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HARVEY LOWE-World Yo-Yo Champion& King
and the Legendary FAYE LEUNG
Chinatown Vancouver's “Two Most Famous People”

Photo taken at Harvey Lowe's 88th Birthday Gala 2007
Produced by Jim Wong-Chu

Harvey Lowe

"Smiling Buddha Cabaret" Dine & Dance 8:00 P.M. - 2:00 A.M. Monday to Saturday 
     Neon Sign at the front narrow entrance of 107 East Hastings Street. Vancouver, B.C. One block from Chinatown
     Established in 1952 by the partners of Albert Kwan : Manager, and Harvey Lowe: Promoter & Public Relation,

Harvey Kwong Yuey Lowe and Albert Jook Ming Kwan both born in Victoria, B.C. Canada Chinese Canadians sent back to China in their youth to study Chinese and to avoid the difficulties and hardships of the Chinese suffered harsh discriminations & restrictions and taboos of not allowed to enter Canadian English School education....They were sent to Shanghai to study and later married lovely Shanghai ladies:
Albert Kwan's wife dear Diana Au Kwan, mother of Sherman, Eugene, Brewster & Schubert Kwan,
and Harvey Lowe's wife Vera with 2 daughters all born in Shanghai...
Albert and Harvey returned to Canada with wife & family in 1949 during Communist Regime in Shanghai China.
Shanghai renowned Shanghai Night Life with all its glories and notorious glamourous life and high energy that returns to Vancouver Canada is like back to a small town village with our conservative & reserved life…Added the Chinese endurance in the discriminations and restrictions and the Chinese hardships of unemployed among other life difficulties without equalities!
Thus in 1952 Albert & Harvey formed the partnership to bring ‘happy night life to Vancouver’ with Wong Kwong Kim as chef, father of Nelson Wong of "Hot Delivery" and his mother Mrs. Kwong Kim Wong received Prime Minister Stephen Harper's redress apologies and $25,000 for the "Head Tax" Mr. Wong Kwong Kim paid...
and, Young Quan as assistance in the kitchen named himself as "Dean" after my famous beloved dear husband Dean Chun Kwong Leung...
Dean Chun Kwong Leung, Chinese Educator Professional & Education Administrator, Chinese Classical Scholar & Literature Poet, and Post-Graduates Studies at UBC, was one of the 1st group of Overseas Chinese after the 2nd World War to University of British Columbia in post-graduates studies, Dean was also good friends of aforesaid, as Albert Kwan and Harvey Lowe were our Victoria neighbors…and I sold my first real estate home property to Albert & Diana Kwan at the corner of Garden Dr & 2991 East Broadway. Dean also worked at Smilin’ Buddha’ in supplement life economic difficult times for the Chinese limited employments in the severe restricted constitutions of the corporations "No hire Oriental/Chinese & East Indians"....Our wedding gift from Albert, Harvey and Wong Kwong Kim then the “Toastmaster” double slices newly stainless steel model very expensive and the public most desired..I’ve treasured warmly with appreciation…at then price over $40..was enormous!
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BY: FAYE LEUNG EXCLUIVE STORIES has never being told, RARELY KNOWN, AS IT HAD HAPPENED. Interesting "Insights"of Harvey Lowe - Faye Leung on CBC AM RADIO ONE Show with Rick Cluff
and stories by Faye Leung March 17, 2009    
Harvey Kwong Yuey Lowe, world Yo Yo Champion King & Legendary Faye & Dean Chun Kwong Leung
     “MY CHINATOWN, OUR CHINATOWN AS IT WAS since 1936 Vancouver 50 Jubilee”!!
Faye Leung of the man Harvey Lowe and My Chinatown, Our Chinatown as it was, as Harvey Lowe had written the 'theme song' "My Chinatown with all the almond eyes"...this song & lyrics for his Sunday nights radio broadcasts on CJOR AM 600 ... This popular in English sponsored by the then famous Bamboo Terrace Chinese Restaurant at 155 East Pender Street Vancouver with the unique green color stems of Bamboo neon sign as featured in all postcards. This real heart of colorful Chinatown with character were our Chinatown life all caringly with compassionate and passion for Chinatown, our citizens/pioneers, our City, Province & Canada as a whole!
This is revised a bit of Faye Leung's original story of "Harvey Lowe Yo Yo Champion King";--never again will anyone can tells these true stories herein of Chinatown, My/Our Chinatown, stories be preserved for posterity!! Photo herein attachment dubbed as; the "Two Most Famous People=Faye Leung & Harvey Lowe"
Harvey Lowe Yo Yo Champion King Legendary & Faye Leung, MY CHINATOWN, OUR CHINATOWN AS IT WAS!!
Faye Leung heartfelt deeply remembers vividly in photographic memories of the Faye Leung's Real Folks True Life Storybooks" In Humanity Educational Endowment" Preserved Perpetually for Posterity!! The upcoming storybooks:
1. Entitled:"History Alive" 1881-2012-"People Power Endured Hardships, Sacrifices, Sadness Won Freedom, Privileges, Prestige" enjoyed forever!"
3. ONE IN A MILLION YEARS: FAYE & DEAN CHUN KWONG LEUNG photographs coffee table storybook..  

 By: Faye Leung
In Tribute, Salute and Respect:


CBC Yo-yo Champ Harvey Lowe March 13, 2009
(click the above triangular PLAY button to listen)

11 minute audio clip - CBC Early Edition - Yo-yo champion Harvey Lowe- Oct. 13, 2009
with Faye Leung and documentary producer Jason Karman
Subject: Harvey Lowe's passing.

                                And FAYE & DEAN CHUN KWONG LEUNG "CHINATOWN, MY/OUR CHINATOWN"

Harvey Lowe family: wife Tessie & Melanie, Bruce, Vivian, Andy, Cindy, Jock, Tyler, & Chloe
Harvey with his big wide grin and smiles the 'happer dapper' impeccable dresser "distinguish good looking with distinction" with personality plus gentleman happily fun loving caring fellow citizens with my beloved husband Dean Chun Kwong Leung and I, Faye Leung patriotically to both Canada and China Motherland, respectably of our Chinese traditional culture be preserved. Dean & I respectably blended into the Western Society bridged the best of both the English and Chinese Society that we have had worked toward betterments, enhancements and enriched society for each generations and future generations enjoys.
As I vividly vision in my photographic memory fondly remember Harvey was the 1st generation born in Victoria, B.C. He was pals of my Uncles Frank & Philip Nipp of their generation in Victoria and Vancouver. As I 'flashed-back, & reflected' of all the decades of happiness and good times my dear beloved husband Dean Chun Kwong Leung and I have had shared with Harvey. Include our son Dana addressed Uncle Harvey always was kind to our son. That made our families were generations of our good friends with Harvey Lowe.
Harvey was school pals of my dear Uncles and Aunts in Victoria, our home town. Harvey then would be "in and out" of our grandfather's store Yick Fung Company in Victoria Chinatown, where we lived upstairs. Grandfather Nipp Ng was the 1st Chinese textile & work clothes manufacturer and custom-tailor & retail shop in Victoria at 544 Fisgard Street, moved later to 1605 Government St. Grandfather & Aunts operated the shop was two blocks from Harvey’s father's tailor shop where Harvey & family lived.  Thus, you can say we were Victoria neighbors. 
Harvey and the young Chinese friends as veterans Roy Mah, Richard Mar, et el with my Uncles and Aunts would party in our upstairs parlor played the piano, sang oldies: "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree" "Sleepy Lagoon" then hit parade songs...Victoria young men & ladies enjoyed themselves immensely in good fellowships.  The Chinese Canadians of the 1st, 2nd generations born and raised in Victoria as were my mother & siblings, and I'm the 3rd generations born in Victoria & raised in Vancouver Chinatown were very patriotically caring in good close comradeships together contributed to the Chinese Community....and for all Chinese folks.
The horrendous discriminations & much taboos with restriction the Chinese in Canada, Harvey was one of the many Chinese families sent their children to be educated in China.  Harvey was sent to Shanghai China to study Chinese during his youth because of this horrendous discriminations against all Chinese in Canada. The young men and ladies sent to China to learn and preserved the Chinese cultures and languages and to have Chinese wives/husbands.
Intermarriage absolutely were taboos were looked down upon with complete disasters for the families as “ill teachings its offsprings” as black sheeps and loss faces!  Which were the reason Harvey Lowe, Albert Kwan & many others were sent to China. Harvey & his then married wife and family in 1949 returns to Vancouver Canada from Shanghai to fled the Communist Regime.
When the Chinese Veterans marched home after “blood, sweat & tears” served the 2nd World War together with our fellow Chinese  fought for decades finally we won "May 7, 1947 Enfranchisement" the privilege rights to vote and recognized the Chinese born and raised in Canada are Chinese Canadians. Whereas prior we were all classified as 'Chinese Nationals' were subject to deportation to the motherland anytime. Upon the Canadian Government recognitions all the Chinese born in Canada, and/or be Naturalized to become Canadian Citizens enable applied bring their wives & blood related underage children to join their husbands in Canada. That by the Canada 1923 Exclusion Acts, and 1885 Immigration Acts, no Chinese allowed to Canada.
Harvey Lowe, another Victoria good friend & neighbor of Victoria Chinatown prominent famed “Yee Lun Chinese merchandises & grocery "Kwan/Quan family" Albert, Jock Ning, Jock Tong Kwan et el born in Victoria, whose were sent to study in China also avoided the discriminations/racists in Canada. They all returned to Canada after Communist invaded Shanghai, Harvey & wife and daughters with Albert Kwan & wife Diana & sons Sherman, Eugene, Brewster, Shubert were able returned to Canada’s safe haven with political stabile away from the Communist Regime trauma & turmoil took over China in 1949...
Harvey Lowe & family returns to Vancouver lived at 499 East Pender Street at the corner of Jackson Ave. Also was the former home of the 1st prominent Chinese Canadian doctor in Vancouver Chinatown, Dr. Frederick Chu and his aged mother and siblings lived. Located next door to Harvey's sister Winnie Cheng lived with father in-law Cheng Wun Fung, Chinatown prominent wealthy fishery gentleman. He built their replica “Hollywood style mansion” in Chinatown on a 33’ lot was extremely rare of a Chinese to built, owned & lived in such a modern glamorous home. The “talk of the town”! (it was then few “flat blue roof” - white California stucco, with double garage blue doors entrance at the front of the house) An exceptionally rich and famous mansion of the Patriarch, who also was the Founder & established December 1925 the Kong Chow Benevolent Association of Canada, is their ancestral roots region in Canton/Guangdong Province China.
My beloved husband Dean Chun Kwong Leung was chairman Kong Chow Benevolent Assn of Canada for several decades as his ancestral roots also of the same region. I still serves as an Executive Director.
George Yen Wei Wong was decades the manager of Chinatown famous Bamboo Terrace Restaurant. George W. Wong was son-in-law to aforesaid patriarch’s daughter Florence, mother and father to Carol-Ann Wong Soong, and brother-in-law to Harvey Lowe’s sister Winnie. They were all related lived together in this same house “all in the family!”. This house was icon richly benefits Chinatown housing area, as the Chinese were denied outside of Chinatown housing and commercial land/properties were restricted by the Canadian laws as registered on the land titles “restricted Chinese own, buy, lease the properties/lands” then. Now Chinatown housing is known as Strathcona Housing.
The Bamboo Terrace Chinese Restaurant sponsored Harvey Lowe the: 'Home of Harvey's the 1st Chinese Radio Program in Canada broadcast in English and limited Chinese every Sunday evenings on CJOR AM 600 as: The "CALL OF CHINA" with “the theme song” by Harvey Lowe; "CHINATOWN, MY CHINATOWN"...almond eyes.... Harvey's broadcast was a very big thing for the Canadian Chinese and Canada, to hear on the radio in English by a Chinese Harvey Lowe’s articulate baritone voice, was a joy to the young Chinese to listen to his broadcasts also were appreciated by the Canadians. Harvey played the famous old Shanghai Mandarin melodies and the Cantonese modern music with anecdotes of the Chinese cultures and teachings were delightful with a difference flair.
Chinatown Bamboo Terrace at 155 East Pender Street in the heart of Chinatown with its famous green bamboo neon sign shone prominently on the front of the Chinese restaurant were featured in all of the post cards and photos of Chinatown, was "THE CHINESE RESTAURANT" in Greater Vancouver! and of British Columbia with 'line-ups' throughout the decades especially during the war years with people from all areas. 
Chinatown W.K. Gardens dine & dance & banquet restaurant almost next to the Bamboo Terrace was equal famous in Chinatown especially for the Chinese Banquets. Alcohol of any kind, liquor were not allowed nor served in the restaurants and nightclubs…During the war the military men off-duty during wartime would “BOB”/bring own bottle”-under the table “brown paper bag”…enjoyment joyfully ‘calm the nerves!”
Chinatown with its colorful bright lights 24/7 energy days and nights of many happy activities joyfully…everybody from all over greater Vancouver, visitors for domestic or from afar MUST COME TO CHINATOWN first & foremost for its “good food” “shopping unique products, herbs, artcrafts, merchandises of all kind” the best in Canada. San Francisco, California the largest Chinatown in North America…Vancouver largest in Canada, 2nd in North America!  The first Chinatown originated in Victoria, B.C. the Gateway from across the Pacific ocean by the Empress Streamliner Ships from the Orient arrival in Victoria B.C.
During the 2nd World War Vancouver also had wartime "black-outs" whenever the 'war sirens' sounded-offs, when you’re on the street, Bamboo Terrace was one of the places for the public dodged into to hide when the sirens blasted off, in event bombs arrives!  My Aunt Mable Nipp Yee & I walked along Chinatown on the 100 block East Pender Street when the ‘siren sounded’ and the lights all went “blacked-out” we rushed into the Bamboo Terrace frighten with stress!! I can always ‘vision’ this event in the darken black ‘weary’ ‘creepy’ Chinatown night!
There's much stories in and surround the Bamboo Terrace, especially its part played with Harvey Lowe, George W. Wong and Winnie Lowe Cheng during Harvey's active life in the 1950s Chinatown era.  Following other episodes in Chinatown with the changing of times and influx each different phrases of new Chinese immigrants…. from the “lo-wah-kiu”/Chinese old pioneers’ relatives from Mainland China ‘dripped’ through Hong Kong to Canada… To the influx of Hong Kong immigrants (see another story)
Bamboo Terrace was also the “weekly home for the Chinatown Lions meetings”, upstairs on the 2nd floor through the Chinese Moongate double red archway doors with gold hardware décor symbolic of the Orient.  George W. Wong, the manager of Bamboo Terrace, Harvey Lowe, my husband Dean Chun Kwong Leung, George D. Wong, Tim Louie, Richard Mar, Benny Patinsky the Jewelers, Al Segal of Segal Furniture, the combinations aforesaid Canadians and Chinese Canadians are the “Founders” actively formed this 1st Chinatown Lions, originated in 1953 expanded 1958/59 that aforementioned have had contributed greatly to Society with great comradeships. 
The Chinatown Lions jovial feature items was the original "Chinese Sweet & Sour Haggis" honored the "Robbie Burns Day" usually fall upon Chinese New Year. Dean & I a hosted huge cocktail buffet reception in our home celebrated Chinese New Year (our guests autographed in our Guest Book as remembrance valued, treasure, & cherished our who's who guests). Then Mayor & Mrs. Bill Rathie  brought Dean & I a Chinese New Year gift package of "HAGGIS".
As Chinese not familiar to eat haggis nor how to be served. I suggested to Dean to take to the next Chinatown Lions meeting to have this haggis cooked and serves “Honour Robbie Burns Day”,..
"Lo and Behold”...George W. Wong done it with our haggis gift from Mayor Rathie into a famous dish inaugurated as "SWEET & SOUR HAGGIS HONOR ROBBIE BURNS"  Thus Dean & I with George W. Wong Bamboo Terrace Chinese Restaurant created the beginning of "HAGGIS CHINESE NEW YEAR CELEBRATE ROBBIE BURNS DAY TOGETHER" Since then in the 1960ish onward throughout the decades each year was the "ITEM" for Robbie Burns Day and Chinese Gung Hay New Year...Also was copied by Trader's Vic at the Westin Bayshore Inn each year,...Now in the last ten (10 years) Todd Wong carried on, ran it as his Annual “Gung Hay Haggis” Banquet. Dean with fellows Lions & I were proud of concocted this "feature of the Scottish Haggis Chinese Honorable Dish"!!
1959 Chinatown Lions brought to Vancouver from Hawaii Chinese Drama Association performances in the Georgia Auditorium at Denman Street the famous old Classical Chinese Opera translated in English the "White Snake Lady" successfully accepted. Of course, Harvey was the Master of Ceremony, as he and my husband Dean Leung the famed renowned Chinese and English Speakers.  They together has had 'teamed' or ‘single’ in many public appearances have made brilliant excellence speeches. 
Many Chinese functions were held in Chinatown at the original Ming's Chinese Restaurant next to the Bamboo Terrance owned by Tim Louie, John Lum, Chuck Liu shareholders. Later the owner was Charlie Poy Cho & son James Cho operated.  Carol-Ann Wong Soong’s (above stated) husband Willie & father also had a ‘fling’ at without much success during the economic slow-down. Followed the Wayen Diner as the “Chinese Fast Food” as won-ton soup, Chinese steamed ‘char-shew’/BBQ pork large buns etc owner Wong Shee Jang brought the Ming’s business & property, his son Hon Wong & wife Susie operated as Ming’s Restaurant, Banquet & Nightclub (copied our operations in our Mandarin Trade Centre-see another story) Hon Wong brought in Hong Kong Songstress and had “live band” nightly dine & dance.   
We held at Ming’s where we hosted the annual Hawaii Chinese Chamber of Commerce annual Narcissus Queen and Princesses goodwill missions to Vancouver banquet and dinners. Years later Quon Wong and aforementioned Wong Shee Jang & Hon Wong opened the Dragon Palace Restaurant & Nightclub at the corner of NW corner Pender and Main Street that originally was the Public Fruits & Vegetable Market, now the Wave Café, where we hosted the Hawaii Narcissus Queen & Princesses entourage. Harvey Lowe and Dean Chun Kwong Leung were the renowned speakers and active hosts of these functions.
In reciprocate: "Aloha Hawaii Week in October 1959" Harvey & Nora Lowe led a Vancouver Group to Hawaii in 1959.  Dean & I few days later joined them in Honolulu. We were part of Honolulu Hawaii October 1959 "Aloha Week" celebration.  Hawaii then was still as the “Territory of USA” were not a USA 50th states until 1960, and its was before fashionable to Hawaii. 1959 flying flight time  were 15 hours, through Seattle to Portland changed airplane to fly across the Pacific Ocean to Honolulu Hawaii.  Dean was ready to come home by the time we 'roared and bumped along’ before arrived Portland, awaited the flight to Honolulu Hawaii! Thanks God two weeks after returns from Hawaii to Vancouver in November 1959 Qantas Airline inaugurated their 1st Jet flight to Vancouver from Hawaii, had reduced flying time to 6 hours!! Boy, did Dean, Harvey, and I entourage raved Hawaii 6 hours flight instead of 15 hours flight returned to Vancouver, that were 9 hours difference!       
This first 1959 October Hawaiian Aloha Week trip also have had featured Harvey Lowe's YO YO CHAMPION performance at the Hawaii Chinese Drama Association Mandarin Ball, Florence & Chow Mee Doo prominent couple patron. Dean & I were awarded as the 'Best Dancing Couple' especially in our very special perfecto ‘foot fancy steps’ of Dean's exclusive "Tango" dance. Also I was honored and awarded as the "Best Fashion of the Western Style" with the Gold Cup Trophy, was great joys beholds forever remembered of the good time we have had!  The best of all the wonderful Hawaii hospitality and greatest wonderful Hawaii friendships we hold dearly in our hearts. Includes original “Hawaii 5-0”-CHINN HO KELLY/KAM FONG CHUN real name & real policeman when we met him in 1959, Ana Lang his partner & co-producer, directed, writer of many shows.  Ruth & Maggie Chow, B.G. & Alice & Greg Leong, Lydia, Jenny, Mable, Mrs. Leong, Bill & Leonore Ah Cook, Ruth & many, many more wonderful Hawaii friends. That was shared with Harvey then, prior, and thereafter, we were good friends of happiness and joys!!

Faye & Dean Chun Kwong Leung Hawaii Civic Theatre Formal Ball
January 6, 1967 Diamond Head: Waikiki:
Photo By: Maggie Kwai Fong Chow & Dean Leung
son Dana are called "Vancouver Seal
Pacific Ocean Reef Hotel Penthouse
Photo by Maggie Chow

Following in 1960 Dean & I and son Dana returned Hawaii business researches and meetings of Hawaii Trust, Affordable Housing, Kaiser “Pink” subdivisions, redevelopment Hawaii Chinatown among other business meetings and happily met our aforementioned old and new Hawaii friends.  We’ve returned often as “Hawaii our 2nd home” until China took over for many of my business
travel meetings (see another chapter/stories) (see the photos of our Hawaii departure as Hawaiian customary welcome and farewells with lei…We were honored the beautiful jasmine, peke, plumeria, orchids, ginger, carnations floral leis worn up loaded up to our eyes…That upon arrival to San Francisco continued business travel meetings…we filled Dean’s Hong Kong classmate prominent San Francisco Chinatown leader Walter & Zoe Pang’s bathtub full of the 3 of us leis…so gorgeous real Hawaii flowers I loved!
The original famous CBC "Hawaii 5-0" television episodes of over 3 decades continued presently re-runs in many TV channels, featured KAM FONG CHUN, as "CHINN HO KELLY"...Jack Lord says; "book him Chinn!" was our good friends since 1959 as stated above in Hawaii was in his full policeman uniform are in many photos with Dean and I.  Kam Fong Chun/Chinn Ho Kelly was a "real policeman" in Hawaii Police Department.  Kam Fong had a 'run-in' with the then police chief who demoted him to patrol the schools...Enraged Kam Fong that his associate manager Ana Lang sent him off madly to auditioned for in HAWAII 5-0, forever changed his life! 
Kam Fong as 'Chinn" was a great famous actor with humors and an excellent vocal voice was in Hawaii Chinese Drama Association many performances. And he was a great leading man in the Hawaii Broadway Operetta; "The 13th Daughters" written by Mr. Magoon the famous wealthy Hawaiian family of Magoons...The “Operetta 13th Daughters” of the Chinese Hawaii family truly an excellent production of the true Hawaii Life, had a brief run in New York Broadway.  Mr. Magoon, Ana Lang, Kam Fong Chun/“Book him Chinn” proposed to Dean & I to San Diego, California Theatre and Canada performances in 1970ish..
And branches business between Hawaii and Canada and Hong Kong as Robinson World Wide Travels and Kam Fong Tours & Conventions, an incorporated company then with Mary Robinson, of the original renowned Hawaii Robinson Family, Kam Fong, Dean & I.  Kam Fong sent his son Dennis Chun to Vancouver we hosted and trained him business as our intern.  Dennis Chun is now in the new TV Series of Hawaii 5-0
Harvey, Dean & I with Ana Lang, Yankee Chang, Maggie & Ruth Chow, B.G.& Alice & Gregory Leong, Lydia, Jenny Leong & siblings and others of Hawaii have had many connections and activities with the folks that spanned throughout the decades.  We hosted their visits to Vancouver & vice versa.
February 13 1975 to March 3, 1975  Dean & I hosted "Chinn Ho Kelly of Hawaii 5-0" alas Kam Fong Chun of aforesaid & entourage under Ana Lang Produce & Directed “The Kam Fong, & the Japanese, Korean, Hawaii, Philippinos ‘HAWAII INTERNATIONAL PUPU” *Koishiro Nishikawa & Fukiko Kotobuki,
the famous “Kabuki” Dancers, *Tina Santiago and Hawaii Narcissus Princess Liana Pang hula dance,  brilliantly performed in an Opening our Mandarin Trade Centre 2nd Floor “Mandarin Gardens Continental Supper and Dance Cabaret” celebrated "Year of the Rabbit Chinese New Year"
Harvey Lowe was present when Dean & I commissioned a bus tour for Kam Fong & his Hawaii entourage when "Chinn/Kam Fong" announced to his fellow Hawaiians pointed out the Vancouver trees in February winter; Quote: "in Vancouver these trees are not dead, they're asleep!" because in Hawaii their trees when bare are not asleep as our trees is in the winter!!
My brother Ken Leong, Vancouver Police Sgt Bernie Smith and Police Constable #441 Jim McClelland did a 'mocked arrested' Hawaii 5-0 Kam Fong/Chinn Ho Kelly upon his arrival Vancouver at the airport on February 13, 1975. Upon arrested handcuffed “Hawaii 5-0 Chinn” shoved him into the police cruiser with the police siren blurring brought "Chinn" to Vancouver Police Station met Police Chief Stewart and Mayor Harcourt they have had enjoyed great publicities.. never seen in Vancouver ever and never again!! Trust us with all the stunts, eh!
As above stated of the yearly Hawaii "Narcissus Queens and Princesses" sponsored by the Hawaii Chinese Chamber of Commerce to Vancouver. That Harvey, Dean and I with others throughout the decades have showered them our Vancouver hospitalities hosted many functions and events surrounding these goodwill missions bridged Hawaii and Vancouver friendships. Ping Sing Leong a prominent Hawaii writer have feature his column as “contributed writer to Chinatown News magazine” owner Roy Mah.  Chinatown News printed many photos and articles I treasure, valued and cherished all the wonderful sparkling joyful good times with joyous good folks/friends so dear and sweetly special in Dean & my life that lives on in my heart forever!! 
Uncle Frank Nipp lived in Honolulu Hawaii in early 1960s.  His dearest friend Seth Lau with Dean & I pioneered Hawaii and Canada, specially British Columbia trades with Hawaii. We have started in 1960a the “Hawaii T-plants” to Canada. We pioneered trades from British Columbia, by air via Vancouver to Honolulu Hawaii our fresh Pacific ocean Salmon, Oysters, and Chinese sausages "Lap Cheung” for Hawaii restaurants & markets. Its trade businesses that blossomed into good successful profitable trades for Vancouver Wing Wing Chinese Sausages Factory for Dexter Fong & his parents & siblings. Seth Lau, Dean & I opened the doors for "Wing Wing Chinese Sausages/Lap Cheung" to Hawaii, Dexter’s wife is from Hawaii. Many Vancouver young men escorted the Hawaii Narcissus Queens and Princesses throughout the decades became their husbands!
Chinatown and the Chinese people often are good friends with good comradeships and caring, compassionate with passion for the Chinese fellows citizens in the Chinese Communities. But, life were not always so sweet, were full of difficulties, obstacles, and hardships, sadly endured with sacrifices by the Chinese in the Communities & Canada, especially the older pioneers. All had suffered throughout the century the discriminations, restrictions, taboos, no employments, restricted living, rental, buying, & business locations… were not allowed for the Orientals, not a choose for the Chinese. It  were Canadian laws registered the Chinese restriction in the Land Titles Offices on the titles documents restricted Chinese ownership of the properties and land.- Quote: "no Orientals, East Indians, Jews"
As late as 1972 then Premier Dave Barrett, who reminded me in 2005 at my good friend
Ex-House Speaker & 29 years MLA Gordon Dowding's memorial service... Quote Ex-Premier Dave Barrett: "he within 2 weeks in 1972 when his NDP Government took office, he ordered then Attorney General Alex MacDonald removed this Chinese restrictions on the properties and land. Includes the land of the Vancouver Chinese Culture Centre, he removed the Chinese, East Indians, Jews’ restriction enable allowed him for a dollar gave the land to construct the Chinese Cultural Centre that my husband Dean Chun Kwong Leung chairman of the several Chinese Associations, Dean named as “Chinese Cultural Centre” this name says it all. And Dean led all the Chinese Associations approved and built the "Chinese Cultural Centre"...
The Chinese congregated in Chinatown, lives in Chinatown, businesses in Chinatown were colorful with characters. Chinatown sounds better than as a "Ghetto", eh, that Chinatown News once have had mentioned that Chinatown as "Ghetto for the Chinese"!!
Chinatown, My Chinatown, Ours then Chinatown... all of us loves, enjoyed its energy, character, social, business, activities, our kind of Chinatown with good food, hospitality, respectful pioneers, alumni, colleagues, and good friends of Chinatown young and old are "Our/My Chinatown"! Then so dear that discriminations, restrictions, taboos were outside of Chinatown, within our Chinatown was fun, dramas, sadness, fidelities piety respectfully honored, but has another types of discriminations within itselves in the Organizations, Associations, Fraternity, Tongs, Societies, amongst others, class clashed, belittled, fights, that presently still exists in..."Our Chinatown"!!
The aforementioned hardships and discriminations were one of the reasons many Chinese families sent their children back to Motherland China to avoid. As my siblings and I with our parents also were to be sent to China by deportation.  Because although my siblings & I are 3rd generation & mother's 2nd generation born & raised in Victoria & Vancouver raised...uncles and parents had put up a 'pretty tough fight' for our security harassed by discriminated “Chinatown old fogey” led by Fung Chang Gee, of veterans Henry Fung & sibling's grandfather.  My father had arranged for me to study in Hong Kong St. Paul's School should forced by discriminated deports...horrid difficult times for our too young siblings never known of the toughness of this matter our parents had sacrificed for our generation continued as best Chinese Canadian citizens.
Harvey and groups of his generation returned to Canada in 1949 also had found great difficulties, as us locals Chinese life in Canada. The employments prospect were very difficult for all the Chinese. Canada discriminations against the Chinese: 'No Oriental and East Indians' hired. Especially the Multi-Nationals  Corporations registered this restrictions in its constitutions. Until in the 1950s me and my sister Dr. Gwen Leong Chan invaded into the department stories broken its bylaws and opened the doors at The Bay Department Store and Woodwards Department Store (see another story..later). The Chinese discriminate the Chinese folks too
Harvey luckily was able to be the "security doorman" at the Chinese Social Club in Chinatown. That was legally established for the Chinese pioneers Chinese social gambling the "Tin Cow" "Pi Cow" and all those games, but rarely then Mah Jongs in the Social Club. Mah Jongs Games were held at the various separate organizations as social, gambling lesser amount. Whereas the Chinese Social Clubs has had large bets and hard gambling.  It was the old Chinese pioneers only recreations, whose were alone in Canada without their families in Canada, due to the restrictions of the 1885 Immigration Acts and the 1923 Exclusion Acts that the families were not allowed to joined their husbands, nor any allowed entry to Canada.
Harvey sat such long hours as 'security doorman' only allowed the Chinese pioneers enter the Social Club, no foreigners!  That Harvey would take his trouser to "Spotless Cleaners" owned by the Zacks' brothers branch at Columbia & Hastings Street...where I've worked as a teenager, asked me to have his trouser invisible mended...Frugal was necessary for all Chinese as low income, or unemployed, & difficulties to find work! Everybody as we're taught as a child recycle, reuse, saved, things were "not throw-aways" be protected and cared for longevity uses...solid materials made items for good long uses. 
I remember so well as I have often vividly vision of the day when Harvey came to me in 1951 with his beige/brown pressed pant that was invisible mended not to his liking that was done by somebody...he has had asked me whether I can help him to remedied to be better presentable!! 
Everybody in those tough times recycled and mended their clothings. Aunt Susie in her Yick Fung store in Victoria would turned shirts collars and cuffs @25 cents, @50 cents for the collar, as new again worn were common. (maybe to-day's financial global crisis the folks should be frugal as it was as survival, eh)
Between the 1885 Immigration Acts and the 1923 Exclusion Acts period to 1947 Enfranchisement Act there were only a 'trickle' of selected Chinese allowed entry into Canada i.e. Classical Chinese Scholars to teach the Chinese Students in the Chinese Public Schools. The Scholarly teachers were needed to teach the 1st and 2nd generations Chinese children.  Because as my mother & Harvey, whose all then were not allowed to enter the English/Western/Canadian Schools. Until much later, as Aunt Mabel's era were allowed in a segregated 'one room only' English school. It were as President Obama's Afro Americans era of the Blacks' discrimination.  Then the Academies entered Canada were bonded with a tax of $1,000. per head. This were separate to the Head Tax of the early 1900s & 1800s.
In 1952 Harvey Lowe, Albert Kwan, Wong Kwong Gim, joint venture opened the Smilin' Budha dine and dance nightclub at 119 East Hastings by Columbia Street corner, was a long narrow nightclub with mirrored wall to enlarged the room. The happy Smilin' Buddha bright gorgeous neon sign shimmering smiles flicked famously that this neon sign is now preserved by and was on displayed at the Vancouver Museum.
Albert Kwan and Harvey Lowe interests were to turned Smilin' Buddha into a Shanghai style dine and dance nightly with 'live band.' Wong Kwong Gim was the chef served good Chinese appetizers & food for the Canadian customers.
Pat, a Canadian Caucasian gal was the reception sold tickets in a tiny carved space window by the door to the Western customers who drank liquor more than the Chinese. Most of the Chinese generally were 'tea toodlers' was not as profitable for the nightclub. 
My dear Dean was the 1st group of the graduates studies after the 2nd World War to UBC, also worked at the Smilin' Buddha with Harvey and Albert, earned extra monies for my engagement ring, is forever on my finger with my wedding band, Bless him!!  When we were married in 1953 Harvey Lowe, Albert Kwan and Wong Kwong Gim's wedding gift to us were then "the Toastmaster Brand's new technology of automatic "pop-up" stainless steel double slices toaster, was very expensive and most special!!  I still treasure and our son still enjoys uses!!  Our wedding night after our wedding reception went to Smilin' Buddha with groups of friends danced to the wee hours of the night frolicked!!
Harvey & Nora Lowe were involved in the Imperial Life Assurance that Dean was one of President Club Member.  Harvey with Dean & I have participated many Canadian Life Insurance functions in the Insurance field.  Then were so rare for the Chinese participations, which Dean & I were the 1st only Chinese couple in most of the Canadians/Western Society events and functions amongst others.  Dean & I have had 'opened' the doors for fellow Chinese throughout the decades. Harvey & the silent majority often spoke up complimented Dean & I..Quote: "kindly in thoughtful ways lauded Dean & I have had done for their and the younger generations and we're an aspirations".
Harvey, Dean & I chatted often as we all were in Chinatown and in many various functions. We often meets  with lots to talks about!!  Dean & I visited Harvey at their home where then he was one of the "first" owned a "portable dishwasher." Harvey boasted of his portable dishwasher wash his dishes instead of him! When we have our own portable dishwashers many times I often thought of and visional Harvey of how happy he of no need to do his dishes, because he owned the dishwasher!!
Luckily the Chinese pioneers in 1948 after the “May 7 1947 Enfranchisement” were able Naturalized Canadians to qualified to brings their wives and children from China to join them in Canada. Harvey & Nora done the Chinese pioneers’ applications for their wives & children to Canada.  Then new immigrants to Canada  has increased the air traffic for the renewed Canadian Pacific Airlines that added flights Canada/Vancouver and Hong Kong flights. Shirley and Chong Joe, Harvey Lowe, Thomas Ho were the Canadian Pacific Airlines (CPA) Representatives to meet these airplanes arrivals to greeted & assisted these new immigrants.
Many of Harvey and my good friends as Nellie Lee Lim were airline hostess on CPA, included lost 2 CPA airline hostesses friends, Evelyn Yip and Anita Wong on one of the CPA flight from Vancouver to Hong Kong that crashed in Alaska. CPA was a great delightful airline that Harvey et el have had many years of good work within CPA.  We were faithful passengers and loyal to CPA. During this era Harvey was also involved then with Nora in the immigration work that led him to lived Overseas in Taiwan for awhile...Upon his returns..he witnessed Dean & I proudly as:..
I'm proud Dean & I the Founders and opened the 1st Trust Company outside of any Financial District, as the Canada Trust Branch in our Pender Realty & Insurance Agency, Real Estate, Insurance, Property Management, Developments, Constructions, Financial & Mortgages, Financial Planner Office in the heart of Chinatown at 156 East Pender Street. Which was Chinese style size
@ 12 feet narrow front X 120 feet long office. Our office was also “SOCIAL CENTRE” friends would meet socially and the pioneers came to read their newspapers and have their English letters and/or documents read or replied. Whatever they needed we done for free. Harvey and Richard Mar among others often would be regulars to our office “chit chats” of “what's what”, “who's who”,
“on where, to go when and where and on & on...!!
When we opened 1st Canada Trust Branch Office, the 1st of any trust company branch in Vancouver and in Canada in our office on September 22, 1962…. “rocked the City and especially the financial establishments with astonishments of Dean & I have had succeeded in the financial world” that were understatement then, especially of us are Chinese, were absolutely impossible that Dean and I have had made possible founder and opened and managed Canada Trust Branch in our office. And “CAN DO” shocked the society, especially by Dean's Master of Calligraphy handwritten the Chinese translated from English as bilingual brochures educated the public of "how to deal with the Trust Company! The public for the 1st time learnt of deposits their monies earned daily interests" in the Trust Company that was never before done, nor heard of at all, the banks only gives quarterly interest calculated quarterly. But we won the public business and accounts from all over Greater Vancouver not just Chinese but multicultural and Caucasians businesses!
To-day in 2000s I still receives friends and clients of Canada Trust and of our own Pender Realty & Insurance Agency aforesaid business that they are still dealing with me…In Canada Trust their accounts remains…Our Insurance, Property Management, Real Estates etc business Dean & I gave to my brothers Wilfred Leong Insurance Agencies and Oceanridge Realty in Chinatown now at Columbia & Pender Chinese Culture Centre were Dean & my business in our Mandarin Trade Centre…2012 Era to be redeveloped by Bosa Construction Group to rezone for 16 storey residential & commercial tower. (see all above are in different chapters stories)
DEAN was HIGHLY VALUED as a NATIONAL TREASURE.. BY ALL different NATIONALITIES appreciated Dean’s as an ACADEMIA with intellectual INTELLIGENT and MULTI-IN DEPTH TALENTS in ENGLISH & CHINESE FLUENTLY includes Master excellent different font of Chinese Calligraphic in WRITING, READ & SPEAKS many DIALECTS, TRANSLATED SPEECHES & SPEAKERS for the AMBASSADORS, CONSUL GENERALS & CONSULS, DIGNARTARIES, etc public & private functions & events, public ceremonies & activities, Educations, Associations, Organizations, Societies, Clubs among many other institutions affairs  LAUDED & PRAISED DEAN, who ALWAYS IN DEMAND PUBIC SPEAKER, REOWNED SPEECHES..
To this day in 2009s I STILL receives compliments of DEAN’S MARVELOUS BRILLIANT SPEECHES & as a SPEAKER…Not many then can be both fluently write, read, speaks English and Chinese as Dean do was in demand to perform in many functions and events, and handwritten Chinese calligraphy for the public. I still am able to write, read and speak several dialects Chinese.                                
All the different Nationalities from all walks of life came from all over Greater Vancouver and included from other areas in B.C. deposited and opened accounts with me and Dean in our office. We only had a counter and no “Safe nor Security Vault”, specially built by my brother Wally Sing Leong built and wooden drawers as filing cabinet. Harvey Lowe et el would 'shook their heads' and talked gloriously about how Dean & I have done it, were a great surprises to the public across Canada !?!
I assigned Laura brother Wilfred’s wife worked as a Teller, later Rose Mah took over as Teller. We took the huge daily deposits to the Chinatown Bank of Montreal night deposit box few doors away @138 East Pender. Next day by taxi took the deposit from Bank of Montreal night deposit to Canada Trust Main Office at corner Howe and Pender Street, manager Charlie O'Hara and Asst General Manager Jack D. Wilson took over.
Back East in London, Ontario, Canada Trust Head Office would not understand the West as "old adage: the West and East Never Meets" thus Dean & I and has its all done by as aforesaid Asst GM.  Harvey and his pals were so astounded of our accomplishments, where Harvey with George D. Wong were the Master of Ceremony at our September 22 1962 Canada Trust Opening Cocktail Reception held at then Chungking Restaurant at 180 East Pender the present Vancity Building.  I can see Harvey and the guys' faces of their great surprises this had happened into Chinatown instead into other districts of the City.
Canada Trust Oakridge Branch manager Gerry Bradley followed opened in October 1962. Following Canada Trust  opened other Canada Trust Branches. We built volume accounts and deposits that Dean & I convinced Canada Trust opened a separate Chinatown Branch where we put Charlie Lee as manager at Main by Pender Street.  Chinatown new branch on Main Street was possible after Dean & I have had established the base of thousands of accounts that needed a full branch. Its presently in operation at the corner NE Main and Pender Street. (see another chapters and documents, photos etc.) The 5’X 8’ wall framed photos still hanging on my office wall of the Canada Trust opening photos. And all other photos, documents, albums all are great priceless precious treasures I valued dearly of our historic financial development contributions to Canada, City, Province, Chinatown as a whole! That many branches throughout Canada following opened!! 
The funny part of to-day's are many former clients of mine comes up to me to tell me that "they are still dealing with me," as if I'm Canada Trust and my Pender Realty & Insurance Agency as aforementioned business!  Although I'm still active in business, its different of as stated.   
After Dean & I have ‘rocked rocket the financial banking business & communities in Canada when we founders, opened and developed 1st branch offices in Canada, the Canada Trust in our office in ChinatownThereafter Gene Wong copied and came to learnt from Dean and I to established the Yorkshire Trust “now defunct” at Quon Wong's property down the street at 128 East Pender St. And others also copied as George D. Wong left Nova Scotia Bank at corner Columbia and Hastings Street where he built a large Chinese business never can be a manager because he’s Chinese (employment  discrimination…Harry Cumyow and Tommy Mah were Bank of Montreal Chinatown Branch for decades built the Chinese business suffered the same discrimination Chinese not allowed as manager of the Banks) George D. Wong copied Dean and I the Founders of Canada Trust in our office, that George D. Wong opened the Commonwealth Trust at Main and Pender NW corner Pender & Main Street “also  defunct”! so were the Royal Trust and the Montreal Trust, which Richard Mar, Tim Louie, Harvey and the fellow Lions often discussed of how it happened and we triumphantly survived as others failured.
Harvey benefited from my initiated and instrumental the various new immigration programs I then with the Minister of Immigration, Hon Jack Nicolson, MP (who was in our Canada Trust Opening Ceremony Reception on September 22, 1962 announced he as the Vancouver Centre Liberal Party Candidate for Member of Parliament) together we have done the 'white paper' presented to Parliament of the proposed immigrants programs to be legislated (see other chapters & photos), That was after Dean & I took Canada Trust to Hong Kong Hang Seng Bank and the Wing Lung Bank in 1964 as the 1st Banks in Hong Kong dealt with any Trust Companies in Canada as correspondence bank. The restrictions of the various immigrations laws did not allowed the non-related blood immigrants to Canada. 
Thereupon Hon. Jack Nicolson and my white papers succeeded legislated in Ottawa the various immigrations programs that allowed the business and skilled professionals, and later the nannies and investors immigrants to Canada, (see another chapters, photos & documents) where Harvey actively participated in many of Dean & I hosted all the affluent new arrivals from Hong Kong, as we gotten (I done it all for free) their approvals to immigrant to Canada just in the 'nick of time' when the Communist PLA marched into Hong Kong in 1966 that these businessmen and families, professionals and skilled personnel were shaken fled Hong Kong to Canada by these newly approved immigration programs Hon. Jack Nicholson and I instrumentally that gone through in Ottawa House of Commons. That included Chapman Ho, Feng King Hay, father of Thomas Feng of Fairchild Television and Richmond, B.C. Aberdeen Shopping Malls etc. and many others whose groups were in and out of our home, as was the grand central station.(see another story & photos)
That's when Harvey became friends with the aforementioned Hong Kong groups, Chapman Ho & parties branded their investments opened “Asia Gardens” copied Dean & I first brought Hong Kong push-carts Dim Sum to Canada in Atop Mandarin Restaurant in our Mandarin Trade Centre in 1973. Asia Garden was at where the present Dollar Store in Chinatown Main NW Pender Street lane corner in the semi-basement. Asia Garden original business front door sign is not laying in the back lane of 138 East Hastings Street. I recently saw out the window at 140 East Hastings the Kong Chow Benevolent Assn of Canada as I’m executive director this original painted white wooden sign written Asia Gardens in black thrown in the back lane behind still sits there untouched.
Harvey was PR in Asia Gardens… I vividly remember Chapman Ho the 'point man' of the corporation that owned and opened the Asia Garden has told me as I walked with him in his black suit in Chinatown; Quote: "his doctor asked him how many eggs he eats a day and how many toast he eats in the morning, said you cannot eat 1 dozen eggs and 10 slices of toasts each breakfasts, That health are more important than pushed the businesses to the higher height!"...unquote.. then Hong Kong prominent Chapman Ho of Asia Gardens.....
When some of the folks returns to Hong Kong when they thought its peace again in Hong Kong, as the Nams Family, their automobiles were left in the care of Harvey as trustworthy car caretaker.  There were so many activities, functions, events we all have had participated and established our long happy relationships in our vast business and friendship portfolios with all difference walk of life and multiculturalism with many bounteous of materials…its difficult to enable to write of all as 'flows out flooding my mind and heart with ever so many happy thoughts and happy memories we shared with all the wonderful folks…. we bridged between the Chinese locally, from afar, and with the Western/Canadian Society and the Chinese Dean & I were pioneers to aforementioned events now fully blossomed for all enjoyments that once were restricted.
When Dean & I redeveloped and extended Chinatown beyond Pender Street to Keefer Street east and southward by consolidated the old '2nd hand stores' dilapidated along Main and Keefer Street in 1968. We built the 1st largest 100,000 square feet and 1st commercial 6 floors with 2 elevators and underground parking building, the Mandarin Trade Centre at 601-627 Main & 190 Keefer Street. Harvey Lowe was again the Master of Ceremony on May 24th 1972 Openings of our invited 2400 guests Cocktail Buffet Reception. Featured Men’s & Women Furs and Fashions, André Wines etc. The City of Vancouver had closed the streets "In Our Honor" in celebrated our redevelopment of Chinatown, Harvey was not only the Master of Ceremony, that he and Chuck Bradell our good friend and was sale manager in our office also commentator of the "1st Men and Women Fashion and Fur Show” in this event that Chuck & Harvey with chuckles told the audience that "fashion shows are not their  usual introductions of the fashions, announcements, nor commentator of the shows features"!! 
At after his sister Winnie's memorial service, outside, Harvey came over to me and commented; Quote: "Doggone it Faye, (his usual 'doggone' opens comments) you throughout the years always dressed fashionably stylish and looked so nice & good...I appreciated seeing you looked so good and the same.." unquote Harvey Lowe... My replied; "Harvey, I'm talking about my upcoming "Faye Leung's Real Folks True Life Storytelling Books" with a chapter to honor you, eh, not talks about my fashionable looks!" as we both laughingly as usual of fun enjoyments.
This is the man of Harvey Lowe, I'm fondly remembering beside of his accomplished YO YO Champion King and of his yo yo performances. One of his appearances was on Remembrance Day at the Orpheum Theatre few years ago, where he also was inducted as an artist into the 'Star on Granville Street'.
Harvey Lowe proudly announced the moment he took the 'mike' at in "His Honor 88th Birthday Gala" (herein attachment photo “dubbed as “TWO MOST FAMOUS PEOPLE” is my photo with Harvey autographed Yo Yos photo by Jim Wong-Chu. who & Associates Don Montgomery et el and the Ricepapers Magazine hosted Harvey's 88 Birthday Gala on October 30th 2006); Harvey said to his guests;..Quote: "you know, doggone it, when they announced of my birthday bash, the 1st person immediately called in, will attend was Faye Leung, who is more famous than I, is because we're such long good friends..."      unquote:...Harvey his Birthday Gala..
Jason Karman wanted me to participate in his documentary of Harvey Lowe both Harvey and I was delighted that upon CBC Radio Early Edition One; Rick Cluff and Andrew Yang invited me on the air talked about Harvey's documentary. I've complimented Harvey and Jason. Immediately upon my returned home, Harvey called me of his appreciation and his niece in Toronto has heard the broadcast of me talked of him that she was so delighted with pleasure!!  I also wrote onto the film clip from my heart affectionately and appreciation of our good friendship which I've received happily thanks from both Harvey and Jason Karman....another great memory lives on in my heart...
Harvey told me over the phone of his newly acquired emails knowledge from his daughter Melanie. He repeated to me all the long ///…characters which drove him and I nuts when he tried to tell me  to understand, as he wanted me to email him.  He only finally mastered it. I did received many nice happy emails and Christmas e-greetings from Harvey. His Christmas email of him has a cold was home bounded!!
Gordy Lee, one of the manager of the aforesaid Chinatown Gambling Social Club who was a prominent fella in Chinatown and was Chinatown Armstrong Funeral undertaker where then held most of the Chinese memorial services then as Glenhaven Funeral Homes.  Gordy owned Chinatown Lee's taxi parked in front of his management Chinatown Gambling Social Club.  One of the two Chinese owned Chinatown taxis, owners as Mr. Derr, and Gordy’s brother Henry Lee, Chu Wing Tan were taxis drivers. “The Chinatown Charlies!”  I’m very fond of Henry & Gordy….Henry with his cigar in his mouth or between his fingers would come up to me driving to park in front of my office or on Pender Street, he would “says get out of the car, he parked for me” Bless Henry!! He’s always as was ‘watching over me as I worked throughout the night in my office in Chinatown with the doors opened without fears!! 
All the other Chinatown “elder pioneers “Charlies” also would “watch over me and brought me coffee”!! And we're fond of Gordy Lee, father of Gary Lee, that when his daughter Valerie Lee now of San Francisco, came to town to launched her book, “Uncle Harvey Lowe and I” supportively there with her. She reminisced of her young days of Uncle Harvey in Chinatown rescued her when in needs, which is common of Harvey does for others! Gordy Lee's wife never ceased 'raved about Dean's speeches: Quote: Dean Chun Kwong was so unique special of his own style and talent speeches' she & all the ladies and men dearly appreciated throughout the decades!”….unquote Mrs. Gordy Lee…..Bless all! I love the Chinese pioneers sincerity warm kind caring hearts, I miss all!
Harvey looked so great with wife Tess at Hon Wong's memorial when we greeted each other in November 2008, Harvey as usual was dapper in his brown overcoat carried the umbrella pointed at me with his usual big smiles greetings.  
When Jim Wong-Chu and Jason Karman emailed me of Harvey in the hospital was asking about me.
Also Andrew Yang of CBC Radio Early Edition called me of Harvey.  Earlier I've talked to Harvey on March 5th 2009 told him, "Harvey, you're not just the King of the Yo Yo, you're the King, and the "Greatest of the Great" we always loves you and treasure, valued and cherish our good long friendship forever", he chuckled faintly, as he usually chuckled with me hardily of appreciation of me whenever we talked.  I'm glad I've gave Harvey some happy happiness of how much he is loved forever of his happy face & smiles with subtle laughter as we lovingly appreciate the good spirits of life. Harvey had enjoyed the fullest with longevity of his generation pals.  that Harvey is one of The last of “his era” "genuine honorable patriotically caring good Canadian Chinese citizens, an 'asset' to the Community, Society and Canada as a whole!"
There is so many, many more of the happy stories of throughout the decades are presently flowing through my thoughts warmly of all the wonderful “grassroots Caucasians and Chinese” that cannot be all told herein (see upcoming Faye Leung Storybooks) lives on forever in my heart the friends of Chinatown, My/Our Chinatown, with almond eyes and all as the song goes, in the "Call of China" from our Chinatown......will never be the same good ole Chinatown of our Chinatown as it was as all that had happened in OUR CHINATOWN WITH ALL IN CHINATOWN!! LONG LIVE CHINATOWN, THE ORIGINAL “ONE & ONLY” COLORFUL REAL VANCOUVER CHINATOWN WITH ALL THE GLORIOUS CHINATOWN FAVORS & ENERGY!!

copyright 1986

“LEUNG” handwritten by Dean Chun Kwong Leung”

God Bless Healthy Richly Success
With Good Fortune
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