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GUNG HAY FAT CHOY HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR of the Sheep/Goat/Ram/Lamb 2015 February, 22, 2015;
Faye Leung Honorary President Canada Hainan Province of China National Business Association, atop Mercedes  convertible waved to the crowd along parade route: thousands photographers photographed Faye led Hainan Tourism in Jimmy Pattison’s Automobile with President John Lo, Susana & Cynthia Lo; Alan & Emily Lam, John Barbieri, Larry Lam, Ken Chan, Ping, Teresita, Nacrissda Lazanda, Eric Li
Faye Leung stole the show riding in the back of a convertible by Charlie Smith Georgia Straight Newspapers Editor


·         Faye Leung waves to the crowd in her beloved Chinatown. ….by Charlie Smith Georgia Straight Newspapers Editor
But the real star of the parade was Faye Leung, who looked resplendent in the back seat of a convertible. She was wearing a hat chosen especially for the occasion.
Leung and her deceased husband, Dean, helped prevent the destruction of Chinatown when they opposed a freeway going through the historic district.
Many years later, Leung played a role in bringing an end to the premiership of Bill Vander Zalm in 1991.
Leung had been the real-estate agent on the sale of Vander Zalm's Fantasy Gardens in Richmond. On March 21, 1991, Leung's lawyer released taped phone calls of Leung complaining to Vander Zalm that she hadn't received a commission after the property had been sold to billionaire Tan Yu.
A week later, Vander Zalm resigned.
Leung has experienced much of the history of Chinatown and likes telling stories about one of its most famous former residents, The Jade Peony author Wayson Choy. As a boy, he went by the name "Sonny".
Hi Faye,
It was great seeing you today. I put your photo on our website.http://www.straight.com/blogra/396346/photos-chinese-new-year-parade-vancouver Charlie Smith Georgia Straight
Hainan Province, southern tip of China is ‘Hawaii of China’ with all the lovely beaches, Miss World etc beauty pageants held there, golf course galore, world sailing events & marinas, tropical fruits & products, housing/condos, 7-stars hotels among others, very famous gorgeous island of enjoyments province….

Mankin Ladd

100 mom of
Sik Chin Lau

100  Sat Matharoo -Chinese New Year Celebrations Parade, Vancouver 22022015 322 copy
Photo by Sat Matharoo

Faye Leung Honorary President of Canada Hainan Province of China National Business Association,  atop a Mercedes Benz  convertible waves to the crowd along the parade route. Thousands photographed Faye as she led the Hainan Province Tourism contingent in parade while riding in Jimmy Pattison’s automobile.

Happy Chinese New Year of Sheep/Goat/Ram/Lamb 2015 February 22

The following revised March 26, 2013.

MY CHINATOWN…my original Chinatown….(See Faye & Dean’s photos, files, chapters)  Era: 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s..2000s continued..
2013 Faye Leung still active, read, write, speak several Chinese dialects and continued brought in billions of dollars to Canada.     
   MY CHINATOWN and of VANCOUVER, of the PEOPLE, of British Columbia, & CANADA Faye & Dean Leung have bridged the Best of both East & Western Worlds = the Caucasians Society with the Chinese and Chinatown and with Canada and the Far East as a whole: by Faye 3rd generation Victoria born Vancouver bred added & contributed to Canada as part of Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia, Cities & Chinese Cultural Heritage be preserved perpetuity
FAYE LEUNG Businesswoman, realtor, consultant, investment, marketer, sales, PR & others, & DEAN CHUN KWONG LEUNG, Academia, Classical Chinese Scholar, businessman, realtor, insurance, developer, consultant & among others:
1959 Prevented City of Vancouver from Bulldozing CHINATOWN & STRATHCONA HOUSES for Freeway be REDEVELOP..
1963 – 1964 Faye PIONEERLEGISLATED” Strata Titles
1966 PIONEER INSTRUMENTAL “Pre-Sales” real estates
1959-1980s Faye no fees Instrumental initiated many immigration programs benefits  IMMIGRANTS, settled masses immigrants, brought to Canada billions dollars enriched& enhanced economy..
1980 Faye 1st Canada businesswomen gov’t invited to China invest in Canada (See Faye & Dean’s photos, files, chapters)   Era: 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s..2000s continued
2013 Faye still active, read write speak several dialects Chinese brought in more billions to Canada..liaison & co-ordinate businesses, trades, tourisms, industries among others locally and from China
  QUOTE: renowned Canada Author: Peter Newman 1992 in his home Deep Cove BC reviewed Faye’s photos, documents, files: “Faye must write her storybooks, & offered write ‘book forward’ said:“all of Faye’s excellent work overshadowed by Premier Vander Zalm her sale Fantasy Gardens to billionaire purchased episodes (another storybook)”..unquote Peter Newman..
Quote famed Chuck Davis ’08  “Faye must finish storybooks, I wish Faye succeeds” by email..unquote Chuck Davis of Vancouver Book
  ERA 2012: CHANGING DIFFERENT CHINATOWN by City of Vancouver rezone BOSA BlueSky Properties President Dale Bosa 16 floors Condo Tower redevelop the site originally developed by Faye & Dean Leung at as follows:
In My VANCOUVER CHINATOWN  original single-handed Dean Chun Kwong Leung & Faye Leung wife & husband together 1967 EXPANDED & REDEVELOPED CHINATOWN COMMERICAL AREA by developed, owned, built the “replica Imperial Palace Mandarin Trade Centre” at 601-633 Main Street and 188-198 Keefer Street southwest corner, in Canada and Vancouver 1st historically Faye & Dean host 2400 guests cocktail buffet reception opened May 24, 1972 this first largest ½ block 6 floors with amenities as 2 elevators, underground parking, imported unique features of imperial palace décor, imported special snow-load Sichaun roof tiles, own generator serves all of Chinatown & elsewhere, hand craved ceilings and walls panels, handcraved “God of Longevity, Peacock, Dragon & Phoenix” 3 gold-leaf both sides double Moongates VIPs entrances, Imperial Palace replica ornaments, antiques, Canada ‘one & only Oriental Board Room’. Many unique incredible features never seen before in Canada
  In commemorate Canada Centennial 1967” and “Honor the Chinese Pioneers:” Dean Leung created exclusively ‘special 24 inches’ round gold cement Canadian twenty-five cents coins &  Chinese ancient Yuan/coins mounted around the exterior of this building the Mandarin Trade Centre’ Chinese motifs & décor,… Dean also designed “one-of-kind” in the world British Columbia Green Jade 2’ X 2’ Squares inlaid Dean’s, Master Chinese Calligrapher, handwritten gold aluminum ‘longevity’, a “special feature” in the building appreciated!   Matched Dean’s gold ‘long life’ calligraphic fronts double doors pulls.
DEAN & FAYE pioneer Canada 1st Dim Sum Hong Kong style &“push carts”-seating 1000 & 1600 banquets facilities at the TOP OF THE MANDARIN CHINESE RESTAURANT with many features and 17 different specialties chefs from Hong Kong the 1st in Canada Hong Kong Style Best Chinese Menu, Banquets Menu, Dim Sum huge varieties never before in Canada, And mirror ceiling and stainless steel large dance floor Continental Buffet served on the real boat full of seafood Supper Club, 1st Chinatown liquor store, Chinatown 1st Bank of B.C./HSBC among others facilities Dean & Faye built into this Mandarin Trade Center commercial development in Vancouver Chinatown, largest Chinatown in Canada & 2nd in North America, “Gateway to from the Orient/Far East”(See photos & chapters)  ..(since the building is screw-up ruined by 2 purchasers)
Faye & Dean 1971 paid and paved the City sidewalks at aforesaid at Main & Keefer Streets,
 1974 planted 1st Chinatown trees of Cherry Blossoms & Maple Trees along Main & Keefer Streets with Deputy Premier Hon. Grace McCarthy, Hon. Evan Wolfe, Hon. Herb Capapozzi, MLAs, Park Board Chairman Andy Livingston, (behind Chinatown Park named after Andy Livingston)  (see photos & stories)
1966 Faye & Dean also planted Cherry Trees along Fremlin Street & Oakridge residential area, initiated City of Vancouver continued planted more trees throughout the City.  Mounted “Commemorate In Honor Faye & Dean Leung copper plague” & Dean, Faye & sons footprints’ cemented on corner Keefer & Main Streets
Faye Leung 1 of 5 QUOTE: “National (Canada) ladies big time developer/builder”1971 National Builders’ & Chinatown News Magazines front covers photos story..Unquote:.. with Dean together in 1967 redeveloped whole Chinatown commercial area by consolidated all the depilated and ‘2nd hand’ stores along Main Street, & FAYE & DEAN EXPAND CHINATOWN AS “IT IS” NOW, adds new developments & renewals to the old structures:..PRESERVED COLORFUL CHINATOWN .. (see 1971 builders’ magazine & Chinatown magazine front covers photos story)
The enormous stories of and within Mandarin Trade Centre as recorded the famous and historical activities of VIPs, dignitaries, public at-large, professionals to the streets folks’ exceptional interesting events, functions, all of Faye & Dean created and pioneers “Canada’s firsts” blended the Western Canadian Caucasians Society with the Chinese Society ..the “best of both worlds” enjoyed in the Mandarin Trade Centre facilities and everywhere thereafter..Quote: its only possible as “has had happened” exclusively by Faye & Dean Leung’s decades leaderships legendary prominent positions ‘made a difference’ enriched and enhanced Chinatown, the city, community, province, society, and Canada, as a whole benefits the Chinese & all Canadians, economic, employments and tourisms.....Unquote…Chinese community & public 1950 - 2012….(see files & photos)
All these stories is part & parcel of Canada, Province, Vancouver, Chinatown cultural heritage be preserved perpetuity for posterity…
Especially important, as I was astounded by Darryl Bosa and others’ questions of what’s was and of Chinatown, as the younger generations and the influx of the immigrants unknown of are interested to have the knowledge of the ‘life, times, hearts and souls’ of the Chinese and Caucasians grassroots woven the gold fabric in society made Canada’s to-day prosper status that generations forever enjoys…as then life was not as it is to-day…be told in my 3 upcoming storybooks & coffee table pictures book. One book entitled: “History Alive” 1881-2012: ‘People endured hardships, sadness and sacrifices won precious freedom, prestige and privileges forever’..
These real stories is nowhere available as ‘its is’ nor ever seen the photos of as aforesaid..is ‘backed-up’ with letters, documents, records, photos, include over 60 years photos Dean personally photographed he chronicled in his photos journals…for posterity. These will be donated to the Universities, Archive, Museum, Libraries upon completed my storybooks, as I’ve told you at the City Community Open House.  Your suggestions for my upcoming storybooks, recommendations, advises is welcome and needed sponsors-in-kind, sponsors of chapters or whole is appreciated with zillion thanks…as the public has demanded throughout many decades for my stories books…One or 2 books should be published by the beginning New Year…
QUOTE: University of British Columbia former Presidents Martha Piper and Dr. Stangsway:….. “Faye do not let your papers, photos, records, documents out of your hand as its precious and priceless..its irreplaceable ..its nice to have donations of mortar & brick…but “too many libraries is burnt gone to Heaven”…yours must be preserved!”..Unquote..UBC Presidents 1993-2009….
At the Community Open House, also with City Planner Dwayne Deobot, I spoke of Georgia Viaduct, in and for City Hall I’ve done many decades free services translated for its many departments officials, inspectors, etc, and I pioneer “Pre-sales” real estates in 1966 and I legislated Strata Titles in 1963 with then Mayor Bill Rathie, Alderman/Councillor Halford Wilson, Alderman Bill Street became lawful legal (Bob Rennie benefitted), after Dean & I with Clark & Robert Bentall, by the authority of their father Charles Bentall, supported me 1960 redeveloped and preserved Chinatown housings, the Strathcona area, (another chapter).  And Dean, as Chairman & leader, we reneged the 1959 City of Vancouver proposed freeway cut through Chinatown and Block 61/the black tower at Granville & Georgia Streets in preserved the “heart of Vancouver” and “Chinatown”…(see papers - another chapter related stories)   

January 23, 2013 Revised Unedited: By Faye Leung copyright 1976:
Faye Leung 3 documented upcoming Storytelling books
One Entitled:
FAYE LEUNG HAT LADY SINGS: “CHINATOWN, my original CHINATOWN”, -“LOST ERA” - “2nd Wave” priceless insights before “3rd Wave influx of immigrants” and after the “1st Wave Canadian Pacific Railway Era”
  = Faye & Dean Chun Kwong Leung our family 3 GENERATIONS (now 5 generations born, bred in Canada) we have CONTRIBUTED DEVELOPED VANCOUVER & VICTORIA, B.C. CANADA CHINATOWN & we instrumental personally “BRIDGED the Chinese and the Caucasians together in the BEST OF THE EAST & WEST WORLDS”, WE SERVED & CREATED MANY CHINESE ACTIVITIES, SOCIALS, WELFARES, IN BUSINESSES, ASSOCIATIONS, SOCIETIES, TONGS, ACADEMICS CIRCLES’ CHAIRMEN, PRESIDENTS, DIRECTORS, FOUNDERS OF SCHOOLS & ASSOCIATIONS, & BUSINESSES, TRUST COMPANIES & BANKS etc, since 1936 in Vancouver, and since 1881 by our grandfathers …My Father Leong Chap Kwong was co-chairman Vancouver Golden Jubilee 1936 Chinatown Pagoda & festivals activities, and D-Day Celebrations and Parade. (see father’s photos in the Vancouver Archive that was on Exhibits at Dragon Boat 2003 Festival, along with my grandfather Nipp Ng, grandmother, mother Kate Nipp Leong & siblings family formal portrait of 1920)
  Vancouver Chinatown where I  with my siblings of 7, parents & Uncle Philip Nipp lived and grew up at 320 East Pender Street, 3/floor behind the Kwong Gee Chinese Public School my parents  founders & teachers (see below)

1950 onward Dean & Faye PIONEERS:-in businesses in the heart of Chinatown (our 1955 developed businesses to-day 2013, is still in business in Chinatown inherited by my siblings my dear beloved husband Dean Chun Kwong Leung and Istarted in 1955 we’re well-known prominent Community leaders, Marketers, & owners of our companies businesses, & pioneered the Western styles adapted for the Chinese in REAL ESTATES, COMMERICAL, RESIDENTAL HOUSES, FINANCES, INSURANCES of all kind, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT,  finances & mortgages, developments, constructions, interior designers, financial planner among other businesses:
includes Faye and Dean Founders Opened the 1st in Canada of any trust companies’ branches, the 1st branch office in Canada TD/Canada Trust in our office we opened on September 22, 1962  at 156 East Pender Street in the ‘heart of Vancouver Chinatown’ had rocked the financial establishments and  took Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada & Hong Kong as a whole by a huge strong storm.. The public astounded Faye & Dean Leung are founders, developed huge financial accounts, educated the public bilingual (Chinese & English) of Trust Company’s banking with daily interests instead of banks’ quarterly interest., And with gifts for each opened accounts, we’re as extraordinary managers operated Canada Trust Chinatown Agency…
That Dean & Faye continued assisted initiated with Canada Trust Regional Asst. General Manager Jack D. Wilson, Charlie O’Hara, & Gerry Bradley developed & opened other branches of Canada Trust throughout the City as Oakridge Branch etc branches with spin-offs from Dean & Faye Leung instrumental huge deposits in our original Chinatown Agency at our office at 156 East Pender St, Vancouver B.C. heart of Chinatown ….
Canada Trust Head Office in London, Ontario, Chairman Allen Taylor & Board of Directors (the East is East the West is West the Twain never meets…..Mark Twain…) were not on of aforesaid that Dean & Faye Leung overcome & resolved all obstacles opened without head office of aforesaid and SUCCEEDED WON OVER ALL ACROSS CANADA opened & founders Canada 1st ever branch offices of any Trust Companies in their office on September 22, 1962 in Vancouver Chinatown!
Other Trust Companies as: Yorkshire Trust, Commonwealth Trust, Montreal Trust, Royal Trust, Guaranteed Trust & others came to Faye & Dean Leung learnt & researched copied not equaled were defunct) & Dean & Faye provided throughout the decades all kind of  SERVICES includes translations, interpretations, etc  for free..(see chapters & Photos in Faye Leung Hat Lady Sings: Forthcoming documented 3 Storybook/Videos/Film)
Our photos ads of “Our Photos” we pioneered initially instrumental inserted our photographs printed not only in all our decades of real estate & insurance daily advertisements, also on our business cards, stationery etc (copied never equalled) (legendary we’re role models husband & wife, in businesses, socials, activities, communities services, mother & woman in business etc. featured as aspirations to others)
Dean & I served, contributed, saved, developed, redeveloped residential, expanded & redeveloped Chinatown Commercial area to to-days Chinatown wide-borders expanded, instead of original was just one street only of  “Pender Street from Carrall to Gore Ave” were Commercial Chinatown. Chinatown residents were from Carrall Streets on East Pender to Campbell Ave, and were 300 block of Keefer, Georgia and Union Streets to Campbell Ave, where the Chinese lived. (see chapters below and in Faye Leung Hat Lady Sings: Upcoming Stories & Pictures Storybooks)   all the Chinese then under heavy Canada lawful discriminations, restrictions & taboos that we don’t/cannot venture far from Chinatown…nor able live &/or buy properties outside of Chinatown as restricted “No Orientals/Chinese, East Indians and Jews” were registered on land titles, includes the site of the Chinese Cultural Centre land…
Then Premier Dave Barrett sat next to me asked me few years ago/2006 at former House Speaker & 29 years MLA Gordon Dowding’s wake: QUOTE & unquote: Premier Barrett: “Faye do you know who built the Chinese Cultural Centre?”  Faye replied to Barrett: “Of course I do, my husband Dean Chun Kwong Leung named Chinese Cultural Centre & he led the 17 Chinese Associations & Organizations fights quieted down with approvals built…”  Barrett continued said to Faye; “Ask Alex MacDonald sitting next to you… I ordered Alex then Attorney General removed the registered land titles restrictions of “No Oriental/Chinese, East Indians & Jews”  when we  two weeks in office in 1972, enable B.C. NDP Government sold for a dollar to Chinatown to build the Chinese Cultural Centre.  Barrett continued said with instructions to Faye; “tell MLA Kwan, (who did not know until I told her at ex-Councillor Jim Green’s memorial at Orpheum Theatre April 14, 2012) to be on a ‘soap-box’ yelled the above for public knowledge (another story)  

CLICK TO PLAY AUDIO  chinatown freeway

My parents Leong Chap Kwong & Kate Leong academics were prominent Vancouver, Victoria Chinatown & Canada Chinese leaders, as father represented all the Canada Overseas Chinese to “China Legislature Yuan Congress” in 1934, 1952 etc, They were Founders & Teachers the Kwong Gee Chinese Public School & entrepreneur.  Father were Founder and Chairman in many Vancouver Chinese Associations of Canada since 1936..prior in Victoria Chinatown. My Grandfather Nipp Ng 1881 pioneered 1st Chinese Textiles & Work Clothes Manufacturer, Custom Tailor & Designers Clothes and Retail Merchant in Victoria Chinatown, & Cumberland, B.C. Dean’s grandfather 1883 pioneered in Kincaid, Sask. Groceries and Rooming house/Hotel (see Faye Leung’s 3 documented forthcoming storybooks/Videos/Film)
  Started in 1959 Chinese Community bestowed: Dean & Faye, led our delegations have Prevented City Bulldoze CHINATOWN & STRATHCONA HOUSES for Freeway be REDEVELOP..see below real story as it had happened and well done led by Dean & Faye Leung:
  Dean & I bestowed upon us led SAVED VANCOUVER ORIGINAL CHINATOWN HOUSINGS AND VANCOUVER HEART IN 1959 onward..we stopped the City of Vancouver proposed freeway cut through Chinatown and Vancouver City Block 61= at Granville & Georgia Street (was known as the controversy “Black Tower”) by City of Vancouver reneged/rescinded their vote “BULLDOZE CHINATOWN” expropriated to demolished the Chinatown housings and downtown Vancouver Commercial blocks for freeway connect UPPER LEVEL FREEWAY
Dean & I FOUGHT with City of Vancouver Director of Planner, George F. Fountain (who years thereafter worked for Dean & me in 1968 our redeveloped & expanded Chinatown Commercial Area as its present, when Dean & I built the largest Chinatown commercial Mandarin Trade Centre Complex at Main & Keefer Street (presently 2012 Bosa Brothers redevelop with a 16 floor tower (see stories in website: www fayeleung.com & Faye Leung forthcoming storybooks) will be another Chinatown ERA of changes), and City Manager Gerald Sutton Brown both were responsible to connect the Upper Level Freeway ..
I stood before Mayor Bill Rathie and Council with the Chinese Assn Groups: “SAVE VANCOUVER HEART & CHINATOWN” please “rescinded/reneged” City of Vancouver Expropriate Chinatown Housings & Vancouver City Block 61 (which the City already had expropriated the businesses at Georgia & Granville Block 61 that were the City’s tony shopping area with Cunningham Drug Store, Miller’s Jewellers, Mr. Robert/New York Furs, Indgedew Shoes, Highland Scottish Shop, among others had vacated, ready for freeway cut through Chinatown Housings and City Block 61 connect Upper Level Freeway. Thus Vancouver  NO HEART!! 
Our Academic Classical Chinese Scholar father Leong Chap Kwong, and mother Kate Leong, as aforesaid founders and teachers taught in Chinatown over half a century at 320 East Pender St. by Gore Ave already City of Vancouver expropriated their Chinese School & property included the Yen Ping/Enping Benevolent Association of Canada, Hong Fong Tong, Nam Ping Society and the Kwong Wo Yuen Chinese Groceries & Meat Shop were forced closed for the freeway through Chinatown and built the McLean Social Housing on the site too! …Our parents also taught City Councillor Kerry Jang’s father, aunts & uncles all had attended their Chinese School, as Douglas Jung,1st Chinese MP & lawyer, & other prominent citizens.
The Union Laundry at 274 Union Street at Gore Ave, operated by the legendary Harry Yuen washed the linen of many Chinatown restaurants and many rooming houses within the Downtown Eastside. This laundry was situated in Hogan's Alley (Black community) (ALSO EXPROPRIATED) and were forcibly expropriated by the City of Vancouver, causing horrific heartsickness, pains and dire sadness, that to this day and its effects are still palpable!..352 Keefer Street the home of Chinn Fun family and his 14 children lived and grew up, Yip Sang Vegetables Wholesales in business of the Wong Family of 7, where the 3 brothers’ weddings on the same day and brides all lived, Hazelwood Ice Co, the Hoys’ Family, Harold & Walter Chan family, Hazel Dickjong & siblings, among others alongside this 300 block Keefer Street, also were expropriated bulldozed demolished by the City gone for McLean Park Social Housings and the Freeway alongside!! (see Faye Leung storybooks)  
My beloved dear husband Chinese Classical Scholar Academia Dean Chun Kwong Leung, was Director and Chairman VANCOUVER NATIONAL CHINESE BEVENVOLENT ASSOCIATION OF CANADA, President, Trustee, director, in  various Associations, Schools, Chinese Daily Newspapers & Hospitals, I was also Director of Woman in Vancouver NATIONALChinese Benevolent Assn of Canada & others, we led the Chinatown rallies with the Chinese citizens as Quan Lim, Carol Wong, et al  & the different Associations directors from 1959-1960-1961-1962 fought & saved Chinatown & Vancouver Downtown Heart throughout the years with Foon Sien/Wong Mun Po, Wong Bak Yu et al by Dean & I as leaders for the Chinese Community & citizens. I was bestowed by the Chinese since my young age as Chinese “Ambassador-at-large” fights for Chinese equalities, and Dean & I were dubbed as “Mayors of Chinatown”
Not only we SAVED VANCOUVER & CHINATOWN HEART & HOUSINGS: we proposed FEDERAL GOVERNMENT 1st time GRANTS  for Chinatown “older homes” to renovate by the grants for the homeowners” We SUCCEEDED. (see Faye Leung’s upcoming storybooks chapters with documents, architectural plans, maps etc) of I was involved in developed the McLean, Raymuir, Skeena Social Housings originally scheduled for the Chinese residents upon City of Vancouver from 1959 expropriate to demolished their Chinatown Houses. 
DEAN & MY DELEGATIONS HAD WON THE 1ST TIME EVER FEDERAL GOVERNMENT GRANTS for the homeowners, and we had stopped bulldozed CHINATOWN/STRATHCONA HOUSINGS ..Federal Government Approved the Grants for Chinatownwas a great victory!.. Chinatown properties owners later changed the name called “Strathcona Housings & Propertieswere allowed to RENOVATED their properties.  
Chinatown Housings in the Strathcona Area…Some of the properties owners thereafter formed “Strathcona Properties Owners & Tenants Association/SPOTA enable reaped-in the benefits of the Federal Government Properties Owners’ Renovation Grants …The Chinatown residential properties surrounded the Strathcona Elementary School Grade 1 to 8..were our school…us kids lived in Chinatown are Strathcona School Alumni…as I with award winning author Wayson Choy, & 1st Chinese & Woman lawyer Margaret Gee, et al are alumni..
Faye & Dean 1960 redevelop Chinatown housings with Chinatown Elders Statesmen and Youths Group et al in Vancouver Chinatown Development Association: non-profit:  prevented relocate all to McLean, Raymuir, Skeena social housings &  established social & affordable housings ..See as follows:

For your info: Then Mike Harcourt, a young lawyer in Dominion Building at 207 West Hastings Street…Harcourt was hired by SPOTA as their lawyer filed for Federal Government Grants as aforesaid. Harcourt were hired much later afterwe/my husband Dean Leung as leader, me & our Chinese Rallies Groups et al, have had succeeded City reneged expropriations we already had STOPPED the proposed freeway through Chinatown and Downtown Vancouver. 
Harcourt came into the picture years later were not original involved with us as aforementioned and Harcourt did not stopped, as we already had STOPPED the freeway expropriations & we had prevented bulldozed Chinatown further as aforesaidSPOTA then was not established and was NOT involved in the years we fought “stopped bulldozed” Chinatown…SPOTA’s main purpose were for the Federal Government Grants for their own benefits & interests”
Neither Mary/Wor Soon Lee Chan & her husband Walter Wah Gor Chan & daughter Shirley Chan all were not, nor Harcourt in 1959 with us as they were not involved in our fights with the City of Vancouver Director of Planner George F. Fountain & City Manager Gerald Sutton Brown. They were not involved – nor did they stop the expropriations and FREEWAYS through CHINATOWN and DOWNTOWN VANCOUVER.. 
Shirley Chan was a little young girl, her mother Wor Soon Lee/Mary Chan and father Walter Wah Gor Chan then just returned from China, new immigrants in Canada only few short years before the above stated episode, they were inactive in Chinatown & affairs..They arrived sponsored by brother-in-law Seto Kuo, the Merchant & Owner of the Kuo SeunTransnations Emporium & Chinese Groceries & Herbs at 89 East Pender and 414 Columbia Street corner (now the Beijing Herbs Shop)…Where I was the Director of Sales, and Walter Wah Gor Chan worked with me over 2 ½ years, as he was for the Chinese Groceries’ orders shipments to the Chinese across Canada (Toronto were very few Chinese, small Chinese population, and all the Chinese goods were shipped from Vancouver) Walter Wah Gor & Mary/Wor Soon Lee Chan were not fluent in English, he was very discontented in Canada with a ‘chip on his shoulder’ felt beneath him as a Chinese clerk’ at Kuo Seun Emporium, as he constantly had complained only happy in China as educated in Chinese…only fled Communist Regime, he had a stroke/or health problems confined to home.
  In 1960: By the City of Vancouver Director of Planning George F. Fountain and the Gracious Gentleman Patriarch Charles Bentall instructed his sons Clark and Robert Bentall of the Bentall Centre Buildings Complex supported Dean & I redeveloped “Oriental Décor Housings in Chinatown” for the Chinatown residents which featured attached houses by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Art Mundy architect…Then the City of Vancouver By-laws did not allowed attached houses…All houses then were on a single lot of 25’ X 120’ or 33’ X 120’ with two side yards of 5 feet,  and 25’ front yard, and 35’ back yard…some had ‘lane houses’ too/as extra back house behind the main house or building. There were a ‘lane house’ behind the building where we aforementioned lived..their entry to their family’s ‘lane or back house’ were from the lane, then called ‘alley’..
1963 after Dean & Faye with Clark & Robert Bentall by authority of their father Charles Bentall supported Faye & Dean 1960redevelop Chinatown housings preserved the “heart of Vancouver” and “Chinatown”…(see papers - another chapter related stories) on November 22, 1963, David Chong, lawyer, Dean & I just left City Council Hearing of above stated, (we heard Walter Cronkite announced John F. Kennedy assassinated)… City of Vancouver could not approved our attached housesdevelopment because there were no Strata Titles Law…As Clark Bentall said to me; “its very expensive legal costs too (his legal costs too) dealing with “Embassy of England” he referred to City Manager Gerald Sutton Brown’s office atop City Hall floor”…
Immediately I and Dean 1963 PIONEER Strata Titles with then Mayor Bill Rathie, Alderman/Councillor Halford Wilson, Alderman Bill Street, filed formally Provincial Government to legislated ‘Strata Titles By-Laws’ be legally Strata Titles Real Estate Properties of residential & commercial et al…Which I pioneered successfully succeeded legally Strata Titles in 1964.. (Condos King Bob Rennie benefitted Faye PIONEER “LEGISLATED” Strata Titles 1966 Faye PIONEER  “Pre-Sales” real estates, Bob Rennie ran with it became Condo King in “Pre-Sales” real estates as Bob Rennie to-day continued and have had (never ceased) stated publicly Faye Leung is the real Real Estate Pioneer Bob Rennie announced on Rafe Mair Show, Quote Bob Rennie:  he owes his career to Faye Leung never a day gone by he never thought of   
I’m proud Dean & I were the pioneers initially instrumentally have had done for the Chinese Community and for the Chinese & Western Society hugely in the vast areas we served not only Chinatown, Chinese Community, the City, Province, Canada & the Far East, as a whole!  We have bridged the best of both the East & West worlds!! Beneficially to all the Chinese to-day with the Caucasians and future generations enjoys forever…in equality proudly with freedom, privilege & prestige forever! 
Subsequently I, Faye/Mrs. Dean Leung was bestowed by Mayor Bill Rathie as founder established in 1963 the “City of Vancouver Mayor’s Redevelopment Consultative Committee” that I was appointed as the leader to appoint multi-cultural leaders served in my committee: I appointed then Supreme Appeal Court of British Columbia The Honourable Appeal Judge Angelo Branca, George D. Wong, Harry Duker, Emily Sawchuk, Harry Con, on multi-cultural affordable & social housings in the City of Vancouver.  We established McLean Public Housing, Raymuir, & Skeena Public Housings, 1stly Chinatown tenants, followed other City’s families.     
Then I and Dean, as usual, for free, generously gave our energy and free services for the benefits of others, I established and worked on affordable housings with B.C. Housings for the Chinese and for other Vancouver Residents. Also Faye 1961helped the folks, introduced and served B.C. Housings (see Dean’s Master calligraphic handwritten papers & maps educated housings in Chinese & English)    
And Dean & I in 1968 redeveloped and expanded Vancouver Chinatown Commercial Area to its present colorful Chinatown with character. (see chapters in Faye Leung’s 3 documented forthcoming Storytelling books, photos, letters, stories)  
“HISTORY ALIVE-1881-2013”-“People Power Endured Hardships, Sacrifices, Sadness, Won Freedom, Privilege, Prestige Forever
Faye Leung at Community Open House with City Planner Dwayne Deobot, spoken June 14, 2012  Georgia Viaduct, write to the Mayor & Council additional info unknown not told:.  Faye was in & outside City Hall have had done many decades of free services translating & interpreted for many City’s departments officials, inspectors with the Chinese.    
Vancouver City's original Georgia Bridge-Viaduct..The Chinese called Georgia Viaduct Bridge
Photo under Georgia Bridge at Keefer & Columbia Streets in 1918  above Ron Bick Lee, father of Bob, Jack, Bill, George, Vera, Maye, & Mary Lee/Mrs. Lt. Gov Normie Kwong 1st lady of Alberta, Province, Canada
Dear Your Worship Robertson and Council Members;  
Re: Georgia Viaduct Vancouver Landmark Downtown Eastside Preserve Perpetuity AS IT IS
I, Faye Leung is 3rd generation born in Victoria bred in Vancouver, grown up in Vancouver Chinatown and lifetime work & services the Chinese, Community, City, Province & Canada as a whole, my husband Dean Chun Kwong Leung  & I, est.1955 businesses in the “heart of Chinatown” at 156 East Pender Street, & 601-633 Main St. & 188-198 Keefer St. the Mandarin Trade Centre (we redeveloped, expanded Chinatown commercial area “as It Is”) by: we built & owned our above 1st largest Chinatown 6/floors commercial complex with amenities; 1st 2 elevators, underground parking etc by 1968 consolidated the 2nd hands & depilated stores on Main Street..Our business continued to-day in Chinatown my brothers inherited usI. We SAVED HISTORIC COLORFUL CHINATOWN    
My 7 siblings and I with our parents and uncle lived at 320 East Pender Street at Gore Ave, 3/floor, behind Kwong Gee Chinese Public School our Academic Classical Chinese Scholar father Leong Chap Kwong, and mother Kate Leong, founders and teachers taught there in Chinatown over half a century at the above address until City of Vancouver expropriated the Chinese School & property for the freeway to cut through Chinatown and built McLean Social Housing forced this Chinese school closed! …Our parents also were prominent Community Leaders…Councillor Kerry Jang’s father, aunts all had attended this Chinese School, as Douglas Jung, the 1st Chinese MP, & prominent citizens .  
ALL the Chinese since/before 1930s USES GEORGIA VIADUCT the jolly “ROAD to HEART of DOWNTOWN” …the east west corridor…all the Chinese then under heavy Canada lawful discriminations, restrictions & taboos that we don’t/cannot venture far from Chinatown…nor able live outside of Chinatown as restricted “No Orientals/Chinese, East Indians and Jews” was registered on land titles includes the site of the Chinese Cultural Centre…The land of Chinese Cultural Centre was restricted as aforesaid, was removed by then Premier Dave Barrett asked Faye known he ordered then Attorney General Alex Macdonald removed land titles restrictions of ‘No Oriental/Chinese, East Indians & Jews’, after his two weeks in office in 1972, enable B.C. Government sold for a dollar to Chinatown build the Chinese Cultural Centre, its name named by my husband Dean Chun Kwong Leung & he led the 17 Chinese Associations & Organizations approvals built…Dave Barrett few years ago/2006 at former House Speaker & MLA Gordon Dowding’s wake asked me QUOTE: “tell Jenny Kwan, MLA, (who did not know until I told her at ex-Councillor Jim Green’s memorial at Orpheum Theatre April 14, 2012) to be on a ‘soap-box’ yelled the above for public knowledge (another story)  
Georgia Viaduct was part of Chinatown, the happy path to the west from Downtown Eastside where the Chinese lived, felt comfortable enable WALK/stroll along Georgia Viaduct (with double scoops ice cream cones @10 cents for us kids) as leisure breaks for the residents to downtown Hudson’s Bay Department Store…to Stanley Park… all were the Chinese joy of life VIA GEORGIA VIADUCT with the glorious sights of the mountains prominently …Along Georgia Viaduct route to the excitements of ‘windows shopping’ enjoyments without discrimination & restrictions of many places the Chinese then not allowed to go nor visit (another chapter) To-day we still enjoys travel to & from on Georgia Viaduct!!   Georgia Viaduct thoroughfare for automobiles & pedestrians to & from Downtown Eastside Westside comfortable roadway/bridge with happiness without the jams of traffics and signal lights that does adds daily more stresses boil to high blood pressures triggered illness caused extra unnecessary loads of medical health care costs to the governments & public!!
City had re-developed Georgia Viaduct to present uses is  a great easy route as part of Vancouver City Centre…To be replaced with an Overpass will be “freeway style” of Los Angeles ruin the ‘HEART OF VANCOUVER’ to NO HEART AT ALL… except overpass concrete freeway mess… losses the ‘BEAUTY OF VANCOUVER’ the best place in the world to live and work gone forever blocked the naturalness, the greens, the mountains with our grandeurs nature blessings openness are curtained with overpass added traffics jams.. Like Hong Kong traffic jammed fumes in the closely knitted tall towers generate whirlpool trapped dirty air in the City, intolerable environment causes breathing in tiny particles adds respiratory, lungs and asthma problems pile more health costs and people suffers!  Then is NOT BEAUTIFUL VANCOUVER CITY ENVIRONMENT anymore…‘The Green Naturalness Open Fresh Air must preserve perpetuity’ by leaves Georgia Viaduct ‘AS IT’…DO NOT BREAK UP GEORGIA VIADUCT…be GONE all aforementioned.  
On behalf of the generations of Chinese as I was ‘bestowed decades ago as Chinese Ambassador-at-large’ and my husband Dean Chun Kwong Leung and I were ‘dubbed’ Mayors of Chinatown serves our Chinese citizens and PR among many other services as I continued.. For the Chinese and Chinatown, we  deeply heartfelt urge you “Mr. Mayor and Council Members” Please DO NOT DESTROY GEORGIA VIADUCT with its present ‘scenic route its best’ as proven GEORGIA VIADUCT does service well all the present and future traffic flows smoothly and freely connect Eastside Westside. Its greatly appreciated you PRESERVE GEORGIA VIADUCT is ONE OF THE LAST REMAIN LANDMARK OF EAST WEST CORRIDOR…
Georgia Viaduct was there when my mother 2nd generation born and raised here enjoyed Downtown Eastside to Downtown Westside, of 100 years to the present the Chinese called “the bridge” (valued the then special thick cement carved floral designs 3 foot high elegant protect railings (the City destroyed) to Georgia Street to Stanley Park thoroughfare joy!!!      
Let’s keep part of “original Vancouver with pride and joy” do not destroy to overpass jammed traffic to “no soul and no heart”…Save part of the Vancouver’s Heart as I’ve done with my husband Dean Chun Kwong Leung, then chairman & leader led the Chinese citizens, Organizations and Associations reneged the 1959 City approved to expropriate the properties & the businesses out of business at Georgia and Granville Streets/Block 61,(thereafter left lengthy vacant in controversies of the “Black Tower”/IBM building & pushed Telus/B.C. Tel to Burnaby at Boundary Rd & Kingsway, the present “BOOT” building.) pushed out downtown tony & famous merchants as: Miller’s Jewellers, Mr. Roberts New York Furs, Cunningham Drug Stores, Highland Wool Fine Shop, Indelgew’s Shoes and others, and expropriate to bulldozed Chinatown Strathcona Housings as done to our parents’ Kwong Gee Chinese Public School at aforesaid address. We prevented 1959-1962 for City freeway cut through downtown Georgia & Granville/Block 61 and Chinatown to join Upper Level Highway!!  
WE SAVED VANCOUVER HEART and CHINATOWN!!!      NOW to SAVE GEORGIA VIADUCT!!   Georgia Viaduct presently a nice Vancouver Scenic East West Route, COME INTO CHINATOWN TOO helps keeps Chinatown vibrant, whereas overpass will zoom pass Chinatown will become deader more depressed & problems in the community! 

 God Bless Healthy Richly Success With Good Fortune Faye Leung 梁慧超敬上
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                                “LEUNG” handwritten by Dean Chun Kwong Leung”


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