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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau - surprise guest at Simon Fraser University / SFU 50th Anniversary Outstanding Alumni Awards 3, 3, 2016: Photo Margaret Trudeau for old time sake with Faye Leung/Mrs.Dean Leung, SFU Charter Convocation Founder & Faye met again her son Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who said to Faye: Quote & unquote:"Oh yes I remember, how are you as he shook hands with Faye said “of his letter to Faye still keepsake of his father Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau” &  Faye’s husband Dean C. K. Leung made his father then Prime Minister Chinese speeches (Dean Leung also made all the Chinese Speeches for Prime Ministers Pearson, Prime Minister Diefenbaker, Finance Minister Martin,MP Harold Winch, Ambassadors & many other officials)~Faye told Margaret Trudeau her son Prime Minister Justin Trudeau when 1st as Liberal Leader was in Vancouver Faye had thanked him for his thank-you letter to Faye's condolence to him of his father Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau..To-night Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greeted Faye in his big wide smile~as he rushed to the podium surprise speech of SFU Honour his mother Margaret Trudeau "outstanding Alumni Award", Prime Minister speech: Quote & unquote: "Everywhere I go I hear from the people of my father Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau etc. blah blah etc ~ I'm proud be my mother's son..."

justin trudeaumargaret trudeau

Brilliantly ‘Photo Capture of the moment’ By Andrei J at Italian Centre:
Excellence Happy Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson & Faye Leung  
 ‘Joyously Big Laughs’ for City Hall chapter in “Faye Leung Stories Books”
at “Italian Canadian Man of  Year Jim Crescenzo 2014” Gala
Mayor Gregor Robertson & Faye Leung at - CONFRATELLANZA
ITALO-CANADESE - Italian Cultural Centre October 4, 2014 -
His Worship Vancouver Mayor Greg Robertson asks: (Q. & A.)
“who in City Hall do for the City Hall’s chapter in “Faye Leung Stories Book”
Faye Leung answer: “You’re the Mayor leads the City, you ask me??” Big laughs!

Jim Crescenzo - Teacher at Templeton Secondary School - Drama Department -Italian Canadian of the Year 2014
Faye Leung and President Dale Deluca at "CONFRATELLANZA ITALO-CANADESE" - Italian Cultural Centre in Vancouver- October 4, 2014

The City of Chemainus invited Faye & Dean Leung to participate in Canada Day & July 4, 1992 celebrations

The City of Chemainus, B.C. invited Faye Leung to be Parade Marshalls July 1, 1992

Faye & Dean Leung danced the Viennese Quick Waltz around the huge ballroom
at the Bellevue, Washington Philharmonic Symphony - 100 pieces orchestra
February 24, 1990 at Westin Washington Plaza Hotel held by invitation only.

 Faye & Dean Leung danced the Tango, Quick Viennese Waltz around the large ballroom at the Formal Ball with the  Vancouver Symphony 100 pieces orchestra, November 20, 1970

Faye Leung Co-Host with James Edwards created 1st "Aluminum Chefs"
Competitions June 2004 held at Dragon Boat Festival
the young men commented "cool outfit"  "very cool" 
& many others at  Festival compliments Faye's hat & style...

Faye & Dean Leung. STAR LIMO courtesy of owner Mr. R. Schneider
to events and to TheatreSports feature Faye & Dean Leung
August 18, 1992

Dal Richards 85 years old sings for Faye Leung Co-Host James Edwards
Chinese Chefs Competition June 14, 2003 "Chinese Iron Chefs"
Dal Richards January 13, 2012 celebrate 95 birthday, Vancouver famed
Dal Richards Orchestra played at Hotel Vancouver Roof, Dine & Dance.
Dean & Faye Leung swirling dances for decades to Dal Richards Orchestra
tangos, slow & quick waltzes, fox trot, cha cha, rumba, samba, mamba,
flamingo, Bossa nova, swing/quick steps, twists, rock rolls, "never miss a beat" 
"Perfecto" rhythmically fancy footsteps respectfully admired throughout decades!
Dean Leung's own exclusive choreography dances styles and dance steps.
Faye & Dean Leung hired Dal Richard 1974 works in Mandarin Centre then
Dal Richards "Swing" Orchestra at low ebbs without 'gig'/engagements
Dal studied in food & beverage hotel & restaurant for employment,
Faye & Dean good-heartedly assisted Dal Richards in his traumatic times.


CCE00000 - Version 3

CCE00000 - Version 2
Faye Leung Co-Host James Edwards Producer
1st Vancouver Chinese Iron Chef Competition in conjunction
with the 15th Annual Alcan Dragon Boat Festival
Vancouver's Best Chinese chef's will take up the challenge on
Kikkoman Stage and battle for the prestigious title of Vancouver’s
Chinese Iron Chef....Plaza of Nations: June 13, 14, 15, 2003

Thank you Faye!
Faye Leung Co-Host James Edwards (right) producer
founder 1st Vancouver Iron Chefs Competition
2003 Vancouver Chinese Iron Wok Competitions
(left) Daniel Alexandra 6-Stars Executive Chef owner
Senor Rooster Restaurant at Renfrew & Venable Streets
Vancouver, B.C. Olympic Chef Winner photo June 14, 2003

Faye Leung & Media in Eat Vancouver June 23, 27, 2003

CCE00000 - Version 2
Faye Leung & Media in Eat Vancouver June 23, 27, 2003

"Eat Vancouver" at B.C. Plaza-Vancouver Magazine Editor Faye Leung Co-Host Chinese Master Chinese Chef Chan demonstration
April 25, 2003

"EAT VANCOUVER Food Festival ": Faye Leung & Vancouver Magazine Co-Host
April 25, 2003 Chinese Master Chef Chan demonstration,
"Bite of Vancouver"

EAT VANCOUVER Faye Leung Vancouver Magazine Co-Host
April 25, 2003 Chinese Master Chef Chan demonstration,
Kitty Ng, Carman Wong "Bite of Vancouver"

 Faye & Dean Leung at Beverley Hill Hotel,California Queen & Princesses Feb. 21,1993

Gregor orange scrarf
Faye Leung & Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson -Guest of Honour at a South Indian Cultural Celebration

Faye Leung, Olivia Chow Toronto MP Toronto , and members of the Headtax Families Society.
Photo by Meena Wong

Gordy Partridge, Faye Leung, Tom March 25, 2001 Consumer Benefit Extravaganza Group

Ken Lam, Faye Leung, Richard Lee, MLA, Josh McLean, President McLean Homes,
Mr. & Mrs. He, Ms. Yuan Juan Shao & son Alfie, Lisa & Henry Wong, guests Mr.
Mrs. Ching Song Lin from Tianjin, China

Dr. Derek Lee, dentist, & Faye Leung at Indonesia Consul General Reception - July 17, 2012


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