Faye Leung

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Dean and Faye Leung
Legendary One In a Million Years Husband and Wife Couple!!!


   Tango, , Quick Viennese Waltz , Swirling Dance to 100 PIECES Vancouver Symphony Orchestra November 1970


1963-1967 in Recognition of "Outstanding Service By Stimulating Interest with
the Provincial Government in the Quest of Visitors to B.C" 1971 B.C.Centennial Year


Public Speaker, Visionary Businessman

Dean Leung Gold Caption
 Dean Chun Kwong Leung-Academia Classical Chinese Scholar,
Literature Poet , Educator, Businessman and Orator -Vancouver, BC Canada Oct. 15, 1972

Dean Chun Kwong Leung Master Chinese Calligrapher
Classical Chinese Literature Poet free-Handwritten large Chinese poem couplets
Son pose for newspaper Chinese New Year celebration


DEAN, an academic & distinguished Classical Chinese History & literature & Poet Scholar, Education Professional & Administrator of distinction, Government Official, among others long list of honourable intellectual intelligence with in-depth multi-talents is “ONE IN A MILLION YEARS TRULY A GREAT MAGNIFICENT DYNAMIC REMARKABLE DELIGHTFUL BRILLIANT PERSON, a renowned marvelous demand public speaker, orator, breathtaking singer, artistic director, an accomplished elegant extraordinary classy “perfecto” ballroom dancer, Master Chinese characters calligrapher, sportsman, great visionary leadership, in-depth wisdom & vision, supreme knowledge, experiences, thoughtful respectable excellence, impeccable dresser, well mannered, great sense of humour, educator, fluent read, write speaks English, many Chinese dialects & Mandarin

Recipient of many service awards and recognition:

“of valuable service to the Nation”, Province, City of Vancouver, Chinatown, China, Abroad and Pacific Rim Contributor, Decades of Business, Community, economic, social involvements, the Host with the Most.

• “Canadian Centennial Medal, B.C. Government Centennial Medal, Outstanding contributions in promoting Canada and B.C. Abroad,”
• City of Vancouver Mayor Honored Dedication to Community Services.
• Simon Fraser University Charter Convocation Founder
• British Columbia Government “Kla-How-Yah” Gold Medal
• Government of China “Artistic, Sports, Diplomat Public Affairs, Distinction Medals Awards
• Canada Trust Bank Appreciation Silver Cup Trophy “Branches Founder, Exceptional Development Leadership in Chinatown, Vancouver & Hong Kong”
• Imperial Life Assurance Company Presidency Award
• Greater Vancouver Real Estate Award
• Chinatown expansions, built 1st Chinatown largest commercial property with amenities, 2 elevators, underground parking
• 1st mortgages, finance and financial planner in Chinatown award
• Park & Tilford Beautification Award
• Bank of Montreal 100 Years Directors Appreciation *And Founder BMO Hong Kong Branch Award
• Chinatown Redevelopment Award
• Chinatown Lions “Man of the Year” and 1958 one of founding member
• Grateful Recognition for Development Companies Gold Cup Trophy, Leadership in Business, Community, Economic & Social Contributor
• USA Hawaii Chinese Civic Assn Trophy “Best Couple Ballroom Dancers”
• Vancouver General Hospital life member award
• Mt. St. Joseph Hospital Trustee, “Meal on Wheels”
• Wah Kui Chinese Public School Trustee
• Chinese News Republic Newspaper, Trustee
• Chinese National Benevolent Association of Canada, Chairman
• Leung Chung How Tong/ Leung’s Association of Canada, Chairman
• Kong Chow Benevolent Association of Canada, Chairman
• Ching Won Musical Society, director
• Mei Wun Choristers Founder, Creator, Director, Producer Pageants, Productions Award
• Lifetime meticulous photographed chronicled 60 years photos journals of every movements of photos speaks not 1000 but 1 millions words stories of “History Alive” fascinating spectacular dynamic legendary woman & husband: Faye & Dean Leung legacy both enormously generously MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE, everlasting generations forever enjoyed, and helped forge Canadian history combined Chinese/Asians entwined acceptance in the fabric of society.
(Honors), one of the “first groups of Graduates Studies” students September 1948 to University of British Columbia after the Second World War…
QUOTE: …Joe Wai, architect…June 14, 2012: Dean a handsome talented gentleman, the ladies (all the mothers after Dean for their daughters too) chased after him…and ‘nobody better person than you (Faye) speaks of Chinatown and Vancouver stories)……unquote Joe Wai…& of USA, China ,Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Philippines Egypt etc.)
Quote Bill Lee: “surprise us A handsome young Chinese Teacher Dean Chun Kwong Leung taught us at Wah Kiu Chinese Public School 1950 onward….unquote Pastor Bill Lee….

Dean Chun Kwong Leung Handsome Hashery Distinguished
Elegant Gentleman & Scholar with Distinction
April 8, 1988 at home 6088 Fremlin St.


red hat letterhead


An extraordinarily diversify extreme intellectual in-depth knowledgable couple, talents, versatile, charisma, vitalities, elegant majestic gracious with a social flair, diplomacy relations, glamour, power & passion, host & hostess with the most, “well-known assisted fellow citizens’ especially helped Chinese “Lo Wah Kiu” (older Chinese folks/pioneers) in their needs, their welfares, and the traditional customs affairs were stylist honored, ‘dubbed’ as “Mayors of Chinatown”: the husband Dean and wife Faye made a ‘strong mark’ in Society, accomplishments have earned Faye and Dean Leung prestigious titles, recognitions, and many awards:


Faye Leung Formal Boardroom Portrait October 15, 1972
Businesswoman, Real Estate, Realtor, Finance Advisory & Planner,
Consultant, Developer, Insurance, Investments, Marketing, Trades, Travel Agencies.
Social, Functions, Events, Pageants, Weddings Planners


 Dean & Faye Leung - Portrait at Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award
November 13, 1992


• Canadian Women Entrepreneur of the Year
• City of Vancouver: “Recognition Outstanding Dedication”
• Women of Distinction Award
• Greater Vancouver Tourists & Convention Bureau “Man of the Month” Award…1967 Centennial Year…
• “Captain Vancouver Trophy, “Outstanding Service to the Nation” 1st Woman ever awarded the Greater Vancouver Tourism and Convention Bureau Trophy
• Government British Columbia Kla-How-Yah Gold Medal Award:
“Promote Tourism Aboard”
• Canada Trust Bank Appreciation Silver Cup Trophy “Branches Founder, Exceptional Development Businesses & Leadership in Chinatown, Vancouver, and Hong Kong
• Park & Tilford: Vancouver Beatification Award
• Chinatown Redevelopment Award
• Bank of Montreal 100 Years “Director of Appreciation”
• And founder Bank of Montreal/BMO Hong Kong Branch
• Simon Fraser University Charter Convocation Founder
• South Vancouver Chinese School Founder
• Mei Wun Choristers Founder, Creator, Director, Producer Pageants, Productions Award
• Recognition one of 5 FIRST women accepted into Vancouver Board of Trade
• Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board and Canadian Real estate Association Awards
• Pioneer 1963 Parliament legislated ‘Strata Titles’ legal titles for properties
• Chinatown expansions, built 1st Chinatown largest commercial property 1st with amenities, 2 elevators, underground parking, Development Award
• 1st mortgages, finance and financial planner in Chinatown award
• National Women Constructions Recognitions Award
• Award: Best Fashions & Best Dresser Trophy since 1959
• Hawaii Civic Assn “Best Couple Ballroom Dancer” Award
• 1966 pioneer “presale real estate strata titles” residential, commercial, industrial properties
• 1959 Dean Chun Kwong Leung, Chairman Chinese National Benevolent Association of Canada, Kong Chow Benevolent National Association of Canada and Leung Chung How Tong of Canada Association delegates and Faye Leung with City of Vancouver Planning Director George F. Fountain & Manager Gerald Sutton reigned City of Vancouver expropriated Chinatown residential and the “heart” of Vancouver Block 61 – Georgia & Granville northwest block for upper freeway cut through City of Vancouver…
• Dean & Faye Leung led aforesaid Associations groups 1959-1962 succeeded “SAVE EXPROPRIATED CHINATOWN HOUSINGS” and “STOPPED FREEWAY” (thereafter years, as now, as Strathcona housings after Dean & Faye & Associations to “City of Vancouver reigned “stopped expropriation & freeway through City”. “SAVE CHINATOWN & VANCOUVER HEART”
• And subsequently succeeded to the Federal Government approved “Grants to Chinatown Homeowners funds for their home renovations” after expropriated stopped.
• Years thereafter the Chinatown homeowners formed “Strathcona Properties Owners Assn” hired then young lawyer Mike Harcourt at 207 West Hastings Dominion Building as their lawyer applied for the Federal Homeowners Grants renovated their homes) (see photos & 1959 documents) Chinatown Redevelopments Award
• Constructed Simon Fraser, Oakridge, City affordable housings reorganization

Faye Leung Trophy Award Best Western Fashion Hawaii October 1959 Civic Assn "Dramatic Chapter" Gala


Faye & Dean Leung 1st Chinese Canadians served as Directors in Western/Canadian Society

• Canadian Arthritis Society Director
• Brotherhood Councils Christians & Jews Regional Director
• Endeavors…former Siwash
• Vancouver Opera Association
• Vancouver Symphony (Ladies Committee)
• Chinese National Benevolent Association of Canada, Women’s Director
• Kong Chow Benevolent Association of Canada, Executive Director
• Honorary Chairman China Hainan Commerce of Canada Association
• Honorary President World Seniors Day Groups
• Honorary President China Hainan Business Association of Canada
• South Vancouver Chinese School Founding Vice President
• Mei Wun Choristers Founding President
• Golden Phoenix Ladies Club Founding Co-President

Charities Fundraising Recognitions

• United Way/Community Chest,
• Red Cross,
• Salvation Army,
• Chinese Catholic Church,
• Chinese United Church,
• 2nd World Wars Canada Saving Stamps, and for China “one bowl of rice”
• Chinatown Chinese Schools Leader-fundraising ‘tag days’ for charities


• Honorary Consul General Government of Guyana to the Far East,
• People’s Republic of China officially Appointed Regions Economic Development Commissioner, Ambassador at-large.
Throughout the years, Faye kept detailed diaries provide a thorough record of each of the interesting informative stories plus hundred more, historical living legacy!

patriotically for CANADA


• Faye & Dean Chun Kwong Leung Hang Seng Bank Representative in Canada..
• AND: 1964 in Hong Kong planted the seeds to open Hong Kong’s banks branches in Canada with Hang Seng Bank et al as Hong Kong Shanghai Bank …as succeeded decades later as HSBC, brought Bank of British Columbia Faye & Dean initiated cultivated to Chinatown at Mandarin Trade Centre opened at 601 Main & Keefer Street…HSBC brought Bank of British Columbia (through tax-benefits Bermuda corporation saved approximately $10 million Canada taxes).
• April & May 1964 Dean & Faye’s 1st trip overseas to Hong Kong co-ordinate as the Founders Canada Trust 1st Trust Company Bank correspondence with Hong Kong Wing Lung Bank and Hang Seng Bank, and many, many businesses advantages to the Hong Kong Elites and folks to Canada (see lists and chapters, and Wing Lung Bank co-chairman Patrick Wu’s thanks letter dated July 17, 1990) Since 1966 Faye & Dean Chun Kwong Leung’s home was ‘grand central station’ to the Hong Kong millionaires hosted all!
• 1960 Faye with then Conservative Immigration Minister Honorable Ellen Fairclough implemented approved Chinese Chefs from Hong Kong to Canada..replaced aged Chinese chefs in Canada
• 1964 Faye with then Liberal Immigration Minister Honorable Jack Nicolson (later Lt. Gov. of British Columbia) presented ‘White Papers’ initiated instrumental non-relatives immigrants, business immigrants, skilled immigrants programs qualified to Canada, prior not allowed
• 1966 Faye & Dean hosted and brought into Canada Hong Kong multi-million dollars and masses of Hong Kong and China immigrants of aforesaid categories to and have benefitted Canada
• 1968 Faye initiated and instrumented ‘domestic, nannies, homecare and caregivers immigration programs to Canada.
• 1978 -1980s Faye with Senator Ray Perrault and then Minister of Immigration Honorable Lloyd Axeworthy initiated instrumental the Immigrants Investors, the Entrepreneurs immigrants, Businesses & Investments categories immigration programs brought in billion dollars to Canada
• Faye initiated instrumental with Bank of Montreal Western Region Vice Presidents John Ellis and William Forsyth of Bank of Montreal (BM) (now BMO) Japan correspondence opened Hong Kong Bank of Montreal Branch office with Faye & Dean’s friends, clients, et al huge deposit funds to BM
• And huge funds to Canada 5 big banks.
• Hosted & established Hong Kong Trade Council first trip to Canada in Vancouver, and 1st Hong Kong Trade Mission to Canada
• Senator Ray Perrault & Lieutenant- Governor Henry Bell-Irving in Government House Victoria, B.C. hosted 1st China Trade Mission to Canada, avoided then early public political rallies of Communist Government….
• Green Dot Energy Inc. partner proposed build Refineries in Canada
‘Valued-added’ before export to Asia, carbon footprints, employments, economic development
• Consultant, Marketing, co-ordinate & liaison businesses, and all others as needed


• Since People’s Republic of China Government President Deng modernization 1st time opened for foreigners. The Government invited Faye Leung Canada’s 1st businesswoman to China October 1st 1980.
• Faye took Investors to China from Canada, USA, Italy, Switzerland, and Artistic Ballerina diva to Shanghai and Beijing guided its ballets. Guangzhou/Canton City, Guangdong Province most of the Chinese in Canada’s ancestors roots’ immigrants in Canada joint business ventures with Canada and China…Trades, Canadian constructions materials to China. And co-ordinate & liaison investments, economic developments between and in China and Canada
• China became “Capitalists” overnight…consulted its industries co-ordinate with Canada with Canadian talents, technology, and equipments etc.
• Shanxi Province since 1988 to present date, the most richest resources province in China – its mines, raw materials, sulfur, coal, iron ore etc.
• Thus Faye brought billions Canadian dollars to Canada and Chinese investors vice versa
• Vast Portfolios Contacts Huge Network trades, investments, businesses “two-ways” Canada and China beneficial both countries with ‘spinoffs’
• economic developments, enhanced & enriched employments, banking, among many others contracts in natural resources, raw materials, gold bullions and specific crude oils, Muzut-100, Diesel, Aircraft oil commodities D2, JP54, D5, D6, LNG, LPG, etc.
• Olive oils, pastas, etc.
• 1st Canada businesswoman 1980 when invited by then President Deng just opened China to foreigners “the 4 modernizations” Faye introduced the Bailii Chicago ‘Slots-machines’
• Canadian equipments & auto parts
• Canadian Dunlop tires
• Used tires recycle
• First Nation Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, joint venture with China processed fish products plant
• Gin Sing plantation and export
• Tourism Recreational Centers
• Export seafood and foodstuffs products to China from Canada
• Live fresh geoducks, salmon, shrimps etc to China
• Antiques art crafts
• Painting Art Works
• Canadian Paints
• British Columbia hand-crafted log homes, commercial buildings, golf club houses by Quality Log Homes, Abbottsford, B.C. built in Dalian, China
• Canada wood products to China
• Canada wood-chips, pulps & papers to China
• Canada log houses & commercial log building factory branch in China Liaoning uses Canada equipments and wood products and technology
• USA technology & equipments built & operate with China 10 Cancer Centers throughout China with Faye co-ordinate with Alaska et al
• Modular Homes for Hainan, ZhungShan, Huadu, China & Viet Nam
• USA technology & equipments ‘Waste to Energy’ Industries to built in China, Hong Kong, and Canada
• Crude oil to refinery in China
• Alaska Trust Company & Foreign Bank 2001 to and from China
• America Banks, Wells Fargo etc banks co-ordinate with Alaska and USA Chamber of Commerce banking, cancer centers, waste-to-energy to China
• China immigration investors investments programs
• Water productions plants and export water


• Since April 1964 Faye & Dean Chun Kwong Leung to Taiwan built business relationship between Canada and Taiwan and among many others international trades, securities, investments, developments to Canada…
• Faye Leung created her exclusive specialty Business Plan of Premier Vander Zalm’s Fantasy Gardens saleable Faye sold to Taiwan & Philippine Billionaire Tan Yu with his intention invest US$10 billion in Canada..After Faye sold Fantasy Gardens to Tan Yu, Premier Vander Zalm political ‘hot cake’ created hazard Canadian politics scared off billionaire Tan Yu further investments and development of the Fantasy Gardens left to rot…but appreciated 25 acres of Fantasy Gardens land profited Tan Yu, and Vander Zalm pocketed $16 million from Faye’s sale his Fantasy Gardens and Vander Zalm pocketed Faye & Syndicate’s commissions and fees $1.5million alleged in his trust, that Faye got nothing not a cent robbed by Vander Zalm unethical behavior in disguise as Premier he can do as he wishes and done…BREACH OF OFFICE & TRUST and Conflict of Trust.
• Dean & Faye Leung since 1964 promote Taiwan tourisms to Canada, British Columbia, City Tourisms, and Trades, Investors, Investments and billion dollars into Canada, among others.
• Honored by Taiwan Governments of 2 generations contributions between Canada Chinese & Taiwan Government, mother Kate Nipp Leong unselfish sacrifices for the Chinese & family as father Leong Chap Kwong represented all the Canada Chinese to the Government Congress Legislature, Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Sheik’s own handwritten Chinese couplet honored mother’s sudden ‘went to Heaven’ October 24, 1952 when father in Government Congress Legislature meetings.
• We’re as “Overseas Chinese “Wah Kiu” the Governments’ offices Ministry for “Overseas Wah Kiu Chinese” Dean & Faye co-ordinate & liaison Taiwan
“two-ways” trades, industries, businesses to Canada. As Jason Kao magnetic, fish & shrimps farm, orchids floral farm etc. in British Columbia,
• Acer electronics to Canada/overseas
• Economic Development Ministry seminars promoted branches to Canada
• Immigration immigrants investors and Taiwan students to Canada
• Promote in Taiwan Vancouver Expo 86, Calgary 1988 Winter Olympic, and Olympics Pins & others manufactured in Taiwan for Canada events

Dean & Faye Leung Taipei Taiwan Nov. 1984
Japan Association Tourist Office Opening

Taiwan Stock Exchange Chairman Yau & Sons Atomic Energy Engineer
Faye & Dean Leung & Son in Taipei, Taiwan, October 24, 1993

Taipei Taiwan Ex-Taiwan Stock Exchange K.C.Peng & wife Polly Teacher


• Faye & Dean Leung and son promoted with British Columbia Ministry of Tourism Honorable Claude Richmond, Deputy & Mrs. Ken Woodward, Mel et al Expo 86 and Calgary 1988 Winter Olympic tourism in Korea and Japan tourists to Canada, British Columbia , Vancouver, B.C. and Calgary, Alberta
• Faye & Dean Leung co-ordinate & liaison with Korea Ministry of Industries, Ministry of Immigrations, Ministry of Commerce, pioneer investments, trades, immigrants, international students, & businesses to Canada
• Korea Broadcasting & Media, with Kim Park, worked, public relations in Los Angeles USA 1984 Summer Olympics and in Seoul Korea 1988 Summer Olympics…commissioned Dean Leung designed, produced set of Korea 1988 Olympics Pins with Canada Alberta Calgary 1988 Winter Olympic Pins…Dean Leung donated his designed & manufactured sets of the Korea 1988 and Calgary Olympics Pins prototypes to Calgary, Alberta, Glenbow Museum for posterity.

Dean & Faye Leung , Seoul, Korea Dec. 3, 1984
with Canada B.C. Hon. Minister Tourism Claude Richmond
(former Liberal Government House Leader) 
and Deputy Minister
of Tourism Ken & Millie Woodward,
Mel Zalac & delegation
promote B.C.Tourism aboard...Korea, and 8 cities in Japan 

Korea Welcome Canada Faye, Dean Chun Kwong Leung & son,
B.C. Hon. Minister Claude Richmond,
B.C. Deputy Minister of Tourism Ken & Millie Woodward,
Mel Zalac, delegation promoting tourism aboard Dec. 3, 1984


• Philippine Billionaire Tan Yu Faye brought to Canada purchased ex-Premier Vander Zalm’s Fantasy Gardens at Richmond, B.C. No. 4 Road & Steveton Highway 25 acres “theme park” and surrounding properties and corner Petro Gas Station land intend development huge commercial businesses, educational facilities, hotel, residential added to the ‘Fantasy Gardens Theme Park’
• Faye with Asia private corporations richest billionaire Tan Yu brought in US$10 billion to Canada investments as his Philippine & Taiwan Asiaworld conglomerate in Asiaworld Hotel & Commercial malls, Asiaworld Trust, Asiaworld Banks in Taiwan and California, & others CEO daughter Emily Roxas announced invest in Canada…Asiaworld Canada Corporation (Premier Vander Zalm’s political ‘fallen in disgrace’ mess prevented their development in Fantasy Gardens they avoided politics).
• Canada products/trades with Philippine with its Senators & Ministries ‘two-ways’ trade and of Philippines nurses, caregivers, nannies, domestic helpers
• Invited & cultivated in 1990 Philippines President 1992-1998 former General Ramos to Canada promote “2-ways” trades August 9, 2001
• Philippines business & skilled personnel to Vancouver contributed to Fantasy Gardens operations.
• British Columbia Abbottsford Quality Log Homes & Commercial Steak House, Golf Clubs built with Canadian wood products shipped to Philippine

Faye Leung, Philippine Fans July 1, 1992


• Faye & Dean & son with British Columbia Province Minister of Tourism Honorable Claude Richmond (was House Speaker), Deputy Minister of Tourism Ken Woodward & delegation promote tourism aboard in Japan 9 cities twice welcome Japanese tourists to Canada, Expo 86, Canada Calgary 1988 Winter Olympics and Beautiful British Columbia.
• Quality Log Homes manufactured in Abbottsford to Japan
• Wood products to Japan
• Canadian products to Japan, trades, investments, investors, developments natural resources, mines in Canada, international students programs.

Faye & Dean Chun Kwong Leung, Dec. 9, 1984 Osaka, Japan
Promote B.C. Tourism in 8 cities in Japan with B.C. Government
Tourism Ministers Hon Claude Richmond, Deputy Minister Ken Woodward
Mel Zelac & delegates. 
Faye Leung since 1981 continued promote with Japan B.C. trades, industries,
investments, developments, education, tourism and others benefits Canada,
Provinces, Cities on the whole throughout the decades in economic development,
"2-ways-trades" beneficial both countries...Faye is still presently doing patriotically.

Faye & Dean Chun Kwong Leung promoted Canada & B.C. Tourism
in Tokyo, Japan & others 7 cities, with B.C. Government Tourism
Deputy Minister Ken Woodward & delegates Dec. 9, 1984

Faye Leung since continued to this date 2012 to co-ordinate & liaise with
Japan cities "2-ways trades" tourisms, investments, industries,
developments, education, constructions and others mutually benefiting both
countrie's economic development in Canada, Provinces, and Cities as a whole!


1984-1985 aboard:1963-1967
Faye & Dean Leung with various British Columbia Ministries of Tourisms Ministers & Deputy Ministers of Tourism. Government officials and Mayors, Councilors, businessmen of different British Columbia Cities delegations to Saskatoon, Saskatwan, Winnipeg, Branford Manitoba Cities, Calgary Alberta Cities-“the rubber-tires tourists” and throughout California Cities Sacramento, Berkeley, Los Angeles area – Hollywood, Century City, Menlo Park, Chinatown, etc promoted tourisms for British Columbia. And aboard in Japan, Korea, & Hong Kong. We planted tree in Sacramento, called on the Mayors and hosted luncheons and dinners at each Cities with us brought British Columbia’s Pacific fresh shrimps, salmon, lettuce served to each cities Chamber of Commerce luncheon.
• British Columbia Honorable Frank Minister of Tourism with Faye & Dean Leung to Saskatwan, Manitoba, Alberta promote tourisms to British Columbia
• And: Faye & Dean Leung with British Columbia Ministry of Tourisms Honorable Kiernan and Premier W.A.C. Bennett, Attorney General Robert Bonner, Minister of Education & Minister of Labor Leslie Peterson, Deputy Minister of Tourism Ken Woodward & delegation “Inauguration Western Airline to Vancouver, B.C.” in Los Angela LAX airport
• Promoted in California Los Angela Century City, Century Studio-Canadian born actor Glen Ford, actress of the famed movie “Plagant Place"
• Since 1947 to present 2012 hostess and personal private tour guide to California and other USA tourist to Vancouver and Victoria, B.C..
• Follows Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Philippine etc all the Far East tourists as promoted.
• Trades between Canada and USA in many commodities & products etc.
• Far East Orient Representative Scripps Clinic, La Jolla-San Diego, California
• San Francisco American Hospital, Tiajuana Mexico, Representative
• Green Dot Energy Inc. China Representative
• Online bingo
• First Nations casinos with Canadians joint venture
• Import & Export Chinese paintings stationery among others
• Canadian products to USA
• Hawaii and Canada and Vancouver business developments
• Hawaiian Chinese business training in Vancouver
• Honolulu affordable & Government housings subdivisions to Vancouver
• San Francisco & Citizen Saving & Trust Banking Business connections to and for Canada branches
• Restaurants and Food & Drinks San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver
• Gold Bullions, Iron Ore & Coal mines

Faye Leung Beverly Hill, California meeting Feb. 18, 1993


Chinese original version herein attachment

English version of Chinese article  By Columnists Mr. Huang Foo Wing in China, and in Vancouver, Canada Mr. Quan Lim never interview Faye Leung (unknown) published circulated worldwide… 

Yen Ping/Enping magazine, China October 9, 2003:
Mrs. Faye Leung, ancestors roots China Canton/Guangzhou Province Yenping/Enping. Born and raised in Victoria & Vancouver, B.C. Canada..Thereafter moved to Vancouver, B.C., is a 3rd generation Chinese Canadian.  As a Chinese Canadian have done great contributions. Received honors from Greater Vancouver Tourism and Convention “Man of the Month” Captain Vancouver Trophy Award.  Canada Recognitions Award, British Columbia Government Gold Award, City of Vancouver 50 Anniversary Volunteers Success Award, 1990 Women’s Award, 1992 Canada Women’s Entrepreneurs Award.
            In Canada, Mrs. Faye Leung uses her knowledge, experiences and connections, warmly heartily served the Chinese “Wah Kiu”/Chinese folks. Worked hard for the women’s recognitions, speaks up for the needs and rights.  Also a charitable prominent person in the societies…services several organizations and associations with contributions, consultant, resolved people in poverty and the people with wealth’s equally serviced.  Outside of Canada.. Mrs. Leung benefit local province in her respectfully celebrity status promoted & connected Canada across the Pacific Regions, countries, and international trades, tourisms, education, developments etc.  Also brought these relating projects to Canada... enable Canadians chosen professions opportunities and suitable benefits.  Mrs. Leung’s these important activities that 3 of her upcoming storybooks, television series and films will soon be produced and published.
                In the early 20th Century, after the 40s period, Mrs. Leung and her husband Mr. Dean Chun Kwong Leung were many Chinese Society Organizations/Associations as executive directors & representatives.  Also cultivated and connected the English cultures and the VIPs and its folks, also the government officials et el built the bridges.  They promoted, public relations, built Chinese community with enriched enhancements… 1957, Mrs. Leung and her husband Dean Chun Kwong Leung in Vancouver Chinatown started Pender Realty & Insurance Agencies and Development Company.  In their company was as the “Centre”, the Chinese are able to social, read newspapers, do businesses, of constructions, and for helps or financial areas and for management knowledge.
Thereafter, through their company, Mrs. Leung and her husband Dean Chun Kwong Leung again in Vancouver expanded, extended and diversified its companies and other enterprises projects.  Added property management, banking, financial investments, constructions & developments and insurance of all kind, among other businesses in their portfolios.
1962, Mrs. Leung gone through very hard work, …truly she & her husband still took Canada’s financial company from the City’s financial district to Chinatown…She founder and opened the 1st in Canada of any trust company’s branches The Canada Trust Bank branch deeply in her Chinatown business office, the 1st  trust company branch outside the financial district. By Mrs. Leung & her husband Dean’s brilliancy knowledge developed large volume of Canada Trust Banking business in their Chinatown office.  They developed a very, very big prominent Canada Trust financial business development in Chinatown & City. Since Faye & Dean, husband & wife founders & management Canada Trust Chinatown office extended many branches throughout the city & elsewhere.
1970, Mrs. Leung and her husband Dean Chun Kwong Leung, again in Chinatown created and developed by constructed this area the most large commercial development centre… “The Chinese Centre/Mandarin Trade Centre”..  This Centre the largest, large development expanded Chinatown..created and added new real estates investments & opportunities in the area. Also have caused very large opportunities in Chinatown commercial developments expansions.  For in Chinatown, and the Chinese, and the “Wah Kiu”/folks also able have this likable and solid facilities.
            Beside Chinatown developments they’ve done and have contributed, Mrs. Leung  also for Canada with Hong Kong of its financial trust companies and banks, and its related businesses relationships, she & her husband Dean Chun Kwong Leung have paved the roads of extensive paths, built the bridges.  By her very hard work she have had led in 1964 the Bank of Montreal opened its Hong Kong branch office. This time, Mrs. Leung as Hong Kong Hang Seng Bank representative in Canada, she develops the 1st Hong Kong Banks with trust companies The Canada Trust Company as correspondence Banks between Canada and Hong Kong. She also have had done… she brought to Canada the large banks business from Hong Kong to Canada and Hong Kong’s elites deposits to Canada’s 5 big banks.
            Beside other businesses, enterprises, financial businesses, Mrs. Leung has done greatly in Canada ladies & men’s fashions.  She produced and directed many unique fashions shows. Includes the first in Vancouver men’s and ladies together fashion show. And the first Chinese community “black tie” formal affairs etc. These special shows & functions she brought together “blended the East and the West cultures” happily, very successfully jointly into one success.
            The most important appreciations respectfully pays tributes and honor Mrs. Leung with the greatest compliments of her work in eliminated the discriminations against the Asians/Chinese in the city & Canada.  Especially in the areas of the businesses, rentals, employments etc matters.   Mrs. Leung’s huge efforts of her strongly fought for equalities. 
In the immigrants areas through Mrs. Leung widely spoken of and to the Federal Government and related departments with letters and reports have eliminated some red tapes, enable the Chinese immigrants apply speedily in the immigrants’ procedures and processes.  She also developed successfully the various immigrants programs and visas immigrants foundation.  Thus its very greatly convenient for the Chinese to Canada, and the immigrants received vast immigrants’ privileges happily with satisfactions thankful to Mrs. Leung’s kind efforts patriotically compassionate cared and free services and helped.
            In Business successes, total heartily totally interested helps & services people with energy and strength, that Mrs. Leung are honored and are recognized as a well-known famous name person..celebrity status as an extra good citizen, have served, that Mrs. Leung accepted the awards…in the various charitable organizations and service associations as a responsible person &/or as consultant.
As: Vancouver Opera Association director, Canada Brotherhood & Christian Council Regional Director,  Canada “Tai Fung Yip” Association Director, Endeavor Director, Salvation Army Red Shield, United Way, National Charities Organization Women’s Director etc.  Mrs. Leung also is founders of education institutions, and is an organized and constructive person.
As: Founders South Vancouver Chinese School, City of Vancouver Mayor’s Redevelopment Committee:  member in the Women’s Committee Vancouver Symphony, “Kick-off” Fundraising Save Orpheum Theatre,  and Founders & created the 1st Chinese men & ladies Mei Wun Choristers/Choir , Social Activities Clubs founder,
Also Simon Fraser University one of the  Charter Convocation Founder, And received “Queen Elizabeth Centennial Medal” in recognition services to the Nations. And Chinese Benevolent National Association of Canada, Women Director, Kong Chow Benevolent Association of Canada, executive director, among others.
       Mrs. Faye Leung in all the various areas receives excellent successfully succeeded compliments & recognitions, as she has established herself as a very good colorful person. And she has very, very large wide areas of Fans.  Thereafter as her Fans has her Fan Club established in 1990 as “Faye Leung Fan Club” motto: “Happy Friendships, economic business developments, and to have fun”.  By through this Fan Club Mrs. Leung famous celebrity status are enhanced enriched more known in the whole of Canada.   Faye Leung Investment, Consulting & Marketing Group…and Dean & Faye Leung Health & Education Foundation….
            Mrs. Leung’s husband Dean Chun Kwong Leung was Chinese Benevolent National Association of Canada Chairman, Kong Chow Benevolent Association of Canada, Chairman, Leung Chung How Tong/Leungs’ Association of Canada, Chairman, many Chinese & Canadian Associations, Chinese Schools, Chinese News Republic Newspapers, President, Executive Directors, Mt. St. Joseph Hospital Trustee, Vancouver General Hospital Life Member, among others.  Queen Elizabeth ll Centennial Medal: “Service to the Nation”, British Columbia Gold Tourism Promotions Abroad Award, City of Vancouver Award, Many Chinese and Canadian Business Corporations and Service Clubs, Associations, Chinese National Government, etc. Awards…

The following is a re-typed version of the Chinese article written and published by the Government of China- Yen/Enping County Magazine in Guangdong Province- it has a worldwide circulation.

    中国广东省恩平报社: 作者: 林岳均黄富荣:
一颗耀人的  “华裔新星
    CANADA: FAYE LEUNG: 梁春广夫人梁慧超
梁慧超女士, 祖先广东省恩平市人, 出生成长于加拿大维多利市. 后来椴到温哥华市, 是第三代杰出的华裔加拿大人, 为加拿大及加拿大华人, 华侨都作出了很大的贡献, 曾获温哥华旅游局颁发的月度人物, 卑诗省的政府金奖, 加拿大信托成就奖, 温哥华50 周年义工成就奖, 1990年杰出妇女奖, 1992年加拿大妇女企业家年度奖等.
          在加拿大国内, 梁慧超女士凭着自己的经验和关系, 热心为华侨服务, 努力为妇女的权益和需要而游说, 并担任一系列慈善协会, 股务机构的负贡, 顾问, 为消除穷人与富人之间的不平等而努力. 在国外, 梁女士着互惠互利的原则, 利用她的影响力, 促进了加拿大和环太平洋地区, 国家之间的国际贸易, 旅游, 教育等方面的发展. 并将有关项目引进加拿大,为加拿大人民争取就业机会和相应的利益. 有关梁女士这些重大活动的三本书, 影带及电视片将很快出版.
          早在二十世纪四十年代后期, 梁慧超女士及她的夫婿梁春广先生就被很及华人社团授权作为代, 与西人文化沟通的桥梁. 1957梁女士及她的夫婿梁春广在温哥华中国城创建了片打实业, 房地产,各重保险,建筑发展, 金融借款, 房地产管理, 投资财源顾问有限公司. 在公司的接待中心, 华裔可以得到生意士的建议和协助或财务方面的管理咨询. 后来, 通过此公司, 梁女士和夫婿梁春广又在温哥华开设了. 些分支机构及其它商业项目, 提供物业管理, 银行金融投资,建筑保险等业务. 1962, 梁慧超女士经过一系列努力, 终于把加拿大的一些金融机构从城市中心引到了中国城. 加拿大信托甚至在她的中国城办公室开设了一间分行.. 梁女士丰才华创造力了与第一名能够发展第一的加拿大全国性的信托银行分行业务创建在梁慧超女士和夫婿梁春广公司,夫妻总管理发展到各地区分行成功开展信托银行业务. 这些大大刺激了中国城的金融业的发展. 1970 , 梁女士和她的夫婿梁春广又在中国城创建了当地最大的商业大楼中心
--“华人中心”--.  此中心的建立大大引了中国城的  系列地产投资, 也大大刺激了中国城的商业发展, 在中国城的华人华侨也得到了相应的实惠.
          除了为中国城发展所作的贡献外, 梁慧超女士还为加拿大及香港的金融机构的相互流铺了路在梁慧超女士的努力下, 1964 Bank of Montreal (满地可银行) 在香港开设了分行, 是时, 梁女士作为香港恒生银行的代表在加拿大开设了第一家银行的信托公司并引进远东的大银行大企业前来加拿大五大银行存款.
          除了商业, 金融业, 梁慧超女士在加拿大时装界也有很大的作为. 她推出并指寻了不少的时装表演盛会, 包括第一届温哥华男女服装表演及第一届华人黑领带事 (Black Tie)”时装展等. 在这些表演及上, 梁女士托东西文化协调地. 很好地结合在一起.
          更值得令人称赞的是梁慧超女士还为消除种族歧视和反对限制东方人在城区, 特殊地区置业和租赁物业作出了很大的努力. 在移民方面, 通过梁女士的游说和给联邦及有关部门的信件简报, 消除了一些障碍, 加快了中国移民办理移民程序的进度. 她还创办了成功的移民顾问公司及VISAS移民基金, 大大地方便了中国进入加拿大的移民, 受到了广大移民的一致好评.
          生意场上的成功, 全心全意为人民的服务精神, 使梁慧超女士获得了很大的声誉. 为了更好地为人民, 服务, 梁女士担任了---系列慈善协会和服务机构的负责人或顾问. : 温哥华歌剧协会董事, 加拿大墓督教犹太委员会地区董事, 加拿大风湿, 关节炎协会董事, Endeavors协会, Salvation Army Red Shield (救世军), United Way (红厝公益金). 全加慈善协会妇女董事等. 梁女士还是一系列学校, 团体组织的刨建人. : 南温哥华中文学校的创建人, 温哥华市市长廉价房屋发展咨询委员会创建人, 温哥华交响乐团, 澳芬大剧院以及一些华人唱诗班, 俱乐部的创建人还是菲莎大学的创建者之一, 并由此梁春广梁慧超夫妻获得女皇百年纪念奖章.
前全加中华会馆妇女董事, 冈州全加总会馆董事
          梁慧超女士在各方面所取得的杰出成就, 为她树立了良好的形象, 并为她赢得了许许多多的支持者后来, 她的支持者甚至成立了梁慧超迷俱乐部”, 它的宗旨是: 促进亲善友谊, 发展商业分经济, 共同获得乐趣”, 通过这个俱乐部, 梁慧超女士的光辉形象更是传播到了整个加拿大.
梁春广先生前中华全加总会馆主席, 冈州全加总会馆主席, 全加梁氏总亲梁忠孝堂主席及等等中西社会董事, 理事长, 中央医院, Mt. St. Joseph Hospital医院受托管理者,等中西公所, 协会,学校董事卑诗省的政府金奖, 温哥华市奖, 等中西机构社会协会奖

copyright 1986


“LEUNG” handwritten by Dean Chun Kwong Leung”

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