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Ex- BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm/Fantasy Gardens

Faye Leung’s upcoming storybook:


Original Carton Drawing by Olsen in Courier Newspaper…1992

“Sham Bam Thank you Ma’am” & this cartoon by Olsen ’92 printed
on Faye Leung Fan Club’s Fans “limited editions” collectors’ T-Shirts

“Faye Leung for Premier” badge in various colors with laces, nets, flowers,
handcrafted by a Fan in Langley, B. C. sold in Vancouver Robson Streets stores
during Canada B.C. Premier Vander Zalm’s disgraced resignation in 1992, he
was the 1st in the Commonwealth Countries a Premier in office forced to resign.

Follows Premier Vander Zalm’s resignation as Premier, Premier Mike Harcourt,
and follows Premier Glen Clark all forced resigned during each Premierships…
….“Adage Child Song end as:” Ring around a rosy, pocket full of posey, all falls down!”…..

Billionaire Tan Yu at Dean & Faye Leung's home August 3, 1990, & Robert Lee
CLICK TO PLAY AUDIO Tan Yu at our home

Premier Vander Zalm, Billionaire Tan Yu...Fantasy Gardens
Photo by Dean Leung: August 2, 1990..

Faye Leung upcoming storybook entitled:

Faye Leung Hat Lady Sings-

Adage: "it ain’t over till the fat lady sings"...



Premier Vander Zalm, Faye Leung, August 2, 1990
Sgt. Bernie "Whistling" Smith, driver for Social Credit
Premier Vander Zalm awaited at Westin Bayshore Inn
for hours Premier Vander Zalm, with Faye Leung,
Billionaire Tan Yu, Lillian Vander Zalm, Dean Leung
Robert Lee meeting in Westin Bayshore Inn suite
and dinner at Trader's Vic Faye's sale Fantasy Gardens

Wedman McGall

“Fantasy Gardens”
by Stuart McCall and Neil Wedman
Opening Reception at Richmond Art Gallery
Richmond, B.C.
January 27-April 1, 2012


In front of “star witness” Faye Leung’s portrait huge loose-leaf book with the handwritten letters ‘back-to-back’ between Faye & ex-Premier Vanderzalm (almost) daily in the year of Faye’s business plan & sale of the Fantasy Gardens and the documents was complied by then-prosecutor on ex-Premier Vander Zalm’s criminal breach of trust, breach of office, conflict of interest trial

Neil Wedman
Witness Faye Leung



Gordon Dowding, 29 years MLA, former House Speaker, lawyer photographed as shown Neil Wedman’s pencil drawing Faye Leung portrait hung as: “Honoured” in the Supreme Court of British Columbia’s Barrister & Solicitor’s Lounge.. “The 1st as a non-lawyer, a civilian’s photo/portrait hung in the Supreme Court Lawyer’s lounge…uniquely 1st historically legally and politically combined of a prominent politician ex-Premier Vander Zalm on trail. Respectfully Faye Leung as “heroine” honoured by the lawyers, the public, include the Social Credit Party of then Premier Vander Zalm ruined its Government longevity, and 1st time in the Commonwealth a Premier in-office forced resigned in disgrace…Faye Leung single-handedly changed B.C. politics forever have had made the public more award of the political governments in Canada

This herein Faye Leung's portrait drawing with the huge loose-leaf book's context are of Faye & former Premier Vander Zalm's handwritten letters to each other, almost daily to a year, of the Fantasy Gardens sale by Faye Leung, was compiled by then-prosecutor for Faye as witness in Vander Zalm's criminal breach of trust trial. This Faye's portrait was honored hung in the Supreme Court of British Columbia's Barrister & Solicitor's lounge...Which it’s the 'first' of a non-lawyer, a civilian's photo/portrait allowed hung in the Supreme Court's lawyers' lounge...was quite an honour to Faye Leung as respectfully honoured as "heroine" by the lawyers, & the public, include the Social Credit Party that Vander Zalm ruined its Government longevity reigned in B.C. Parliament...of Faye single-handedly changed B.C. politics forever which made the public more aware of political governments in Canada.


Faye Leung "Star Witness" Premier Vander Zalm Breach of Trust
Breach of Office, Conflict of Interest Trial summer 1991
STAR LIMO courtesy Limo drove Faye Leung to events
arrives 'red carpet' to court witness of Vander Zalm
continued floods of media followed Faye and daily at front
door of Faye's home 6088 Fremlin Street, as security eh!

Faye Leung's pencilled drawn portrait by Neil Wedman as 'witness' at Premier Vander Zalm'sBreach of Public Office, Breach of Trust, Conflict of Interest, photo: June 18, 1992



Did you notice in the media in September 2012 that Vander Zalm is suing Lloyd's of London to try to make them pay for the judgment of $60,000 against him he lost in the Ted Hughes case?



Faye Leung June 1992 "Mark & Kevin Local Anxiety Satire"
performed & sang together at "All MLAs Banquet" and "Opens
International Comedy Festival" with Mark written special song;

Kevin wearing the Faye Leung Fan Club designed & produced
T-Shirt written with; "Zalm Bam Thank You Ma'dam" and the hat
Faye Leung worn as a witness at ex-Premier Vander Zalm’s
Breach of Trust, Breach of Public Office, Conflict of Interest trial.
Vancouver Courier Newspapers Cartoonist Olsen drawn the cartoon
of this Faye's hat with Vander Zalm on top of Faye's hat with a nail
pierced through him as appeared in Courier Newspapers 1992

Mark & Kevin wrote a special song for Faye Leung "I FOUGHT THE PREMIER"
sang together at Faye Leung invited Opens the International Comedy Festival
in Vancouver 1992

Mark Leiren-Young, songwriter wrote the song "I fought the Premier" & Faye Leung- June 14, 2012

Government House
Faye Leung and billionaire Tan Yu seated on this same
Chesterfield on September 1, 1990 at Premier Vander Zalm
As Premier demanded Lt. Gov. David Lam host luncheon as of
he has Premier power in the Government to impress billionaire Tan Yu

Premier Vander Zalm political satire:
"I fought the Premier" written by Mark & Kevin for Faye sang together Opens International Comedy Festival
and at the All MLAs Banquet etc...The lyric pinned on Faye's fan with her...Quote: "stunning outfit & hat, I feel like royalty escort her to our performances.....unquote Mark at opens comedy festival..

    "I Fought the Premier"  ... part of the song herein attached :-written by Mark & Kevin
Song written by Mark- Grandson of prominent Ben Wosk, son of ex Councillor Carol Wosk


LA:                 I fought the Premier
FAYE:            and I say
LA:                  I fought the Premier
FAYE:             but I swear it was self defence
LA:                 I fought the Premier
FAYE:            and they say it was a capita offence
LA;                 She's a major media fixture
FAYE:            Soon to be a motion picture
LA:                Every day she's on TV
FAYE:          They say I'm most famous woman in B.C.
LA:                She's the most famous woman in B.C.
LA:                 AND I SAY
LA:                 I fought the Premier
FAYE:            And now I've got a bunch of fans
LA:                 I fought the Premier
FAYE:            And I've got some major plans
LA & FAYE:    I fought the Premier
FAYE:            And you ain't seen nothin' yet
LA:                 I fought the Premier
FAYE:            case I didn't get no commission
LA:                I fought the Premier
FAYE:            It became my personal mission
KEVIN:          All around in our hometown they're saying she brought Bill down
                           She went and sold Bill's Fantasy but she didn't get no money
FAYE:            I didn't get no money
FAYE:            and I say
LA:                 I fought the Premier
Faye:             but I swear it was self defence
LA:                 I fought the Premier
FAYE:            and they say it was a capital offence
LA:                Vander Zalm got the twenty grand
                     for what we'll never know
FAYE:           He got twenty grand and I got nothing 
LA:                And now she's on every TV show; she's ever on radio.!            

CLICK TO PLAY AUDIO Blue Hat with red flower

Dean & Faye Leung tour Fantasy Garden Biblical Garden May 10, 1988
owners B.C. Premier Vander Zalm & wife Lillian Vander Zalm
Photo taken at Fantasy Gardens by San Francisco,California tourists 
Dean's Hong Kong classmate Walter Pang & wife Zoe on May 10, 1988
Before Premier Vander Zalm's political & string of legal cases turmoil episodes
& Fantasy Gardens in dire straight toward bankruptcy that Vander Zalm's
B.C. Government Premier wages serves Fantasy Gardens afloat! 

Faye Leung and billionaire Tan Yu seated on this same
chesterfield on September 1, 1990 as Premier Vander Zalm
demanded that Lt. Gov. David Lam host a luncheon as
Premier in power in the Government to impress billionaire Tan Yu.
Purchase his Fantasy Gardens sale by Faye Leung


ZALM SUED & LOST in the Supreme Court of British Columbia former

The City of Richmond Art Gallery Exhibition January 26 to April 1, 2012,
Richmond icon Fantasy Gardens & Faye Leung's penciled portraits drawings & others and of former Premier Vander Zalm info:

Faye Leung 1991 of Premier Vander Zalm Fantasy Gardens

Neil Wedman's pencil drawings portrait of Faye Leung and others, ...that Faye Leung has never seen the originals, as appeared only in the media, except of a photo by former lawyer, British Columbia Government House Speaker & Member of the Legislature/MLA, the Hon. Gordon Dowding had photographed for Faye as shown hung in the Supreme Court lawyers' lounge of uniquely first historically legally and political combined of a prominent politician on trial.   

Richmond Art Gallery presents: "Neil Wedman's drawings & Stuart McCall's photographs created almost 20 years apart, in spite of their different treatment of recording history, share an irony in their documentation of public spectacle of a failed Premier and a tattered theme park with a name that includes "Fantasy" in its title.  Both artists share a stake in how that history is remembered; Wedman was recording 'history' live, as it was being made, and McCall recorded the ruins of history many years later. Wedman's light pencil drawings carry the authority of documentation and provide an elegant counter point to the weight of McCall's richly dense almost melancholy landscapes.  Together they present a portrait of a poignant history."


and photographs and on their lengthy wall chronicled most interestingly the FULL HISTORY FROM THE BEGINNING OF EACH YEAR TO THE PRESENT of Richmond City's icon Fantasy Gardens was owned by the former Premier Vander Zalm. Who had commissioned "Faye Leung to sell his Fantasy Gardens Worlds". Faye, a Specialist, created her "specialty" custom-tailored multi-levels feasible business plan sold $16 million to Taiwan & Philippine Billionaire Tan Yu. (Vander Zalm purchased Fantasy Gardens at $1.7 million (see on the RAG's wall & other records details)

Vander Zalm took from the lawyer's trust account of Faye's sold the Fantasy Gardens commission, syndicated & consultant fees of $1.6 million all of which was Faye Leung hard work & in-depth tough negotiations in Taiwan, Philippines, Vancouver and Richmond the whole year work earned that Vander Zalm had pocketed. (Faye Leung never received one cent Vander Zalm took/stole all of the aforesaid). Vander Zalm spend Faye's fees & commission earned, he took says its in his trust.. but he stolen.

Premier & Lillian Vander Zalm, Dean Leung, Billionaire Tan Yu, Robt Lee
Exclusive Photo by Faye Leung, never released...never prior seen
Premier Vander Zalm await for the "FAMOUS BROWN ENVELOPE"
oF US$20,000. Billionaire Tan Yu instructed Dean Leung counted
and laid on this coffee table for Premier Vander Zalm 'scooped up' stacks
& the middle of the night at Westin Bayshore Inn Suite

See Faye Leung's upcoming storybook: Entitled:
Faye Leung The Hat Lady Sings: Premier Vander Zalm, Billionaire Tan Yu..
.... Fantasy Gardens....

Adage: it ain't over till the fat lady sings!!!!

On January 30 to February 10, 2012 The Vancouver Sun Newspapers, The Province, The Canadian Press across Canada news..And February 2, 2012 The
Globe and Mail Newspapers article title:

"VANDER ZALM DESCRIBES CAREEER-KILLING 'ENVELOPE' OF CASH AMID LAWSUIT being sued for defaming then conflict of interest commissioner Ted Hughes who led to his demise:

This trail's lawyers questioned Vander Zalm of "worldwide very well-known of the brown envelop/bag of the US$20,000." Which Vander Zalm did not tell Commissioner Ted Hughes Enquiry's interview of received US$20,000. Vander Zalm was called back twice interrogation of US$20,000, as recorded of the telephone conversations between Vander Zalm and Faye on the tapes in the possession of Commissioner Ted Hughes. Vander Zalm in court refused tell to the Judge and Jury the truth of this US$20,000 when he was examined by the lawyers.  Vander Zalm gave false answers and still lied in court as in
public throughout the years and libeled Faye. (see media daily news reported Vander Zalm's trial)

Faye always told the truth of as then-Vander Zalm point-blank brazenly asked Tan Yu he should leave his monies here no need to bring with him, was understood by Tan Yu that as a Premier of the Province of British Columbia Vander Zalm asked for US$20,000 are of Vander Zalm's personal political motive, as customary in other countries be paid. Its widely known infamously Vander Zalm pocketed the brown paper envelop/bag US$20,000 at the Westin Bayshore Inn in the billionaire Tan Yu's suite in the wee hours of the morning. Vander Zalm then was so broke without cash flow probably needed money badly then asked Tan Yu.

That Vander Zalm had pocketed for his own uses of the stacked of US$100 bills = US$20,000,Tan Yu asked Faye go down to the hotel's safety box that Faye was in trust for billionaire Tan Yu, to bring up one of the brown envelops to the hotel room. As Tan Yu understood to pay Vander Zalm as Vander Zalm asked. Then Tan Yu asked "Leung" he called Dean counted and lined the US$100 bills stacks of $1,000 = US$20,000 on the coffee table. Dean says "Bill/Vander Zalm": count it as he pointed to Vander Zalm of the coffee table as Tan Yu's instructed. Vander Zalm scooped up each stacks of the
US$1,000 and pocketed the total US$20,000 into his suit jacket inside left pocket. The photos by Faye's dear husband Dean Chun Kwong Leung in the hotel suite confirms as happened" (Vander Zalm's accountant's "statement of adjustment" shown Vander Zalm have used this money almost immediately thereafter on his trip to California and brought some of his clothes etc)..(see record). Vander Zalm covered himself of the US$20,000 by broadcasted its for his 'safe keeping' is definitely are not!!  Tan Yu billionaire certainly don't need him "safe keeping" measly US$20,000. As Tan
Yu was also on this trip to Los Angeles California, intent to purchase Hilton Airport Hotel with funds in his possession. Vander Zalm knew Tan Yu
has fund in his possession from Faye in trust for the purchase of the Fantasy Gardens. So, Vander Zalm asked for monies!!

And, as aforesaid of Vander Zalm took from the lawyer's trust account of Faye's syndicated, consultant fees & commission, because he says that he is the Premier has authority to do so because he's the "boss" which he claimed all the lawyers and Judges were appointed by him that they must do as he/Vander Zalm the Premier says as he's their BOSS.

Faye seated with Tan Yu on this same chesterfield September 1, 1990 in B.C. Government
House, at B.C. Lt. Gov. David Lam hosted luncheon by Premier Vander Zalm demanded for
Billionaire Tan Yu entourage to sell his personal owned Fantasy Gardens by Faye Leung, He to
appease Tan Yu of his Premier power as Premier assist and wants joins Tan Yu business here. 
Lt. Gov. David Lam, schoolmate of Dean Chun Kwong Leung in Hong Kong.
Faye & Dean Leung met David & Dorothy Lam & daughters at Vancouver airport upon their
arrival as immigrants.  And settled them in their home, assisted their children registered
in school.  Then also assisted David Lam into real estates profession with Newcombe Realty,
made a fortune here with his Hong Kong wealth investments & assisted Dorothy's relatives in Vancouver.
Faye broke Royal Bank of Canada/RBC restricted directors' barrier fought for Chinese directors
in RBC and the 5 big banks...Faye won RBC appointed  David Lam & Tong Louie, ex-London
Drugs owner & chairman as RBC directors. Faye patriotically done for free, even to this day
its without David Lam & Tong Louie & Families knowledge! Faye never received any benefits
nor thanks at all!!  Just good caring heart...beneficial for Chinese "have face" in society's benefits 
Dorothy Lam in all 25 years they as immigrants lives in Vancouver, B.C. she never ceased to
thank Faye & Dean Leung each times when met for have done for David, Dorothy & girls
as aforementioned....They fled Hong Kong as others (see Faye Leung storybook of Faye initiated
instrumental 1964 new immigrants programs categories upon legistrated approved 1966) when able
in 1966 upon (see Faye aforesaid initiated immigrants programs stories book) Communists Red
Army marches to Hong Kong....
That upon September 1, 1990 Faye arrived at B.C. Government House with aforesaid Premier
Vander Zalm of Lt. Gov. David Lam hosted the luncheon for billionaire Tan Yu.....Faye asked David Lam
at Government House: Quote & Unquote: "David now that you're the Lieut. Governor, how should I
address you now, "Your Excellency, Your Honor" ?  David Lam replied: "Faye you can call me "HEY YOU"
as we're such old friends...Vancouver Sun and Province Newspaper printed aforesaid!!

Included Vander Zalm claimed he appointed David Lam as Lt. Governor of B.C. that David Lam will do as he says he told me & Dean in his tiny apartment home...of the Government House Lt. Governor David Lam's luncheon for Tan Yu & entourage...Which caused big uproars in the media (He did not appoint David Lam as the Lt. Governor)...

Vander Zalm 'pointed his nose' at the B.C.Ferry terminal by waved this 'string of limo' entourage into the ferry and also for breakfast of this huge entourage, without paying for all was wrong for the Premier to do. The huge publicities in the media of Vander Zalm done of aforesaid, Vander Zalm was in hot water sunk deep into the gutter in panic of more of his mess he fought back with more stupid lies but he was stucked ... Faye again rescued Vander Zalm of his politically wrongdoings of the Ferry, Breakfast & stateroom episode, (this was 'only one of many of Vander Zalm wrongdoings') by Faye immediately paid for the ferry fares and breakfast for all included Vander Zalm & Lillian to quiet the media, the Opposition Party and the public that had exploded over this matter.  That Vander Zalm thinks he own the B.C. Ferries that he & his entourage don't have to pay the fares, food & stateroom...  
So Vander Zalm had pocketed Faye's $1.6 million (was $2 million included Taiwan's syndicated group's fees that Vander Zalm also secretly stolen from the hotel's table the paper & crumpled the paper into his pocket at the Westin Bayshore hotel room (to avoid payment) during Faye on the telephone with Taiwan of this fee in the hotel. The crook!) Vander Zalm was able took from the lawyer's trust account Faye's fee, as the lawyers abided illegally to Vander Zalm's demand are professional negligence too. That Vander Zalm spend Faye's monies he claimed its in his trust, as a trustee of Faye's monies. That its trust monies Vander Zalm should pays back to Faye & Taiwan syndicate, which he greedily hoarded and supposedly still hold in trust. He won't gives back as Faye had continually asked along with Taiwan's representative Mr. Dowding had many times asked. Taiwan asked to send telephone recording tapes of Vander Zalm was taped for Taiwan group's info of proven Vander Zalm eaten up all of theirs and Faye's fees. Faye in Commissioner Ted Hughes Enquiry's interview must produced the tapes is of the truth, is public record.

Besides that, there are the US$78,125 Faye & Dean lend Vander Zalm for the sale of the Fantasy Gardens' expenses & costs, entertaining billionaire et al in Vancouver, Taiwan & Philippines, hotels, transportations, (above stated) ferries fares, food etc for the entourage to Victoria Government House Lt. Governor's Luncheon, and to the Premier Office in Parliament Building in Victoria as scheduled to meet various Cabinet Ministers awaited (was derailed when the media entourage followed and chased Vander Zalm etal) But the billionaire Tan Yu et al did meet the Minister of Finance Couliver & Deputy Minister Emerson in the Premier Vander Zalm's office.  As Vander Zalm had used his Ministers in the Government to promote the sale of his Fantasy Garden. And Faye & Dean as lenders, lend Vander Zalm, enable paid for all of and the other various miscellaneous expenses as chartered boat to take billionaire Tan Yu sail to Pender Harbour, Sechelt, Islands, and to Colony Farm in Burnaby where Vander Zalm was selling by himself the to billionaire Tan Yu for developments with him & his wife Lillian. At that time Tan Yu had announced to the media upon arrival Vancouver with Faye & Dean on August 1st 1990 he intended to invest US$10 billion here. Vander Zalm's political mess screwed that up, lemonade turned sour to lemon!

Also Faye paid for all the costs of the travels, printing, photocopies, long distances telephone & faxes to and from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, banquets, limousines and so much more of the other costs etc etc. during the sale of Fantasy Gardens. That Vander Zalm refused to reimburse Faye & Dean from the sales proceeds in the lawyer's trust &/or by Vander Zalm himself as he still owes Faye.

Vander Zalm crashed through brick wall: cartoon by Vancouver Sun Newspapers Harrop March 22,1999


And the irony of Vander Zalm owe to Faye also of Faye had to paid for the admission fees into Fantasy Gardens for all the groups, include Global TV Mike McCardell to film the Fantasy Gardens. Faye paid for all the Fantasy Gardens promo materials were on sale in the Fantasy Gardens that had to be purchased. That Vander Zalm & his wife Lillian insisted was needed sales materials for the buyers. Includes Vander Zalm 5" X 7" photo he signed as
Premier of the Province of British Columbia. He used his Premier government's status includes the government's items, the government logo of the Premier Government lapel pins, Government's giftware, and books sell Fantasy Gardens.(see photos of the items, records, photos etc)

Vander Zalm was so broke at the brink of bankruptcy, CIBC would have petition him bankrupt should he was not the Premier of British Columbia Government's account also at CIBC (see CIBC's letters)...Vander Zalm had used his Premier's income to keep Fantasy Garden afloat... Faye & Dean he said "saved him and his family that he, his wife, children & grandchildren forever grateful" (liar)...Faye also saved him & family enable Vander Zalm lives in Faye created possible his mansion in Ladner huge acreage after the sale of Fantasy Garden. Now its appreciated quadruple plus his assets from Faye put the $16 million sale into Vander Zalm's pocket. That prior he and many others have earnestly tried for years to sell Fantasy Gardens unsuccessfully.  It’s Faye's intelligence brilliancy extraordinary feasible sale business plan done it...Vander Zalm cruelly left Faye cold out in the
left field while he enjoys!

Vander Zalm promised Faye & Dean upon he received the fund from the sale of his Fantasy Garden, he will immediately (lied) repaid US$78,125 back to Faye & Dean lend him, as its was Dean & Faye's life savings for emergency uses such as son's tuition fees and Dean's funeral fund etc, Vander Zalm
took/steal in disguise!

Which Vander Zalm needed Faye & Dean's emergency fund lend him to carry him through the sale of his Fantasy Gardens to saved him & family in dire financial ruins and legal crisis . Vander Zalm crossed the bridge and burn it, he is still in default of his loan...Vander Zalm have not paid back one cent still owing, nor Faye received one cent at all of all of the aforesaid. Which he has caused Faye & Dean Leung & family hardships and by all the greedy political motivated lawyers and villains falsely fraudulently manufactured problems suffered, and they had stolen from Faye & Dean &
family caused by Vander Zalm's episodes!!

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS by Dean Leung never prior seen...never released..
Faye Leung, Lillian & Premier Vander Zalm, Billionaire Tan Yu, August 2, 1990..
Premier Vander Zalm autographed B.C. Government's books & things his gift
to enticed Billionaire Tan Yu truly purchase his Fantasy Gardens Theme Park
in Westin Bayshore Inn suite where "Faye Leung Made History"

See Faye Leung upcoming Storybook...Entitled:

Faye Leung Hat Lady Sings:- Premier Vander Zalm, Billionaire Tan Yu...
.......Fantasy Gardens...

Adage: it ain't over till the fat lady sings..

Thus, Vander Zalm got away with murder, and he destroyed Faye & Dean Leung &family by his libelled & defamatory of Faye Leung & by his continued lies, fabricated & manufactured false stories, fraudulently misrepresentations he & the political motivated lawyer's greed, perks seekers, wants evaluated status, and for the government's business, and feathers laurels in their cap lawyers & law offices, villains, vultures etc all have wrongly released to the media of Faye Leung. Vander Zalm lied in his court trials, in Parliament, to the Opposition Parties, to the media, etc. etc. and in his autobiography, that all of is on the records & Ted Hughes' Enquiry is public

Vander Zalm penned his autobiography book; "William Vander Zalm: For the People" self-published 2008 because he said that no publisher want his
political turmoil complexity autobiography...not many books circulated till year or so later..2009-2010 sold approximately 1000 copies...

The remarks of his book..Quote:-"Vander Zalm went out of his way in his book says nasty things of Faye Leung" and published libelous statements blame everybody instead of himself for his disgrace resignation. Vander Zalm shot himself in the foot!! (see media news) Vander Zalm continued throughout his episodes, as in his previous court case, & recently in another of his court proceedings this year January 30 to February 10, 2012 'he lashed out at Faye' with his false statements, had libelled Faye again.

Supreme Court of British Columbia five-men and three-woman Jury deliberated and delivered the verdict on February 10, 2012: "Vander Zalm GUILTY OF DEFAMATORY OF FORMER COMMISSIONER OF CONFLICT OF INTEREST TED HUGHES", who sued Vander Zalm of libel & defamatory of him too. Ted Hughes testified at the trial saying he felt the need to set the record straight. The Jury's verdict Order: Vander Zalm pays $60,000 damages plus legal costs to Ted Hughes, and the Honourable Judge: "Ordered Vander Zalm to remove the offend comments from any further copies of his text that are sold, distributed or published." Vander Zalm's 1st remark to the media upon the Jury found him guilty; Quote: "I still stand by what I said & written!" Which is defamatory and libelled: he doesn't get it, he always above God and the law! That Dean had said to Vander Zalm: "Vander Zalm, you should go to church every day asks for forgiveness of your sins"

Vander Zalm was forced to resigned as Premier of British Columbia within minutes 'found guilty' by then Commissioner of Conflict of Interest Ted
Hughes' Enquiry (Enquiry was by Premier Vander Zalm's own guidelines,) of Vander Zalm "Breach of Public Office, Breach of Trust, Conflict of Interest,
among others" he was the first in the history in the Commonwealth a Premier while in-office was forced to resigned...

As Richmond Art Gallery Curator, Nan Capogna's essay in the introductory 3-fold booklet of the Fantasy Gardens Exhibition: In May 1992 Neil Wedman attended Vander Zalm's criminal trial of then recently resigned Premier of British Columbia and leader of the B.C.Social Credit Party, William (Bill)
Vander Zalm was charged with criminal breach of trust in the sale of Fantasy Gardens World, a nursery and theme park of grand scale and elevated themes, Wedman's drawings evince a sense of irony, subverting these generic conventions as they represent Vander Zalm at the depths of his decline.  For Wedman, an artist drawn to idiosyncratic historical phenomena and intrigued by the 'comic dimension' of Fantasy Gardens, the trial presented the opportunity, like the final act of a tragicomedy, to observe the closing of the curtain....

Wedman had pencil courtroom drawings on paper, 18" X 23.5" the herein attachment of Faye Leung's portrait drawing of an important witness/front &
centre, and of the below Richmond email's link of all the drawings portraits are NOW on exhibition at the CITY OF RICHMOND ART GALLERY to April 1, 2012.

Faye Leung's storytelling documentary book series of the episodes of then Premier Vander Zalm's persona (Chinese Adage): "Buddha Smiles Snake Heart" and "Flowery Talks" (Buddha smiles entertaining smilingly his snake heart eats you up without split out the bones), and (Flowery Talks are
mouthy tales without truth nor sustainable at all is artificial talks) and of the hilarious comedy, drama, stupidity, tragic, sadness, he's character actor always acting about, fuss of his clothes as hidden under of expressions of status;  And of the billionaire Tan Yu, of Southeast Asia private corporations richest man's persona;  an exceptional stories of history made that cannot be Hollywood scripted of as it had really happened.

Book Entitled:"Faye Leung, Hat Lady Sings...of Billionaire Tan Yu, & former.

Premier Vander Zalm" is underway to be completed for publication with help & sponsors...needed.
copyright 1986


“LEUNG” handwritten by Dean Chun Kwong Leung”

God Bless Healthy Richly Success
With Good Fortune
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