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     Faye Leung speaking at Vancouver City Hall Thursday February 21, 2013 Rezoning application of 611 Main Street from HA-1A Historic Area to CD-1 Comprehensive Development Vancouver, B.C. Chinatown, Faye & Dean Leung 1968 developed & expanded Chinatown 600 block Main Street now rezone for 17 story tower of mixed use.

        Faye Leung speaking at Vancouver City Hall Wednesday February 27, 2013Rezoning application of 633 Main Street from HA-1A Historic Area to CD-1 Comprehensive Development Vancouver, B.C. Chinatown, Faye & Dean Leung 1968 developed & expanded Chinatown 600 block Main Street now rezone for 16 story tower of mixed use. 

The following from the City of Vancouver, B.C. Canada are 2 links with VIDEOs within the links includes Faye Leung spoke at both Chinatown Rezone Hearings held February 21, 2013 rezone 611 Main Street, and February 27, 2013 rezone 633 Main Street in Chinatown, where Faye & Dean Leung had developed in 1968 whole 600 Blocks Main Street redeveloped & expanded Chinatown

Public Hearing Agenda – February 21, 2013:
Public Hearing Agenda – February 27, 2013:
Open February 21, 2013 link video – Faye Leung speech half way of video and almost end of video Councilor Jang spoke of Faye
Open February 27, 2013 link video – Faye Leung 1
st speaker and almost end of video Councilor Tang spoke of Faye’s design
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Dale Bosa, President, Blue Sky Properties proposed development model for 17 story tower at Faye Leung 1968 expanded & redeveloped Chinatown site of Mandarin Trade Centre at 611-633 Main Street Vancouver..Photo: Darryl Bosa of Bosa Properties, Darryl Simspon, Manager of Bosa Developments. - Faye Leung and President Dale Open House June 14, 2012.

From: Faye Leung [] Sent: Monday, February 25, 2013 8:49 PM To: ''; 'Robertson, Gregor'; 'Jang, Kerry'; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; 'Public Hearing' Cc: ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; 'Dirk C.A. De Vuyst'; 'Richard Bernstein' Subject: Chinatown 633 Main Street Rezone Remove HA Feb. 27, 2013 Presentation to Mr. Mayor & Councillors
FAYE & DEAN LEUNG is “MA & PA” business, builder/developer enhanced and enriched economically for the Chinese, Chinatown, City, Community patriotically with passion..with every 1-cent our own hard earned & sacrifices.
NO GOVERNMENTS &/or others helps are ALL DONE ON OUR OWN HEARTFELT GOODWILLS ..We always promoted worldwide of every area for Vancouver, British Columbia & Canada as a whole!
With understanding & aware of the cultural context..WE MAKES A DIFFERENCE!
Quote Dr. Bernhard, associate professor, & executive director of the International Gaming Institute at the University of Nevada said: “cultural ignorance can cost millions. In 1993 the MGM Grand opened its doors on the Las Vegas strip, complete with a Mt. Rushmore-sized entrance in the shape of a massive lion head. The result: a marked absence of Asian customers, later blamed on a cultural superstition that crossing the threshold through the mouth of a lion would bring bad luck. “That cost them millions”…said Dr. Bernhard…..February 6, 2013

MY CHINATOWN…my original Chinatown…where I grew up-3rdgenerations born & raised, lived, in business, services the Chinese and Chinatown and Community and with the City of Vancouver we blended & bridged  
Re: Mr. Dale Bosa, Darryl Simpson, Darryl Bosa, Mark Kopinya, Richard Berstein,Dirk C.A. DeVuyst and CITY PLANNERS Dwayne Deobot & Allison Dunnet,
BOSA BROTHERS Dale Bosa, President, BlueSky Properties application City Removed HA Rezone 16 storey tower DEVELOPMENT at 633 Main Street.. CHINATOWN CHANGES FOREVER my original CHINATOWN below: where my husband Dean Chun Kwong Leung & I, Faye Leung, original developed this 600 Block Main Street in 1968 redeveloped & expanded Chinatown, and have built the “replica Imperial Palace Mandarin Trade Centre” at 601-611-613-619-627-633 Main Street and 188-198 Keefer Street corner. Canada and Vancouver 1st historically Faye & Dean hosted invited 2400 guests cocktail buffet reception opened May 24, 1972 the City closed all 3 streets celebrated this first historical event of largest 6 floors Commercial Complex with amenities, Chinatown 1st 2 elevators, undergrounds parking commercial property development in Vancouver Chinatown
with “Top of Mandarin” Restaurant seating 1600 for 12courses Chinese Banquets & 1st Hong Style push-carts Dim Sum the largest in Canada, with 17 Specialties Chefs from Hong Kong feature specialties of Hong Kong menu by the team of Hong Kong Chefs Specialize in large Banquets & Dim Sum (thereafter copied not equaled)…includes special Chefs one each for the each category/department as Chinese pastries,, English/Western styles pastries, weddings and birthday cakes, BBQ Chef, Won Ton Noodles, among others for specialized events & functions    
The other features as follows: ***imported unique décor, non-crack nor chips snow-load Sichuan roof tiles, ***hand craved Chinese motifs ceilings and walls panels as “replica Imperial Palace” ***hand-carved “God of Longevity, Peacocks, Dragon & Phoenix” 3 of both sides gold-leafs double Moongates VIPs entrances, ***Imperial Palace replica ornaments, antiques, *** ‘one & only Oriental Board Room in Canada. ***Double doors entrance foyer to the “oriental styles embedded with hand-painted dragon panels red ‘open staircases’ as led to the Palace/2nd floor” ***… Alights around rooftop with 6 ceramics Dragons Heads guarded 4 corners of the building & 2 Dragons Heads atop the front entrance
In commemorate Canada Centennial 1967” and “Honor the Chinese Pioneers:” Dean Leung  created exclusively special 24 inches’ round gold cement Canadian twenty-five cents coins & Chinese ancient Yuan/coins mounted around the exterior Mandarin Trade Centre Chinese motifs & décor,… Dean also designed “one-of-kind” in the world British Columbia Green Jade 2’ X 2’ Squares inlaid Dean’s Master Chinese Calligrapher, handwritten gold aluminum ‘longevity’, a “special feature” in the building appreciated! Matched Dean’s gold ‘long life’ calligraphic fronts and all exterior double doors push entrances. Some of these Dean exclusively specially made unique B.C. Green Jade as aforesaid, is available with me in trust..If the developers wishes incorporate to their designs, call me.  (since the building is screw-up ruined by 2 purchasers)
ERA 2013: CHANGING DIFFERENT CHINATOWN by City of Vancouver rezone BOSABlueSky Properties President Dale Bosa 16 floors Condo Tower redevelop the site at:
601-611-613-619-627-633 Main Street & 188-198 Keefer Street corner Vancouver, B.C. Mandarin Trade Centre built & owned by Faye & Dean Leung 1968 Redeveloped & ExpandedChinatown May 24, 1972 - Opening cocktail buffet reception with 2,400 people as invited guests


Mandarin Trade Centre Chinatown May 24, 1972 601-627-633 Main & 188-198 Keefer Streets corner OPENS 6 doors by 6 VIPS ..& owner & developers Dean & Faye Leung, Hon. Leslie Peterson, & cocktail buffet invited 2400 guests, 1st  Men & Ladies Furs & Fashions Show, etc. (Back) Tommy Ho, Minister of Tourism, Bank B.C. Mrs. Tsow, Henry Fetigan


The City of Vancouver zoned decades ago Chinatown as Historical/HA area were ensured that Chinatown retain and maintain the Chinese Traditional Cultural Heritage as an important part of the City.  Chinatown in the earlier days also was adjacent to the then City of Vancouver City Hall at the Holden Building at 17 West Hastings..Chinatownwith character at Pender Street wasback to backbetween the back alley to City Hall on Hastings then at the start of City of Vancouver:
To changed the present zoning, removed HA, its not necessary anymore to continued embedded the Chinese Oriental Traditional Cultural Heritage developments in ChinatownWhere all the locals and tourists seeks to enjoy the atmosphere and character of  the REAL ORIGINAL CHINATOWN:  All will be gone forevereh.
I ask Mr. Mayor & Councillors to have the developers to retain Chinatown Historical Oriental Décor in all the new Chinatown developments includes the present BlueSky Properties 16 storey towerThat both the exterior and interior of the main foyer public areas are with some Oriental Décor, to preserved perpetuity for posterity our and our forefathers have had gone out of our ways specially built and developed the original Chinatown that have featured the Chinese Cultural Historical Heritage.   With characters, for each future generations remembers and appreciate the arts/artifacts of traditional Chinese Customary Omen are important Good Fortune and Good Luck in and surrounds the buildings and in the CityAn understanding of the Culture is unique historically important part of the City and Chinatown.  
In China, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou many new towers incorporated the traditional Chinese Forbidden City Imperial Palace Tile Roofs, exterior and interior Chinese décor mixed the old & new beautifully gives warmth of the roots of life!
REZONE FOR A 16 STOREY TOWER: mixed uses are NOT NEW, as approved by the City of Vancouver in late 1970s-1980-83 for Dean & Faye Leung already own the land to build 2 TOWERS of mixed uses:  Quote & unquote: Chinatown News Magazine Front Cover announced as follows:..
     Cover Photo: CHINATOWN NEWS November 18, 1971Photo by The Province Newspapers…
  Chinatown News Editor: “Victoria-born Faye Leung owns the distinction of being the only big time lady developer in Vancouver.  She and husband realtor & businessman Dean Leung (Dean & Faye) constructing the 6 storey Mandarin Shopping Trade Centre at southwest corner of Main and Keefer Street. 
Faye & Dean next target is a 29-story hotel opposite on Keefer Street Properties Dean & Faye consolidated and own the land and also own the triangle corner at Keefer Street & Columbia Street to be built seniors & affordable homes. President of the couple's own business firm, Pender Realty & Insurance Agencies, Mrs. Faye Leung of a varied and extensive business background. She has been associated with numerous financial and development corps.  Pender Realty is the B.C. exclusive agents for Palm Desert Green Country Club Estate and Avco Community Developer Inc.of California.  Active in civic affairs, she was the winner of several awards including the B.C. Government's "Kla-How-Yah", Vancouver Visitors & Convention Bureau's "Man of the Month" and Canada Trust's "Appreciation Presentation", Several Vancouver organizations list her as 1st Chinese & 1st Woman on their membership rolls & Director - Board of Trade, Vancouver Symphony, Opera Guild, Vancouver Opera Association, Arthritis, Canadian Christian & Jews Brotherhood, Real Estate Board of both this city and Canada and the Insurance Agents Association of Canada and several Chinese Benevolent Associations.  At the pace she's advancing, fame and fortune may overtake her......editor Roy Mah..Chinatown News..November 18, 1971

 Dean & Faye Leung proposed 1st Chinatown approved Mandarin International Hotel Tower,Commercial,  levels of Parking at 150 Keefer St. and “1st Chinatown Pub” approved by the City of Vancouver. Management by: Canadian Pacific Hotels. 1980s sudden economic recession soared interest rates to @29% made it an uneconomical development then. This site at Keefer Street was the original Vancouver 1st horse stable with Farriers fitting horseshoes. Truly historically site Hotel Commercial Parking 29 floors Tower depressed away!
AND: APPROVED the following high-rise Development for Development Permit.. Chinatown 1st Senior Citizens & Families Affordable Homes at the triangle corner of Keefer Street & Columbia Street                  at 414 Columbia Street joint 117-125 Keefer Street (presently still vacant parking lot)
City By-laws then impractical and uneconomical feasible to be developed and upon City approved, interest rates soared @29% commercial 1st mortgage added to the dilemma & impossible market depressed conditions.
Faye & Dean Leung paid-out vast sum of hard work earned funds, very costly, expenses, architects fees Dean & Fayespent patriotically to enhance Chinatown needs with enrichment proudly for the City!  Both Towers enriched with Oriental Imperial Palace Décor uniquely with character!  Sold to Rickshaw Food ‘Yip’ who welled his heirs property not to be sold!
Since then City of Vancouver changed Chinatown to HA with limitations…Now to removed HA approved for Bosa BlueSky Properties Mr. Dale Bosa to build 16 Storey mixed uses it’s ‘back in time’ were already allowed high rises towers as I and my husband Dean had done in the late 1970s-1980s then ready to build the aforementioned developments as planned & heavily invested losses in economic recession. We patriotically supply facilities in Chinatown that then and even now are not available Hotel Tower with commercial and parking for the worldwide and across Canada visitors to Vancouver needs to stay close to Chinatown enjoyments.
I ask and hope Mr. Bosa and City agrees to incorporate some Oriental Décor as we have done and are still available, as the B.C. Jade we especially created “In Commemorate Canada and British Columbia Centennial and Honor the Chinese Pioneers”  Dean Leung created exclusively ‘special Chinese motifs designed “one-of-kind” in the world British Columbia Green Jade 2’ X 2’ Squares inlaid Dean’s, Master Chinese Calligrapher, handwritten gold aluminum ‘longevity’ special featureMatched Dean’s gold ‘long life’ calligraphic fronts double doors pulls.. as part of Canada, British Columbia, City Cultural Heritage preserved for posterity of the Chinese Grassroots historically has contributed to Canada, British Columbia and Cities as a whole to to-day’s proper status.
I will gladly help in whatever ways I’m able to achieved characters in the new towers be unique Chinatown features that do enticed visitors at home & from aboard laud Vancouver an incredible City with heart of Chinatown adjacent City Downtown heart living
Brings back the original glory of Pender and Hastings Streets will be victorious.  Part of the present Hastings Street as now are Downtown Eastside had being taken over by bad elements are overthrown into Chinatown centre, south, east sadly the present state its ‘no-returns’. 
When I grew up in Chinatown we ‘hop skip along happily shopping, dine, and visits all the great shops along Hastings Street from Gore Ave to Granville Street with fondest memories.  I’m able identify each of the shops and the owners that all of us contributed kept Vancouver beautiful…How in the world had happened ..then only the ‘drunks were the bad element’ in Chinatown turned into such a ‘drug-trades’ etc?  Broadway Hotel at the corner of Columbia and Hastings, Regent Hotel at 138 East Hastings were clean good hotels the visitors from the interior and from up north stays & shopped when in town
I in my free services, as usual, I had translated/interpreted for the City’s Health, Building, Fire Inspectors & Marshalls & City Licenses & Permits Directors, among others, in these hotels and the SRO in Downtown Eastside in Powell, Alexander, Cordova, Water Streets problems!!
What happened…drove out all the goodness to now the world’s most ‘sleazy slums’ doing 24/7 great business on and along the unit block of East Hastings Street…I’ve then helped Mah Benevolent Association happily acquired their then building headquarters at Carrall & Hastings Streets, are now all forced out due to the present element…
To help beautified Vancouver Faye & Dean 1971 paid and paved the City sidewalks at aforesaid Main & Keefer Streets, 1974 we planted 1st Chinatown trees of Cherry Blossoms & Maple Trees along Main & Keefer Streets & Pender Street with then Deputy Premier Hon. Grace McCarthy, Hon. Evan Wolfe, Hon. Herb Capapozzi, MLAs, Park Board Chairman Andy Livingstone, (behind Chinatown Park named after Andy Livingstone Park)  (see photos)
1966 Faye & Dean also planted Cherry Trees along Fremlin Street & Oakridge residential area, initiated City of Vancouver continued planted more trees throughout the City.
And City Mounted “Commemorate In Honor Faye & Dean Leung copper plague cemented” & Dean, Faye & sons footprints’ cemented on corner Keefer & Main Streets..The City of Vancouver Engineer Dept told us they removed temporary while they were fixing/doing some work at the corner of Keefer and Main Street, and neglected replaced our Commemorate Dean & Faye Leung Plague and footprints in the cement”…City Engineers made many promises will dostill awaiting,  as called City several times reminded the departments..whose always says are in the worksHope soon the City will at least replace our commemorate plague is appreciated.
Mr. Mayor & Councillors may rush Engineer Dept to speedily replaced aforesaid Commemorate Plague gratefully appreciated as its part of Chinatown historical milestone of City of Vancouver Chinatown
Dean & Faye Leung - Beautification Vancouver Award by Park & Tilford
August 1974 Faye & Dean Leung Planting Chinatown Trees Ceremony at Mandarin Trade Centre 601-627-633 Main & 188-198 Keefer Streets with the Honourable Grace McCarthy Deputy Premier of B.C.,  Hon. Herb Capozzi of Capozzi Wines, Capri Hotels Kelowna, B.C. & Entrepreneur;   Hon. Evan Wolfe Minister of Finance & Chevrolet GM Motors Andy Livingstone Park Board Chairman


Dean & Faye Leung "Park & Tilford" Trophy Award
"Beautification Vancouver & the Mandarin Trade/Shopping Centre" photo by Vancouver Sun Bill Cunningham 870 Elveden Row ,West Vancouver BC

The enormous stories of and within Mandarin Trade Centre on 600 Block Main Street bound by Keefer and Georgia Street as recorded the famous and historical activities of VIPs, dignitaries, public at-large, professionals to the streets folks’ exceptional interesting events, functions, all of as Faye & Dean created and pioneers the “Canada’s firsts” blended the Western Canadian Caucasians Society with the Chinese Society ..the “best of both worlds” enjoyed in Chinatown, That upon approved the 16 storey tower of mixed uses all as aforesaid hopefully will returns ‘free of the despairs elements we’ve suffered through that then Sgt Whistling Bernie Smith & police constables were often’ in the Mandarin Trade Centre facilities and everywhere needed protections of the horrific thieves & bad elements etc.
I approve the Bosa BlueSky Properties Tower wishfully brings back as we’re: Quote & unquote: its only possible as “has had happened” exclusively by Faye & Dean Leung’s decades leaderships legendary prominent positions ‘made a difference’ enriched and enhanced Chinatown, the City, Community, Province, Society, and Canada, as a whole benefits the Chinese & all Canadians, economic, employments and tourisms...Unquote…Chinese community & public 1950 - 2012….(see files & photos)  
All these stories is presently part & parcel of Canada, Province, Vancouver, Chinatown cultural heritage be preserved perpetuity for posterity…I wish the City with Bosa BlueSky Properties and others will work together for continued happy Chinatown South, East, Center as an unique part of the City of Vancouver…
I’m also doing my part by getting the 2nd generations interests of Chinatown of this Bosa BlueSky Properties development changing Chinatown to Mr. Andrew Fong businessman, his uncle-in-law & aunt was the 1st generation tenant in our Mandarin Trade Centre on Main Street operated as Mandarin Drugs..(Derrick Chang, pharmacy, also started in our Mandarin Centre 40 years ago he told Mayor & Council on February 21, 2013, at 611 Main St. Rezone Hearing )   I’m having Mr. Andrew Fong with me to this Rezone Hearing to introduce him to the Bosa BlueSky Properties, for him & associates to consider to be back into Chinatown whether in the commercial and/or residential… its a ‘seed’ I’ve planned into these wonderful young gentlemen to have thoughts to consider for the near future.  
Especially important, as I was astounded by Darryl Bosa of Bosa Properties and others asked me questions of what’s was and of Chinatown?  The younger generation and the influx of the new immigrants are unknown of are interested to have the knowledge of the ‘life, times, hearts and souls’ of the Chinese and Caucasians grassroots that have woven the gold fabric in society made Vancouver and Canada’s to-day prosper status that generations forever enjoys…as then life was not as it is to-day…Be told as I am in Faye Leung Hat Lady Sings: “3 upcoming storybooks & coffee table pictures storybook”
God Bless Richly Success
With Good Fortune
Faye Leung 梁慧超敬上Prelude Faye Leung upcoming 3 storybooks: WEBSITE: www.
Faye Leung Investment, Consulting & Marketing Group
And: Dean & Faye Leung Health & Education Foundation…est.: 1988 non profit
Tel: 604-266-1945 Fax: 604-266-3902 Email;;
P.O. Box 4815 Vancouver, B.C. V6B 4A4


From: Cheng, Paul [] Sent: Monday, April 08, 2013 5:24 PM To: 'Faye Leung'; 'Nathan Edelson' Cc: Drobot, Dwayne; 'Joe Wai Architect';;;; Yarnell, Tanis Knowles;;; Correspondence Group, City Clerk's Office Subject: RE: Chinatown my original 4, 5, 13 City discussion on Chinatown Character and 611-633 Main St & others
Thank you Faye, for attending and giving us your very useful input.  I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank everybody else who attended.  Tanis and I appreciate you all taking the time to meet with us, and your input has given staff several good ideas that we will try to implement.
I really appreciated the dialogue and the frankness with which everyone spoke.
Best regards, 
Paul C.P. Cheng, Architect AIBC, LEED A.P. Development Planner Urban Design and Development Planning Centre City of Vancouver Tel. 604.871.6665  Fax 604.873.7060


From: Faye Leung [mailto:fayeleung@telus.netSent: Saturday, April 06, 2013 8:09 AM To: 'Nathan Edelson'; 'Cheng, Paul' Cc: ''; 'Joe Wai Architect';
'' Subject: Chinatown my original 4, 5, 13 City discussion on Chinatown Character and 611-633 Main St & others
Dear Nathan & Paul, Esquires,
Re: Vancouver Chinatown my original 4, 5, 13 at City Hall discussion on Chinatown Character and 611-633 Main St & others
Nathan, its has being a long time since we’ve talked…remembering when you 1st started Chinatown Historic matter at the City Hall.  That on one fine summer July 1st day in Chinatown when we had met years ago, which seems just yesterday!!...I hope you’re enjoying your trip in Europe continued happiness wherever you roam savor the flavors offshore!  Have a great time…look forward to an opportunity to meet with you in the near future.  We missed you at to-day City Hall’s meeting.
Thank zillions Paul, Esquire, it was a good meeting to-day April 5, 2013 with you et al at City Hall …I and my associate appreciated your great efforts – Congratulations to you and Dwayne Drobot, Tanis Knowles Yarnell et al great work to the best of Chinatown…and City…
It was a delightful pleasure in ‘further discussion on Chinatown Character and 611-633 Main Street & other Chinatown new developments’ of the new high-rise developments upcoming in Chinatown…. changing Chinatown forever to be:…’just another district of Vancouver &/or as the same of any city’s boxes of buildings, without character, nor any cultural heritage, nor flavor! …
Not only me but from all ‘walks of life, all different Nationality, color, young and old et al have spoken with me as I’m afraid of our present Chinatown its losing the original character with historical cultural heritage intact as the original colorful Chinatown with character! ..Soon hereafter commencement of Chinatown new towers developments Chinatown will eroded and faded away into the sunsets…They all wanted to save Chinatown with its character and cultural heritage too.
I’m 3rd generation born in Victoria Chinatown raised & grown up in Vancouver Chinatown with deepest restricted Chinese traditional upbringing respectfully of our Chinese cultural and Chinese historic heritage be honorably preserved perpetuity for posterity for each and future Chinese generations and tourists et al appreciated and honorably remembers of its original Chinese roots. And Chinatown as aspiration to the youth and the influx of immigrants respects and honor continually  Chinatown, as ‘its is’ as my original Chinatown in Vancouver are at the starts of the Chinese in Canada more than a century ago!
I appreciate received a copy of your/Nathan Edelson’s  informative email which I totally agrees with as stated:, copy paste quote your email: “thank you for agreeing to meet with some of the Chinatown leaders. (Faye, No one could forget meeting you,  As many people would agree, you are an important part not only of Chinatown, but of Vancouver’s character.)
As I mentioned, my main point is to start looking at Chinatown as a true National Historic site and a potential world heritage site.
I think we should do some research into the kinds of design controls that these kinds of historic places have. Right now design controls for Chinatown seem hit and miss. It worries me when buildings are approved because they will add new development and potentially some customers - rather than that they genuinely are seen by key leaders as contributing to the historic fabric of the area.
Part of the solution may rest in better guidelines. But I suspect several people who have a clear vision need to be assigned to make decisions on behalf of the City and the community. It is the clarity of vision and the ability to make decisions stick so that developers and architects can more clearly know what will be permitted and what will not. And that every project is seen as of a national and possibly world standard.” 
 ….unquote you/Nathan Edelson……
I am not an architect, was ‘Ma & Pa’ goodwill developer and designer built to enhanced and enriched Chinatown by expanded & redeveloped Chinatown commercial area and the Chinatown housings, and other housing developments in the City since 1957. I’m patriotically Vancouverite, Canadian Chinese, was bestowed by the Chinese Community ½ century ago as “Ambassador at-large” fought for the Chinese equalities of the discriminations and restrictions with taboos against the Chinese, and preserve Chinatown and its cultural heritage perpetuity for posterity…(see insights in )  
My dear beloved husband Dean Chun Kwong Leung and I have had gone out of our way incorporated the Chinese traditional décor and replica of the Imperial Palace into our then built Mandarin Trade Centre at 611—633 Main Street & 188-198 Keefer Street commercial complex, we built in 1968 - opened May 24, 1972. Then the 1st largest with amenities commercial retails & offices complex built in Chinatown; We consolidated the depilated ‘second hand junk’ stores on this 600 block Main Street – “In Honor the Chinese pioneers and Canada and British Columbia Centennial” with the Canada and Chinese ancient replica coins, and B.C. Jade from B.C. Dease Lake, blended Canadian décor too, as an outstanding piece of real estate development in Chinatown, with facilities to serve the public needs then were without….As with the 1st underground parking, 2 elevators, huge 1st dining capacities for banquets, functions, events, Hong Kong style menu and push-carts Dim Sum, mixture of the Western and Chinese commercial, retails and offices, businesses ‘we blended the best of both worlds’….Unfortunately 2 purchasers thereafter screwed up the building complex!! 
To-day, Westbank, Ian Gillespie, is approved by the City of Vancouver removed the HA/Historic Zoning to rezone as CD-1- comprehensive uses approved to build a 16 storey tower at 611 Main Street at aforesaid of our original 611 Main Street Mandarin Trade Centre location…And Bosa Brothers Dale Bosa, president’s Blue Sky Properties also as aforementioned approved to build adjacent 633 Main Street 17 storey tower complex.  And along with other new tower developments scheduled to be built in Chinatown, that Chinatown will be different to question whether it will be a Chinatown with its characters, or its forever gone of the original old Chinatown?…Thus, the reason of our good meeting this afternoon at City Hall by invitation of Mr. Paul Cheng, City Designer and Development Planner, further discussion on Chinatown Character and 611-633 Main Street & others…
To see Chinatown slowly eroded to soon there will be ‘no more’ Vancouver original – my original- Chinatown sadden me and all the folks spoken with their deepest concerns too!!!
Present Chinatown is world famous, the largest Chinatown in Canada, second in North America…The true ‘Gateway to and from the Orient’ as century ago are to and from the Orient firstly by the Empress Ships voyages and trades between the Far East and Canada…Always Chinatown was an important point of visits and stops to flavor the energy, character, people and its faculties etc…Chinatown was the highlights of the worldwide visitors and locals alike comes to enjoys Vancouver original Chinatown, the real Chinatown…not branches of Chinatown outside of the Chinatown area with Chinese restaurants, Chinese foods and shops of groceries, herbs, etc are for the area’s convenient shopping, is not Chinatown, as in Richmond, Coquitlam, Burnaby etc.…The outside of Chinatown’s Chinese shopping malls are as  that of the Chinese immigrants’ merchants operates mostly as part of their conditions of their immigrant’s entrepreneurs’ programs status as required of its Canada business investments… as by opens their Chinese stores/shops or restaurants etc in Canada.  Which the immigrants preferred to be in Vancouver includes outside of Chinatown. And/or of some are to further their purposes for their qualifications to bring into Canada new immigrants &/or workers…is another story…(see Faye Leung’s upcoming documented storytelling books/videos/film)  
At the 611 Main Street on February 21, 2013 and 633 Main Street on February 27, 2013 Public Hearings rezone for the above stated developments, Mayor and Councilors and Staff indicated that all the Chinatown approved developments will be when to development permit state, the designs of the developments will be consider and discuss of the Chinatown character then between the developers and the City Planners.
I hope and I ask again, that the City will retain the Chinatown characters and cultural heritage be preserved perpetuity for posterity as the City decades ago changed Chinatown zoning to HERITAGE ZONING was the purpose of preserved Chinatown character and heritage… The City then had added to the City’s designated Chinatown historical heritage area installed the ‘oriental style streetlamps, Chinese calligraphic streets signs, historical copper commemorate plagues’ (includes me and my dear husband’s 1972 commemorate plague at the southeast corner of Main & Keefer Street recognition of us expanded and redeveloped Chinatown, and we were the 1st have had planted trees beautification Chinatown and Vancouver (we’re awarded by Park & Tilford “In recognition Beautification Vancouver”). That the City’s engineer awhile back removed our plague for sidewalk repairs and underground street work with the promise to re-installed our commemorated plague back upon the City’s engineers completed its construction…To this day, after many phone calls and letters its still missing are not yet returned by the City’s engineers to replace/re-installed back our commemorate plague..That at the February 27, 2013 Public Hearing before Mayor and Council in my brief to the Mayor and Councillors, and when I spoke, I also asked Mayor and Council to instruct the engineers’ to return and re-install our commemorate plague at Main and Keefer Streets corner as aforementioned is appreciated as part of Vancouver Chinatown Cultural Historical milestone!)  
Then when City zoned HA as Chinatown Historical Cultural Heritage area, the City had changed all the City’s regular standard City’s streetscape as the conventional street lights poles etc by added as stated above, to the Oriental cultural streetscape along with other features to maintain Chinese characters etc in Chinatown…So then why not do so with the new Chinatown proposed towers developments too... includes the Chinese décor as part of the Chinese traditional customs of its part and parcel of the Cultural Heritage of Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada as a whole??!!
Should as aforesaid be done its the ‘Glory with foresight of the present City of Vancouver Mayor and Councils and Planners’ greatness in preserved the real Chinatown with real Chinese character…Which will not be another boxes of towers complex developments in Chinatown that it’ll be the same as any other districts or locations in any worldwide Cities &/or Vancouver such as southeast Marine Dr or as ‘its is’ at any of the City’s area!!
Wishing you all with All the Best with Happiness & Joy in all your endeavors.  Anything I’m able to do for you please do call 24/7…as the Italians says: “at your disposable”.
I shall do my utmost best as done always for all!
Warmest Best Wishes,
Thanks zillions
God Bless Healthy Richly Success
With Good Fortune
Faye Leung梁慧超敬上
Prelude Faye Leung 3 documented upcoming storytelling books/videos/
Faye Leung Investment, Consulting & Marketing Group
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From: Nathan Edelson Sent: Friday, April 05, 2013 7:18 AM To: Cheng, Paul Subject: Re: Agenda for tomorrow's discussion on Chinatown Character and 611 Main
Hello from coast of Spain and thank you for agreeing to meet with some of the Chinatown leaders.
As I mentioned, my main point is to start looking at Chinatown as a true National Historic site and a potential world heritage site. I think we should do some research into the kinds of design controls that these kinds of historic places have.
Right now design controls for Chinatown seem hit and miss. It worries me when buildings are approved because they will add new development and potentially some customers - rather than that they genuinely are seen by key leaders as contributing to the historic fabric of the area.
Part of the solution may rest in better guidelines. But I suspect several people who have a clear vision need to be assigned to make decisions on behalf of the City and the community. It is the clarity of vision and the ability to make decisions stick so that developers and architects can more clearly know what will be permitted and what will not. And that every project is seen as of a national and possibly world standard.
All the best with this.
On 4 April 2013 21:49, Cheng, Paul wrote:
Hi all,
 Thank you all for confirming your attendance for tomorrow’s meeting, at 3.30pm, Friday April 5. 
 While the intention is to keep the discussion open and fluid, I am providing a loose agenda below for us to follow.  Joe, you will see that I have listed you down for a quick presentation on the Chinatown character documents.
 I will be supplying images of Chinatown’s historic buildings as well as drawings of all recently-approved projects.   
       Paul - Welcome and Introductions
 2.       Joe Wai and group – Overview and discussion on Chinatown Character documents
       Paul and group– Overview and discussion of current and recently-approved applications
       Group - Discussion of 611 Main design elements
 Thanks to everyone,

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