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Oct. 3, 2014 in Chinese Lunar Calendar is 9th Day 9th month/99 Chung Yang/Seniors Festival:
Vancouver VIPs Honor Seniors 1000 Banquet Photo by Richin Chen/Dawa Business Press:
Standing: Jody Claman, Faye Leung, Don Davies, MP, Van Councilor Tang, Consul Cheung,
Attorney General Suzanne Anton, Richard Lee, MLA, Richmond Councilor Au
Front: over 90s Seniors – Middle: Alice Wong, MP, & 106 years old beneath Richard Lee, MLA


Faye Leung, Jody Claman, TV actress & food expert
Chinese lunar 9th day 9th month Chung Yang/1000 Seniors Festival Banquet
Photo by Richin Chen, Dawa Business Press: Oct. 3
rd 2014


Keye Liu photo June 8, 2014 Faye Leung Birthday Lunch by

Kong Chow Assn. of Canada with Mrs. Sung, Richard Wong, President Mr. Leung

Faye Leung, Margaret Wong Leung, Executive Directors Kong Chow Benevolent Association of Canada

Kong Chow Benevolent Association of Canada Banquet
Vancouver Councillors George Chow & Councillor Raymond Louie

HAPPY EASTER GREETINGS SPRINGTIME….Easter thought of you with greetings. Photo by Simon

Annual Chinese Spring Banquets in Chinatown” …

To-night April 8, 2012 Easter Sunday, this Kong Chow Benevolent Assn 87 Anniversary Spring Banquet…where I was photographed by many..herein attachment photo of me when I was visiting with Dr. Madelain and Dr. Wally Chung the photographer Simon (I don’t know him) sneaked photo me, I turned and saw  him photo me…he sent me my photo herein attachment; he took my photo on Easter Sunday 4, 8, 2012, with my Easter Bonnet (Hat) (as I’m 3rd generation born and raised here honor each traditions as on Easter since very young age, always as traditional customs an Easter Bonnet/Hat (with all the frills upon it/hat) at Easter is a must)
Happy Easter with my new Easter Bonnet as traditional for Easter…must with an Easter Bonnet/Hat…as in the favorite traditional Easter Parade movie and song:  “On my Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it…on the avenue, on the Easter parade you’re the loveliest….so on…so on..”Easter song….Easter is  the favorite customary traditional celebration of Easter as we’re trained and grown up to honor Easter each year with our Easter hats..bonnets!


Faye Leung, Executive Director Yonge & Narissa Wong,
City of Vancouver Health & Food Inspector, March 10, 2007
Kong Chow Benevolent Assn of Canada 82 Anniversary

Ex President Lam Bing Yuen, Secretary General, faithfully loyal over 40 years Executive Directors & and
Faye Leung Executor Director, Kong Chow Benevolent Assn of Canada..Faye's husband Dean Chun Kwong Leung was Chairman
for over 3 decades

Executive Director Faye Leung, Mr. & Mrs. Leung, Tina, Nathan & Richard Wong
Kong Chow Benevolent Association of Canada celebrate Chinese New Year
February 2, 2008

pink cowgirl hat
Faye Leung and Kenneth Lam- CGA and businessman.
Kong Chow Benevolent Association of Canada Executive directors

Faye Leung and Ken Chan -Colleagues Executive Director - Kong Chow Benevolent Association of Canada


China Assn: Executive Directors Faye Leung, Ken Chan, Susan Tong,
Charles Mau of Kong Chow Benevolent Assn. of Canada Celebrate Chinese New Year 2, 10, 2008

Faye Leung, Margaret Wong Leung, Executive Directors Kong Chow Benevolent Association of Canada

   Mrs. Donald Nip/Esther and Faye Leung, Executive directors Kong Chow Benevolent Assn. of Canada 88 Anniversary Banquet Easter Sunday, March 31st 2013, photo by Gordon Lew, professional photographer & Insurance Broker

Donald & Esther Nip, former Chairman, present Advisory Kong Chow Benevolent Assn of Canada, March 31, 2013,
Dean & Faye’s colleague…And Faye at 10 years old worked at Donald’s father Nip Poy’s Eastmore Fruit Market

Faye Leung, niece Katherine Wong, Andrew Fong, Ken Chan,
Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013 photo by Gordon Lew, professional photographer & Insurance Broker
      Kong Chow Benevolent Assn of Canada 88 Anniversary Banquet

     Huang Sui Rong, Faye Leung, executive directors colleague, Easter Sunday March 31, 2013
     Kong Chow Benevolent Assn. of Canada 88 Anniversary Banquet, Photo by Gordon Lew

Gordon Lew Professional Photographer & Insurance Broker, and Faye Leung, Easter Sunday
March 31, 2013 Kong Chow Benevolent Assn of Canada 88 Anniversary Banquet,

pink dress red rose
Happy Easter photos March 31, 2013 Faye Leung,  Faye Leung, Esther Nip, Gordon Lew
Kong Chow Benevolent Assn of Canada 88 Anniversary Photo by: Kai Hing Chan

Ambassador Consul General Yang Quiang总领事杨强,梁慧超,
林秉元,梁太,雷定国Happy New Year January 2, 2008 to Faye Leung,
Lam Bing Yuen, Margaret Wong Leung, Louie Ting Kwok,
加拿大冈州总会馆Kwong Chow Benevolent Assn of Canada
Executive Directors

Don Davies, MP/Canada Government Member of Parliament, Faye Leung, Chinese Consul Li Yue 3, 31, 2013

Faye Leung, MLA Jenny Kwan, MP Don Davies March 31, 2013


Faye Leung won “Dream Pillow” prize & President Tina Lam

Dr. Wally & Dr. Madeline Chung, Faye Leung, Victoria B.C. neighbour, Hong Kong Trade Catherine Yuen, Susan Tong, Wong, March , 31, 2013

Firefighter Rob Lee, Metrotown Firehall, Faye Leung Easter Sunday March 31, 2013
Photo by Gordon Lew

Jan. 2, 2008 Ambassador Consul General Yang Quiang总领事杨强,领事王坚Consul Wang
Kong Chow Benevolent Assn of Canada Executives Directors HAPPY NEW YEAR
Faye Leung
梁慧超right 2nd, 岑兆祥Sam Sui Cheung 1st right

Kong Chow Benevolent Assn of Canada 88th Anniversary Banquet Easter Sunday March 31, 2013
Kong Chow an Association of China Guangdong Province Sun Voey Region, of various County of the ancestral roots, of  the ancestors of Sun Voey, Sha Tuey, Hawk Shan…villages…
Kong Chow Benevolent Association of Canada incorporate December 23, 1925 Registered Under The Societies Act of British Columbia…By then Chairman Chang Wun Fung, prominent Chinese community leader and philanthropy, the Chinese Community called him by his profession as “Yee Sub Tow”/”Fisheries  Head”…means: Head of the Fisheries Company Hires workers…He & his family lived in Chinatown, the 2nd house from Jackson Ave at 477 East Pender Street by Strathcona School. On our way to Strathcona School, we walk past his elegant “Hollywood style” house he built was a very exceptional classy house in the Chinese Community, Chinatown, and for Chinese…It was white stucco flat roof, square of a house, with double blue door garage drive-in from the street. –Alongside the built-in garage, was up the stairs to an elegant living room with curve long sectional couch…very elaborately gorgeous home then ‘are only a dream’ for the Chinese to own and lives in such a home or any home at all, because the majority of the Chinese lived upstairs of the ground floor commercial buildings, and most all the Chinese lives in Chinatown. Although there were modest houses in Chinatown area…from 300 blocks east to Campbell Ave of Pender, Keefer, Georgia, Union, Prior Streets are the Chinatown residential area now known as the Strathcona Housing area; as Strathcona School are in the middle of the area..
Mr. & Mrs. Chang Wun Fung, He was a distinguish pioneer gentleman, and she was a handsome looking woman, & their family - son & wife, daughter & husband & grandchildren, all lived together in this home.  I visited their home with my mother Kate  Nipp Leong’s sister-in-law Aunt Lil Nipp, who was a good friend to the Yo Yo Champion King Harvey Lowe’s sister Winnie Chang the daughter-in-law to the aforesaid prominent chairman of Kong Chow Assn, Chang Wun Fung (he now ‘rest in peace’ in Oceanview Cemetery).  Carol Ann Wong Sung is his granddaughter, Carol Ann’s mother Florence , and father George W. Wong, manager then the famous Bamboo Terrance Chinese Restaurant at 174 East Pender Street lane corner in Chinatown…Bamboo Terrace was also the ‘home’ to the Chinatown Lions Club regular meetings. They all lived in the same elegant house includes Winnie & husband and son Ernie Chang.   
Although there were modest houses in Chinatown area…from 300 blocks to Campbell Ave of Pender, Keefer, Georgia, Union, Prior Streets are the Chinatown area now known as the Strathcona Housing & area; as Strathcona School are in the middle of the area..
Because the Canadian laws of 1885 and 1923 discriminations, restrictions with taboos strongly against all the Chinese, are not allowed to live, purchase, rent/lease etc in most areas in the City…Especially West Vancouver British Properties was strictly restricted “No Chinese/Orientals and East Indians” includes employments and chosen professions!!
Also the land restrictions was registered in the British Columbia Land Title: “NO CHINESE, EAST INDIANS & JEWS”  The Jewish also suffered discriminations of another type of the Chinese…The Jewish as the Chinese were not allowed to the Private Clubs,  as Terminal, Vancouver & University Clubs amongst others, and the Golf Clubs, as Shaughessy, Capilano Golf & Country Clubs, and others. For this reason, the Jewish built their own private club in Richmond, B.C. and also their own Richmond Golf Clubs. The Jewish were able to diversified in their business were always accrue business successful people with expertise and strong financial backings enable expand in the cities & Canada.  But, the Chinese were restricted, without the opportunities at all!
Then-Premier of British Columbia Dave Barrett few years ago sat next to Faye Leung, asked Faye again …Quote and unquote Dave Barrett asked Faye Leung: “Do you know who built the Chinese Cultural Centre/CCC?...Faye replied: “of course I do, my dear husband Dean named CCC and he led and stopped the 17+ Chinese Associations squabble to approved to build, after you’ve given the land for one dollar to build!  Barrett: Alex Macdonald sitting next to you, (former Attorney General of British Columbia) ask Alex I/Barrett told him to remove the land title restrictions of: “no Chinese, East Indians and JEWS” within 2 weeks when we/NDP in government in 1972..enable free the land for the Chinese Cultural Centre…Tell Jenny Kwan, MLA, jump on a soap box and ‘yell out to let the public knows!”…unquote Dave Barrett…Irony, Jenny Kwan did not know either until I conveyed Dave Barrett’s instructions to her on April 14, 2012 at ex-Councillor Jim Green’s memorial at the Orpheum Theatre!
The majority of the Chinese families lived in the upstairs of the Chinatown commercial buildings along the 3 blocks of Pender Streets, and along Union, Georgia, Keefer Streets behind or above the commercial buildings… We lived at 320 East Pender Street, upstairs 3rd floor behind our parents Chap Kwong & Kate Leong founders and teachers Kwong Gee Chinese Public School was neighbors to aforementioned and the following as includes…..
the H. Y. Louie Family lived upstairs to H. Y. Louie wholesale grocery business building,...the founder and father of Tong, Tim, John, Willis, Ken, Helen Louie/Mrs. Lorn Lim, Beatrice Louie…Tong was chairman London Drugs, he brought London Drugs from Sam Bass founder of London Drugs-original Pharmacy Drug Store “specialized a roll of free film upon develop the photos by Sid Rosenbert” was at the corner of Union & Main Street…Sam Bass after sold to Tong Louie, of H.Y. Louie group, within few years Sam Bass sat in our home at Fremlin St & 45th Ave corner, asked me assist him buy back London Drugs from Tong Louie, then was not doing too well.  Sam Bass wanted USA Payless Drugs join him then….But Tong refused to sell…Now  Tong Louie’s heir son Brandt is presently London Drugs chairman..
Tong Louie’s wife Geraldine’s mother, Mrs. Seto Moore, Brandt’s grandmother,  had suddenly collapsed and died in my arm as I was holding her arm and elbow as we started to tour then inauguration of the Concord Lines, after our invited VIPs dinner on board. She was my dining partner, as Mr. Seto Moore and dear husband Dean was on the other side of the head table followed us…I never forgotten this episode in my photographic memory vision as it has had happened on then inaugurate Cruises from Vancouver, B.C. Canada….And the Oriental Lines Mr. Tung, Dean & I was his ‘host & hostess’ for his North America inaugurations of his Oriental Lines started in Vancouver, Canada from his vast Hong Kong Shipping Empire.  His son W. H. Tung was Hong Kong Special Zone 1st  Governor on July 7, 1997 upon China took over Hong Kong from the British Ruled (see separate chapter/story and photos)
My father Leong Chap Kwong, prominent Chinese Community leader, Classical Chinese Scholar Academic, Chinese School founder & teacher, took me when I was a little girl to Kong Chow Benevolent Assn of Canada then at Carrall Street by Pender Street, homestead headquarters, with branches throughout Canada, USA, Hong Kong etc..Mr. Chang was the chairman and played the ancient musical instruments that after the fire, life member Mr. Ho Woo savaged the Chinese small clash and drum preserved for posterity by our sons.  We took Mr. Ho Woo into our home when Kong Chow fire where he lived, he became homeless!  I think the villains vultures of the injustice groups of lawyers politically motivated took/stole illegally from our home of our sons, husbands, relatives, and family’ belongings, items, children’s collections, stuffs, arts, artifacts, furnishings, furniture, etc. etc. that belongs to them that has nothing to do with these villains lawyers groups et al…They were tried injustice harm me, only suppose of me and me, nothing to do with aforesaid families their belongings….Quote & unquote: ‘it should be a judicial review of the miscarriage of justice against Faye and illegally took/stole the corporate company falsely thrown at Faye, when they are the villains greed vultures devils…’ unquote lawyers and legal advisory upset injustice thrown and knocked at Faye (untopple doll, punched bounced up, being punched a thousand cuts)  …..
Dean Chun Kwong Leung ancestral roots is China, Canton/Guangdong Province, Sun Voey, On Shan, Koo Cheung, Chik Kong Li village, was chairman of the Kong Chow Benevolent Assn of Canada for over 30 years …I would attend the Association various functions with our son as Dean chair the events, functions and meetings etc  Also in the headquarters at Carrall Street, a three storey building with the Association on the top floor…Members lived in the Assn…commercial on the ground floor..Beautiful photos of its openings at Carrall Street.
Bing Yuen Lam first arrived from Hong Kong on March 9, 1969 he and Mrs. Lam attended his 1st Kong Chow Assn banquet, he never ceased to praise Dean of his exceptional academic noble public speaker and of his speech at the banquet. They sat with us at the same table.  To this day, he continued raved of Dean greatness, great visionary scholar.  And both Mr. & Mrs. Lam Bing Yuen raved with compliments me too that I so elegant in my white mink and stylish hat and outfit, his wife and him told over and over to this family, comrades, colleagues and friends. (I don’t even remember what I worn) ..Thereafter he was secretary general served with Dean.  When Dean retired, Mr. Lam Bing Yuen served as  chairman, and managing directors..hard work member to this day!!
Although I’m 3rd generation born in Victoria, B.C. raised in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, my ancestral roots are China, Canton/Guangdong Province, Yen Ping Region, Tit Ma Tun/Village, (I’ve never been there) (see another chapter)…I married Dean of his aforesaid ancestral roots… that I’m recognized as more important than the women of the same ancestral roots. Because I’m Dean’s wife and mother to his sons, whom are of the ancestral roots…Thus I’m honored by voted as one of the executive director..and Director of the Women…The directors dubbed me as “Professor” they all called me, as knowledgeable and expertise in the business world….
During the beginning of Dean’s chairman tenure, formed the Kong Chow Investment group/”Yip Gee Voey” and led the members  brought shares as loan to the Assn purchased the commercial building at 140 East Hastings Vancouver, B.C. next to the famous Pantage Theatre.  Then Hastings at this block was vibrant commercial street with excellent merchants and good
2 stars hotels and varieties of shops and café…(see another chapter, March 2012 videotaped interview, my essay of Kong Chow for Kong Chow few years ago, and of Pantage Theatre for the City of Vancouver)..This real estate investment was the best savior for Kong Chow Assn…The rental income of 140 East Hastings paid off the shareholders of the Kong Chow investment group…By lottery paid back their loan purchased the property….Thereafter the income for the Assn…When the fire at the headquarter building…The Kong Chow Assn fortunately has this building for their headquarter home again…Otherwise the Assn have no association home address & a place for some members to lives and meetings!  All raved and thanks Dean for his visionary and leadership have had done for Kong Chow Assn reaped in much benefits.
The recent years I’ve spent years in negotiate and assisted greatly led the Kong Chow Assn directors on its matters at 140 East Hastings this building adjacent to the Pantage Theatre at 138 East Hastings Street…And adjacent to the west was then the Blue Eagle Café (see another wonderful story) of Marc Williams Sequel 138 had consolidated the buildings except the Kong Chow Assn building, to build his tower complex…  Firstly it was suggested by former chairman Donald Nip wanted to join venture with Marc Williams of Sequel 138 development…to have Kong Chow Assn on the 2nd floor to remain at 140 East Hastings.
Even though as depilated it is now from its original glory…Now its also as part of the downtown eastside with all the bad elements ..Presently its scary to walk along and about in this area of Hastings Street..many ladies handbags are grabbed from their shoulders and hand…The men had difficulties too as they fights their ways to the Assn in the middle block of Hastings Street full of present bad elements…
After years of Kong Chow disagreements meetings among the members of the Assn, and much delayed.  I recommended to Marc Williams buys out the building and forget about joint venture arguments of where, what and how the Assn are to be situated within his tower complex…And I recommended the Kong Chow Assn to sell outright the property to Marc Williams…and to purchase another property elsewhere where less of the bad elements.  Although these bad elements its around and above flowed into Chinatown…That at nights in Chinatown, you cannot shoot anybody with a canon…as all disappeared afraid and scary which even daytimes there’s thieves and purses grabbers etc about!!
Thus followed more meetings and negotiations between Marc Williams and I, Donald Nip, Bing Yuen Lam to agreed the term  & conditions and the price to buy/sell to present to the members to vote…I’m proud we have had Marc Williams agreed to purchase full price @$1.550.million cash and several months of free rent for the Association while seek another location for the Assn.  It was a windfall huge profit for the Kong Chow Assn…As in 1962 Dean negotiated down to $112,000 brought this 140 East Hastings property, and continued have collected years of rental income for the Assn comfortable sustained itself. …Now the Assn brought a building at 249 East Pender Street clear title, with extra hundreds of thousands in the kitty/bank. (not to leaked off too) eh as others experienced…  As many organizations and associations has had difficulties of its problems continued…with squabbles and for perks political wannabe, eh
The pioneers had toiled hard patriotically hard earned monies, little as it were, because of the discriminations and restrictions, have always had done their best with passion and compassion donated for their associations, established to care for their fellows ancestral roots comrades…in sickness, unemployment, in social, in funerals, in difficulties the Associations are there for them…and a place to live too…(see another chapter) Dean & I throughout the decades have helped many PhD’s students from across Canada and USA with their thesis on these and various subjects includes Canadian stories as it had happened!
I have the greatest respect and loves the Chinese pioneers as I grew up among them as raised not by a village are by the Chinese Community, the pioneers folks scrutinized and watch over us with care, throughout our childhood, and business in Chinatown..they all looked out for us, and helped us in many ways…i.e. when I worked throughout the night in Chinatown, the door does not need to be locked the pioneers folks are out there watch out for me, and brought me coffee, park my car when I arrived in Chinatown to my office..the wonderful old pioneers folks of great humanity with integrity are appreciated and missed in to-day’s complicated ‘cold’ world!!  Bless All of their Souls!


Faye Leung’s Father: Prominent Community Leader,
Founder & Teacher Kwong Gee Chinese Public School,
Secretary General of Kuo Min Tang League, Vancouver Canada Branch
Businessman & Entrepreuneur,
Classical Chinese Scholar, Master Chinese Calligraphic, Academia, Public speaker,
Leong Chap Kwong 1949 President Chinese Benevolent National Assn of Canada & Foon Sien
Vancouver Sun Newspaper December 30, 1949

copyright 1986


“LEUNG” handwritten by Dean Chun Kwong Leung”

God Bless Healthy Richly Success
With Good Fortune
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