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DAL RICHARDS, 97 Years old Musical statesman
December 31
st 2015 now “Just Away” in God’s Paradise in Heaven playing beautiful Dal Richards’ music for the Angels as his musical spirit shines upon us lives in our hearts forever! :
Condolence to Muriel & daughter Dallas & family…

Dal Richards’ story by Faye Leung’s photographic memory vividly and fondly remembers the hundred, thousand dances to DAL RICHARDS’ ORCHESTRA with dear beloved husband Dean Leung together danced 43 years to the DAL RICHARDS ORCHESTRA the “Tangos”~“Quick & Slow Kaiser Strauss Waltzes”~ “Rumba”~”Fox Trot”~ “Samba”~ “Cha Cha”~”Jazz/Jives” Mamba, Flamingo,~ Bossa Nova, ~Swing/Quick- steps,~ Polka~ twists,~ rock rolls,~"never miss a beat"
"Perfecto" rhythmically fancy footwork respectfully admired throughout the decades by Dean Leung's own exclusive choreography dances styles and dance steps. Often whenever Faye & Dean danced the “Tango” or the “Quick Kaiser Strauss Waltz” the other dancers cleared the dance floor, stood admiring our dances as the only couple dancing on the dance floor, as are recorded the many compliments & praises incredibly unique dances of Faye & Dean Leung!!
Dean & Faye Leung- renowned ballroom dancers, danced to the Dal Richards Orchestra  where Dal & his wife Lorraine McAllister  sang the forever beautiful melodies atop Hotel Vancouver's Panorama Roof-“The Roof premiere Supper Club” glorious with crystal chandeliers throughout the whole top floor as the large dance floor where we swing & swirling dance wall to wall in “Dine & Dance” to live 10 pieces Dal Richards’ Orchestra in its Crystal  Ballroom.  The Vancouver’s most elegant classy fine dining & exceptional nobly famous Dal Richards’ live orchestra dances  and included CBC broadcasts across Canada- the Dal Richards Orchestra live on Saturdays’ nights .   
I, Faye & Dean Leung danced together from 1950 to December 18, 1993 our “last quick waltz” this waltz of ours lasted forever to the Blue Danube that within minutes Dean went to Heaven at “The Roof” to the glorious Blue Danube waltz playing in Vancouver’s most elegant “The Roof” atop Hotel Vancouver…That, Dal Richards said to Faye Leung: Quote: “that’s the way I want to go with my trumpet in my hand  Dal Richards December 29, 1993…

The staff, Louis, Nancy Wong, Barkeepers, servers etc were all exceptionally wonderful, kind, thoughtful to us during the moment Dean sat comfortably suddenly closed his eyes went to God’s Paradise in Heaven at “The Roof” at 1:00 A.M. December 19, 1993 I’m forever grateful to all of them at “The Roof” includes customers sustained me in my sadness…That while we danced to the Blue Danube lovingly in the midst of Dean escorted me to the table he sat down with me stood by his side; “a couple followed us; asked us, Quote: “We want to tell you how much we admired your dances as lovers ‘cheek-to-cheek’ as newly wedded, how long have you danced together?”….unquote 12:45 A.M. 12, 18, 1993 couple from Abbottsford…“Dean raised his right hand to his forehead, answered the couple “we’re married & danced over 40 years”, closed his eyes left this world with his loving spirit shines upon us always with me”~~~In Later years I met up with this wonderful couple at Tong Louie’s then chairman of London Drugs memorial service gratefully thanks zillions their kindness to me..
The Hotel Vancouver's Panorama Roof in later years was cut in half of its original dine & dance floor and The Roof is now half of the top floor ….is almost ‘postage stamps dance floor’ not as it was although remained elegantly throughout where all special occasions were celebrated and loved., Dal Richards & Orchestra played there until then the Big Band was semi-retired…The Roof continued to have other live orchestras played nightly as The Roof Dine & Dance Supper Club until its closed down years ago, that was only opened for a day on January 5, 2014 for Dal Richards’ Birthday Celebration..  Fondest Memories Lives in My Heart Forever treasure and cherished..!!
Faye & Dean Leung 1974 hired Dal Richards works for Dean & Faye Leung’s built Chinatown 1st Commercial huge complex The Mandarin Trade Centre then when Dal Richards "Swing" Orchestra at his low ebbs without 'gigs'/engagements, depressed, sadly for alternatives ~~Dal studied “Food & Beverage Hotel & Restaurant Management” for employment then of the tidal wave of “Rocks & Rolls Era” Ballroom & Swing Dances went out!! Faye & Dean good-heartedly assisted Dal Richards in his traumatic times. As: Dean & I wanted to get Dal  back into the grand ballroom dance world during the then'twists, and the-rocks-rolls' era dominated society, Thus as stated below of Dal had worked for Faye & Dean Leung as “Music and Entertainment’ Director, we initiated reinvented  glorious Dal Richards & Orchestra beautiful dance music as forever everlasting loves & joys forever!!
Dal Richards has kept in touch with Faye & Dean Leung throughout the decades and have had shared his tough times during the era of the big band deeply hurt by the ‘rock & roll’ craze That upon Dal studied Hotel, Food & Beverage” Program as the alternative to his living without the regular big band gigs…I fondly remembers Dal sat with me and Dean in our newly developed opened May 24, 1972 the 1st Chinatown Commercial Complex The Mandarin Trade Centre 6/floors, with 1st 2 elevators, underground parking  amenities etc, when we in 1968 has expanded Chinatown Commercial Area to Prior Street, and we’ve ‘cleaned out the 2nd hand junk stores at 601-633 Main Street & 188-198 Keefer Streets. Where we introduced the 1st to Canada the “Hong Kong Style “push-carts’ Dim Sum and “12-courses gourmet Banquets” seats 1600  Atop Mandarin Restaurant ~~
Dean & Faye especially brought into Canada the 1st 17 specialties chefs from Hong Kong that then were not allowed by specific arrangements given them all ‘landed immigrants status’ that was not possible then at all, as Dean & Faye were not in the immigration business although have had initiated and instrumental since 1960 the many immigrations programs free of charge benefits the masses of immigrants to Canada.  
The 4 Dim Sum Chefs under Master famed DIM Sum Chef Mr. Chan So, 3 Gourmet Banquet Chefs, BBQ Chef, 1st Western Pastries Chef, Egg Tarts, Chestnuts real whipped creams cakes, weddings, birthdays cakes etc., 1st Chinese Moon Cake Chef, 1st Won Ton Chefs with antiquely bamboo pole rolled noodles, etc all has intrigue Dal Richards as then Dal’s interested in food & beverages as his secondary job.
And on the 2nd floor “Continental Dine & Dance Live Orchestra Supper Club”…Dal Richards in his dark suit & tie with his beige raincoat sat was gloomy & depressed visited with Dean & I  over his big band orchestra was not as it was, with his interests to get gigs/dances venues, to revive the dances to his Dal Richards Orchestra.  Dal with his head bowed low/bent over wondering how’s, where and what’s then, as its so limited with the tides turned that its was a real tough time for Dal Richards!  Dean & I encouraged Dal interest in food & beverages industry that we offered him to handle the food & beverages department of as aforesaid in our Mandarin Trade Centre in Chinatown…
To publicizes Dal Richards Orchestra Alive and Well, we hosted the Dal Richards Orchestra Dances at the Mandarin Centre Continental Dine & Dance Supper Club.  This immediately sparked happiness into Dal Richards’ enthusiasm… He then got up straighten himself up and he stated he immediately ran to Army Navy Department Store on Hastings Street and bought a bunch of pink, plastic covered coat hangers in preparation to hold his Dances to Dal Richards Orchestra in the Mandarin Centre in Chinatown.  That was 1974 during his lowest ebb era..Immediately printed his Dal Richards’ business cards of his position as aforementioned in Mandarin Trade Centre implementation..That a few of these pink plastic covered coat-hangers and his Mandarin Trade Centre Business Cards as stated above is still flooding about among my souvenirs!!
On Dal’s 85th Birthday Party celebration at the Massey Theatre in New Westminster, Rudy Carlson, Pauline & I attended, where Jimmy Pattison & I  reflected our good times with Dal Richards throughout the decades.. And in our mutual cocktails receptions circuits Jimmy Pattison dubbed me as “China Doll” he called me that his executive assistance beside him asked Jimmy confirmed yes ‘ah so’!  Dean purchased our 1st used GM Pontiac on December 14, 1955 from Jimmy Pattison on the huge sign auto lots of Bow Mac on Broadway & by Hemlock where Jimmy then was the ‘sales manager’ he got ready for us to drive 7,500 miles to and from New York Imperial Assurance Convention on Atlanta Boardwalks in 1956 for Dean received his “President Club” Award, was exceptional in those days. Jimmy Pattison’s salesman Al & Marion Weston became lifelong friends too as I treasured ‘our 1st house warming large mirror gift from them in 1958.  In Massey Theatre to celebrate Dal’s birthday, I’ve shown to Jimmy Pattison Dal Richards' business card with us in our conglomerate in 1974,  that on Dal’s 85th Birthday Party I was giving back to Dal his Mandarin Trade Centre gig’s remainder business cards as mementos of then era.  That Dal delightfully received & appreciated of the bygone era!!   Dal replied that had he had known he was going to live this long. then he would have taken better care of himself!’ 
The countless events, functions, dances etc Dean & I with Dal Richards & his Orchestra from 1950 to last year September 2014 face-to-face luncheon meets with Dal at La Royale Japanese Restaurant in the Burrard Building at Georgia Street was so rememberable joyously visit with Dal greeted me with his big wide grin and ‘off the cuffs’ compliments that Dal said to me that “I looked the same as then to now”, and he spoke of he instantly would played the “Jealousy” Tango for Dean & I for his dancers/guests admired our unique incredible tangos at his dances, was the most happiest moments - seize the moments of joyful happy life, as we’re often the only Tango dancer on Dal’s  dance floor while he played and sang “Jealousy” the real best “Tango” music by Xavier Cuecai, the high Hatted Samba’s Queen, Carmen Miranda’s husband !!
The memorable dances of Dal’s lifetime is ONE of extraordinary that never happened before and thereafter that Dal, Dean & I was puzzled over Dal’s actions at one of his dances to his Dal Richards Orchestra in our Mandarin Centre Chinatown. That whole evening with Dal usually do alots of talks, and sings along to his orchestra, but, this evening Dal NEVER SAYS “A WORD”!! NOT A WORD THE WHOLE EVENING SHOCKED THE DANCERS AND GUESTS AT THE DANCE & ME/US TOO!!  For whatever reason Dal told me “I’ve forgotten” as it was so very odd to have Dal with his 10 piece orchestra on stage playing all the beautiful dance music, as Dal conducted his orchestra with his full movements in his  own Dal Richards’ style, but said nothing, NOT A WORD throughout the WHOLE EVENING Dal’s voice was SILENT, AMAZINGLY ODD FOR DAL RICHARDS as he always had lots to say to the guests/dancers during his Dal Richards Orchestra played at all the dances throughout the decades ….78 years!!   Dal also shocked himself of his reason not a word said because of ……??? This is probably the one and only times we never forgotten as I vividly envisioned him on stage waving his baton with his grinning, smiling face ! But un beknownst to all and me and dear husband Dean Chun Kwong Leung in our long friendship and decades danced to Dal Richards’ Orchestra this had happened!
That Dal would purposely played the Tangos dance to “Jealousy” specially for Dean & I danced our Tango that the dancers and guest  admirably respectfully loved our Tango dances as they watched our Tangos..Which then was very rare and few danced the Tangos as we’ve loved and danced our Tangos together since 1950…The Italians says: “Perfecto” Dal Richards loves us supported him and did dance to his Orchestra wherever he played after The Roof, as he would have played at special dance events. 
Thanks Zillions Dal Richards for the good times, good music, great dances loved, remembered forever in my heart the happiness of dances to the Dal Richards Orchestra with Dal singing all the happy melodies too, and Dal talks of his and others on his regular weekly AM 600 & later AM 650 radio programs….
THANKS ZILLIONS DAL YOUR AUTOGRAPH IN MY 'little red book' on Sept. 29, 2014 at your luncheon with Michael Seeley: That was the last face-to-face enjoyable visit we’ve had; when I asked Dal that many of your dancers asked me, wanted to know the title of your ‘theme song’ at the end of each of your dances… “Dal took my hand and he wrote in his own handwritten message to me..~

"To Faye, Dal Richards' Theme Song "The Hour of Parting". You are marvelous the same as you dance to my (Dal Richards) Orchestra atop Hotel Panorama Roof since 1950/1949. “signed” Dal Richards Sept. 29/14 & with his email & telephone"

 This is very precious keepsake valued treasure cherish our long happy times forever loved forever remembered the beautiful dances, especially before fashionable 'our specialty’ the “Tangos” and “Quick Kaiser Strauss Waltzes” to Dal Richards’ Orchestra since 1950, who can beat this dance record to Dal Richards’ Orchestra, eh?.  Dal always appreciated Dean & I supported his orchestra especially when few attend his dances in the latter years at the The Roof!  We were faithfully loyal lovingly danced to Dal’s Orchestra throughout the decades!!
One of Dal Richards’ Orchestra Dances played in Richmond, we won a beautiful hand painted ceramic triple light lamp with silk lampshade and at another we won a hand carved wooden David both sitting lovingly on my desk remembering the good times we shared with Dal & his 10 pieces dance orchestra joyfully enjoyed at all times together with dear Dean Leung!!

This is"The Hour of Parting"as you can hear Dal Richards blowing his trumpet leading his Dal Richards Orchestra the last dance to his 10 piece orchestra…We’re sadden Dal in now in God’s Paradise in Heaven making Dal’s beautiful music shines upon us his spirit for all enjoys, valued, treasure cherished forever Dal Richards & his Orchestra of beautiful music and dances!
God Bless Dal Richards Musical Sparkling Soul,
Forever Loved, Forever Remembered
God Bless Dal Richards,
Rest in Peace Dal Richards.. .

Dal was always a good sport!! Whenever there was an event I wanted him to honour, he was always there for me ~ remembering our good times together shared…Herein below photo with Dal Richards at  Faye Leung Co-Host James Edwards Producer, 1st Vancouver Chinese Iron Chef Competition in conjunction with the 15th Annual Alcan Dragon Boat Festival Vancouver's Best Chinese chef's will take up the challenge on Kikkoman Stage and battle for the prestigious title of Vancouver’s 1st Chinese Iron Chef....Plaza of Nations: June 13, 14, 15, 2003



Dear Herb our original Chinatown Charlie my friend since my kiddy days with deepest sadness missing you and your regular telephone calls up to recently of our 'chit chats' of greatness between us eh!! Your humbleness not telling of your great businesses senses of huge successful achievements in your documentary of your great sacrifices fought as one of our original Chinese Veteran WWll very well done for Canada freedom even then we Chinese were not recognized as Canadians without vote, chosen professions, employments, housings etc too numerous to says here, We all SALUTE, TRIBUTE HONOUR YOU FOREVER REMEMBERED, FOREVER LOVED, GOD BLESS YOUR HEROIC SPARKLING SOUL, GOD BLESS YOU REST IN PEACE DEAR FRIEND, My condolence to the family..Lisa et al took good care of you. You’re Blessed a wonderful great fulfilled richly wonderful life as you told me last week, 'YOU ARE LUCKY"…YES, you are, and we're lucky to have you as our friend. "You're Just Away" now in God's Paradise in Heaven with your spirit shine upon us always, as our memories of our happiness shared the good times with you lives on in our hearts forever treasure cherished! God Bless All! With Good Fortune Faye Leung


In Memoriam: Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore Founding Father, 1st Prime Minister, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Giant Master of Singaporeans,

Singapore is "Lee Kuan Yew" the world's wisest noble legendary Great Giant Master Leader of the Leaders' legacy lives on forever well done for all Singaporeans generations to come enjoys Singapore life, strong economic developments buzzing port trans-shipments trades enhanced enriched financial capital of the world social & affordable housings tourism joyous recreations many countries envied copied admired only LEE KUAN YEW made possible appreciated God Bless Lee Kuan Yew brilliant soul Rest in Peace. Condolence to PM/Mrs Lee Hsien Loong, Hsien Yang Families Wei Ling Lee from Faye Leung Canada Vancouver BC;
Vancouver B.C Canada: Faye Leung remembers In Memoriam LEE KUAN YEW:"Singapore is Lee Kuan Yew the noble wise man with prominent wife & family of the world!"  In 1945s my parents were host to Singapore wealthy famous Mr. & Mrs. Luk Yow and Mr. & Mrs. Tong visited us in Vancouver. My parents took them by their wishes to then R.J. Pop Furrier at 15th & Granville where Mrs. Luk brought a Canadian seals fur coat. Upon they returned to Singapore I received from Mrs.Tong a beautiful sandalwood carved fan, I treasure still, & a photo of their Singapore mansion in appreciation to my parents' hospitality.  This lovely Singapore photo of Mrs. Tong at home in Singapore still intact in my photo album. After Mr. Lee Kuan Yew became the 1st Prime Minister of Singapore he hired my Uncle Philip's best friend Professor Leslie Wong from UBC with his wife Bessie to Singapore established the Singapore University proudly!  My beloved husband Dean Leung, son & I on our worldwide trip from Egypt to my trip to China the Gov't invited me as the 1st Canada businesswoman October 1st 1980 to China by then President Deng's "4 Modernization Programs" opened to foreigners, we stopped over visited Singapore.  I fondly remembers Singapore an extraordinary beautiful city, buzzing port, Trans-shipments, trades, economically rich, clean, law abiding Singaporeans under the grand leadership of the "Giant Grand Master Lee Kuan Yew Prime Minister" where towers of social & affordable housings were been developed, Orchard St, Hyatt Hotel, Shopping galore of beautiful things, nowhere can ever equalled!  Later years many Singaporean immigrated to Vancouver my husband Dean & I have helped established their life living here. And the ‘Luks’ extended families also came & invested real estate properties here includes a commercial property at Denman by Davie, young Mrs. Luk brought from my real estate office staff Susie Wong.  I often thought of Mrs. Luk et al when I pass the site & the happy memorable time we shared with the Luks and other Singaporeans proud of their Singapore Founding Father LEE KUAN YEW.. The Singapore immigrants successfully established in Greater Vancouver to the present many Singaporeans honor Singapore with appreciation and loves their 1st Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew made possible today Singapore celebrate 50 Anniversary this Year of the Goat A GREAT SINGAPORE SUCCESS LEGENDARY LEE KUAN YEW’S LEGACY LIVES ON FOREVER REMEMBERED FOREVER LOVED GOD BLESS MR. & MRS LEE KUAN YEW BRILLIANT SOULS! REST IN PEACE! Condolence to Prime Minister & Mrs. Lee Hsien Loong, Hsien Yang & Families, Wai Ling Lee, God Bless All! 
Faye Leung, Vancouver B.C. March 28, 2015


March 19, 2013:
1.     Dean, LEUNG DEAN CHUN KWONG梁春 We did not insert a red flag but thankfully Maurice kindly sweep his plaque/ marker..I hope Mr. Trevor will have his staff clean up a bit of the grass overgrown along his memorial plaque..Dean at SUPERIOR Section almost alongside Superior Lake (was)… Dean is 3rd generation in Canada was the grandson of LEUNG SHEUNG YUEN in the Willow section of the cemetery.


2.     Dean’s grandfather LEUNG SHEUNG YUEN梁尚 English translation of his name in WILLOW SECTION his memorial plague is  only in his Chinese name buried in 1943 during the WWll with Dean’s father intention he was to be returned to his China ancestral roots village after the WW ll, is the reason his memorial plague was then supposed to be as a marker plague ID to be moved to return to China to his ancestral homes in China, Guangdong Province, Sun Voey Koo Cheung On Shan Chick Kong Lay… His flower vase is covered deep in the grass…
But after the WW ll ended, shortly thereafter China civil wars: Communists vs. China National Government fought on and on the National Government under the leadership of Generalissimo Chang Kai Shiek fled to Taiwan in 1949.. the Communist Regime rule thereon…was against all Overseas Chinese families in China home owners ..The Communists  arrested them forced to hard labor camps, or executed for the reasons they’re owners of  their home, land, properties, labeled as “big landowners”…The Communists also had seized all the landowners’ land and homes/properties. Included all the Oversea Chinese’s hard worked in Canada sacrificed and saved their earnings during in their hardships of the Canada Laws of decimations, restrictions and difficult times in Canada, sent their hard earned monies homes in China to their families and parents, whose brought and lived in their own homes & farmed their own land for their food & living…They were all seized by the Communist Government caused the Overseas Chinese & families suffered horrific painful hardships in dire starvations…
Then follows the 10 years of China “Cultural Revolutions” added additional hardships and more horrific difficulties, with lives threatens &/or already killed. Not allowed of any education and burnt all books, history documents etc etc and the Chinese temples, & whatever arts, artifacts etc…The educators, academia and educational institutions were all forced closed &/or were executed…As Faye’s Aunt Gladys Nipps’ husband Uncle Stephen Mah’s 81 year old father, who was a professor in China College forced to immediately jumped into the river (his body drifted down the river) to avoid as faced by the Communist Red Army arrest him because he was a educated profession…(another chapter stories) 
Then thereafter Communist Regime restricted the Overseas Chinese returns to China as threaten & harassments to the whole families and to them upon returned to China to their ancestral homes or in other part of China they were hounded down be arrested sent to hard labor camps as landowners or educators or academia…the difficulties and the brutal sadness, sacrifices, hardship beyond words expressions..
Dean an educator and education administration specialist in China and in his universities days was an official with the government in China.  That prior and during the WW ll an educator and academia in the educational faculty, and was an artistic dramas productions producer, director and leading actor to entertain the folks/soldiers etc during WW ll and for the Universities…That his aforesaid colleagues as academia were all executed in the China Cultural Revolutions…caused Dean often awaken in sweaty nightmares although in Canada since 1948…
The Communist Red Army during the Cultural Revolution also went to Dean’s grandparents’ Guangdong home to his cousins looked for Dean as an academia status too, as Dean’s cousin Leung Quai told them Dean in Canada decades ago!
These aforementioned reasons suffered by all the Chinese in China and the Overseas Chinese pioneers in Canada that Dean’s grandfather remain at Willow section unable by Dean’s father intention send him back to China as originally  wanted. Its good thing his grandfather remain at Willow section because now all of the 5 generations is in & born in Canada… I’m 3rd generation born in Victoria & raised in Vancouver married to Dean that I and our sons & wives and grandson are able to pay our respects to Dean’s grandfather at Willow section. 
Whereas if he is buried in China would be difficult too, as Dean’s grandmother Chu Shee, wife of Dean’s grandfather Leung Sheung Yen was buried in Guangdong Province Guangzhou Bai Wun Mountain had removed her to their aforesaid village burial grounds.  Because of the Communist Government seized the Bai Wun Mountain land for development such as the new Guangzhou Bia Wun Airport…(separate chapter)…
Same as Dean’s mother Leong Tong Shou Jing as stated below #4, the wife of Dean’s father LEUNG WAH SUEY as stated below #2 was buried at another area in their China ancestral home village location. She also had to removed from there for the Communist Government new developments there.  In 1987-1988 Dean’s son, Leung Sheung Yen’s great grandson Vanson Leung arranged to move her to Canada Oceanview..In 1988 Dean & siblings bought her new burial plot in the Dogwood section in Oceanview.. she now rest in peace in Oceanview since 1988…
There are many, many Overseas Chinese families also have moved their parents to Oceanview or to Forest Lawns cemeteries from China…thus there’s limited sites available in the aforesaid cemeteries…The American Chinese also done as aforesaid.  
3.     Dean’s father LEUNG WAH SUEY – HING YEE,  #2 son of LEUNG SHEUNG YUEN at Willow section, he is at Alberta section close to the border of the Park section, his is facing almost the parking lot behind the Chapel ..his flowers vase is solidly filled by the grass grown over…and the grass overgrown into his memorial plague..Born in 1897 his birth date is the same as Trevor who is great genius man as Trevor with us yesterday told us same birthday date as his, that we all concurred born on September 15…is a genius good man!
梁華 /
4.     聂耀光LET QUONG /NIPP QUONG (his name in English is translated wrongly in another Chinese dialect of his real name was Nipp You Kwong (they incomplete translate his whole name and his last name was Nipp as they translated as LET…. and his name Kwong they translated as Quong for Kwong,….. and left out his full name“You” in middle of his full name as aforesaid..As his full name was NIPP YOU KWONG..   When in Canada the translator wrongly translated his Chinese names in Chinese characters from in his original documents/papers…as his Nationalization Certificate to English as Let Quong for Nipp Kwong …Thus   his memorial plague is in his aforesaid original documents name...He is Faye’s mother cousin.  He is at Alberta section exactly one roll above Dean’s father LEUNG WAH SUEY at above stated as #2.
5.     Dean’s mother LEONG TONG SHOU JING, at Dogwood section with oblong facing (west ?) memorial plague brought over from China on 1988… born 1903? – 1947 in China as above stated at #1汤秀
6.     Dean’s uncle, LEUNG WAH SUEY YEN/HING YEN  was the #1 son of Dean’s grandfather LEUNG SHEUNG YUEN at Willow Section, his name LEUNG WAH SUEY YEN/HING YEN  born in 1895..He is at Alberta Section in front of the wire fence (was by next to the base of a tree but since the tree have being removed) His Chinese name translated to English was also screwed up by the translator double messed up his English translated name as his brother/Dean’s father’s birth name confusion thus used his married Chinese name Leung Hing Yun/Yen…The Chinese men upon married are given their ancestral of their generation married name as also are belongs to that ancestral generation is forever …   
/ ?
7.        Nipp YAM, his Chinese name is Nipp Dip Mung/Yam (as on his memorial plague his name translated into English only as Nipp Yam from part of his Chinese name, he was Faye’e mother’s cousin, he is at Alberta section one roll below above stated # 6 in front of the wire fence..His flower vase are also grass covered
8.     Faye’s mother LEONG KATE NIPP at Alberta section face the building… February 12, 1904- October 24, 1952, Her Chinese name upon married added Leong to her Chinese name as: LEONG NIPP SUEY KATE..聂瑞姬
9.     Faye’s father LEONG CHAP KWONG  缉光at Superior section north? side of the Superior Lake (was) (Dean is at the other side (west?) of the Superior Lake…. August 28 1898? – June 1973? His married name was LEONG KAI MOO  
10.                        Dean’s granduncle, the brother of Dean’s grandfather LEUNG SHEUNG YUEN at Willow section which by memory he is buried close to Dean’ grandfather as above stated in the 1940s…at this time exact location unknown. His memorial plague is similar to Dean’s grandfather LEUNG SHEUNG YEN also with intentions to move him back to China to his ancestral roots site.  LEUNG TAT YUEN.  
11.                        Faye’s mother brother & sister-in-law NIPP   JIM, Chinese name NIPP LUNG JIM, husband
Memorial DOUBLE plague Husband and Wife NIPP LILY, Chinese Name NIPP CHAN LYNN YEE 聂陈
Is in Alberta section few feet to the west? from Faye’s mother LEONG KATE NIPP as stated above #7 are double     bronze plague memorial plague.  The flower vase also are grass grown over covered in the grass
12.           Faye’s brother Ken Leong’s wife LEONG YVONNE, YVONNE SCHNIEDER LEONG, at Oceanview always with the  lovely bouquet of flowers lovingly by husband Ken and son Richard, and daughters Lori and Patti. She is at Oceanview in the section south of the Superior section with the upright memorial plagues by to the wall the section as called the Catholic section.
      Unable to below sections to pay respect…adage: toward Heaven kowtow respects for all respectfully remembered
13.Faye’s mother’s brother & sister-in-law Uncle Philip Nipp, Nipp Lung Po & his wife Aunt Ellen Louie Nipp,
14.and Faye’s mother brother Uncle Frank Nipp, Nipp Lung Foon
15.And Faye’s sister Dr. Gwen Leong Chan’s husband Dr. Edward Chan, Chinese name Chan Shee Chung
16.Faye’s half brother & sister-in-law Leong Chun Gee and his wife Leong Ling  in separate location
17.And all the Chinese pioneers by the school’s fence Faye previous with Dean & sons had then yearly paid respects to that Faye can identified them and of their pioneers lives in Vancouver & from Victoria Chinatown and most all of them were Chinese pioneers bachelors/married bachelors were denied of their families and children in China join them in Canada by the horrific Canada Exclusive 1923 Act not allowed the Chinese and Chinese families enter to Canada, except a few Classical Chinese Scholars Academics to teach the Chinese students in Canada then denied to the Canadian English schools as were not recognize as Canadians were classified as Chinese Nationals..thus denied English schoolings
18.The aforementioned groups of the Chinese pioneers and each generations their children in Canada suffered horrific restrictions, discrimination against the Chinese and were also taboos not allowed Chinese to various places, unable to live, purchase, lease/rent in the City different districts and areas other than in Chinatown area..
19.Faye’s grandmother Nipp Eng Shee and grandfather Nipp Ng/Nipp Dip Wai, Aunt Susie Nipp, Nipp Suey Gim, Nipp Lung Jun, Nipp Lung, originally were in the Chinese Cemetery as Ross Cemetery by Beacon Hill Park overlook Pacific Ocean Uncle Willie/Bill Nipp moved all as he and Aunt Gladys Nipp Mah, Mah Nipp Suey Fong, and her husband Uncle Stephen Mah/Mah Bing Foon all are at Royal Oak Cemetery in Victoria B.C. as born and raised in Victoria B.C.…
20.And the above #17 includes Aunt Mabel Nipp Yee also born & raised in Victoria, B.C. as 2nd generation..& her husband Uncle Fred Yee, Yee Chew Ping, both in their late 90s their ashes scattered by their sons Gary & Peter Yee and daughter Geraldine Yee
21. Dean’s grandfather Leung Sheung Yuen at Willow section above stated at #1 son Leung HIng Yun’s wife LEUNG CHU HO age 100 May 10 2013 at Oceanview
22.Faye’s mother cousins Michael Nipp  is at Oceanview and his father NIPP GEE JING in Victoria.
23.Elwin Xie respectfully fondly miss his father Harry and mother, grandmothers and uncles at Dogwood section.  They are from the same China Region Yen Ping Ancestral Roots, different county…respectfully as same villagers..  
24.All Dearly missed,
Bless all wonderful Souls,
Forever Loved, Forever Remembered,
Rest in Peace.


March 19, 2013 Written By: Faye Leung
But I know the sale documents when dear beloved husband Dean & I brought the Vancouver Height Pharmacy then my sister Dr. Gwen Chan, ‘a good medal’ UBC graduate Pharmacist (biochem etc) and (her husband Dr. Edward Chan (Dr. Edward Chan Medical Office also started and remained in Burnaby – 1st his doctor’s office was at upstairs Wosk’s Furniture Office at the corner of McKay & Kingsway, then 3991 Kingsway across from Sears’ Dept. Store, where also Dr. Dodd Chu Internal Specialist’s office were and he donated $2m to his Alma University of Toronto—his later years brought Sonny Wosks’ large home in Oakridge (another story) and Dr. Ewart Woolley, Women’s Specialist (then called) in the same building in Burnaby)….Great Burnaby stories of Burnaby growth… (my cousin Michael Nipp also I’ve sold to him the property at the other corner he operated the Fruit & Vegetable Grocery Store after he returned from Prince George Embassy Café Uncle Willie/Bill & Philip Nipp founders & owners when Prince George 1st expanded development in 1952 (another stories) Michael Nipp’s business & property Burnaby also expropriated for Metrotown development!...Burnaby then are as Surrey presently has vast acreages of land continued developments…The original stories is important be told and preserved same as you are doing with Oceanview and tours etc…Bless You!! 
Hey, don’t forget the original Chinese Gardens/vegetables, fruits, flowers, plants/nurseries Farms in Burnaby, Vancouver Marine Dr also there was my father’s cousin Grandma Leong Kai Dip owned & farmed till the City expropriated for the present Vancouver City Work Yard at Manitoba Streets, the excellent Richmond farms,  Elwin’s grandparents & parents & siblings’ Lulu Island farms et al , New Westminster farms, all the Chinese farms wanted to be close & convenience to & in big city of Vancouver sales and to Chinatown.  Lower Mainland Chinese farms as Delta the infamous Chung Chuk Potato farmer with his shotgun at the Delta’s Municipalities inspectors/officials…Chilliwack, the famous veteran Charlie Chong et al farms!!  These farms supplied all the wholesalers in Vancouver and the “Fruits & Vegetables Loaded Trucks” then sell to residents door to door in the residential districts as Dean’s father Leung Wah Suey done when he first came to Vancouver from Kincaid, Sask (at the Willow Section Dean’s grandfather Leung Sheung Yen’s #2 son)
Gwen did not want to work in Burnaby Vancouver Height Pharmacy/Drug Store…she was the 1st Chinese Pharmacist at Woodwards’ large Drug Dept by she & I broke the barriers at Woodwards’ Dept Store as I did at Hudson’s Bay Dept. Store’s Constitutions “NO ORIENTAL, EAST INDIANS” employees hired (another story because of Canada Laws of discrimination & restrictions against the Chinese in Canada as Elwin’s grandparents and fathers & siblings suffered too includes caused his mother cannot and was not allowed to Canada to join Elwin’s father Harry (as Elwin talked of in your car: because of the 1923 Chinese Exclusion Act (presently of the apologies Premier Christy Clark’s “Ethnic-gate—Quick Wins” for the ethnic vote in the forthcoming B.C. Election on May 12, 2013 are from this Act included the Head Tax)    
So, we leased to Ken Pearse, Pharmacist, the Burnaby Vancouver Height Drug Store which the documents are still in storage…that should be preserved perpetuity for posterity as its part of Burnaby history at the beginning of Burnaby developments then are Burnaby Municipality….This Burnaby commercial area was very historically successful profitable businesses strip as main part of East Hastings, Burnaby.…I’ve told you that Burnaby started expropriated this are 3 blocks from our Drug Store as aforesaid 3900 – 4200 blocks of East Hastings, then the businesses & properties includes Senator Jack Austin’s father-in-law Tobbin..famous then Tobbin’s Shoes, Donovan Typewriters & Machines, Wong Fun Fruit & Vegetable Market (my father’s cousin-in-law) among other successful Burnaby pioneers businesses…These documents and stories I have….I personally done free services for them and fought for them all in all the humongous lengthy meetings with Burnaby over Burnaby’s expropriation these blocks of businesses to expand the road and developed the Park which includes ours and the businesses’ properties…These expropriated blocks of land to-day still sits EMPTY which as designated and expropriated for a Park are still not developed!!  I’ve done as usual for free of my hard work and goodwill and good heart in assisted each and everyone of them owners and worked hard for aforementioned Jewish, Chinese, Caucasians businessmen for their compensation from Burnaby…It was big fights that went on a long time with Burnaby they all suffered losses!!
Now we better get back to your subject of Oceanview Cemetery which I’ll talk with you again soon..Thanks zillions shares stories and assisted me with flowers respectfully to my dear husband & parents & uncles…and his grandfather Leung Sheung Yen at Willow Section was amazingly are in the section you wanted…Will tell you more of him & sons in Kincaid, Sask and later buried in Oceanview…
For your said Burnaby have so many cemeteries, its because then was a young Municipality with huge lands that then Reeve Alan Emmott enticed developments to Burnaby .. Especially when became City of Burnaby then Mayor Alan Emmott our good friend which I also have written a eulogy story of him and his wives..and family they lived at 6187 McKay…He gotten Telus, BCTV then as Channel 8 now Global, Diaryland..Sperling Ave/Street developments…and the Brentwood housing at Beta etc…Brentwood Shopping Mall,  Mr. Cooperband of Dominion Building at 207 West Hastings Vancouver, his Basement Café (I sold when he was) enticed to Burnaby Brentwood then new developed Mall, Cooperband operated the “Doll House Restaurant” at Brentwood Mall (later Dean’s distant cousin John & Pearl Lam brought)
And Dean & I in 1966 developed 14 acres of raw land in Burnaby at Government & Piper Street “SIMON FRASER GARDENS” HOUSING DEVELOPMENT SUBDIVISION: we named after Simon Fraser University then just opened that Dean & I are one of the Convocation Founders (we named the streets therein includes a Vanson Street (after our son) The underground Telephone & Electricity’s wires were new Burnaby bylaws and we installed and done includes the sewers etc underground work… we had the underground work done by my brother Wally Sing Leong, (who you see in Elwin’s developed my website until Tab: Wally Leong’s Queen Plate, his Straight of Dover thoroughbred racehorse born & raised by Wally & Terry’s Canyon Farm won the Canada’s most prestige Queen’s Plate’s $1m stake race on June 24, 2012), an mechanical engineer company & property was at Norland Street a new Burnaby Industrial area, his Arthon Constructions he started in Burnaby.. then Burnaby new developments requirements …we were the 1st done the underground aforesaid work for our above subdivision…. Burnaby then had huge empty acreages surrounded our Simon Fraser Gardens Subdivision!  My brother Ken artistically drew all the house plans unique and beautiful..I added convenient household daily needs cabinets etc designs as I also was an interior designer & décor of the homes…Dean done the other works..And B.C.Hydro then Power Smart and specialty B.C. Tel varieties of telephone I’ve introduce from/for our home…such as the color phones, Princess phones, all new, and the big bulkier ‘speaker phone’ for homes to free the hands to feed the babies while on the telephone (I promo for free for the above companies)..In fact, B.C. Tel used my kitchen displayed the speaker phone as stated above in their annual report!!


Subject: Visit Oceanview Cemetery MARCH 18, 2013
Dear Maurice
We shall go visit Oceanview Cemetery in Burnaby, my dear beloved husband Dean and his grandfather Leung Sheung Yen & his brother in the Willow Section you wanted to visit.  Dean’s Grandfather & Grand Uncle burial in the Willow Section across from the Babyland by Dean’s father during the war, were supposed to be temporary burial.  To be removed back to China after WWll to their ancestral village burial grounds…With the Civil Wars thereafter the WWll that made it impossible…Thus its good each generations of us of their spiritual blessings as they’re “rest in peace” at Willow Section and remain in Canada. 
In fact, we moved Dean’s mother from China’s village to Oceanview, when the National China Government torn up cemetery there for redevelopment, That instead move her to another of their ancestral village burial ground, she now “rest in peace” in Oceanview too.
Thanks zillions
God Bless Richly Success
With Good Fortune
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“LEUNG” handwritten by Dean Chun Kwong Leung”

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