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to Faye Leung's 3 upcoming storybooks!!
copyright 1986


Faye Leung,
You are a remarkable woman of excellence.

I admire you.
Julliette Yeo

Hi Faye,
Thank you so much. 
You truly are a miracle worker and better than any private investigator!  I hope that my half-sisters would like to meet some time.  I drive up and down from Orange County, California, to the Sunshine Coast, BC.  If my sisters are anywhere on the West Coast, I can go there relatively easily.  The name Sam Sui sounds so familiar from childhood.  My father used to go on and on about Hom-Sui Fau (Vancouver).   Sam Sui was a name that I remember hearing, but cannot place the context.  I will contact him when I am back at the house from a land line.  I am in the office right now, but as soon as I have a block of time to enjoy conversing with Sam-Sui, I will give him a call.  This is most wonderful.


Oct. 18, 2012
Miranda Hill Project Bookmarkmirandahill
Hello Faye Leung,

I want to thank you for coming to the Wayson Choy events this past week and
also for sharing with me your stories from your manuscript. You are a
witness to some very important history in a crucial time in your community
here in Vancouver and in the world. Your perspective is unique and I know
that you have an amazing archive of this time, that you have collected over
many years. It's an honour to have had a chance to meet you.

With thanks and best wishes,

Miranda Hill
Founder and Executive Director Project Bookmark Canada


Mon, 27 May 2013  Ryan Moonie

ryan moonie

Hi Faye remember me!!! 
Hi Faye its Ryan Moonie the gentleman you met at the veiw point above the cliffs by U.B.C. I really enjoyed meeting you. You looking absolutely beautiful in your stylish dress and jacket and your stunning matching hat. You have my email and I live in yaletown. If you would ever like to do lunch or dinner I would love that.
Cool email. I love how you sent the email in pink writing and the Thank you that you left. I don't ride the motorcycle in the rain. I have  1967 chevy camaro I drive. It gets me around LOL... YOU Have a nice week my dear (Ryan Moonie’s Custom-Made Harley Davidson’s Hi-Tech $150,000 motorcycle of distinction, its also fit him well as he’s paralyzed from waist down can ride real well with lots of noise roaring off)!!
March 3rd 2013

You should be the Mayor, I  watched all 4 of your videos speeches includes
the 2 videos by the City of Vancouver videos videotaped live as you spoke
are excellent.  I've watched the people and councilors several times of they
all paid attention and listened...I watched their facial expressions too.
I'm very happy hearing you come out with all the names and dates..When asked
you instantly remembers the names is amazing.  I never doubt your writing
knowledge as you are just great as all you've wrote and I've seen them.  The
Mayor was rude interrupted you, you have something important to say and he
should listen..I really wanted to tell you should be very proud of yourself,
we all are proud of you, thank you very much...

Nick Santoro


ovember 25, 2012

shirley jantzen2

For your website
You look so awesome!
Warmly, Shirley Jansen

February 6, 2011

Dear Mrs. Leung please  find enclosed a copy of the photo with my Daughter   Amylee and yourself  ,  it was a highlight of the festivities seeing you that day and what a wonderful photo it is.      




December 6, 2012

Barnaby thumbnail
Thank you Faye! Love your website...

Karen Barnaby
Food Design, Creator & Vancouver Sun Food Writer


February 25, 2013

Great insight Faye and good history story-telling too; this is a good basis
for the chapter in your book on your business endeavors! Hopefully the Bosa
brothers will accept your excellent suggestion to retain Chinese decor.

So I congratulate you on your attempt below to influence the redevelopment
of your Mandarin Centre area so that it will retain decorations and
exteriors consistent with classical Chinese themes. Your energy and good
will are inspirational



Your Name: John Jung
Your Email:
Subject: Congrats on all your contributions!
Message: Your site is great... you are amazing and inspiring! And, of course, you have great hats.
Best, John Jung

Retired Professor of Psychology with over 40 years of university teaching and research experience in alcohol studies. Currently active researcher and author of 4 books on the history of Chinese American experience in major forms of self-employment in family businesses such as laundries, restaurants, and grocery stores.

February 27, 2013

Hi Faye.              
Thanks for the update. It looks like you're are still a busy lady:-) Keep up the good work. We need more people like you in BC.
I hope you're doing well. Have a nice day.
Guenter & Regina
Ex-Mayor of Spallemcheuma, B.C.


February 25, 2013

Great insight Faye and good history story-telling too; this is a good basis for the chapter in your book on your business endeavours! More generally, your recitation of history hints at a nasty idea, namely that certain elements in business and government have allowed/enabled/tacitly didn't stop the steady degradation of "Vancouver Chinatown" due to the encroachment of an ugly trade in illegal activities, especially drugs and prostitution,   -- so the "city fathers" were complicit in the destruction of a neighbourhood built by Chinese Canadians and immigrant Chinese. Some people may scoff that the City Fathers would have knowingly enabled that degradation of your neighbourhood but the record of history tells that it did happen and is still happening. The terrible activities of Willie Pickton prove that for many years the Vancouver Police tolerated a serial killer amongst a concentration of drug-addicted prostitutes there, which is not much different from the same police and city fathers tolerating a decades-long degradation of an ethnic enclave on land with potentially very high values being so close to Vancouver's burgeoning downtown so that their friends and insiders could capitalize on it. But hopefully the Bosa brothers will accept your excellent suggestion to retain Chinese decor. So I congratulate you on your attempt below to influence the redevelopment of your Mandarin Centre area so that it will retain decorations and exteriors consistent with classical Chinese themes. Your energy and good will are inspirational
John T.

June 26, 2012

Thanks you Faye.  You are truly one of the remarkable figures of Chinese Canadian history. I have very fond memories of your building when it was in its heyday. Wesley Lowe
Re: Mandarin Trade Centre at 601-611-613-619-627 Main Street & 188-198 Keefer Street corner Vancouver, B.C.


October 2011

Photo by: Judith Newbergher-Renaud
Educators for Sensible Drug Policy
of Salt Springs Island
This is how I remember you Faye! 'You ARE the grandest lady in the Liberal parade!! 
I wish you good health and a prosperous New Year! 
I worked as an educator in China. I have fond memories of this grand and mysterious country. 
All the best to you. See you on the Liberal trail, somewhere, sometime, somehow!!
Photo October 2011 by: Judith Newbergher-Renaud, sent February 6, 2013
Educators for Sensible Drug Policy
Judith Newbergher-Renaud
Educators for Sensible Drug Policy

March 3, 2013

I've listed all the videos and read everything you wrote is very
interesting.  I've told many friends, especially few Caucasians friends also
they knows you to enjoy your website too. I wrote as I told my friends of
former Premier Vander Zalm must pay you back, how can he sleep not pay you,
he must pay you compound interest too!!  I enjoy your website.

Rick Lam


March 3, 2013
Great history ! Vander Zalm should paid up for what he owe !!! Plus interest …. $$% to Faye . how could he sleep at night . Someone should send the collection on him


January 23, 2013
Hi auntie Faye Leung, glad you got the invitation. You must be there, there will be your photo also in the exhibition as an important person for Chinatown.


Faye & elwin
sid elwin
Sid (video) & Elwin (audio) at Wayson Choy Tribute

March 2, 2013

Excellent speech at city hall.
Sid  did an excellent job of recording and editing your presentation.

 Yonge Nerrisa

June 22, 2012
Hi nice to hear your good works in Chinatown and I was there at the time doing my inspection work and had the privilege of meeting your husband, son etc for chats and coffee...
How are you doing i.e. with your residence etc... regards,

My son graduated from high school and my daughter from waiting for them all to get jobs and leave mom and dad for retirement too...

Nerissa & Yonge Wong


February 26, 2013

Thanks Faye for being the person you are. Wesley Lowe
Sent by iPad                                                      


February 16, 2013


Dear Faye, I've just looked at the New Year interview with you and Sid online, really great clip! Beautiful interview, messages. Thank you! Happy New Year!
Irene Hu image003                                   
February 4, 2013
Dear Faye:
Thank you for your beautiful message and happy blessings of good luck and more happiness.
Carol Wong
You make my day—honestly!
A big hug to you

March 3, 2013

 Andrew Faye2

I've watched all the videos. It's an awesome website, I've shown it to several
friends too. Thank you Faye!

Andrew Fong


January 31, 2013,
It was really nice meeting you at our Robbie Burns Chinese New Year Banquet on Sunday, Mrs. Leung. I just finished putting all the photographs on my Facebook account to let everybody look at all the photographs and am now sitting down to do the individual ones to send off to people by e-mail.
I am enclosing herewith the one I took of you at the Feng Jian Photo Exhibition Launch last Saturday and will be forwarding more from the Banquet when I get around to it the next few days.
Your book projects sound really good and if you need anyone to proofread or edit for you, I would be more than happy to work something out with you. I used to be the English Editor at Oxford University Press and am notorious for being meticulous about grammar and sentence structures and all that.
Anyway, here is your first photograph to start off.
Caroline Y.M. Ng


Hi Elwin It was a pleasure to finally meet Faye. She sure has a sharp memory and interesting story teller! She gave me her card so I will be sending these photos to her too.
Enclosed: Kathleen's Picasa photo album of the Jane Feng's Photo exhibit at the Chinese Cultural Centre on Jan. 26, 2013

Jane Feng - Photo Exhibit - January 26, 2013

You are invited to view Kath LEE's photo album: 
Jane Feng - Photo Exhibit - January 26, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 by Kath LEE
View Album  Play slideshow 
If you are having problems viewing this email, copy and paste the following into your browser:
To share your photos or receive notification when your friends share photos, get your own free Picasa Web Albums account.



January 26, 2013
Hi Faye That was the golden day, the good old time, glory time yesterday when I was young!!!!! So much happy time and so much things you have done!!!!  So much remember.  

Kenneth Lam,CGA,Sr. Partner LamHum & Associates Inc. 238-237 Keefer Street Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6A 1X6 


January 26, 2013
Faye I think it is wonderful that you are recording your history this way - you have so much to tell! The item about Dave Barrett removing the restrictions is priceless and NOT mentioned in the Meggs-Mickleburg book . . .    plus numerous other passages that reflect a new perspective on the old times. You are getting things down in your own words - getting them down is key; they can be edited later. And you are hitting on important issues too. The passage below contains several snippets of information for a chapter that should be focussed on you,
John T.                                                                   


 just andrew3

January 26, 2013
Yes tell them the real story ! SOCK THEM ONE : )
Andrew Sent from my iPhone                                    

January 24, 2013

Dear Faye,                                                       ... these are wonderful stories!!! I've read it few times, I am a bit overwhelmed and so touched... I have got many pictures of you with your husband in my head... YES! It nice to see Chinatown without the hassle, no Georgia Street cutting through... Wonderful what you have done to stop that happening in the past. I have also listened to the audio clip, I think it's sounds great! ... I got so inspired by your stories and successes... images are flying about around and in my head )) Thanks˙·٠•●♥ ƸӜƷ I wonder if you would be available to meet me for coffee at  your convenience. Have a nice day,


Jan. 23, 2013

Dear Faye,                                         My name is Irene, I am an artist from The Nederlands, with Chinese background. I have move to Vancouver (from Belgium) for 6 years now. I have two children, 9 and 13 years. 
I become more attentive with what happens in Chinese community here. So I have heard some wonderful stories about you, via Sid Tan on facebook, and other friends. It wonderful to see you as an Asian woman with strong influence to many of groups and Asian and non Asian people. I'd like to meet you or have an information interview with you. I have an art exhibition in March in UBC (non commercial), And I would like to present you as a role model for many "weak", "dependable" (Asian) women, in an artistic way . Would you agree to meet with me for a coffee chat? Yours sincerely, Irene

January 2, 2013,
I enjoyed looking at your website and watching the first video you have posted on the site, and can see you have many interesting and culturally enriching experiences to share.
I'm excited to talk with you further about your wonderful books. Looking forward to you next email.
Happy 2013!
Warm Wishes,
Athena Lake


January 2, 2013

Dear Faye:                                         
Happy New Year and the very best to you in 2013!
It was sure nice to see you this evening at Jerry's get together.
You looked lavish & young as always!
Here are some photos taken tonight for your viewing pleasure as promised.  Enjoy!
Warm regards,
Mankin & Gary (Ladd)



Hello Faye..
Regina and myself hope that you had a Merry Christmas and wish you all the best and a prosperous new Year 2013.
I have checked your website which contains a lot of information. Well done. I have also watched  some of your videos posted on You Tube . Excellent. your tubeube channel 
I'm still very active, like you :-)  , in many different fields.
Again all the Best for the new year 2013 from
Guenter & Regina Rieger

ken lam photo

December 31, 201

Hi Faye         

Nice job!
Kenneth Lam LamHum & Associates Inc. 238-237 Keefer Street Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6A 1X6
December 7, 2013

Subject: New website   Message: Congratulations Faye, that is a great deal of work done on your website, and very interesting, but why post everything for free? Now who will buy your books?? However I did notice at the end of the Vander Zalm section that you are seeking sponsors.... Good luck with that too eh. I also noticed numerous spelling errors, some are minor but some are of people's names, like Couvelier. You still need a editor
Kind regards, John Twigg

March 16, 2013
John Twigg:  graciousness bestowed upon Faye Leung as “National British Columbia Treasure”  of the contributions by Faye Leung

Hi Faye... great to still see you active on your website...great story and great pics...
Best regards, the wong family,yonge,Nerissa ,Krystal ,Nicholas and Derek
Happy Christmas and New Year
We are spending some time in Las Vegas this weekend and maybe longer there...
How are you doing and any updates on what’s going on...haven’t talked to you  a LONG time...


nancy nila sign2
Dearest Faye,
A gazillion thank yous to you, Faye Leung, for bringing such class to the cruise and for your beauty, brains, stamina, courage and power!
We love you,
Nila and Nancy


December 7, 2012

 Dear Faye
What a remarkable woman, a wonderful life full of love, energy, honours.
Wish you good health and happiness.

September 22, 2013


Thank you very much Faye! It was a real and unexpected treat to meet you. I hope our paths cross again and remember to wear your rain hat when it rains!
Karen Sent from my iPhone
Karen Barnaby
Karen Barnaby, Renowned Chef Vancouver Sun Food Writer, Food Creator,
Executive Chef Fish House (by Stanley Park Tennis Court)


September 11, 2012

Thank you Faye for sending the text (Chinese Veterans fought for freedom, Dean & Faye fought for equality & economic developments) which I believe is meant to be a draft of a section of your forthcoming book. It contained a lot of interesting information and would be the basis for a very readable section in a book of similar stories - though they would need a editing as we have previously discussed.
Your book project still intrigues me and I wish you well with it - if you keep on producing chapters like this one you/we could soon have a draft manuscript that could be shopped around to publishers. Though your primary market is British Columbia the potential for producing a best-seller for the Peoples Republic market could be hugely lucrative. And that is only for the first of what could become a series of such books!
Kind regards and best wishes John
PS: did you notice that Bill Vander Zalm is suing Lloyd's of London to try to make them pay for the judgement against him in the Ted Hughes case?


September 3, 2012
Good morning Faye:
Thank you very much for your article that dedicates to the awareness of the `Chinese boys` contribution to the war effort in WW2. Little did these young `Chinese boys` know that their sacrifice many with their lives would let to the changing course of the Canadian government`s policy on Chinese and other minorities` rights in Canada. Not only now Chinese receive the long deserved equalities that they did not have before but other minorities also benefit from these `Chinese boys` who have help to rewrite a bitter page in Canadian history. 


July 21, 2012

Hi Faye,
It was my sincere great pleasure to have met with you in person during this special occasion.
Should you require my assistance in making video and photographic coverage in the future, I can be reached at:
By all means if you would like to put your picture that I've taken for you in your book, you may certainly do so, you have my permission.

Armand Suryadinata

Dear Faye,

Congratulations! You look GREAT!
Please keep up the good work!
Best regards,

Richard Wong

July 21, 2012
Good  Morning Faye
Those wonderful pictures !- it was so great to see your beautiful smiling face!



 July 14, 2012

Hello Ms. Faye,  

This is Elisa Henao from the premier's picnic this past Monday.  It was a great pleasure and honour to meet you!  Since introducing Rick Lam into the coffee business, I've been fortunate to be introduced to some very fascinating people like yourself, and your friend Grant Wheeler.
I really enjoyed your energy and felt very inspired by you.  I hope to have the chance to rub shoulders with you again :)
I hope you're enjoying our special coffee, and if you're not, please bug Rick to make sure you get more!
I wish you a fantastic weekend and I look forward to speaking with you again~

Many Blessings,
Elisa Henao


July 12 2012
Harry with Premier Christy Clark at July 9th BBQ

Dear Friends,
I want to personally thank you for attending the successful barbecue with Premier Christy Clark.
It was a beautiful day in British Columbia, with over 200 supporters who joined me and my fellow MLAs to hear our Premier Christy Clark speak passionately about BC’s future.
I was delighted to see you there and I want to thank you for your support at this successful event.
Please don’t hesitate to contact my office if you need any assistance.
Thank you,

Harry Bloy, MLA


July 13, 2012  


Celebrating the 145th anniversary for the founding of CANADA
Hi Blake , I met your friend Faye Leung at this Banquet & over 1000 of us had a great time in attending.
               I have an extra book for you as well as a write up on Faye for you as well. Faye is also
               writing a Book & she spent a lot of her time standing up as many, many people ( as well
               as me & the people at our table asking to have our pictures taken with Faye )
Best Regards Blake
 Gerry Larsen



Hi Faye

I saw the wonderful photo of you in the Courier Newspaper of Friday October 19th.  You continue to astonish me with how your beautiful smile is always there for all to see.  Wayson is a fantastic writer and I'm so glad that you were there to fete him.




October 19, 2012
Actually Faye - I have been thinking of you lately because I am trying to figure out how to do a documentary on you.  I've been able to bring down the costs to $50,000 which will get us as good a quality as I did for Douglas Jung but now need to figure out if we can do it cheaper and who might be able to donate to help get things going. Wesley Lowe

June 21, 2012

It was nice to see you at the Simon Fraser University Convocation on June 14.  You and Dean have done important things in this city. Keep well and active as always.
Gloria Gutman
Simon Fraser University Faculty


July 26, 2012

Great pictures.  Thank you for sharing.  I hope all is well.

Consul General of Canada, Guangzhou China Canadian Consulate

Hello Faye
It was great to have dinner with you on Friday and we enjoyed meeting with you and hearing your stories. We look forward to the release of your new book and good luck with the pre-sales. It’s not over until the “Hat lady Sings”.
David Webster
2415 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, B.C. V7V 1L3
Tel: 604-922-1622 Ext 102  Fax: 604-922-3584
Cellular: 604-889-9075


July 12, 2012
Wendy L and Faye 2

Hi Faye
I got an email from Ben and also jake. Jake noticed you had the wrong email for me.  Now you have.
It would be cool to see your hat selection. Have you ever been photographed with you amidst all your hats? If not and you are interested, I could be persuaded to design and do a photo shoot you could use for your books or other publicity use...
I was a professional photographer in Edmonton, Alberta in my own business for 11 years - worked in the advertising industry for Baker lovick and goodies Goldberg advertising agencies. I set up, directed, shot and printed photographs for publication- front covers, publication runs of 10,000, ads in Time magazine.....
After 20 some years of marriage I am 0
On my own, starting over and needing to find my place and a way to support myself.  I see beauty even when i am not looking things had to stop to photograph you. I have an excellent eye for detail and love to show others the beauty in themselves - as a professional photographer  and/or as  a life coach.
Any leads or direction you could provide in this area would be most helpful
It was delightful to meet you.
Wendy L.

On 22-Sep-12,
nancy carson

Hope this finds you well. We enjoyed your company so much on the cruise, Faye!
Best wishes,


 September 22, 2012

It was our pleasure. You were charming and fun and gracious, and it was so great to have you on board. I think you were the real star of the show.
Thanks for being such a loyal Vancouver Sun reader.
All the best.

Shelley Fralic
The Vancouver Sun Suite 1 – 200 Granville St. Vancouver, B.C. V6C 3N3


Well it was really nice to meet you have a picture of you and I you can send?
Robert James Hornquist

Faye, thanks for the kind words. We are so glad you were able to join us to celebrate our 100th birthday. Best wishes!
Bent, Kevin,
CEO & Publisher,
Vancouver Sun  (PNG) and  Connie Spear ) September 24, 12 

September 26, 12
It was such a pleasure getting to chat with you throughout the cruise. I hope we can keep in touch and perhaps make time for a cup of tea one of these days.
All the best,

 Steve Bell-Irving  HKin’07
Development Coordinator: Athletics  |  UBC Development and Alumni Engagement
Vancouver, BC  Canada V6T 1Z1
Grandson of former British Columbia Lt. Gov. Bell-Irving 

It was our pleasure and honour to meet you J
We love your hats too!
Kind regards,
Lesley Durrant
Office Administrator
Fred C. Lowther Family Law

September 26 2012
It was our pleasure.
October 4, 12
Shelley Fralic
The Vancouver Sun

October 4, 2012
You’re welcome
Scott Brown, Vancouver Sun  sports editor


October 4, 2012
Thank you, Faye!
Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!
May you be blessed for all your kindness and good will.
Nila and Nancy

October 8, 2012

Dear Faye
Thank for the Thanksgiving greetings.  The photo from the cruise is so very lovely. You are Beautiful as always!!


Happy Thanks Giving, Faye. So glad to see you well loved by so many. You are a very popular lady.
God bess you.
October 8, 2012


Hi Faye,
I’m learning a lot from your writing.
just to add to your history
1.       Vancouver Chinatown Lions Club was sponsored into Lionism by Vancouver Burrard Lions Club.  Lions International approved the Charter in December 1953.  The Club Charter was presented to the Club’s Board of Directors in January 1954

Jim Wong-Chu

Hi Faye,  Do you know what year -   . known as “Lucky Star Drug Store/”Fook Sing Yut Fong” at 41 East Pender Street opened? Jim 10/12/12

Faye wrote: “Jane’s Teas Shop at 41 East Pender Street, originally was, (as discriminated against the Chinese,) not allowed to be Pharmacists, caused my father Leong Chap Kwong with Dr. Philip Chu financed Chinese Pharmacist Yat Yee Samuel Lim”

January 27, 2013 
Irene Hu, Councillor Kerry Jang and Faye Leung


CCC museum-January 26, 2013


Feb. 6, 2013

Irene Hu   1unicorn “Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.” --Khalil Gibran

From: Andrea Burk Sent: Monday, March 18, 2013 9:43 PM To: 'Faye Leung' Subject: RE: Year of the Snake Prosper Healthy 2013 Joyous Always 恭贺新禧年年快乐福寿康乐
Thank you FayeJ  I am still so happy Kes and I saw you at the bus stop on Georgia the night of the full moon festival – what a blessing that was.
What a beautiful picture!  I’m curious, what does the year of the Snake bring for a person born in the year of the Dog like myself??
Wishing you continuous prosperity, love and light – which I know you have much of!!
Andrea Burk


November 6, 2012
You took 20 years to get your stories books to be out?  Then I told you to call up Jeffrey Lau to write you $10,000 cheque for your book
Joe Segal,
January 10, 2013
You still haven’t gotten your books published?  You better hurry…
Hon. Grace McCarthy,
Former Deputy Premier, MLA, Minister of Labor
February 27, 2013
I love the photos you sent in- keep it coming
Re: Photos in the Briefs to Mr. Mayor and Councilors of Chinatown Viaduct, 611-633 Main St Rezone HA-to CD-1
Councilor Raymond Louie
March 28, 2013
HI Faye
I have certainly enjoyed reading your emails with your history here in Vancouver. I must tell you a story when my parents brought my sister and I to the Marco Polo restaurant which you will remember was down stairs at the corner of Pender and Columbia street, Right were Bob Lee had his Channel M building
When I walked in at an age of 13 being the same physical size as I am today 5 feet 11 inches tall I took one look at that buffet and said to myself they are going to lose money tonight. Why? I love prawn and I must have eaten one whole tray myself.
Dave Roels
Convention and Portrait Photographer

March 28, 2013
Amazing compliments and comments..on the Street of Downtown Vancouver…March 28, 2013

On the bus,
on Granville Street and on Georgia Streets,
different people from different walks of life, ladies, men, couples called Faye…several said the same thing as: ”haven’t seen you a long time….How are you and what are you up to?  Love your hat..Your Easter Bonnet? Your books said years ago… when is it coming??  You look marvelous just the same as before…Happy Easter, Best Wishes Easter!!
P.S. And: tens of thousands strangers, the general public, includes businessmen, ladies & men young and old of all different nationalities, includes elder Chinese gentlemen and women, all walks of life, years after year since continued to-days complimented “Love your Hat” “You’re pretty”
A young man: “at Granville and Howe Streets” one evening 9:30 P.M. “Faye, See you gives me hope, there’s still hope, you inspire me…
love your hat and your style, thanks…”
Another young man half block away: Called out to Faye, "you make me feel good see your outfit and lovely hat…"
Translink Bus Driver Faye boarded the bus: What a magnificent hat!  Wow the best most magnificent ever repeated several times on and off the bus.
Bus #9771 Driver
Another Translink Bus: An Iranian Bus Driver:  You make me very happy see you beautiful and beautiful hat you make people happy by your style are from within your good heart you make people happy as you are happy as shown by your style  
Return Translink Bus, Young Bus Driver: said with gusto: Love your style and hat, you really make me feel real good, by seeing you as you are dressed!

March 9, 2013
Judge Alfred Scow’s Pews mate at Christ Church Cathedral
You have the most gorgeous hat, you’re the winner at New York Easter Parade…you must go New York Easter Parade wearing your win!!
Love your hats
February 17, 2013
I know you more than 30 years, to-day you look exactly as 30 years ago, just as young and active with energy, how do you do it, I’m amaze each time
I see you you’re the same, you haven’t change at all…
Raymond Leung
President- Leung Association of Canada
March 22, 2013
Faye Leung’s Exclusive Hotel Georgia Stories…Chinese months long Hotel Guests, R.Z. Yung Industrialist, Chinese Weddings, Balls, Restaurants etc.
Its being a very long, long, long time …haven’t met with you chat…I love to chat with you, call me, to-day is Friday, call me next week, I’m
tied up Monday, Tuesday to Friday, at my direct number…
Steve Hallidays,
Managing Directors,
Rosewood Hotel Georgia   

March 16, 2013
John Twigg:  graciousness bestowed Faye Leung as the “National British Columbia Treasure”  of the contributions by Faye Leung
March 13, 2013
Look at you, next time I have to bring my camera.  Bless you, you deserves Blessed

4 things:
You’re loyal and caring for your culture and people
Your memory is excellent
Your mind is sharp
You record and writing it all down is marvelous and just great
Dr. Stanley Sunshine

September 5, 2012
Herbert Lim, S.A.S. Force 136, S.O.E.
to Chinese Veterans September 5, 2012
Faye Leung was in the photos with the Veterans in Chinatown Luncheon Canada Day Celebration
Forwarded are the submissions/contributions to both the Chinese Veterans and the Community by Faye Leung which many may unaware.
 Raymond Chow

March 5, 2013
What a lovely website
Raymond Chow
(Raymond Chow photo in Chinese Vets Elmer took in Dec. 10 ? 2012

March 4, 2013
Dear Faye!
It is a wonderful documentation of the history and precedents in Chinatown, and all of your hard work. I regret that it has been too long since we saw each other last - I have been busy spending time with royalty.  I also found a picture of us from the 2011 Campaign Gala for Joe Carangi.
The story of Chinatown made me think that we should get together for dim-sum soon!  
How are you keeping and when can we get together?
D. Matthew Millar 
Chairman & CEO 
February 25, 2013
That's was a great article Faye thanks a zillion GOD BLESS !
I can hardly wait for your book!
Sent from my iPhone
Andrew Fong   

March 30, 2012
I just look into your website..its wonderful….now has lots more stuffs and lovely pictures …very interesting..
Andrew Fong

March 30, 2013
On the bus stop at Granville in front of Holt Renfrew: a gracious elder lady came up to Faye smiling:
“I remember you well and watched you on look good, you look the don’t change…
You done for Vander Zalm …spoke in her heavy European accent, graciously compliments Faye..
March 30, 2013
Janice & colleague & others
I love your hat..Just your Easter Bonnet/Hat…Happy Easter…

Thanks so much Faye. No one could forget meeting you.  
As many people would agree, you are an important part not only of Chinatown, but of Vancouver's character. 
(also, years ago I had an amazing day with Jack Chow who told me about how he was an "intern" with you).
Hope to see you later this spring.
Nathan Edelson
 Former City of Vancouver Historical Planner
April 7, 2013

April 5, 2013
I remember you, your hat, and as you are, you are the same, same look, never changed! The moment I saw you I know who you are, to remember your name…
Jackie Lam,
City of Vancouver East Wing 3/floor

April 10, 2013


Looking at your photos, Polly and I congratulate you!
You are still very attractive & have plenty of vital energy. Maybe your work keeps you young?
Taipei city is changing everyday - almost five thousand Chinese Mainlanders come to look at the sight-seeing spots.
For fear of aging, we  exercise quite often to keep our health- as well as
contribute articles to our local newspapers.

Heaven blesses you with longevity & we wish you well !

Sincerely yours,

K. C. Peng & wife Polly
Former Taiwan Stock Exchanges International Director & Teacher April 13, 2013


April 13, 2013

20120630 071

Miss Faye Leung梁慧超女士惠鑑: 您好!
        我很高興告訢您知·我 出版之<盧勁纯自書詩詞集>
: 盧勁纯与作家書畫家務事藝術家合照选登之一·现附件付上·請多賜教. 好!
    祝   阖府開心快樂          盧勁純  

 Miss: Faye Leung Respectfully: Ni Hao!

I wish to advise you that I’m so honoured and happy, that I a photo of you inserted in my book with all the other artists and authors.

I’m very happy to advise you of my published book of <Collection of Calligraphy Musings and Provocations By: Kinson Lu>
Kinson Lu with the authors, artists, arts, calligraphers chose photos together.
I now forward the herein attachments to you, please advise & your guidance, Best!

Blessing Your Family Happiness and …Kinson Lu


ALSO THE LOVELY COMMENTS FROM ARTIST GERRY THOMPSON photo with her in my green outfit everybody loves…And the photos James Cooper took includes my shoes/leg and hat as he wanted the whole green outfit!  I have received lovely 53-60 compliments from different nationalities young & old, elders, middle-age, gentlemen, ladies, on the street strangers, the guests and staffs at 3 different functions I attended, includes Tourism Richmond reception and Shanghai International Gallery Arts Exhibits Opening: Quote the People:
“I love you in your green elegant outfit, love the green hat, love your green sparkling shoes, green with red polka dots ruffles front & sleeves blouse stylish looks as you ‘walk out of Vogue magazine’…
you’re more elegant than Queen Elizabeth…you’re royalty…You’re the Queen..
LOVE YOUR LOOKS …each time you’re in different colors style and different hats!
you look great, you never changed are exactly as years ago..
love you and you’re beautiful & pretty
You look fabulous in your elegance stylish looks
We know who you are and your hats is so great: from distinguish executives, presidents, managers, officials etc.
Please take a photo with me in your beautiful hat I just love your hat and admire your accomplishments
You’re fabulous and stunning
Fantastic outfit, shoes and hat
Look at the ruby red sequin shoes, like Judy Garland in Wizard of Oz..look at the dress fabric!
Great look, I see the elegant extraordinary pretty hat, must be Faye Leung
Compliments appreciate and admires Faye Leung….unquote….
I also has received in 3 different days separate phone calls from Ian Cheung, Quote:
“Faye you have many outfits, hats & shoes, I love best your green most elegant noble smart outfit you worn at the reception the other day.  Wear again!...


What a magnificent hat, made my day glow within…. happy.
Your gorgeous hat and outfit shows your beautiful good heart!
Joyful lovely person….
Bus Driver #19 Route - George
June 8, 2013:
International Village young man: This is the most marvelous hat anywhere
Gold top hat with large blue sapphire oval stone, fuchsia & pink feathers & nets,
Gold and lavender large roses and sparkle shine silver green sequins on fuchsia
Hat band…Love your very pretty hat.
….Young middle age guy


Subject: congratulation









“LEUNG” handwritten by Dean Chun Kwong Leung”

God Bless Healthy Richly Success
With Good Fortune
Faye Leung梁慧超敬上
Faye Leung Investment, Consulting & Marketing Group
And: Dean & Faye Leung Health & Education Foundation…est: 1988 non profit
Tel: 604-266-1945 Fax: 604-266-3902 Email;;
P.O. Box 4815 Vancouver, B.C. V6B 4A4

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