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Photo; Faye Leung re-visits 41 East Pender St- former Lucky Star Drug Store,
1st in Chinatown, Faye's father Leong Chap Kwong and Dr. Philip Chu financed
Lim Yat Yee/Sammy Lim. Pharmacist, not allowed to be a practicing pharmacist
in Vancouver, because discriminations and restricted Chinese chosen professions,

Thus father co-financed opened Lucky Star Chinese Drug Store, sells Chinese
cough medicine etc. and sells school supplies, Mr. Lim lived at the back of
the drug store, and at the back were 2 mah jong tables for the Chinese chefs
as Mr. Yee Kar Jone, chef at Mr. Macmillan of McMillan Bloedel, Peter
Bentley et al homes in Shaughnessy on the Chinese Chefs' days offs enjoyed
"social mah jong" at Luck Star Drug Store..

Chef Mr. Yee Kar Jone would made the fanciest Santa Claus, Log, Ginger Bread
House designs Christmas Cakes for us kids...(see Christmas family photos of us kids)...

Mother & Father would take us kids to Lucky Star Drug Store, Lim Yat Yee, a
fussy goat, would be so irritated of us young children's finger prints
across the glass cabinet of school supplies, such as pencils and exercise
books...etc...(See separate chapter in Faye Leung Storytelling Books) (and
see paragraph in Chinese Veterans Tab; of now Jane Feng operate Jane's Tea
Shop at this 41 East Pender Street, Chinatown location)




Chinatown Chinese Reunion March 10, 2013 Hilton Burnaby, B.C. Buffett

Norma Koo Lam, Faye Leung, photo by Andrew Fong,

Taken in front of a photo by Faye Leung of the Chinese Schoolmates Norma Koo
Lam, Betty Wong Ho, Nellie Chinn Lee at Faye's parents brought new home at
117 West 15th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. backyard 'swing'!

Then was a joy to visit a HOUSE/HOME in 1945 1st time enable Chinese brought
homes & lived in a HOUSE outside Chinatown.  Prior in Chinatown where we all
lived & neighbors was behind stores, as Faye lived behind parents' Chinese
School, We attended Strathcona Elementary School to Grade 8, And we all
attended Chinese Public Schools,

Faye's parents Leong Chap Kwong & Kate Nipp Leong founders and teachers
Kwong Gee Chinese Public School where all of us aforesaid & others attended
many years...were students of Faye's parents that the girls led by Faye 'tag
days' in Chinatown where we 'tag a person with a tag on a pin' raised funds
for Charity as for the Red Cross, Remembrance Days etc. in the 1944 photos
(attach separately) and many years Faye & comrades 'tag days' raised the
most money won the competitions among the Chinatown Chinese Schools as Wah
Kiu, Mon Keong, Tai Kung Yee Schools.  

Faye Leung & Penny Lee Chong original from Trail, B.C. Savory Café, 1st Chinese family in Trail, B.C.
Faye & Penny 1st time met again to-day 3/10/13 since she 5 years old in
Trail, B.C. with her parents & sister Pearl, Mrs. Herbie Chan, And Trail
Café, Mr. & Mrs. John Chow, family friends, when Faye visited Godfather Mah
Kit Fong manager Nelson Hume Hotel in 1942 with Aunt Gladys Nipp Mah.
Faye & Penny 1st time met again to-day 3/10/13 since she 5 years old in
Trail, B.C.
Hilton Burnaby, B.C. March 10, 2013 Buffett Luncheon
Host by: Stan & Jane Yip, Raymond & Loretta Chow, Grant Louie

Photo: Faye Leung & Dr. Fred Chu at Shaughessy Golf Club 7.25.2008,
Memorial of
Mrs. Fred/Lavender Chang Chu

Dr. Fredrick Chu/Chu Ser Hong, 98 years old, respectfully admirably holding Faye's
hands told to the guests of Faye Leung's excellent Chinese, is very rare for
3rd generation Canadian born & raised - are probably only one in Canada is
able to expertly speak several Chinese dialects and in addition to reading & writing Chinese.
Dr. Chu while reflecting spoke of Faye's father Leong Chap Kwong who was a Chinese academic & scholar,
who taught at Chinese School etc..Dr. Chu told stories and complimented Faye & her father who was
absolutely amazing" and appreciative!!

Dr. Fred Chu was the 1st Chinese medical family doctor in Vancouver with his
office at the Holden Building, 17 West Hastings St. Vancouver, B.C. for many
decades until he retired. Dr. Fred Chu always carried his black medical
leather bag in which he made house calls, as most doctors did throughout
the decades...  

He had lived in Vancouver Chinatown with his mother and siblings. Faye
remembers well was at 499 East Pender St, across from Strathcona School at
Jackson Ave., that had '2-sided' on 2 of the aforesaid streets the black
boarded foundation with their house atop and many, many steps stairways to
the house from Pender St..The Chinese boys students at Strathcona School
daily slid from the top of their homes down this black board to the street for

Dr. Fred Chu was the 1st Chinese admitted to the Shaughessy Golf Club when it 1st
opened allowed admittance to Canadian Chinese, after the
horrific discriminations & restriction of NO Chinese allowed into any Golf Clubs
and definitely NOT ALLOWED BE ADMITTED AS A MEMBER of the golf clubs..This
included Shaughessy & Capilano Golf Club & all the others...were terrible
snobs against all Chinese throughout the decades of almost over 3/4 a
century...Dr. Fred Chu & wife Lavender Chang Chu (she grew up in Vancouver
Chinatown at 195 Keefer St. atop the 3rd floor of  their parents shop)became
golfers...That prior golfing were restricted & unknown to the Chinese of
Golf Games…Previously, All work NO LEISURE was the norm for all the Chinese...

The restrictions included strongly against all the Chinese were definitely
not allowed to live, purchase/own, lease/rent in most of all the districts
in the Greater Vancouver. The worse was British Properties in West
Vancouver...After May 7, 1947 Enfranchisement the Canadian Chinese with the
Chinese Veterans returned from World War 2, fought and won the rights to
vote and the freedom to chosen professions...Dr. Fred Chu was the 1st
Canadian Chinese to purchase & live in his home in West Vancouver to his ripe
old age!!..

Irony, to-day 2013 British Properties residents are now mostly Chinese and
Iranian families..took over the original restricted West Vancouver British
Properties of ethnics not allowed, eh!!

Dr. Fred Chu's brother Dr. Chu Ser Guan, his Chinese name, was a
dentist...His niece Vera was babysitter to Faye's siblings and she was a
student of Faye's parents Chinese Kwong Gee Public School...Faye remembers
Dr. & Mrs. Fred Chu, brother & mother well..respectfully!!      

Note: Dr. Fred Chu was Faye's father's doctor treated Faye's father
emergency appendicitis operation at St. Paul's Hospital in late 1939s then
monies costs over $5,000 was difficult, that took years paid off with all
the restrictions to all the Chinese caused economic disaster and hardships
etc beyond words of expressions!  

In 1950s then Premier W.A.C. Bennett put in the 3% sales tax was
specifically for the hospitals and doctors care fees.  Which was released
the hardships of the costly medical and hospitals cares for British
Columbians...This sale tax was strictly for the aforementioned
purposes...not to the B.C. Government's general fund for its general
uses...It was set-aside in the Government's funds for the people's medical
and hospital funds..!! All British Columbians lauded & appreciated the
burden and worries of medical & hospital cares are relieved by this Medical
coverage! Includes Faye's parents & siblings family have had suffered of the
high medical and hospital costs for their father!!  

Thereafter decades later, the B.C. Government had used this health care
sales tax fund transferred into the Government's general funds enable the
government uses for all of whatever they wishes..Thus present days the
health care costs soared without the protection of the original 'set-aside'
funds reserved for health care costs!!

Elwin Xie birthday March 24, reminisce to-day March 23rd, 2013: Dr. Fred Chu
Ser Hung, was Elwin's doctor when he was born at Mt. St. Joesph Hospital on Kingsway.
Elwin remembers Dr. Chu's injections that pained him!
That Dr. Fred Chu was the only Chinese Medical Family Doctor in British
Columbia then that Elwin's mother naturally have no choice, as most of
the Chinese in the Chinese Community had Dr. Fred Chu as their family
doctor!!  Most of the pioneers families appreciated and remembers Dr. Fred
Chu carring his black medical leather bag with all his house calls needs
within this bag, when he often made the house calls!! And Dr. Chu wore his
long white medical coat in his office at Holden Building 17 West Hasting...

At Dr. Chu's memorial celebration of his life at Shaughessy Golf Club a year
short of his 100 birthday, his sons had on display Dr. Chu's aforesaid
original black medical bag with still all of his original medical
requirements intact in his medical bag, that Dr. Chu had carried from the
beginning of his medical practice till he retired!  Dr. Fred Chu's sons: In
Memoriam: Dr. Fred Chu also shown & spoke of 'piece by piece' of the medical
items within Dr. Chu's famous medical black leather bag at Dr. Chu's
memorial ceremony!
Bless Dr. Fred Chu's good doctor's soul...God Bless Dr. & Mrs. Chu, Rest in

Faye Leung & Dr. Fred Chu at Shaughessy Golf Club July 25, 2008,
Memorial Service of Mrs. Fred/Lavender Chang Chu


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