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Norman Sung's Diamond Lions Club Annual Banquet at Four Season Hotel; Sammy Oh, kindly offered 'sponsor-in-kind Faye Leung's upcoming storytelling books/videos" and Shawn Wade, Allan Guo, president of 70 Chinese Alliance Associations Ahlay Chin, et al June 30, 2012

Diamond Lions President Han Wong, Faye Leung & Chinatown Lions
President Glen Choo June, 29, 2012

Faye Leung & Chinatown Lions Glen Cho June 29, 2012

Faye Leung & Diamond Lions Norman Sung
June 9, 2012 at Stamps Coins Association Anniversary banquet

1958 Dean Chun Kwong Leung, one of founders & 1970s MAN OF THE YEAR of the original CHINATOWN LIONS CLUB with Al Segal, Benny Pastinsky, George D. Wong, Richard Mar, Harvey Lowe, Tim Louie, George W. Wong, greatly contributed, meetings at Bamboo Terrace. Previous discriminated NO CHINESE LIONS. Chinatown Lions Canadian Chinese, Jewish, mixtures were very active comrades…Goodwill and Fellowships visited Lions Clubs throughout the Province. (see Dean Leung’s visited Lions pins and memorabilia)…   
1963 Dean & Faye Leung, Alderman/Councillor Halford Wilson, Mt. Pleasant Lions Bill presented to San Francisco California Chinatown Lions to installed in San Francisco City Centre Union Square a huge British Columbia First Nation Hand-carved Totem Pole gift from the Province of British Columbia and Chinatown Lions diplomatic relationships, goodwill, and promote tourism “the rubber-tire” tourists to British Columbia . (see below photo & others)..
Mayor of New Westminster Beth Wood and Cap Capozzi of Kelowna prominent wine, Mayor of Burnaby Alan Emmott, and other Province of British Columbia Cities Mayor, Councillors &/or officials were among our delegations as “Promotions of Tourisms for British Columbia”   
1959 Chinatown Lions hosted Hawaii Chinese Drama Opera Club the 1st in English the Chinese Opera the “White Snake Lady” in Vancouver, B.C. at the Georgia Auditorium by Denman Street. Maggie Kwai Fong & Ruth Chow, Hawaii 5-0 Kam Fong Chun (Jack Lord: “Book him Chin”…Chin Ho Kelly), Ana Lang, among many good Hawaiian friends from Hawaii Drama Groups enjoyed Vancouver with us all…
October Hawaii Aloha Week 1959 Hawaii was still a Territory did not became USA 60thSTATE until 1960…Dean & Faye Leung joined later to Harvey & Norah Lowe & group Hawaii Tour…as the Hawaiian Lions reciprocated the hospitality Vancouver Chinatown Lions had showered them when they preformed the “White Snake Lady” in Vancouver.  (see other chapters)
Faye was guests of Mrs. Halford Wilson/Maria, Lady Lions in their functions as participated in their “Fashion Show” at the Golf Club…(see photos)  And Faye was Teresa Galloway & her Lady Lions Groups of functions Dean & Faye attended with goodwill and happiness enjoyed..
Mt. Pleasant Lions Bill & Joey Holt, Bill Hamilton, Art Jacobson, Halford Wilson, among others, Gerry & Kathy Bradley, Chuck & Laura Bradley, we had attended many Lions functions & events together…At a formal out-of-town event; Bill & Joey Holt had ceased to remembered stated: “Bill Hamilton was asked to adjust Bill Holt’s bow-tie dressed in his tux…Bill Hamilton of Hamilton Funeral Homes…asked Bill Holt must lay down in the bed, as that’s the only way he’s able do the bow-tie properly!...
Faye had won and still have as treasure the Lions good times a ‘pair of gas silver aluminum candles’ decades ago at one of the Chinatown Lions banquet at then Chinatown W.K. Gardens, Lions owner Harold Lim, operated the banquet & dine & dance by juke box during wartime famous BYOB..(bring your own bottle-under the table) then liquor law.   

Vancouver B.C. Canada Chinatown Lions Dean & Faye Leung presented to San Francisco California Chinatown Lions gift from the Province of British Columbia & Vancouver Lions the British Columbia First Nation hand-craved huge Totem Pole installed at Union Square in San Francisco City Centre, March 1963

      Head table: (left to right) Vancouver, B.C. City  Councilor/Alderman Halford Wilson                New Westminster, B.C. Mayor Beth Wood, San Francisco Chinatown Lion President Lee, Faye & Vancouver, B.C. Chinatown Lions Dean Leung in Vancouver Chinatown Lions’ official Chinese Mandarin Lions Hats with ‘L’ symbol and Dean in his Lions formal white jacket and black trouser, was introduced: “Dean Chun Kwong Leung a distinguish with distinction Chinese Classical Scholar handsome gentleman speaker from Vancouver, B.C. Canada”… British Columbia Commissioner Stacy in San Francisco Canada House, and  Chinatown Lions Vice President Ngai, March 1963 San Francisco Chinatown Lions Banquet at Chinatown Four Seasons Restaurant

Vancouver Chinatown Lions Dean Chun Kwong Leung “Honor Guest Speaker” in San Francisco California’s exceptional eloquently brilliant speech has all the San Francisco Chinatown Lions and all the banquet’s guests "ROARING with LAUGHTERS" throughout Dean’s excellent great speech very different never heard of such wonderful speech as the above photo of all the facials’ laughing expressions “speaks a million words”! It was truly an extraordinary hilarious jolly meaningfully speech beyond words expressions of Dean’s greatness of his  marvelous speech combined English and Chinese ‘intellectual humorous poetic adages orator ’exclusively extreme distinction by Dean Chun Kwong Leung distinguish scholar & gentleman!!! RAVED!!!

Dean Leung renowned prominent demand speaker in the Provinces of Canada, especially in Vancouver, B.C. & in China, Hong Kong, throughout California cities in “Promotion Tourism Aboard for the Province of British Columbia”…Then fellow delegate Mayor of Nanaimo, B.C. Frank Ney while he rehearsed his speech to the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce at Beverly Hills, California Wiltshire Hotel’s Men’s Room, Mayor Frank Ney asked Dean Leung with respectful admiration how Dean can just stand-up and made such a marvelous brilliant speech without prior prepared, rehearse, or written, able just spoke from his heart right away, astounded Dean with a grin & a shrug replied ‘just speak’!.. Dean was a natural speaker, he naturally enable anytime excellently make a speech without any prior preparations, nor rehearsal, never a written speech (a NO NO) never ever read a speech would be disaster speaker!   Dean a speaker from his mind, heart and soul wonderfully beautifully speech whether always in Chinese, or in English, or Chinese & English combined speeches, its Dean’s greatness own ways!!
The above photo of Dean’s speech in San Francisco California Chinatown Lions Banquet, Dean was especially raved by Dean’s Hong Kong University alumni schoolmate Walter Pang (see separate photos & Walter Pang’s handwritten letter to Dean’s sons raved of his pal Dean Chun Kwong Leung of his greatness are respectfully admired to ensured Dean’s sons knows) Walter & Zoe Pang  made a point that he had to attend the above stated banquet to hear Dean’s speech…As Dean’s Scholarly Chinese added in his eloquence brilliancy excellence English speech astounded Walter Pang… as Dean in August 1948 visited him in San Francisco Dean did not speaks English to him, was all Chinese Scholar Gentleman…Dean as the speaker in aforesaid San Francisco Chinatown Lions Banquet have had made Walter Pang et al classmates proudly with great “pride & joy” as always, of Dean Chun Kwong they called “Leung” of their elegant noble speaker crony, the Best of the Bests, the Greatest of the Greats !!
Dean Chun Kwong Leung had delivered ten of the hundreds of thousands speeches in his lifetime, as Dean was highly demanded speaker, especially for the Chinese Community and by most of all the Chinese wanted Dean be the speaker at the ten of hundreds of thousands events and functions…The public wanted Dean be their special honorable speaker!  Dean’s spoken in all types of city’s public and private events throughout the years, large or small functions, as the Toast Master at weddings & anniversaries, birthdays, and baby banquets, Master of Ceremonies, Eulogies, Chinese Associations, Fraternities Clubs, Societies, Organizations, Educational Institutions, Universities, Colleges, Governments Functions Speaker, as a Host of the Mostess for the Chinese Consul Generals & Consuls at the Chinese Consul General’s mansion in Shaugnessy 3850 Marguerite Street, the Chinese Government later sold to Bank of Montreal Western Regional President John Ellis, now at Clofton House Home, Dean was also Speakers for the Ambassadors, Dignitaries  & Diplomatic Functions, Canada Prime Ministers, Members of Parliament, Members of Legislature, Mayors & Councillors, and other Officials, Sports & Artistic Extravaganza, among many, many others..The larger the crowd the better Dean’s speeches even without a mike, in his baritone great vocal in multi-dialects Chinese, &/or in English, Dean’s instant speeches copied never equaled. As the same in his Master of calligraphic handwritten varieties of Chinese Classical Traditional Characters exclusively Dean!  
Throughout the recent years to 2013 Dean’s great speeches are remembered and loved still now as before by the Chinese & English/Canadian friends, associates, colleagues, business, clients, students, Chinese & Canadian communities et al, still speaks to Dean’s wife Faye Leung of:  “How wonderful Dean’s speeches was…that they can still hear Dean’s speeches..That whenever Dean was the speaker at any functions or events, they all particularly paid full attention to hear his speech.   Because Dean always captured his audience strongly attentive to his intellectual academia intelligence in-depth multi-talents Classical Chinese Literature Poet poems added meaningfully elegancy status to his speeches…
Quote & unquote; Mr. Lam Bing Yuen never ceased complimented Dean’s speeches and scholarly status, as Mr. Lam was 30 years colleague and past president Kong Chow Benevolent Association of Canada served during Dean’s decades tenure as the Chairman….Mrs. Gordon Lee, among others continued have had always speak of Dean’s greatness and of his speeches she and the others in the audiences loved and appreciated Dean’s speeches as the best and missed deeply Dean’s speeches.   Again January 27, 2013 and prior many times Mr. Jeff Chan, a pharmacist, remembers Dean always was the Master of Ceremonies at the Chinese Operas, his father Chan Kai You took him to when he was very young of the Ching Won Musical Association of Canada Chinese Operas…
October 14, 2012 May Chu Wan, Fred and a bunch of Dean’s former students came to Faye remembers when Dean taught them at Wah Kiu Chinese Public School in 1948-1955, during when Dean was one of the 1st groups of Overseas Chinese after the WWll Graduates Students to University of British Columbia…Pastor Bill Lee..Quote & unquote:  Dean was a tall & handsome young gentleman academia arrived from Hong Kong as their Chinese School teacher in the academic circle was an asset to Canada!   
The half century of Dean’s clients, colleagues, associates, & as aforementioned and the general public in the Chinese Community etc. continued to this date raved about Dean Chun Kwong Leung still are amazingly loved & remembers!!  Quote: “As Dean was known in China, especially by his siblings and   relatives that  “Dean’s voice arrived the person has not yet arrived, of Dean’s great voice”!!..unquote… GOD BLESS DEAN!!    


“LEUNG” handwritten by Dean Chun Kwong Leung”

God Bless Healthy Richly Success
With Good Fortune
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