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copyright 1986


The PROVINCE NEWSPAPERS, OCTOBER 27, 1971..BUSINESS - FINANCE PAGE-Chinatown Developer Faye Leung stance in parking basement of $1.8 million Mandarin Shopping Centre under construction at Southwest corner of Main and Keefer Street She and husband, Realtor Dean Leung, also plan to start $4 million hotel across on Keefer Street. next spring.It was to be 29 storeys. By Ross Kenward photo

Dean & Faye Leung "Smooth Saiing" photo
Mandarin Trade Centre - Mandarin Gardens Continential Dine Dance Club 
Opens by Hawaii 5-0 "Chin Ho Kelly"/Kam Fong Chun February 1975 
photo by famed William Bros Photographer 555 Granville Vancouver, B.C.

Dean & Faye Leung "Park & Tilford" Award
"Beautification Vancouver & the Mandarin Trade/Shopping Centre"
photo by Vancouver Sun Bill Cunningham 870 Elveden Row ,West Vancouver BC

In Memoriam: Respectfully Tribute ‘Whistling’ Sgt. Bernie Smith, our great policeman!
Chinatown and Downtown Eastside were guarded by Sgt. Bernie Smith
with PC#441 Jim McClelland, PC#333 Ric Elliott, Jim Chu, Murphy, Fraser et al,
Thanks zillions and for the fondest warmest memories!!
 Herein attachment please see 2 photos February 13, 1975 as follows:
The original: - Hawaii 5-0 "CHINN HO KELLY"- "Book him Chinn!", real name KAM FONG CHUN was a real policeman in Honolulu Hawaii, February 13, 1975 Vancouver Police Sgt. Bernie Smith (Whistling Smith) & PC #441 Jim McLelland with Faye & Dean Leung entourage met "Chinn Ho Kelly"-Kam Fong Chun et al at Vancouver airport upon arrival from Hawaii. Sgt Bernie Smith immediately assisted by PC Jim McClelland hilariously immediately 'Mock arrested Kam Fong Chun handcuffed drove with the silent flash on the dash of the police cruiser to Vancouver Police Station at 322 Main Street, fingerprinted, met & visit with Vancouver Police Chief.”...truly great wonderful "Vancouver Fun City hospitality!
Sgt Bernie Smith rushed into Mandarin Trade Centre saw Hon. Leslie Peterson, Attorney General, Minister of Labour, Minister of Education, immediately saluted Hon. Peterson next to me, enjoyed Kam Fong performed with his  Multiculturalism Productions of Philippine & Hawaii songs & dances, Korea drums, Japanese Kabuki & others;
In Honor Faye & Dean Leung Mandarin Trade Centre, he opens Mandarin Continental Dine Dance Night Club, with Bernie Smith off-duty in attendance as ‘one policeman to another from far-away’   
Sgt. Bernie Smith is fondly appreciably remembers he guarded Chinatown and I & family many years his beat in Chinatown and Downtown Eastside. He led his team of policemen to our office in Mandarin Trade Centre SW corner 601-627 Main & 188-198 Keefer Streets beloved husband Dean & I built & owned expanded and redeveloped Chinatown this 1st - 6 floors commercial building with 2 floors underground parking & elevators among other amenities….Bernie Smith did not walk to our building when needed HE RAN with his fellow officers proven..As within minutes the underground parking automobiles would “sat on cement blocks”..The thieves loves underground parking too as for the needed Chinatown parking. The fire exits home for the drunks stacked filled newspapers for comfy!  Bernie Smith had to break open emergency fire exits the bylaws it must opens.   
Sgt. ‘whistling’ Bernie Smith told me NOT to park in my own underground parking, its not safe!!  
The Vancouver Police leased partial of Mandarin Centre 2nd floor as their facility were under construction, and the ‘Specialty 1st liquor store in Chinatown was directly under the policemen premise, yet Quote: “under the tigers”…unquote Dean Leung…the police convenient exit was beside the liquor store.  The brave thieves broke-in and broken the windows…Sgt Bernie Smith always there with help we’re forever grateful… We felt safer because Sgt. Bernie Smith, the strong policeman guarded our territory with his policemen.
There is so much greatness in Bernie Smith, strong leadership, consideration to his colleagues I’ve witnessed. There’s no words to express our thanks to a good dedicated compassionate policeman…I ‘flashed back’- reflected in my photographic memory I vividly remembers as I still vision exactly of the time in the ten of hundreds/thousands throughout the years in Chinatown with Bernie Smith as a beat cop within Chinatown and Downtown Eastside…we’re very grateful with extreme appreciation.
I warmly remembers how patience Bernie Smith was when then Premier Vander Zalm of his Fantasy Gardens came to Westin Bayshore Inn where I & Dean was staying with billionaire Tan Yu.  Together we had dinner at Trader’s Vic, Tan Yu asked Vander Zalm what is the highest government officer in Canada…Vander Zalm replied: Prime Minister, he wants to elevate to…if Tan Yu support him, which Tan Yu replied to Vander Zalm he will !!!  This meetings of many hours…When I saw Vander Zalm out..I was shocked, amazed and sadden Bernie Smith was Vander Zalm’s driven left waiting hours in his automobile….Had I’ve known we would invite Bernie to join us as he was also a friend, welcome to be with us all!!  Bernie was in his light grey suit was so different of always I saw him in full uniform.  As he was an impeccable dresser.
Bernie a great man with multi-talents, expertise, experiences, intelligence knowledge and a gentleman with distinction and a sense of humor.  He was always so pleasant happily to be with as we do see him & his officers so often we’re all became friends.  To this date the former policeman, steel fabricator, Ric Elliott and I is still friends, and he was always there for me…I’m forever grateful and never forget with heartfelt deepest appreciations and zillions thanks.
“Whistling” Sgt. Bernie Smith, PC#441 “Big” Jim McClelland’s wonderful memories forever lives in my heart valued, treasure and cherished and with appreciation and thanks to them and to all the policemen …dedicated duties faithfully serviced the public unselfishly given to the City their best  by many sacrifices include in their personal life…The most important frontlines with their instant actions  in whatever situations when needed!…The pubic greatest protectors is our police force!!!  Thanks zillions again.
My condolence to Inspector Larry Smith and loves one, & Sgt. Bernie Smith’s former & present colleagues. Bernie’s spirit shine upon you all with his marvelous memories lives on forever in all our hearts.  Bless you all!
            God Bless ‘Whistling’ Bernie Smith’s soul
            God Bless ‘Whistling’ Bernie Smith
            Forever Loved, Forever Remembered
            Rest in Peace Bernie Smith     

Premier Vander Zalm, Faye Leung, August 2, 1990
Sgt. Bernie "Whistling" Smith, driver for Social Credit
Premier Vander Zalm awaited at Westin Bayshore Inn
for hours Premier Vander Zalm, with Faye Leung,
Billionaire Tan Yu, Lillian Vander Zalm, Dean Leung
Robert Lee meeting in Westin Bayshore Inn suite
and dinner at Trader's Vic Faye's sale Fantasy Gardens

Brazil/Shanghai Industrial billionaire R.Z.Yung, Faye & Dean Leung
B.C. Government House Speaker Gordon Dowding OPENS Nov. 6, 1974
Mandarin Gardens Cabaret & Restaurant in Mandarin Trade Centre,Giant cake
by Dean brought to Canada China Western Specialty Baker Leung Bing Wah
copyright 1986


“LEUNG” handwritten by Dean Chun Kwong Leung”

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