor seats 1600 for banquets and we introduced the 1st Hong Kong style “push carts” Dim Sum in Canada (we brought in 17 specialties chefs)…Nat Bailey dined with my husband and I, that Quote Nat Bailey: “I want to have White Spot in your building in Chinatown so much, I can ‘taste’ it”, he told us…Nat Bailey also brought General Foods’ executive met with us…as General Foods brought White Spot…Nat Bailey lived next door to our good friend Grace and Chow Gum, his southeast corner beautiful home with view overlooking the city that whenever I drove by Cambie, I would glance with fond memories of my good visits with Nat Bailey, a “distinguish with distinction gentleman” in his custom-tailored smart suit elegantly, he wanted to expand White Spot into Chinatown and to the Chinese with me & Dean…
He/Nat Bailey knew of my continuity of brought huge customers to White Spot…As Frank Mandarino, Harley Bennett, Raymond Deo & staffs knows to this date of my years continued brought in new customers to its White Spot…Where I also ‘dubbed’ as my ‘office’ when my clients/friends wanted to see me, I enticed to White Spot to meet me “in my office” there. Firstly its at 1600 West Georgia Street, or at other White Spot’s location that were convenience of then meetings, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc.  Nat Bailey insisted General Foods for its head office in USA consider approved expansion to our commercial facilities in Chinatown…The “seeds” were then planted to expand further to the Chinese market, introduced more to the Chinese enjoyments of White Spot’s special “triple 0 hamburgers” are with distinction; Are not as MacDonald’s flat dried plain hamburgers that we don’t eat. We only eat White Spot’s hamburgers and milk shakes etc.  Of course chicken-in-the-straws and chicken-pickin’ were with class, we truly loved!….MacDonald’s are lower level are kid’s stuffs with plastics, to the point the kids grew up not knowing how to use utensils & manners!!…White Spot are classy, elegant, with good nourishing menu, in a clean atmosphere, properly ‘sit-down’ dining with etiquettes, and proper utensils and china…Are as life dining should, efficiently served, Master Chefs prepared tastefully for young and old, all walks of life, all Nationalities together enjoyed good food!  
As I’m reflecting with flashed-back…of ever so many decades of different occasions/meetings/functions and diversified groups, individuals I’ve shared and with my family and extensive families, friends, tourists, colleagues, clients, newly arrivals international students, worldwide landed immigrants dined at White Spots.  They’ve learnt of its history of real British Columbian Triple 0 and Mushroom hamburgers and specialties menu…These whom have enjoyed, returned to Hong Kong missed White Spot’s hamburgers…Then of as stated above I and Nat Bailey have ‘planted the seed’ of White Spot to the Orientals/Chinese/Asians, became franchised to Hong Kong White Spot Triple 0, delighted me greatly of accomplished the goal of Nat Bailey, Dean & I have had originated in 1972-1974. Then General Foods within its internal affairs could not accommodate the Chinatown White Spot in our building!!  Its sadden Nat Bailey and us as it was early differential business culture. 
Tens of thousands of as aforesaid firstly dined at White Spot with me/us became continued long happy White Spot’s customers…I vision in my photographic memory remembers your long tenure employees in actions at White Spot Restaurants. Especially one Christmas Eve, many years ago, in the early days of 1600 West Georgia at Cardero White Spot, Dean & I stopped there after we delivered all over town the huge amount of our Christmas gifts to others, …the young staff and manager presented us a 649 Lottery Ticket as Christmas gift, astounded us delightfully appreciated their kindness in recognition of us as faithful regular customers there!!! It was Christmas Eve be closed for Christmas, they served us, before the lights off for holidays, Bless them all!!   Chinese Old Adage:“a size of a sesame seed is heartfelt appreciation of the thoughts” …Indeed greatly appreciated their kindness!!!
March 20th 2013 I wrote to the present Simon Fraser University Chancellor Carole Taylor (I’m one of SFU Convocation Founders) and she was former B.C. Government Minister of Finance, with my condolence, of her husband, former Mayor Art Phillips gone to God’s Paradise in Heaven…That I fondly remember my last visit with Art Phillips was at White Spot, at the above Cardero location, where he sat at the counter corner stool enjoyed his White Spot club house sandwich.  He said “he lived close by” and Carole was away…that he frequently dined alone at this White Spot…We had a good visit, he sat there in his beige cardigan white shirt and trouser leisurely enjoyed his club house sandwich. Remembering when he as Honourable Chairman when I was Chairman and I Kick-off “Save the Orpheum Fund” by within 2 weeks I’ve formed my committee held on February 1st 1974 the Mandarin Ball  with Mayor Art Phillips and Council Members I’ve had them in full splendorous ancient Chinese costumes paraded down the runway with the 1st Men & Women Furs and Fashions Show. Great Success Save the Orpheum Theatre! (see photos of Mayor Art Phillips & Carole Taylor in my website;  prelude to Faye Leung 3 documented upcoming storytelling books under Tab: People, and Tab: Consul Generals & VIPs-B and Simon Fraser University Tab)
To see Art Phillips dined alone at White Spot brought memories to me of my young days, our & other Chinese parents strictly, as were all Chinese noble families, girls/ladies were restricted to dine alone outside of own home…Thus its still difficult for me to removed this training of ‘NO lady dine alone in restaurants’ which I still don’t except I do only at White Spot or when I’m alone in my travels…If needed, ‘take-outs’ eat at home not at the restaurant!…White Spot is part of our family…its alright to dine alone at White Spot!  You haven’t as yet sees me dine alone elsewhere, eh!!!  My son reminded me its 2000s…so what?      

copyright 1986

“LEUNG” handwritten by Dean Chun Kwong Leung”

God Bless Healthy Richly Success
With Good Fortune
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