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copyright 1986

Dean and Faye Leung
Legendary One In a Million Years Husband and Wife Couple!!!


Faye Leung stories of the earlier days of Chinatown and Downtown Eastside 100 Block East Hastings Street of its glory & vibrant social & businesses activities, and have had lived & attended Strathcona School in Chinatown days, and of Faye’s parents Kate & Leong Chap Kwong & husband Dean Leung prominent leaders & Classical Chinese Scholars academics. And the stories prelude Faye Leung 3 Storybooks: Interviewed & videotaped by Adam Beal and Theo/Teddy Kim on March 23, 2012 for Marc Williams..

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Faye 3rd generation Victoria born Vancouver bred adds contribute to Canada Cultural Heritage:

FAYE LEUNGBusinesswoman,realtor,consultant,investment,sales,PR,
& DEAN CHUN KWONG LEUNG, Academia,Classical Chinese Scholar, businessman,realtor, insurance,developer,consultant: TOGETHER 1967 EXPANDED & REDEVELOPED CHINATOWN COMMERCIAL AREA, 1959 Prevent City Bulldoze CHINATOWN & STRATHCONA HOUSES for Freeway be REDEVELOP..1950 onward PIONEERS:-photos ads REAL ESTATES, COMMERICAL, HOUSES, FINANCES, INSURANCES, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, BUSINESSES, all SERVICES, & for free, 1962 Founder CANADA 1ST TRUST COMPANY BRANCHES-/TD CANADA TRUST, CONSULTING, SALES, INVESTMENTS, MARKET, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT VANCOUVER CHINATOWN, expand in Vancouver, Burnaby, B.C, Faye PIONEERLEGISLATED” 1963 Strata Titles & PIONEER 1966“Pre-Sales” real estates, 1959-1980s Faye no fees Instrumental initiated many immigration programs benefits IMMIGRANTS,settled masses immigrants, brought to Canada billions dollars enriched& enhanced economy..1980 Faye 1st Canada businesswomen gov’t invited to China invest in Canada (See Faye & Dean’s photos, files, chapters)   Era: 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s..2000s continued..
   2012 Faye still active,read write speak several dialects Chinese more billions to Canada..
QUOTE: renowned Canada Author: Peter Newman 1992 in his home Deep Cove BC reviewed Faye’s photos, documents, files: “Faye must write her storybooks, & offered write ‘book forward’ said:“all of Faye’s excellent work overshadowed by Premier Vander Zalm her sale Fantasy Gardens to billionaire purchased episodes (another storybook)”..unquote Peter Newman..
Quote famed Chuck Davis ‘08“Faye must finish storybooks,I wish Faye succeeds”email..unquote
NOW FUNDRAISING: My storybooks are a part of Canada's, BC's , Vancouver's, Cities, Chinatown's Cultural Heritage to be preserved in perpetuity for Posterity.. Helps wanted: sponsors-in-kind, sponsor(s) chapter(s) or whole, &/or donations, pre-buy/pre-sell subscription is appreciated. Much public demand throughout the decades“Famous Hat Lady Faye Leung’s storybooks” funded be published. Help give back to Society, City, Province & Canada your contributions, donations, pre-buy Call or email below last page:
ERA 2012: CHANGING DIFFERENT CHINATOWN by City of Vancouver rezone BOSA BlueSky Properties President Dale Bosa 16 floors Condo Tower redevelop the site at:

mandarin building
Mandarin Trade Centre built & owned by Faye & Dean Leung
       Redeveloped Chinatown May 27, 1972-Opening cocktail buffet reception with 2,500 people

VANCOUVER CHINATOWN  original single-handed Dean Chun Kwong Leung & Faye Leung wife & husband together 1967 EXPANDED & REDEVELOPED CHINATOWN COMMERICAL AREA by developed, owned, built the “replica Imperial Palace Mandarin Trade Centre” at 601-633 Main Street and 188-198 Keefer Street southwest corner, in Canada and Vancouver 1st  historically Faye & Dean host 2400 guests cocktail buffet reception opened May 24, 1972 this first largest ½ block 6 floors with amenities as 2 elevators, underground parking, imported unique features of imperial palace décor,snow-load Sichaun roof tiles, own generator serves all of Chinatown & elsewhere, hand craved ceilings and walls panels, handcarved “God of Longevity, Peacock, Dragon & Phoenix” 3 gold-leaf both sides double Moongates VIPs entrances, Imperial Palace replica ornaments, antiques, ‘one & only Oriental Board Room’. “In commemoratioin of Canada's Centennial 1967” and “Honouring the Chinese Pioneers:” Dean Leung created exclusively ‘special 24 inches’ round gold cement Canadian twenty-five cents coins &  Chinese ancient Yuan/coins mounted around the exterior of this building the Mandarin Trade Centre’ Chinese motifs & décor,… Dean also designed “one-of-kind” in the world British Columbia Green Jade 2’ X 2’ Squares inlaid Dean’s, Master Chinese Calligrapher, handwritten gold aluminum ‘longevity’, a “special feature” in the building appreciated!   Matched Dean’s gold ‘long life’ calligraphic fronts double doors pulls. DEAN & FAYE pioneer Canada 1st Dim Sum Hong Kong style &“push carts”-seating 1000 & 1600 banquets facilities, stainless steel large dance floor Continental real boat full seafood Supper Club, 1st Chinatown liquor store, Chinatown 1st Bank of B.C./HSBC among others facilities Dean & Faye built into this Mandarin Trade Centre commercial development in Vancouver Chinatown, largest Chinatown in Canada & 2nd in North America,“Gateway to from the Orient/Far East”(See photos,chapter)..(since the building is screw-up & ruined by 2 purchasers)

Mandarin opeing
Mandarin Trade Centre Chinatown May 24, 1972
601-627 Main & 188-198 Keefer Streets corner
OPENS 6 doors by 6 VIPS Dean & Faye Leung,
Hon. Leslie Peterson, & cocktail buffet 2400 guests
Background Tommy Ho , Mrs. Tsow,Minister of Tourism. Bank of BC's Henry Fetigan.

Tree planting
Dean & Faye Leung - Beautification Vancouver Award by Park & Tilford
            August 1972 Faye & Dean Leung Planting Chinatown Trees Ceremony
           at Mandarin Trade Centre 601-627 Main & 188-198 Keefer Streets
            with the Honourable Grace McCarthy Deputy Premier of B.C.,
The Hon.
Herb Capozzi of Capozzi Wines, Capri Hotels, Entrepreneur;  
            Hon. Evan Wolfe Minister of Finance & Chevolet GM Motors
Andy Livingstone Park Board Chairman

Faye & Dean 1971 paved City sidewalks, & 1972 planted 1st Chinatown trees (1966 planted Cherry Trees on Fremlin St. Oakridge residential area)along Main & Keefer Streets with Deputy Premier Hon. Grace McCarthy, Hon. Evan Wolfe, Hon. Herb Capozzi, MLAs, Park Board Chairman Andy Livingston,(see photos) mounted “Commemorate In Honour Faye & Dean Leung copper plague” & Dean, Faye & son's footprints’ cemented at corner Keefer & Main Street.

    Dean Chun Kwong Leung Springtime March 1986 at home:
                      6088 Fremlin St at West 45th Ave corner "our street"
                            Faye & Dean Leung initiated the planting of the Japanese Cherry Trees
                       on Fremlin Street in Oakridge Residental District

Faye Leung 1 of 5 QUOTE: “National (Canada) ladies big time developer/builder”1971 National Builders’ & Chinatown News Magazines front covers photos story..Unquote:.. with Dean together in 1967 redeveloped whole Chinatown commercial area by consolidated all the depilated and ‘2nd hand’ stores along Main Street, & FAYE & DEAN EXPAND CHINATOWN AS “IT IS” NOW, adds new developments & renewals to the old structures:..PRESERVED COLORFUL CHINATOWN ..

chinatown news
Cover Photo: CHINATOWN NEWS November 18, 1971

Chinatown News Editor: “Victoria-born Faye Leung owns the distinction of being the only big time lady developer in Vancouver.  She and husband realtor & businessman Dean Leung head a group (Dean & Faye) in constructing the $1.8 million three-storey (6 storey) Mandarin Shopping Trade Centre at southwest corner of Main and Keefer Street.  The group's (Faye & Dean) next target is a $4 million 29-story hotel opposite on Keefer Street next spring.  President of the couple's own business firm, Pender Realty & Insurance Agencies, Mrs. Faye Leung boasts of a varied and extensive business background. She has been associated with numerous financial and development corps.  Pender Realty is the B.C. exclusive agents for Palm Desert Green Country Club Estate and Avco Community Developer Inc. of Caif.  Active in civic affairs, she was the winner of several awards including the B.C. Government's "Kla-How-Yah", Vancouver Visitors & Convention Bureau's "Man of the Month" and Canada Trust's "Appreciation Presentation", Several Vancouver organizations list her on their membership rolls - Board of Trade, Vancouver Symphony, Opera Guild, Real Estate Board of both this city and Canada and the Insurance Agents Association of Canada.  At the pace she's advancing, fame and fortune may overtake her....
    .......editor Roy Mah..Chinatown News..November 18, 1971

Dean & Faye Leung proposed 1st Chinatown approved Mandarin International Hotel Tower,
Commercial, levels of Parking at Keefer St. and 1st Chinatown Pub approved by the City of Vancouver. Management by: Canadian Pacific Hotels. 1980s economic recession interest rates @29% made it an uneconomical development then. The site at Keefer Street was the original Vancouver 1st horse stable with farriers fitting horseshoes.


Faye June 14, 2012 with City Planner Dwayne Deobot, updated of Georgia Viaduct, of in & for City Hall Faye have done many decades of free services in translating for many departments officials, inspectors, etc 1966 Faye PIONEER “Pre-Sales”real estates, and Faye PIONEER “LEGISLATED” legal Strata Titles real estate in 1963 with Mayor Bill Rathie, Alderman Halford Wilson, Alderman Bill Street (Condos King Bob Rennie benefits), after Dean & Faye with Clark & Robert Bentall by authority  their father Charles Bentall supported Faye & Dean 1960 redevelop Chinatown housings & saved City bulldoze & expropriate Strathcona & Chinatown Houses prevent relocate all to McLean, Raymuir, Skeena social housings &  established social & affordable housings, B.C.Housings, & HomeOwners Federal grants. Dean, leader & chairman, we reneged 1959 City freeway cut through Chinatown, Granville & Georgia Streets (Block 61/black tower) preserved “Heart of Vancouver”&“Chinatown (see chapters of upcoming new book)
Also Faye 1961 helped the folks, introduced and served B.C. Housings (see Dean’s handwritten papers & maps educate housings in Chinese & English) Faye/Mrs. Dean Leung established 1963 with Mayor Rathie, George F. Fountain, Director of Planning, City Manager Gerald Sutton Brown the “City of Vancouver Mayor’s Redevelopment Consultative Committee” & as founder Faye appointed multi-cultural leaders served with her then B.C. Supreme Appeal Court Hon. Mr.Justice Angelo Blanca, Harry Duker, George D. Wong, Emily Sawchuk, Harry Con, on multi-cultural affordable & social housings in City of Vancouver.
1958 Dean one of founders & 1970s MAN OF THE YEAR of original CHINATOWN LIONS CLUB with Al Segal, Benny Pastinsky, George D. Wong, Richard Mar, Harvey Lowe,Tim Louie, George W.Wong, greatly contributed,met at Bamboo Terrace. Previous discriminated NO CHINESE LIONS. 1963 Dean & Faye, Alderman Halford Wilson, Mt.Pleasant Lions Bill present to San Francisco Chinatown Lions for Union Square huge Handcarved Totem Pole. 1959 Chinatown Lions host Hawaii Chinese Opera 1st  in English“White Snake Lady” at Georgia Auditorium

Lion Dean Chun Kwong Leung speaker SF Lions totem pole March 1963 presentation
Lion Dean Chun Kwong Leung Guest Speaker in San Francisco, California
exceptional eloquent brilliant speech has all the San Francisco Chinatown Lions
Banquet’s guests "ROARING with LAUGHTERS" throughout Dean’s speech
Dean & Faye Leung presented to San Francisco Chinatown Lions from
Vancouver Lions hand craved huge Totem Pole installed at Union Square
Head table: (left to right) Vancouver Councilor/Alderman Halford Wilson
New Westminster, B.C. Mayor Beth Wood, San Francisco Chinatown Lion
President Lee, Faye & Dean Leung, B.C. Commissioner Stacy in S.F.
Chinatown Lions Vice President Ngai, March 1963-Four Seasons Restaurant

TThe enormous stories of PEOPLE,Chinatown &within Mandarin Trade Centre as recorded the famous and historical activities of VIPs, dignitaries, public at-large, pioneer politicians, professionals, streets folks’ exceptional interesting events, functions, all of Faye & Dean created & pioneers “Canada’s firsts” blended the Western Canadian Caucasians Society with the Chinese Society the “best of both worlds”(prior not) enjoyed in the Mandarin Trade Centre facilities and the stories of prior and everywhere thereafter..Quote: its only possible as “has had happened” exclusively by Faye & Dean Leung decades leaderships legendary prominently positions ‘MADE A DIFFERENCE’ generously enriched & enhanced Chinatown, City, Community, Province, Society, & Canada, as a whole, benefits the Chinese & all Canadians, economic, employments, tourisms, businesses, welfare...UNQUOTE..Chinese community & public at-large 1950 – 2012..(see files, chapters & photos)
Especially important,vast folks’questions of what’s was & of People,Chinatown, Vancouver, Canada, the younger generations & the influx of immigrants unknown interested for their knowledge of ‘life, times, hearts & souls’ of the Chinese & Caucasians grassroots woven the gold fabric of society made Canada to-day prosper status generations enjoys forever! Then life was not as it is to-day…be told by Famous Hat Lady Faye Leung’s 3 upcoming stories & coffee table photos books. #1 book entitled“History Alive” 1881-2012:‘Chinese People endured hardships, sadness, sacrifices won precious freedom, privileges prestige forever” #2 Book entitled“Hat Lady Faye Leung Sings Premier Vander Zalm, Billionaire, Fantasy Gardens”
Exclusive real stories of the Chinese, Caucasians, Jewish, Multi-Cultural folks’, Faye initiated instrumental many immigration programs, businesses, socials, activities through ‘high heaven & hell’ perseverance for Canada Chinese & the folks’ life! & of Vancouver Oakridge,CPR’s subdivision, Shaughessy, Burnaby Simon Fraser subdivision, developments, Faye & Dean one of Charter Convocation Founders Simon Fraser University, & Founders Canada 1st Trust Company Branches-TD/Canada Trust, among many other stories is Canada Cultural Heritage “Previous Denied..NO “Chinese, Orientals & Jews” as legally registered land titles cannot own the properties, & National Companies’ Constitutions: ‘No-Hire Chinese & East Indians’ Canada many restrictions, taboos, discriminations, against Chinese. Faye done aforesaid, 3rd generations Victoria born Vancouver raised,  family’s pioneers Victoria B.C.1st Canada Chinatown;(see:“a photo speaks“ a million words”..quote & unquote..Ex President Clinton..)
These people’s stories is nowhere available as ‘it is’ nor ever seen the photos aforesaid. Stories ‘backed-up’ with letters, records, documents, photos, include over 60 years photos Dean personally photographed he chronicled in his photos journals for posterity! Upon books completed donate to Universities, Archive, Museum, Libraries. UBC & SFU started digital
QUOTE: University of British Columbia former Presidents Martha Piper & Dr. Strangway :“Faye do not let your papers, photos, records, documents out of your hand..its precious, rare, priceless..its irreplaceable ..its nice to have donations of mortar & bricks..but “too many libraries is burnt gone to Heaven”..yours must be preserved!”..Unquote..UBC Presidents 1993-2009..
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copyright 1986



“LEUNG” handwritten by Dean Chun Kwong Leung”

God Bless Healthy Richly Success
With Good Fortune
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