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Faye Leung speaking at the BC Government's Consultation into Historic Wrongs
January 12, 2014 Chinese Cultural Centre Vancouver, BC

Hon. Teresa Wat,
Minister of International Trade
And: Multiculturalism,
And: Apology for Historical Wrongs Consultation Forum,
Dear Hon. Teresa Wat,
On Sunday 1/12/14 at your B.C. Government Apology for Historical Wrongs Against the Chinese British Columbians Consultation Forum…I’m happy everybody includes the media circulated widely raved of my informative & enjoyed and liked my speech at your Forum.
The subjects of my speeches varies in each of the B.C. Government Consultation Forums to know of the HISTORICAL WRONGS AGAINST THE CHINESE BRITISH COLUMBIANS: should time permits I’m able to speak in Chinese too (I speak several Chinese dialects and I read & write traditional or simplified Chinese). The over 500 audiences and 70s speakers and all the Chinese Associations loudly and clearly voiced at the 1/12/14 Forum & in the Medias for an apology be everlasting as in books in the educational systems/school legacy for all the generations-to-come to understand & a monument…
I, “Faye Leung Speaks for the Pioneers Chinese & Families” as I were bestowed by the Chinese decades ago at my very young age as “Ambassador for the Chinese at-large” fought  for the Chinese “Human” Rights and Living Rights in B.C.   All of us Chinese have had suffered immensely from the B. C., City, and Federal Governments wrongfully restricted, discriminated, taboos and bullied us Chinese especially in B.C since throughout the Head Tax era to recent decades
As a “Meaningful Apology and Thank you to the Chinese British Columbians” and also enhance Multiculturalism in B.C., I hereby request B.C. Government sponsor or assist me published my incredible unique 3 upcoming Faye Leung Storytelling Books & Videos of the “Stories of the Chinese/Asians & Caucasians Grassroots Contributed Made British Columbia and Canada to-day’s Prosper Status”.. as circulated worldwide and into the education/schools systems, as aspirations to the youth and knowledge for the influx of immigrants.  That China Government interests of us as “Overseas Chinese Contributions” and for the stories books into China education/schools and for its 1.3 billion population knowledge too…Thus my 3 upcoming stories books as an “everlasting Historical Wrongs Apology” preserved perpetually for posterity as part of British Columbia, Cities and Canada Cultural Heritage!! Details as follows:  
Our 3 generations of us Chinese, as I am the 3rd and my mother the 2nd generation (Mother never set foot outside of Canada) born and raised in Victoria and I bred in Vancouver, B.C. (raised by the whole Chinese Community respectfully to our Chinese traditional customs, elders & officials!)..We 3 generations done for free patriotically served our Chinese & Canadian Community- We grew up, lived, work & in businesses lifetime in Victoria & Vancouver Chinatown…(still in business in Chinatown)
I personally have (and still continually) assisted greatly in the social, welfare, medical, education, all of the Chinese Pioneers, New Immigrants from 1948s to date & their Families’ necessities needs, translated, financial planning and investments & developed Canadian Corporations businesses to Chinatown and I have made many Chinese millionaires/billionaires, interpreted not only for the Chinese also for free for all the 3 levels of Government officials’ needs with the Chinese.    I’ve bridged the 1st politicians to Chinatown and to the Chinese Functions since 1949s – bridged the best of Western and Eastern 2 worlds and bridged and opened the doors to the Canadian Society accepted the Chinese Society etc  …And I’ve spoken up & have done all for free all of the above and includes for several older and younger than my generations’ young and old in employments, housings, equalities, economic developments, women’s needs, betterment, expanded & redeveloped Chinatown, instrumental initiated from 1960 many of the present Immigration programs benefited and enable the influx of the masses of Asians & Chinese immigrants and billions and billions of dollars to B.C. and Canada as a whole!
My caring trusting heart & soul patriotically pioneer in strengthen and promoted B.C. and Canada in/to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hawaii, throughout USA and Canada in trade, tourism, economic developments investors investments, “2-ways Trade Missions (I pioneered 1st & many Trade Missions from aforementioned to B.C. & as hostess with the mostess (I’m called)”  I was the 1st Canada businesswomen October 1st 1980 invited by China Government then President Deng opened “4-Modernization Programs” to foreigners..I’ve co-ordinate & liaison “2-ways businesses” between Canada and China includes from UK, Italy, Switzerland to China, among many others and Artists and Arts etc (all are recorded)..
That: China Government “In recognition Faye Leung contributions in Canada & China Economic Developments, Political, Cultural, & other achievements, leadership, outstanding contributions to Society, influence strength, legendary made a difference: In Honor Faye Leung as an “Outstanding Chinese Entrepreneur Award” and “Outstanding Chinese Enterprise” and “1 of 100 Global Excellent Chinese Entrepreneur” Honors Awards…
Government Historical Wrongs against the Chinese, that the Chinese were denied and restricted to many places as were not allowed to swim in Crystal Swimming Pool etc, theatres, commercial activities, commence/as businesses, among others as no “Human Rights to the Chinese”.  That I’ve fundraised, events planners, pageants, fashion Shows & 1st men & ladies mixed fashion shows & choir, created own Chinese socials & functions etc for the Chinese here..That the Governments Historical Wrongs legally lawfully restricted & against the Chinese of all as aforementioned & Canadians and Chinese mixed-activities were not allowed, caused intensely harmed the Chinese population with deep hardships and poverty….We never have breakfasts before attend Strathcona School in Chinatown, as now Schools promote breakfasts programs!  The Governments’ restrictions created us Chinese in poverty struggled life!!  Even in death the Chinese were restricted to chosen burial sites, only a small Willow Section at Oceanview Cemetery were designated allow only for the Chinese and Blacks...


“LEUNG” handwritten by Dean Chun Kwong Leung”

God Bless Healthy Richly Success
With Good Fortune
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