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Michael J Fox

Photo Faye Leung 10,1,2010 Donald Law IMG_1955_FL.jpgIMG_1954_FL
Granville Street, Fan took at bus stop 10, 1, 2010

Herein attachment Faye Leung- STORY OF Faye Leung's fan MICHAEL J. FOX's father BILLY FOX

To-day October 1st , 2010 ,I arrived at the bus stop at the corner of Granville and Georgia to transfer onto another bus in order to deliver my City of Vancouver Cultural Services application : Vancouver 125th Anniversary 2011 grants programs be in by 4:00 P.M. October 1st 2010.(delivery package in hand hidden behind in herein attached photos by fan Donald Law)

1.    A fan smilingly stopped me and said “you're Royalty "you look gorgeously Roya!"

2.    Another few steps away, a Fan/Donald Law with his camera asked to take my photo on his video camera, and a second photo to show my shoes, and recorded my email on his camera to send me these photos...In the photo I crocheted my shaw a few years ago of French yard worn over my green suit, just right for to-day's weather. This stranger is Donald Law as you can see in his email he sent the photos, please open and see.

3.    Dr. Terry Chang (Peanut), son of Dr. Ted & Dorothy Chang home of Faye, & Dean , Ken designed and built their grey wooden house at the cul-de-sac at the end of West 45th Ave at their address of 6088 Fremlin home near Laurel Street, asked to say 'hello and best to Dana", when you were kids on Halloween, Dana as the Batman in blue hood cap you dyed and made the outfit intelligently and the grey jumpsuit (longjohn underwear )excellent Batman flew down the street there.  I have not seen Terry/Peanut for years, (his English wife Nancy campaign for Wai Young, Conservative for Vancouver South (our old homestead district). Last Sunday,
September 26th, 2010 at the Chinese Benevolent Assn Banquet celebrated China National Day Founding 61st Anniversary, and China 40th Anniversary Diplomatic Relations with Canada -  Terry exclaimed several times hugged me; "Aunty Faye, you look exactly, absolutely exactly the same as when I was a kid with Dana, as I remember you well, exactly the same, your gene exactly. Terry glowingly happily smilingly told me!!!"  He hate to be called "peanut", doctor office at Broadway by Cambie, moved out of Chinatown where his father office were across from our Mandarin Centre at Main & Keefer SE corner where he also had his practice.

4.    September 18th 2010, as I returned exhausted from a meeting, I plunked myself on the chesterfield in the lobby to read the newspaper at 2:30 P.M. there was a Open House - condo sale in the building....minding her own business, deeply read the newspapers. A SURPRISE!!:-- This gentleman came up to Faye and asked 'are you Faye Leung?'

Faye:    Yes

He:   Will you please sign an autograph for my son, (taking out a crumpled piece of paper out of his pant pocket), my son reads all about you, the news article and the latest article too (August31st 2010)  and he also had watched you for years on TV, he kept up, and he think the world of you!

Faye:    I'll sign on my name card, Is you son in school?

He:       No, he's 40 years old

Faye:    You're too young to have a son 40 years old...what does he do?

He:       He's an actor,

Faye:    In Vancouver?

He:      No, in Los Angeles, you may know him, He is Michael J. Fox (the famous actor in the ‘Family Ties” and other shows)

Faye:   He has been bestowed a Doctorate degree at Simon Fraser University; I'm one of the Convocation Founders, but I couldn't attend that day. He's great with his foundation to fight Parkinson's Disease. My nephew in Ottawa is also fighting Parkinson's. Michael Fox is his inspiration. Thank him for us; I'll autograph this to Dr. Michael Fox.

He:      I'm an electrician, do little work now...Michael looks after me well.

He answer his cell phone that just rung; he spoke on the cell phone Quote: "I'm talking to Faye Leung, she is signing her autograph for Michael ...."
"That's Michael's wife that called" (at the same time as we were having this conversation")

Amazing, his name is Billy Fox, father of Michael Fox, he gave me his email via his brother he wrote in my little book.

That was so nice to know of  Billy Fox came up to me to tell me of  "the honour of Michael J. Fox, famous actor of “Family Ties” 20 years episodes nicely thinks of me", as his father said.


“LEUNG” handwritten by Dean Chun Kwong Leung”

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